Utility Vest and Denim Shorts

Today I’m teaming up with Cyndi from Grace + Beauty, Shannon from Gamine & Stripes, and Melissa from Midwestern Melissa for a utility vest style collab.

Spring Fashion Inspo: Utility Vest and Denim Shorts

The utility vest is such a hot trend these days, so we are each styling a utility vest our own way to show you how versatile this wardrobe item can be. I decided to style my utility vest with denim shorts. I kept the outfit simple and casual with a white t-shirt and Adidas Superstars, and I added an orange leather wrap bracelet for color.

How to Wear a Utility Vest and Denim Shorts

When I wear a vest or jacket open in the front over a plain t-shirt, I like to wear a long necklace to help fill some of the blank space. This Silpada chevron necklace seemed like the perfect thing. I didn’t want my earrings to compete, so I kept it simple with thin gold hoops.

spring outfit: rolled hem denim shorts with white tee and utility vest

I did the front tuck and added a belt — both to add interest to the outfit, and also to balance out the proportions. With the shirt untucked, it was too long and didn’t look right with the shorts.

rolled hem denim shorts with adidas superstars

I absolutely love these rolled hem jean shorts. They are incredibly comfortable, and the denim is so soft. They have a finished hem so you could wear them unrolled, but I doubt I ever will. When these are rolled, they have about a 3-inch inseam. That is short, but for my body type, a 3 or 4-inch inseam is about right. If I go any longer, I start to look frumpy-dump. Ha!

This pair is almost identical — it just doesn’t have the distressing, AND they are 33% off right now! I actually ordered both and kept the more distressed pair because I found them just a little bit softer and more comfortable, but at the time, they were the same price. I’d definitely opt for the cheaper pair since they’re almost identical.

And here is an even cheaper option. It’s not the same fit and quality as the Joe’s that I’m wearing, but I realize not everyone wants to pay designer prices for jean shorts. I know that I will wear mine so much, I’ll definitely get my money’s worth. In fact, it hasn’t even warmed up here yet, and I think I’ve worn mine at least twice a week since I got them!

What I Wore: Utility Vest and Denim Shorts

And yes, I’m carrying my Tory Burch Serif T Saddlebag again. I swear, it seems to go with everything.

Spring Outfit Inpso: Utility Vest and Denim Shorts

I really love this outfit for a cool, casual summer look. The only thing I would change is the length of my utility vest. It is a TAD too long for my liking with these shorts. In my perfect world, it would be about an inch shorter, or the shorts would be an inch longer so there is a little more difference in length between the two.

What do you say? Would you wear a utility vest and denim shorts?

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Utility Vest and Denim Shorts with white tee and Adidas Superstars

similar utility vest // rolled hem jean shorts (the non-distressed version is on sale!)
slub knit u-neck tee (I’m wearing a small) // Adidas Superstars (size down a whole size!)
Tory Burch Serif T Saddlebag // Silpada chevron plunge necklace // gold hoops // sorta similar bracelets

Don’t forget to visit Cyndi, Shannon, and Melissa to see how they’re styling their utility vests!

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  1. I am so happy to be collaborating with you today! Pairing the vest with shorts is a great idea for summer. I love how you accessorized the vest with the long chevron necklace and a pop of color!

  2. I love this look. I just bought a chambray utility vest…now if I can figure out how to style it Lol I love vest of all types. I’m thinking with white shorts Have a great day

  3. Just so you know Jo-Lynne…when I clicked on Cyndi, Shannon & Melissa to check out their posts (at the bottom of your post where you say don’t forget….) it went to your site again for all of them?
    As for your outfit—love it! I might not wear shorts (but then again, I have a couple I still wear)—but man, your legs are great!!

    1. Well, of course it worked for me now—-my computer must have gremlins!! Those same gremlins are not allowing the image to be viewed when I share to google plus from my site. Since you fixed the link problem (ha ha), do you have any ideas for the google plus problem??
      Have a great Thursday Jo-Lynne—sorry for the bother!

