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Brrrr…. I’m sitting here in my office, shivering in that new Naadam shawl collar cardigan, trying to keep my hands warm by holding my cup of coffee between every few lines I type. I decided to leave the tags on and try it out, but it is not doing the trick. I definitely need something thicker and warmer, so I’m about to go change so I can send it back in pristine condition.

Anyone got a suggestion for me? I used to wear my Barefoot Dreams circle cardigan on days like this, but it’s shrunk over time, and it’s not comfortable anymore. Time to pass it on and find something else. Or maybe just order another one of those in a size up? That’s a possibility, I guess…

It’s not even THAT cold outside, all things considered. It’s hovering around 32 degrees, but it’s damp and gray, with sleet and freezing rain supposedly on its way. I just want to huddle up by the fire and sip coffee and read. That’s probably what I’ll do after I get this post up.

This week has pretty much been overshadowed by my dental woes. I lost a filling right before Christmas, and they put in a temporary to get me through the holidays. I was supposed to go in next week for the buildup and temporary crown, but the makeshift filling fell out last Tuesday, which left me in a very painful situation.

Fortunately I was able to get an appointment on Thursday, thanks to all the Covid-related cancellations, but it was not an easy procedure. The tooth in question is the one of the molars in the very back of the top of my mouth, which my dentist told me is the worst tooth to work on. She wasn’t lying. Evidently that tooth had three fillings in it, and she had to clean them all out and then do the prep for the crown.

It didn’t help that the novocaine wore off twice during the three-hour ordeal. She only gave me more the first time, and at the end, they just kept working through the pain. So yeah, good times.

I was hoping the worst was over when I left the dental office, but I’ve been in pain ever since. I don’t think it’s the tooth… at least I hope not. I think it’s the gums and inside of my cheek, which is all torn up. For some reason, I do okay during the day, but it’s been waking me up at night so last night I took an 8-hour Tylenol, and that helped. I’m on day 3 and finally starting to feel a little better.

Of course, I still have to go back for the permanent, and while they don’t usually use novocaine for that, she told me that she would for me because I have such a hard time. That’s all find and dandy, but the novocaine is what I dread the most. I hate the rest of the experience, but the needle is what gives me all the anxiety leading up to these appointments.

Still, I’ll take it, because the last time she replaced a temporary crown, it was excruciatingly painful for her to clean it out and blow air into the area to prep for the permanent one. I don’t want to go through that again.

I’ve been told that there are dentists who do same day crowns, but I don’t know of any around here. I definitely need to find myself one because this is my second crown in three months, and I have a feeling it’s not going to be my last. If you know of one or of a way to find one, let me know! It’s amazing how dental issues can affect your quality of life. I can pretty much think of nothing else right now.

Not to suggest that I have nothing else to think about. My other big project at the moment is getting C back to college, as classes start on Wednesday. Even though they’ll be virtual for a few weeks, she wants to get back up there and settle into her dorm, so Paul is driving her up and flying back tomorrow.

Of course, with Covid, nothing is easy. They’re requiring her to quarantine until she can show a negative PCR test, which she can take at the college when she gets there, but that has a 3-4 day wait for results. She doesn’t really want that, so we managed to get her appointment around here this afternoon that can have the results back within the hour, so that’s the main item on our agenda for today.

That, along with packing her up and getting mentally prepared to send her off in the middle of this latest Covid surge. How none of us have had it so far is beyond me, but I feel like we’re all ticking time bombs.

So yeah, that’s the latest from my neck of the woods. Not exactly the most uplifting post I’ve ever written, is it?

It’s not all bad, really. I spent a few hours catching up with a friend on Friday night, and R and I went to the mall yesterday to find her a dress for a party she has coming up, which was a good time. After that, I met some friends for a late lunch. We have’t all been together in weeks, so that was really fun.

I’ve also been diligent about getting out for 40-45 minutes every day to walk or run. That’s been really good for my mental health, and hopefully my physical health as well. There are days when I’m so tempted to skip it because I have so many other things I need and want to do, but I never regret making the time. Once I’m done, I feel so much better, and everything else falls into place somehow.

I know everyone has stuff going on right now, and this latest Covid surge isn’t making it any easier. We’re supposed to be getting over the hump here in the next few weeks, so hang in there!

