Winter Fashion Try-On Haul: Denim & Sweaters

I wasn’t planning to post on Saturdays for a while, but I just have way more content ideas than I have time to post them, so here we are! I wanted to get this try-on haul out to you while things are in stock, and especially while the LOFT sale is going on. This is mostly a roundup of jeans and sweaters that I’ve ordered lately. The jeans are all higher end brands, but the sweaters are a mix.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually take a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, and size 8 shoe.

Winter Denim Try-Ons

I’ve been ordering some more Mother Denim recently because my Mother jeans are so much more comfortable than my Good American and even the AG Mari, which I love the look of but can’t button comfortably at the moment. When I size up, they look too big, so that’s not the solution.

Someone tipped me off that the Mother Dazzler is a similar style, so I started down the rabbit hole and ended up with a few new pairs of jeans to try. Unfortunately, none of these are very well stocked at the moment, but I tried to find more sizes at other retailers.

MOTHER The Mid Rise Dazzler Ankle Fray – Riding The Cliffside

jeans (size 28; option) // sweater (S) // mules (7.5) // boots (8)

This pair is most similar to the AG Mari that I cut off, the ones that are driving me nuts because they’re too tight, but I love them and want to wear them.

I love this medium indigo wash with sandblasting on the thighs. They have that perfect lived-in look and feel, but they run really small. I could barely fasten them. Otherwise, I do like the fit, although the rise is a little lower than I prefer.

They have a 9 3/4″ rise and a 27 1/2″ inseam with a 13″ leg opening. That 9 3/4″ rise feels weird to me after wearing 10 1/2″ and 11″ rises so much lately, but it is about the same as the AGOLDE Toni that I have and love, so maybe it won’t feel so weird when they’re the right size.

Here’s the same Mother Dazzler with boots. Ideally, they would work with both mules and booties, and these do. I really like this style; I just wish they weren’t so snug.

VERDICT: Returning because they’re too small, but I did manage to find a pair in the 29 — there was one pair left at Revolve, so I grabbed them. I’ll report back, and I’ll keep an eye out for them at other retailers. If you see them somewhere, let me know.

AG Mari High-Rise Slim Straight in 15 Years Shoreline

jeans (28) // sweater (S) // boots (8)

I already own these, but I tried them on to compare and see how they fit compared to the Mother Dazzler. As you can see, they look very similar. I actually like this wash a little better than the Mothers, I think, and these look a tad longer as well. I also prefer this  10 1/2″ front rise, compared to the 9 3/4″ on the Mother Dazzler.

They fit well everywhere except the waist, and they feel very constricting there.

Remember, I did cut these. The original pair had a 29″ inseam, and now they’re more like 28″. The leg opening is 13″, same as the Dazzler.

VERDICT: These are mine, so I’m keeping them for now. But I really would like to replace them with a more comfortable pair.

MOTHER The Mid Rise Dazzler Ankle – On The Edge

jeans (size 28; option) // sweater (S) // boots (8)

This pair has the same measurements as the Mother Dazzler above; it’s just in a different wash, but it fits perfectly in the size 28. In fact, these jeans are verrrry comfortable. The fabric is 92% cotton/6% polyester/2% elastane, so it has a good bit of stretch to it.

I’m not sure I love these jeans with the mules, though. The length and leg opening looks awkward to me. I don’t know why that didn’t bother me with the pair in the lighter wash above. Maybe it’s because there’s less of a contrast between the lighter wash and the color of my skin and the light-colored shoes.

These darker jeans create more of a contrast against my skin and shoe color, which tends to shorten the line of the leg. Also, there’s something about the raw hem that I like better with an ankle-length straight jean.

I also tried these jeans with ballet flats because they’re comfortable enough to wear around the house all day, and I rarely wear boots around the house all day. I do often grab these Tory Burch travel flats tho.

This looks okay to me, but not as modern. I definitely like the darker shoe color with the darker wash jeans, though. It not only visually extends the line of the leg, but wearing darker shoes with my dark hair bookends the look, which is pleasing to the eye.

I really like these jeans with booties; this is definitely my favorite denim and shoe pairing so far.

VERDICT: Undecided. These jeans have very similar measurements to the AGOLDE Toni that I wear so much, and I’ve been trying to find those in a darker wash for months, so I think I need to work with them some more. I should see how they look with sneakers.

AG Farrah Skinny Raw Hem Ankle Jeans

jeans (28) // sweater (S) // boots (8)

To further complicate matters, I tried on my trust old AG Farrahs that I wore almost exclusively for years. In fact, I wore this exact outfit on repeat the past two winters. I wanted to see how I feel about it now. While I still love this outfit, I really think I prefer the straighter cut of the AG Mari and Mother Dazzler. My eye is starting to adjust, I think.