        1. That’s exactly why I like hangin’ with the young crowd like you—then I can try to keep up on the social media trends. Google + is out, huh? I’ll have to tell my husband, he thought it’s good for the SEO portion (or something like that). I keep hearing about Snapchat—is that worthwhile?

          1. I dunno… I do think there are probably SEO benefits to G+, but I dropped it a while back and most of my blogger friends have too. I heard they were phasing it out, but not sure. I can only keep up with so much, and I don’t really have much of an audience over there. Snapchat is entirely different. It is more social, fun, a way to see behind the scenes. I try not to use it in a real businessy way, although I will share things I’m getting in the mail, new products i”m trying out, and even unboxing from Trunk Club or Stitch Fix. But i try to mix in kid and family stuff too. It’s really fun, but definitely a time suck. 🙂

    2. Thank you, you are too sweet. Funny thing, all my life I hated my legs. I didn’t like how they bow in at the knees, and there wasn’t much shape to them. After running and lifting weights (and just getting older and realizing that no one is perfect – lol) I don’t mind them so much anymore, but I’m always a little bit surprised when people tell me that. Isn’t it funny how we have such different perceptions of ourselves than others do? xx

      1. You’re absolutely right—our perceptions are sometimes quite biased by so many things. I feel the same way about my curly hair–always have hated it (curls do not like being organized…ha ha), but I’ve finally realized that it’s much easier to just go with it!
        But kudos for the exercising—it does make a world of difference in body & mind!

  4. I first heard about your blog through Shannon! Love how you paired up with three other bloggers to offer a visual of how different body types can all effectively style one piece! It’s encouraging to see women with a variety of assets all putting their unique take on an outfit. It was fun to click over and see each blog with the vest. Great idea!

  5. Jo-Lynne, that’s interesting about how to used to perceive your legs. They are fantastic, I envy them ???? Obviously looks is not everything but I’m just someone who likes to look at beautiful /attractive things and your legs really are that. ????

  6. You look great! I was going to comment yesterday about your running shorts how they are the perfect length for you! Your running pays off.

    Ive only seen you show the to the knee denim shorts and this length is so flattering on you.

    I never thought to pair my vest with shorts, Ill have to try it. Thanks for the ideas.

      1. Ah, gotcha! Well, for these, I want them snug, but not tight. So they should fit close to the body, but I wouldn’t say tight – you definitely don’t want them riding up in the back, ya know? 🙂

        If they were this length but more of a boyfriend style, they could fit baggier, but I don’t find that look attractive on me. (I think those look better on straight body types who are trying to create more curves.)

        It’s hard to say without seeing the shorts. And sometimes they do stretch a bit.

        Edited to add: Higher end stores can usually give you good advice on fit, and whether or not they will stretch.

  7. Great outfit, I am going to try this when it warms up here. On another note, I have a question, Bloomingdales has some of their DL1961 Emma jeans on sale – I have the Florence based on your rec and love them. Do they run the same as the Florence in fit or should I size up or down. I am a 26 in the Florence but probably could have gone with the 25.

    1. Hey Susan, they are pretty close. I have 29 in both and I can’t imagine wearing another size in either one. The Emma are a TAD smaller tho – just by nature of them being a “legging jean”. Bloomies has a great return policy – you can always order both and see which you prefer. That is what I would do. 🙂

  8. I just starting following you and I really like the outfits you put together. Could I ask how tall you are?

  9. You have got te perfect leggs to wear shorts! Running sure shows off!
    Fancy Friday linkup is on, will you join me? Have a great weekend!

  10. Hi, your stunning as usual. This outfit really suits you and make you look more chic.
    The sneakers really compliment the jeans style. They really suits you every time you wear them.
    Last time I wore nike frees with a maxi dress, they also compliment the look. I think the key about the look is the legs, and there is no room for socks to show up. Normally I wear them without for errands. Do you wear them with or without?
    Keep it up.

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