What’s On My Holiday Wish List

I’ve had several people ask me what’s on my holiday wish list this year, so I thought it might be fun to share that here.

Although, honestly, it should go without saying, but I have everything a woman could want here under my roof, and I’m so very grateful. I know too many people who have lost loved ones this year or are having financial struggles or health battles, friends with marriages in crisis and wayward children… and the holiday season is hard. If that is you, my heart goes out to you, and I hope you can lean on the Lord and find joy in this season despite the hardships you may be facing.

I have so very much to be thankful for and truly want for nothing, so this wish list is purely for fun, and this is a fashion blog after all, so here we go.

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My Holiday Wish List This Year

one // This mohair throw in the smoke color would be perfect for our family room couch.

two and three // I love to read, and I’m hoping to find some time to do that over the holidays, so I put The Great Alone (recommended by Mom Advice) and Summer at Tiffany (reader recommendation) on my wish list.

four // I mentioned these booties to my mom when she asked me for my wish list. I don’t have taupe sock booties, and I wear my black ones so much. I think these would come in very handy, and you can’t go wrong with Vince.

five // This is kind of cheating because it’s actually on its way to me due to a sponsored campaign I have coming up, but I’ve been wanting to use a smartwatch to track my movement and heart rate when I’m running. I sort of wanted an Apple watch, but then I saw the Fitbit Versa and decided I would try that instead. I would have put it on my wish list if I weren’t getting one already.

six // I could always use a backup L’Occitane almond oil shower gel. I go through about one of these every other month, and it makes a nice stocking stuffer.

seven // I was scrolling through Instagram over Thanksgiving weekend, and these D Yurman earrings jumped out at me from an ad in my feed. I am obsessed. I can’t decide if I like the onyx or crystal version better, but there’s a D Yurman box under the tree, so I’m crossing my fingers it’s one or the other.

Paul doesn’t usually ask me for ideas; he’s pretty good about paying attention and likes to surprise me, but I did shove my iPhone under his nose when I saw these in my IG feed, so here’s hoping!

eight // I also mentioned this Rag & Bone scarf to my mom when she asked for gift ideas. It’s something I wouldn’t buy for myself, but it looks so soft and luxurious, and it would go well on all of my favorite coats. It looks like it’s gone from Bloomingdale’s, but they have other colors at Nordstrom.

nine // I can’t see to put my makeup on without contacts, and some days I like to wear my glasses, plus even with contacts in it’s sometimes hard to see the details so I’m hoping to find this mirror under the tree.

ten // I’m so tired of my coffee getting cold while sitting on my desk, so I’m hoping to find this Yeti mug under the tree.

eleven // Finally, I know I’m not getting this, but if you want to know what my one big money-is-no-object, dream world wish list item would be, it’s the LV Graceful in the Damier Azur. I’ve had my eye on it ever since it was released this summer, and I think it’s so gorgeous. It’s more of a summer bag, I guess, so I’m holding out hope for my birthday in July.

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38 Responses

  1. I own the mirror and absolutely LOVE it!! You will too. I also own THAT Yeti cup but have a larger one I like even better. They’ll BOTH keep your coffee hot down to the last drop but for me personally, I prefer the larger one. My coffee stays hot for 3 hrs….IF it lasts that long. 

  2. The Great Alone – I loved this book. I borrowed it (ebook) from our library. I have decided not to buy anymore books. I just have too many, so I read mostly on my kindle/ipad.

    1. I hear ya, I was doing the same, but I decided this time to buy the paper books. It’s an experiment, b/c I do love the convenience of having my books on my phone and iPad, but I’m so tired of staring at screens 24/7, I thought an old fashioned book would be a good change of pace. I also want my kids to see me reading and know I’m not surfing FB. It was just an impulse, when I saw that Tiffany book. I dunno, it just looked like something I would like to have in paper. I bought both paperbacks, so we’ll see if I feel less distracted reading on a regular book. The one thing I do miss is not needing light to read. That is the most convenient thing about reading on an iPad.

      1. Totally agree about the light (and getting off the computer since I do so much work in front of the screen.) I can read in bed while my husband is sleeping on the iPad. Let us know what you think of the Tiffany book.