VERDICT: They’re mine, and I’m keeping them for now. I don’t reach for them much, but they look good with my shorter Sorels and tucked into tall boots.

MOTHER The Insider Distressed High Waist Flare Jeans (Weekend Warrior)

jeans (28; also at Nordstrom) // sweater (S) // boots

Okay, so this is another pair of Mothers, but they’re obviously full-length jeans. I didn’t check the inseam when I ordered these, and they’re longer than I expected. They have a 9 3/4″ rise and a 34″ inseam with a 16 1/2″ leg opening. I put them on with my highest heels, but they’re still too long.

I already returned them, and I can’t remember if they were the right size or not, but they look really tight across the belly and hips in these pictures. Sorry, I should have taken notes!

Anyway, if you’re tall, these might be a good choice for you. Unfortunately, they’re low inventory, but Mother Denim has a ton of jeans with longer inseams, if you want to look at other options.

VERDICT: Returning. If I loved them, I could hem them, of course, but I decided I have enough ripped blue jeans and I’d rather have a cleaner pair.

PAIGE Claudine Raw Hem Flare Jeans in Slater

jeans (28) // sweater (S) // Tory Burch boots // Blondo boots (8.5) // Aquatalia boots (8)

I ordered these because I want a pair of straighter black jeans that are longer than my black Mother Insider crop flares. I keep trying to wear those for winter looks with boots, but I like the cropped length better in the warmer months with slides and mules.

These Paige jeans are a similar cut but more of an ankle length, much like the Mother Hustler ankle flares I like so much. The Paige has a 10 1/2′” front rise and a 28″ inseam with a 17 1/4″ leg opening; and the Mother Hustler has an 11″ front rise and a 27 1/2″ inseam with a 16″ leg opening. I prefer the rise on the Paige Claudine, and the rest is pretty similar. They have a slightly more exaggerated flare, I guess, but it’s not that noticeable.

I first tried these with these cognac boots, which I don’t wear nearly enough. I love them, but they rarely seem appropriate for where I’m going, and they’re not a color I typically gravitate towards. They sold out, so I don’t have a link.

Here they are with the Blondo Daggers. This works, but it looks a little clunky.

Next, I tried the Aquatalia stretch booties. I definitely like this look, but I think I’d like a pointy toe better with these jeans.

Lately I’ve been feeling the need for a dressier pair of black pointy toe booties… something like this or this. I probably wouldn’t get much wear out of those, though. Maybe something like this with a chunkier heel would work.

VERDICT: Undecided. I like these jeans a lot. I need to wear them around a bit more, and sit in them and see what happens, because they have potential. I just have tons of jeans right now, and I want to be sure I’ll get a good cost per wear if I keep these.

LOFT Sweater Try-Ons

Okay, switching gears! I ordered a few sweaters that caught my eye on the LOFT website. This is the time of year that I start gravitating to some lighter and brighter colors, and I love these. The quality is really good too, and they’re all 50% off right now.

LOFT Striped Shoulder Button Sweater in Sutton Pink

sweater (S) // blue jeans (6) // grey jeans (28) // white booties (8) // similar sneakers (39)

I love this color palette, and the sweater is thick and soft and feels nice against the skin. The fabric is 57% cotton/33% acrylic/10% polyester, so there’s no wool. The button detail on the shoulder is fun too.

This sweater is 23″ long, so perfect for leaving untucked with mid to high rise jeans. I think the white booties look fresh and fun with this color palette. I also tried the sweater/bootie combo with grey jeans and the white booties. (This is the Mother Hustler, by the way, that I referenced above in comparison to the Paige Claudine.)

And then because I wear sneakers five or six days a week, I wanted to see how they look. This is cute, but I think I like this sweater and denim combo better with booties. If not white, then maybe taupe or black.

VERDICT: Keeping this sweater, for sure. Love it, and it’s a great price.

LOFT Striped Shoulder Button Sweater in Windsor Wine

sweater (S) // grey flares (28) // grey skinnies (6) // black booties (8)

This is basically the same sweater with a different stripe pattern. They’re listed separately on the website, though.

For another option, I switched into this lighter wash pair of grey jeans in the cigarette leg style, and I swapped the boots for sneakers. This is cute too. I like these jeans better with the sneakers. Both the wash and the fit look more casual to me.