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  1. Ouch! Dental stuff is the worst. My dentist uses a topical anesthetic before the Novocain needle, which does help. She also does same-day crowns. They do some kind of digital imaging, and then the crown is carved out using high pressure water jets (she let me watch – it’s very cool!). I hope I’m not jinxing myself, but I’ve had two crowns done this way and haven’t had any trouble. The whole process took maybe 2-3 hours, and then I was done. Didn’t need to go back; I’m probably 3-4 years out from each one and I haven’t had any problems.

  2. I smiled when I heard you went dress shopping with your daughter, I was at my granddaughter’s Sweet Sixteen party a few weeks ago, was surprised at the very short style all the girls wore, This is Long Island, maybe different where you are?

  3. I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy your blog! And regarding the walk/run – totally agree – soo good for the soul.
    Thank you for sharing all the research you do as well. It is truly appreciated!!

  4. Hi Jo-Lynne! I live in California and just read your post while drinking my coffee 😋. I love your posts and read them everyday but, I really love reading your Coffee Talk posts. I hope your tooth situation gets better and that Caroline’s Covid test is negative 🙏.

    My husband and I have been super careful about the virus but we also feel like ticking time bombs here as well. I guess we just have to have faith, be careful, and hang in there until the next few weeks go by for this to calm down.

    Take care, gave a great day!

  5. Hang in there! Dental issues are tough. The blondo dagger boot is by far one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. I LOVE THEM!! I think my husband is tired of hearing me gush over them! 😂😂 thanks for the great recommendation!!

  6. So sorry about your dental woes, Jo-Lynne. I can soooo empathize. I have very sensitive teeth and issues with anesthesia likely because I’m a redhead. As in it wears off too quickly and takes more. Yup, that’s a thing. I’ve had to get a local to have my permanent crowns put on. Knowing we could do it that way gives me less anxiety. Hang in there!

  7. Well I hope you all stay healthy, we’ve been down with Omicron for at least a week…not fun…basically feels like the flu or a really bad head cold. It’s flying through everywhere. Depends on the person, my hubs only had it for 3 days, my son and myself are going on 8 days, my daughter barely had the sniffles. Weird how it hits people differently.

  8. I find it concerning that you are in so much pain with your tooth. I had some dental work done years ago. Went home and could not get relief from the pain, called dentist three times seeking help. They assured me I just needed to rest. After several days they called me and told me to get to office asap. They rechecked x-ray and determined what the source of the problem was. Seems they thought I was just a complainer and could not tolerate pain, when in fact they had stitched me up and infection was festering. Keep your doctor informed about the pain!

    Walmart has some super soft and really warm hooded sweatshirts. Athleticworks is the brand, lots of colors to choose from, and only $12.98 each!

      1. Jo-Lynne….after I emailed you, I forgot to ask if the tooth you are having crowned has been root canaled. If not, it could be the root giving the pain. Nerves are usually straight in the tooth but can be off and when prepping for a crown can get nicked. But, usually if they are the dentist can put some medication on it and sometimes it can be fine. In one case for me it wasn’t and he nicked it and I eventually had to have the root canal before crowning. But, also when prepping a tooth, they have to pack the cord in around the gums pretty tight to open out the whole gum around the tooth, so when they take the impression the material they use goes down into the gum area, to get a good impression for a good crown fit. So, it can leave pain that may feel like its the tooth, but its the gums and yes, even the cheek getting nicked. But, if the pain continues, you should call/go in. Anti-inflammatories should help with the gum soreness.

  9. Jo-Lynne,

    Dental issues are no fun at all. I hope it goes better for you when you get the permanent crown. I have to close my eyes for the shots so I don’t see them coming!

    I’m glad your family hasn’t gotten Covid. I, like you, don’t know how we’ve missed it either. Sometimes I think, oh just get it over with already. Test positive, have antibodies and move on. But then I think, well we’ve made it this far, so the stubborn side of me says to keep up the good fight and avoid it at all cost. So many mixed messages. 🤷‍♀️ Hope springs eternal!