  3. You have great taste, girl! Thanks for sharing. 
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

  4. I love to read too! The Great Alone is really good. I recommend Where the Crawdads Sing and Beneath a Scarlet Sky.

  5. Hi Jo-Lynne! Great list! I, too, am needing a makeup mirror and that looks like a good one. I’m going to look at the Summer at Tiffany book, but I have to warn you about The Great Alone. I have read and loved all of Kristin Hannah’s books, but I found this one so very depressing that I just had to put it aside, and I still haven’t finished it. I’ll be curious to hear what you think. Have a lovely day! 

    1. Kay….sorry to hear. I have had The Great Alone forever waiting to read it as I loved the last one I read by this author but sad to hear you couldn’t finish it.  I guess I’ll have to see.  

    2. This has me nervous, but I already started it and I’m into it, so I’ll see how it goes. I really don’t like depressing, but it is a rare thing for me to not finish a book, so…. we’ll see! I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  6. Those earrings are gorgeous and something I think you would wear a lot.  I told Larry that I need more hunting clothes, which is the truth.  But, at this point, the only things on my wish list are:  get rid of this nasty sinus infection and the allergic reaction I had to the Amoxicillin and; nice travel weather on Christmas Eve and the 26th.  Enjoy your day!

  7. Fun to see your wish list. Can’t wait yo hear what you get. Mine is new phone. That’s about it. My husband does a great job. Usually ha.

  8. What a fun wishlist. The Tiffany book is fun…Kristin Hannah…love to see what you think. The make up mirror may be my own next purchase.

  9. Love all your ideas! Living in Canada, never heard of Yeti coffee travel mugs but they seem popular with bloggers so will keep them on my radar.

    I picked up a Garmin Vivofit 3 activity tracker and watch at Nordstrom Rack for a fraction of the real cost and absolutely love it! Its very motivating to see my steps, miles, heart rate, stress levels (oy!!😝) and goals achieved.

    Cupckakes for your mani/pedi salon is a fantastic idea!! You are inspiring me for next year!! Have a great day.

    1. I’m in Canada too:) you can find yeti at Lee valley tools on line and at the MEC stores… mountain equipment company.. hope this helps.. if not Dicks in the USA always carries some…if you’re over for s visit.
      Merry Christmas 

  10. I love Kristin Hannah’s books.  She lives in Washington where my Dad lives.  Merry Christmas! 🎁🎄 Enjoy every minute.

    1. Thanks, Tammie. And yes, she’s an excellent writer. Tough stuff, though. I can only deal with about one of her books a year. I cheated and ordered this when I was writing this post (knowing everyone in my life is probably done shopping for me and may not even see this post) and I’ve already started it. I’m hooked. I do hope it doesn’t get too terribly depressing, but it sounds like it might. Oh well. I need a reason to get off the computer screen. 🙂

  11. Love your wish list… fun🤗. I have new white dishes and a leopard print purse and the T3 curling wand on my list… Those were ideas for the kids… my husband never asks he does his own thing every year and never disappoints. He visits a boutique and picks the most gorgeous clothes that I would never pay that price for lol… and they’re different.. he knows I don’t like to see myself coming.

  12. Can I have one of everything? 😉 
    When I read you were having steak for Christmas, I rrealized we’re not the only ones going non traditional. Home made pizza is what my kids wanted and I’m very happy to not have all the work & clean up of a big turkey dinner. Each of my three kids “decorate” a pizza with what they like best. This way I get to relax and enjoy Christmas Day with my family instead of spending it in the kitchen. 
     Merry Christmas!

  13.  Merry Christmas to you and your family. We are in the Midwest and I always enjoy your posts and hearing what it’s like back east. Blessings to you all. 

  14. I’ve had the Great Alone book forever, waiting to start reading it. It was recommended to me too and I read another one…my first from this author and enjoyed it.  I too hope to start it over the holidays.  I like your wish list.  I’m like you, I don’t want for anything.  My kids always want to  know but I like surprises and they always do a great job on their own.  They are adults, so they really don’t need my wish list.  🙂  I can’t believe its only 5 more days away.  All my kids and spouses will be here for Monday and Tuesday, so I’m so happy to have us all together under one roof.  Its been since June at my son’s wedding that we were all together.  Too long.  Have a wonderful Christmas with just your family.  

  15. I have a make up mirror on my list too! LOL! The Great Alone is a fantastic read. I’ll have to check out the other one.

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