VERDICT: Undecided; this is a lot like the other one, which I think I like better, but both are solid choices if you’re looking for an affordable sweater to brighten up your winter wardrobe.

LOFT Heart Boatneck Sweater in Charcoal

sweater (S) // grey flares (28) // black booties (8)

This sweater is really nice too, and perfect for Valentine’s Day. I just wish it was a little shorter. I prefer the 23″ length on the ones above. (This one is 24″ so not a big difference, but it felt that way to me.) The 60% acrylic/40% nylon fabric is nice and soft and thick, and it looks and feels like good quality.

VERDICT: It’s a little too cutesy for my personal style. I don’t see myself wearing it more than once or twice, so I’ll probably send it back. But if you like it, I definitely recommend trying it. It’s well worth the sale price.

Naadam Cardigan Try-Ons

I don’t have any cardigans in my closet right now, if you can believe that. I don’t wear them that much, and I don’t really love how they look on me, but sometimes I just want a cozy cardigan to throw on with a t-shirt and jeans.

I had a black one last year that I got rid of, and I really wish I hadn’t, so I thought maybe Naadam would have something. It’s one of my top 3 favorite cashmere brands, and I already checked Nordstrom Signature and Vince and didn’t find much in my price range, so I ordered two Naadam cardigans when they were on sale right after Christmas. (They’re back to full price now, sorry!)

NAADAM Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan

cardigan // t-shirt (old) // blue jeans // grey jeans // similar sneakers // similar mules

This boyfriend cardigan is a classic style, and I used to really like these, but lately I’ve noticed that they sit really weirdly on my chest. And this sweater, while super soft and luxe, is thinner than what I had in mind.

I also feel like the sleeves are a tad too short, which is unusual for Naadam. They look okay here, but they just don’t have that extra long cozy feel that I want.

I was trying to remember the outfits I was wishing I had a cardigan to go with, but I don’t love either of these. Usually it’s a graphic tee or a plain white tee that I like best with cardigans.

VERDICT: I think this cardigan is going back; I don’t really love it, but I may try it with a few other tops before I make up my mind.

NAADAM Cashmere Shawl Collar Cardigan

cardigan // t-shirt (old) // blue jeans // grey jeans // similar sneakers // UGG clogs

Now this one is much thicker and warmer, and it’s also longer. I usually prefer shorter cardigans, but I actually like the length of this one. It makes sense with the shawl collar. The biggest problem I have with this one is, it’s a lot of fabric… which is nice for feeling cozy, but it’s not the most flattering. It kind of swallows me up when I’m not standing perfectly posed like this.

I really wanted something a little more streamlined, but I do like how it hangs straight down in the front and doesn’t fall off to the sides, and the sleeves are nice and long. I also like the pocket style and placement. I took a picture of the back view, and it doesn’t look terrible… I mean, it is not exactly slenderizing, but it’s not meant to be.

VERDICT: Undecided. Even at the sale price, it’s a lot to pay for a sweater I don’t plan to wear all that often. But then again, maybe if I have it, I will wear it more than I expect. It’s a classic wardrobe piece I can keep for a very long time. It doesn’t strike me as a trendy style that will look dated in a few seasons. What do you say?

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today! I wish I’d played around with some of these pieces more, but it’s tiring to try on so many outfits. I should count it as my workout!

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14 Responses

  1. I think my taste in denim is similar to yours. I feel frumpy in straight-straights. I do like AG’s Mari. It runs a size small for me and is a tad too long, but I just ordered a cropped version which I’m hoping will be perfect!

  2. Thank you for all the fun denim comparisons! Shoe choices can really change the look of the jeans. My favorite top is the cashmere long black cardigan. I have one that looks exactly like that one, but it’s a Barefoot Dreams. Same long lean line, pocket placement and drape. I wear it often, casually and dressed up. Definitely consider keeping it!

  3. I’m set for jean right now– mostly because I can’t stand to try any more on. LOL. However, I’m saving this post to refer back to when I look for jeans closer to spring. I’m between sizes so I’m hoping I’ll need the smaller sizes. Hope springs eternal. I feel the same way about cardigans, Jo-Lynne. I like the idea of them, I like them on others, but I don’t like how they look on me. Maybe because I’m short-waisted. I have 2, both in dark gray, one heavy, one lighter, but I wonder if I need to cull them because I haven’t worn them a single time this year. I wore them occasionally last winter, but that was in lock down. Love the colorful sweaters!

  4. I love the first stripey sweater, and that long black cardigan looks great on you. I change into comfy clothes as soon as I get home, so I would love that cardigan to wear with leggings or joggers when I’m lounging around.