    1. Yes, I thought the same thing. Wanted to get it over with, as the anticipation was worst than just getting it. Getting it was no picnic, still don’t have my taste and smell all the way back or my energy and I got it on Thanksgiving but, it also has given me a little more peace of mind that I have some antibodies now for it. Unless I watch the news, which I try not too. They manipulate it all and you never have peace of mind no matter if you had it or not. Only peace I get is praying and asking God to give it(peace) to me and not let all this be all consuming. Praying all you don’t get it.

  10. It doesn’t sound like your dentist is offering you nitrous oxide, but that will make your experience MUCH less traumatic! I’m a white knuckler even with cleanings, and I can’t imagine procedures like you’re describing without that extra help. Being able to relax makes a huge difference!

    1. Some people (like me) can’t do the nitrous oxide. I instantly get dizzy and super nauseous. They have to hurry and lessen it before they can turn it off – all while I’m doing my best not to throw up (sorry if TMI). My daughter loves the nitrous oxide. Go figure. I agree with you and others – the shot is one of the worst parts. I absolutely hate going to the dentist. ☹️

  11. Sounds like you have had week! I too have had a couple of difficult crowns. In addition to Novocaine my dentist offers “gas” and it is a gamechanger! Feels like you’ve had a couple glasses of wine. They flow plain O2 in before they are finished so no issues driving home! I also feel like we are ticking time bombs with avoiding Covid here in Ohio! Here is to better days!

  12. I know that I’ve told you that I also HATE going to the dentist for anything, especially procedures. Maybe start trying to retrain your brain to focus on the end results instead of the needle for the novocaine. And close your eyes so that you don’t see the needle. So, after Larry had labs done through our primary care, that doctor decided that testosterone shots could really help Larry with his tiredness. They have to be administered in the backside, every other week. Obviously, Larry cannot give them to himself. Well, I HATE all needles, but I have to give him these shots in muscle back there. I survived the first one, so I’m hoping that it will get easier moving forward. Racers for safe and uneventful travels for Paul and Caroline!

    1. I do the same. I really was trying to focus on the end result, which is why it’s so demoralizing to still be in pain 3 days later.

      Giving those shots to Larry… ohmyword, that is true love, Ginger. Poor guy. I’m sure it’s not pleasant for him either. I hope it gets easier. xo

  13. Ugh! Dental issues are ugly. The last time I had a procedure, my mouth was sore and tender. It gets better!

    As for warmth, have you tried Eddie Bauer? I have a plush cowl neck fleece from there that is so warm and comfy! I love it! They have a great selection of fleece, flannel, etc.

  14. I was typing a response to your blog yesterday and was almost finished, when the page suddenly rebooted and I lost it all and didn’t feel like starting all over.
    When I am cold, I reach for a Barefoot Dreams sweater. There is something about the way it is heavy but so soft that you feel like you are in a cocoon, and nothing else is quite the same. My first two I got a Medium on someone’s recommendation, and I bought a third one and forgot and bought a small. It wasn’t as comfortable as the medium. I gave that one to my daughter and she said it’s the only one she wants to wear now, too.
    I am so sorry for your dental problems. I think it might be time to change dentists. You could ask around among the people you know, or even on the internet. Good luck!

  15. One time when I got a crown, I ended up needing a root canal on the same tooth. Did you have a root canal on that tooth? There might be an infection. Fun times! I have spent a lot of money on my teeth. It amazes all of the pain one little tooth can cause.

    It’s so nice to hear about you shopping with your daughter. It makes me smile. My mother never liked to shop.

      1. Yes….Jo-Lynne, have them check the root. I had just emailed you back asking you if you had a root canal and then read on and see you haven’t. It very well could be the root and infection in the tooth. Please call tomorrow. Also before the next novocaine shot, have them put some topical numbing on it before, close your eyes and breath deep through your nose. My dentist also shakes the cheek to distract. I’m not worried about the shots, never have but it always helped our patients when I worked for the dentist. You said they don’t do gas, thats okay. I don’t think its good for you. But, some do music in headphones. Ask yours.

  16. My husband has every dental procedure possible (multiple times), including a temporary crown put on while on vacation in Como, Italy (so dramatic). He as had a lot of experience with pain, but our dentist has always helped figure out pain when it went beyond the norm. Sounds like you need their help figuring it out…no fun.

