summertime in new york is… dining alfresco

Summer is a season of outdoor escapes. Whether it’s a glamorous getaway to a far-flung destination or hanging out on your patio with friends and a chilled glass of wine, summertime is a special kind of magic. I can’t wait for it to hurry up and get here.

Kate spade new york is one of my favorite brands for their high quality and classic styles, and I’m excited to partner up with them to share their new summer collection.

kate spade summer collection 2016

stackable bangles // i need a vacation metro watch // paradise found seahorse bangle
stack attack stackable ring set // seahorse cali // garden way hallie
orchard street hemsley // clorinda sandals // cedar street maise

Summertime in New York is the theme for this product launch, which immediately brings back memories of dining alfresco in NYC a few years ago on a gorgeous summer afternoon (thus the title for this post!)

I took the train to NYC to attend a swanky launch party for a brand I was working with at the time. My girlfriend and I arrived early, so we grabbed a small cafe table outside of a chic Mexican restaurant in SoHo and enjoyed drinks and appetizers and girl talk until it was time to head to the party. I love dining alfresco pretty much anywhere, but there’s something about being in NYC that made that evening especially memorable.

The new kate spade summer collection is reminiscent of an outdoor escape with its ocean blues and tropical tones of coral and pink. Plus there are some fun whimsical designs inspired by picnics and tropical vacation destinations. I am absolutely in love.

I received this orchard street hemsley shoulder bag from the kate spade summer collection just a few days before our weekend getaway to the Eastern Shore last weekend, so of course I had to bring it along! It made the perfect accessory for this easy breezy white-on-white summer look that I’ll be featuring in a few weeks.

the perfect summer handbag: kate spade orchard street hemsley in blue skies

It’s the perfect everyday bag size — not too big and not too small, and the outside pocket is super convenient to slip your phone into. (I hate to have to unzip a bag to get to my phone!) I love the rich pebbled leather and the adorable double tassel. You can wear it as a crossbody, or shorten the strap and carry it as a shoulder bag. I’ve done both, and either way, it’s a stunning accessory in one of summer’s hottest colors.

the perfect summer handbag: kate spade orchard street hemsley in blue skies

Here are some more of my favorite pieces from the kate spade summer collection.


I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a tropical escape right about now!

And it’s Friday, so of course that means linkup day!

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Thanks to Kate Spade for sponsoring this post.

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  1. I know what you mean about dining outside in NY—to me, it’s the people watching that is so fun! And the architecture—I love seeing the water towers on the tops of the buildings and the different kinds of buildings grouped together!! (like a fire station right between a store & apartment building)
    That purse you’re sporting is oh la la!! Actually seeing yours makes me pat myself on the back, since I twisted my mom’s arm to get a similar one just the other day!

  2. Love the bag, it’s the perfect compliment to the all white. I’ve been waiting to see how you’d style it after seeing your snap, and you didn’t disappoint! Love it. I’ve had my eye on the cedar street maise for months. I just can’t seem to commit to a color! Always my problem, lol.

  3. I love your site and look forward to reading each morning as I eat breakfast! But I have to say, I was disappointed to see #21 on the fashion links…it seemed to bring down the quality of your site! Oh well…it’s just sometimes my daughter reads your posts as well and I would hate for her to see what was written on her coat/jacket. Maybe some like that sort of fashion. Just had to say something when I love your posts so much! It just seemed inappropriate to me. Thanks for listening…have a great weekend…looks like rain in TN this morning.

    1. Oh my goodness, I am so glad you brought this to my attention. I don’t have control over who links up, and it never occurred to me to add “no profanity” to my linkup rules. I deleted that entry, and I will add that to the rules from now on.

  4. Jo-Lynn,
    Thanks for the heads up on WHBL discount…I took advantage of it and ordered the fawn cargo pants for wearing on

  5. Ah…outside dining in NYC…I miss those days long before husband and children! Oh how I used to love it…I always felt like I was living the American dream during those days. But now I’m living my own dream, so it’s all good! The color of your bag is so fabulous! And it is the perfect size for any occasion really. Great post!


  6. My PC and I were looking over/lusting over pics from our one and only trip to Cancun (2013) last night. My body
    might not be beach ready but my heart is. Love the blue bags. And the watch! Your pics, my friend, are
    just fabulous. I have a brand new camera and hope to start improving mine very soon. Have a restful weekend.

  7. I like the sea horse bracelet. Very sweet.
    The blue of the bag is a great colour for summer. Light but not insipid and will go with so many things.
    Oh to dream of dining alfresco. Not quite warm enough yet in the UK for that!


  8. I love the blue. I love the summery feel of this post. I am so ready for summer, in fact, I’d even settle for spring. Thanks for a breath of fresh air, and your impeccable style, as per usual,

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