All-White Outfit with Serenity Blue

An all-white outfit might sound intimating, but it is the perfect fresh look for summer.

An all-white outfit with a serenity blue handbag and nude wedge sandals is the perfect modern summer outfit for women over 40!

I was out with friends last weekend, and I was wearing white jeans (shocker!!!) They are one of my go-to summer wardrobe staples, but I was surprised how many women sitting around the dinner table swore they never wear white jeans (or even white tops) because they’re afraid of staining them.

kate spade orchard street hemsley

I am about the most clumsy person alive, and I probably wear a piece of white clothing five times a week during the summertime. Like any other color, stains wash out of white. Don’t be afraid of white!!! I can’t imagine my wardrobe without it.

An all-white outfit might with a pop of serenity blue is the perfect modern summer outfit for women over 40.

I actually put this outfit together to feature this Kate Spade bag that was sent to me from the brand for a sponsored post promoting their summer line, and I liked it so much, I decided to do a dedicated post with it as well. It’s not an outfit I’ll wear often, but when I want something fresh and fun and different for a summer evening out, I’ll totally put these pieces together.

This Crinkle Gauze Top by Splendid is a little fancier than a t-shirt but still has a casual vibe. It looks good with blue jeans, jean shorts, and bright or pastel colored jeans. It also comes in a pale pink if you’re part of the anti-white brigade. I like the way the neckline dips into a V in the back as well as the front. Plus the cuffed sleeves and center seams add interest.

This Splendid Gauze Crinkle Tie Front Top is the perfect light white top for summertime!

I accessorized with this mini statement necklace from Stella & Dot. I liked how the blues picked up the blue from the purse. Then I just added silver hoops and a silver link bracelet.

An all-white outfit might with a pop of serenity blue is the perfect modern summer outfit for women over 40.

My favorite neutral wedge sandals complete the look. I didn’t want anything to distract from the outfit, and I love how they visually elongate the leg, especially when wearing cropped pants.

An all-white outfit might sound intimating, but it is the perfect fresh look for summer. Add a serenity blue handbag and nude wedge sandals for a modern look! Fashion Over 40 with Jo-Lynne Shane

Splendid Crinkle Gauze Tie Front Top // J. Brand Low Rise Crop Jeans // Tory Burch Lexington Wedge Sandals (or try THESE) // orchard street hemsley crossbody bag c/o kate spade new york // Stella & Dot Wanderer Necklace // silver hoops // D Yurman Oval Large Link Bracelet and Curb Link Ring // Michael Kors Watches Runway Twist Watch



Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer outfit she’s styling today, and come back tomorrow for my next summer outfit!

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  1. Love this look. It’s perfect to showcase the beautiful bag. I’ve just started wearing white now that I’m in my 50’s. With 4 children, for years, white seemed like a bad idea because someone was always touching me with dirty hands, or spilling something into my lap. Now I have to choose my white days, depending on if it’s a grandchild day. As a redhead I always stayed away from white because I look better in black, but white is so refreshing and “clean” looking in the summer. A question about white jeans. Do you wear them all summer? I don’t usually wear jeans once it gets hot and muggy. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been enjoying your Days of Summer every morning with a cup of tea before I start my day.

    1. I think anyone can wear white jeans. If you’re wearing white next to your face, you probably have to consider your skin’s undertones. I have cool undertones so I’ve always been able to wear white. 🙂 I do wear my white jeans all summer – but mostly to church or out in the evening to dinner. Here in Philly we do have some mild days (like today is only in the mid-70s) so in that case, I can wear cropped jeans all day, but I generally still opt for shorts.

  2. Ooh I love that bag! I have a question about Tory Burch shoes. I seem to have no trouble “justifying” the cost of a high quality handbag. I’m partial to Kate Spade, Dooney, and Coach. I have my eye on some Tory Burch block heel sandals but since I have never purchased them before just wanted your opinion….Do you feel the quality/ workmanship is really superior to justify the price? Do you find they wear better (stay looking new longer)? My feet are narrow so I have been advised they will probably be too wide but I’m going to the store today to try them on! Thanks, Jo-Lynne!,

    1. Hm, I hadn’t thought about the life of them. For me it is about the style and comfort. I do think they hold up great, but I can’t say they hold up longer than, say, my Sam Edelmans. Although I do have a very old pair of Stuart Weitzman suede pumps that look like new.

      1. I went to the Tory Burch boutique this morning and tried on the sandals. They were too wide for me. I even tried going down a size. For anyone else interested, the sales lady said Tory shoes often don’t work for those of us wth narrow feet. ????

  3. I got a similar reaction from friends the first time I posted white jeans. People LOVED the look but were afraid to try them, especially my mom friends with young kids. I bought a very cheap pair $20 from Old Navy. I figured white is going to stain no matter what at some point, but it wouldn’t bother me if I only spent $20 for spring and summer on a pair of cute jeans that went with everything.

    I do admit I might chose when I wear them….ie not on a night I’m cooking spaghetti. 🙂 I agree, they are SO versatile and I love wearing mine.

    ps I’m gone at the Gospel Coalition Conference till Sat so I’m sorry if I don’t get a chance to check in. BTW: the weather report threw off my packing plan. What do you wear for 90 degree weather with possible thunderstorms? Can I still wear my skirts and dresses? What type of shoes do I bring? We don’t have that type of crazy weather in CA!! LOL.