    And, I am finally getting those Good American grey stovepipe jeans! I have been admiring them on your posts and today I am ordering them!

  5. Good luck on finding that perfect pair of jeans and cardigan that you are after! Since you don’t wear cardigans often, maybe look for one on Amazon.

  6. Okay…..Sometimes I wish there was a place to comment right after the outfits you talk about, as by the time I get to the end, I forget what I had planned to comment on or the name of the jean etc. etc. LOL Menopause brain!!!! I’m just really not happy with any of my jeans right now, unless I could wear mules all Winter. I’m still struggling with the new styles, and I appreciate you continuing to style them and analyzing them for us. As for the Mother The Mid Rise Dazzler Ankle in the On The Edge color. I guess what I don’t like is when they have that little flair at the bottom, like where the thickest part of the hem sticks out. Maybe that is why I tend to like the cut off version of this style jean better…..they hang smoother and not so flare. Most the time they are too long on me anyways….5’3″ and just look the wrong length. But, I’d like a clean edge jean if I buy one next. As for wanting a more pointed toe, dressier boot, I don’t really like the kitten heel look, but I think the Touchdown bootie is cute and looks more your style. Back to jeans…… I have always liked skinny jeans on you, but I know what you mean how your eye begins to change. They just are sooooo much easier to work with and I remember when the skinny jeans, cardigans and scarves were so in. It was soooo easy to dress. All you needed to do is throw on a booties. LOL Speaking of cardigans, I LOVE the longer black one on you. I think it all depends on the jean and shoe/boot you style with them if they look frumpy or outdated. I think the clog looks great with it. I think with cardigans, they look better with a shoe/boot with a little more height. Just my opinion, but I’m short. I have a black and beige boyfriend style I’ve had for years and really liked, but now when I go to throw them on, they look dated and I don’t like them with the new style jeans for some reason. UGH!!!!! Maybe this is why I tend to still dress in athleisure, as I’m home so much. But, I’m finding myself buying new items and then they sit in my closet, waiting for somewhere to wear them. 🙂 Thanks for the informative post and posting some sweaters from LOFT. LOFT has always been my favorite place to shop, but since the pandemic, they have been struggling. I’ve noticed they seem to be getting more back in.

  7. Thanks for the try-on haul – love these posts. Maybe the long black cardigan would look good with athleisure pants too? I thought of that for myself…

  8. Love both of the Loft Sutton sweater outfits with the white booties, such a refreshing change for winter and the longer black sweater really looks great on you. I’m shorter so I tend to push my cardigans aside and seem to revert to my hoodies and such along with joggers when at home. Thanks for spending all that energy on all the jean try ons! lol

  9. Hi Jo-Lynne, Thanks for the try-ons! I think I’ll need to try-on some in store. I still haven’t gotten used to crop flares with loafers, mules or sneaks. With booties, sometimes ok. I’m 5’2″ & won’t choose a style that looks choppy & frumpy on me. I like the Loft sweaters & PAIGE black jeans the best. The shawl collar cardigan looks good from front but so wide in back with your slim legs. I’m afraid you might not like that look for anything but lounging. Take care & thanks for all you do. You are honest to show what works for you and what doesn’t, & we’re all different body types, ages, & style aesthetics. So please know any comments are just opinions & impressions. We appreciate you & love your blog!!!

  10. I love the two Loft striped sweaters. The colors are so cheery! And I like the longer black cardigan on you. I do love a long cozy cardigan. I don’t have any longer coats to wear over one, so they are mostly at home wear during the Winter. Once Spring hits and I don’t need a coat, they are allowed outside. Lol. It’s fun to be able to wear tops under them that might not get worn over the winter otherwise.

  11. I really like the white booties. I actually ordered the Marc Fisher Gadri you have on in these pictures, but returned them because I really want something a bit less western ( it seems all my boots and booties are a bit western). I really like the Franco Sarto Callies you have linked but they are out of the ivory in my size. All the ivory booties have sold out quickly and I keep waiting for restocks but am still not having any luck. The Paige booties you have are cute too and I like the way they look with the fitted jeans, but I prefer something without the side zipper for more versatility at that price point. Anyway, please continue to link any you may find in your searches. Thank you for all you do to cut through all the products out there for us . Seriously, shopping really is a full time job! Ugh

  12. My natural waist is very high so jeans are almost always perfect everywhere but the waist. I use a hair rubber band to extend the waist just a bit and it makes them fit perfectly. I used to think I just needed to size up but the next size up fits waist but no where else. Maybe try that with your too tight jeans.

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