    1. I’m curious about the Gospel Coalition Conference. Where is that? Are they the ones with the radio show my husband listens to? LOL! You can totally wear skirts and dresses (and sandals) with scattered thunderstorms. They will pass quickly. Indoors will be A/C so be sure to bring a layer.

    2. Lindsay Phillips makes a ballet flat that is coated in a see through plastic. The shoe is very comfortable, had a great tread (for wet surfaces) and cute. I have the leopard ones. They are totally worth the price.

  4. It’s pure craziness not to embrace white for the fear of staining! So many retorts and so little time! It’s just clothing, right?
    I rarely wear a monochromatic look like this, but I so love seeing it on people. Maybe I just need to embrace it a couple times? It’s funny because my first reaction is to pair contrasting colors–talk about a style rut!

      1. That’s true—if you have younger kids, the spill factor is tenfold. But I do hear that comment all across the board, and it’s funny because it’s not something I consider. Maybe I should be more practical, but I love white items so much, that to me, that’s the deciding factor!

  5. I’ve been wearing similar outfit – and I got the idea from you! So thank you for that.
    I have a baby blue crossbody by Nine West, from Macy’s. It’s surprising how many outfits a blue purse goes with.
    Like you, I love white in summer. I find that modern detergents do a great job of washing out spills. My white clothing lasts as long as anything else in my wardrobe.

  6. This is such a refreshing summer look. That bag is just gorgeous! I was very resistant on white jeans (things tend to get messy around here, lol). I really wanted them forever, but they just didn’t seem practical for my lifestyle. When I did finally decide to pull the trigger, I chose a couple inexpensive pairs to be on the safe side. So far so good, and I’m loving how much more variety I have now.

  7. Jolynne, This is the first summer I have ever worn white jeans. I kept seeing how much you used them and that you had found some that were made of fabric that didn’t show pocket shadows, so I went for it and ordered a pair. I love them!! It makes it so easy to put together an outfit, and it looks like I put more effort into it than I really did. I am not a “neat” person by any stretch of the imagination, but I have not had issues with staining like I thought I might. I am so glad you style with them as frequently as you have, because that is what pushed me to try them. : )

  8. I recently bought a pair of white Rag and Bone bootcut with raw hem. Some people stopped their car as I was walking across the grocery store parking lot to tell me how nice they looked. I probably only wear white denim about once a week, but I agree it’s extremely versatile. Incidentally, I wore them yesterday and cooked turkey sloppy joes without incident. 🙂

  9. I agree! I even wear white jeans in the Special Needs classroom and my current pair is at least 2 years old and going strong! 🙂

  10. I LOVE white jeans, capris, crops and shorts, it is my go to outfit and have lots of nice tops to go with them, mostly get them from Nordstrom’s sales that you tell us about. I have always loved white and one day someone told me no one over a size ten should wear white pants so I stopped for a while and then I decided that I am 65 years old and not going to let someone I don’t even know define who I am or what I wear and get lots of compliments on my nicer white outfits especially with the longer tops covering a multitude of sins, just saying…….. Love your tips even though I am probably your oldest follower and I give you permission when you see me with something that looks awful on to go change into something more age appropriate! ha! Love you! xoxox

  11. I LOVE your outfit, and the color combo of white and blue:) I am wearing more white this summer; I bought two pair ofwhite jeans and a pair of white leggings for longer tunics and dresses:) Thank you, Jo-Lynne, for the fashion inspiration!!

  12. Oh my goodness! Yep, 58 and have never owned a white pair of jeans or a white jacket…aaccck…what am I missing? AND I just bought a beautiful Kate Spade purse – bubble gum pink – and haven’t used it yet either…Maybe I will with my white jeans! I love the look but am “too practical!” Thanks for the nudge!

    1. Try it! I know what you mean, I am pretty practical too, and sometimes I don’t wear something I want to for fear of looking too fussy, but lately I’ve decided that life is too short to wait for a special occasion. 🙂 I’m trying to be more daring (i.e. the off the shoulder tops), and it’s fun!

  13. I could not agree with you more about white jeans and am too shocked how few of my friends wear them given their versatility. I could not live without white pants especially white jeans. I have been wearing them since 5th grade and that was many many many moons ago. I think the key to white jeans is spray and wash. I am incredibility clumsy and spill on myself and bump into things all the time, but thanks to spray and wash… my white stays bright.

  14. Looks so nice and cool! Love the bag. I love white jeans, too, and I have three small children. Maybe it’s a southern thing. Women down here really like their white jeans. ????

  15. I love this outfit and have been embracing my white jeans more frequently BC of your posts. I find I reach for them over my blue denim at least twice a week. I also enjoy your shirt options! I am part of the very well endowed club and like to wear open v neck shirts you have shared some great options!

  16. I avoided white jeans for years and now love them! I keep a Tide To Go pen in my purse which has solved a few coffee sloshing in the car mishaps!

  17. I found a pair of white denim capris at a thrift store recently and bought them. I wore them to church Sunday but I don’t think I could wear them for a day at home. They may wash well but I have a 3 year old and don’t want it to be obvious how dirty they are until I wash them. And I rarely change my clothes to leave the house lol. There’s enough laundry with everyone wearing one outfit a day.

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