  17. Our dentist does same day crowns and they are wonderful! Same type of procedure that Anne mentioned. I recently had to replace a veneer on my front tooth and that was a much bigger ordeal. My grandson ran up for a hug just as I bent down and I got clocked in the mouth by his head! He was fine but it cracked my veneer and I had to have a temporary for three weeks. I was VERY careful over Christmas as I didn’t want to lose the temporary and was glad to finally get it taken care of. By the way, I love my Blondo boots! Thanks so much for the suggestion!

  18. I can so relate to your tooth issues. I had a molar pulled in July which had already had a root canal. I was in the chair 4 hours and he had give more novocaine twice. I used Dr. Reigh with Reardon Dental. He has done several gum surgeries, a bone graph, and an extraction for me with no pain at all. He has a very gentle touch. I call him Painless Pete! At any rate I had some discomfort this time as it was a bottom tooth, but the worst part was that I woke up with vertigo the next morning! As far as covid testing my daughter waited in line in Devon for 5 hours to weeks ago and did test positive. Tri County Urgent Care on Rt 113 in Phoenixville was testing 9-5 everyday without appointments. Now they do require an appointment. Do you have another suggestion for a testing site?

    1. We always use 15 to know. Expensive but fast.

      Interesting about Tri County. That’s a lot closer to me. I didn’t think to check there. Caroline and I got our vaccines there.

  19. I’m sorry to hear about your continued dental struggles. I know how it can be. I use to work for a dentist for years in the 80’s. So much has changed since then but the procedures are still the same. The upper back molers are the worst area for dentist to work in and for the patient, keeping your mouth open sooo long. I hope you are now going to continue to get more relief. I know there is some dentist who do the crowns in one day, but I don’t know of any in our area either. I think reading by the fire with a cup of coffee will do you some good. I’m trying to decide if we are going to attend church today. We haven’t been back for awhile, as there was a surge in our church of covid, then we both got covid and still trying to gain our strength and I don’t want to even catch a cold or flu virus right now. I want to feel healthy again, but we want to get back and have some normalcy. I’m so thankful for our faithful pastors who continue to preach and give us the online live service to watch if we can’t be there. I have gone to church my whole life and never missed so much church before. The “church” is the people and I don’t like being isolated from them. I miss worship with them. I’m sorry you also have the concern for Caroline. I know that must be hard. I understand her wanting to get back to settle back in, but also the concern for you with the covid stuff etc. etc. I’ll be praying for you all. I know what its like to have a MaMa heart and concern. Read Proverb 3:5-6 and hold on to it. My little granddaughter who is 2 can recite verse 5 and its so precious. Cute to hear her say Proverbs too. I know God is teaching us many things in these days of Covid etc. and one is to TRUST HIM and have patience. The latter isn’t always so easy huh? Its a beautiful, sunny, cold day today, so hoping my husband and I can get out to walk. I got out of it during the time I was sick with covid and its been hard to motivate to get back to it. But, like you said its good for us mentally and once its done, it sets the tone for the rest of our day. I like to pray on my walks, as I see so much of God’s beauty. Enjoy your day and I hope all goes well with Paul and Caroline’s trip. Thanks for sharing your heart and being real. We all need to hear that.

    1. So glad you’re feeling better. And I agree, we’ve never missed so much church as we have in the last few years, and I do miss the community there. Hopefully this spring it will be more “normal”.

  20. I have this cardigan for the sole purpose of wearing over my cozy clothes/pjs at home. I love it! I got one a couple of years ago from my MIL for Christmas and I asked for another one this year! They’re thick and soft and cozy. They also wash up beautifully. My Barefoot Dreams circle cardigan gets passed over because I like these better. And I just bought my barefoot dreams last year after wanting one FOREVER. But this one is just more comfortable to me bc my barefoot dreams isn’t as long and is just a tad tight in the arms (and my arms aren’t big!)

  21. You have a lot of dental advice below, and I just want to add that: dentistry need not be traumatic. You shouldn’t have to endure excruciating pain during the procedure, and pain after should be manageable. I would contact the dentist asap and let them know of your continuing pain. For procedures, including crown preps, the dentist should be well able to get you comfortably numb. You sound like someone who would love nitrous oxide also. If I might be so bold, I would suggest that you look for a new dentist after you get this crown cemented and done with. Best wishes to you.

    1. Hi Jolynne,
      I just had a crown put in two weeks ago! It was done in one sitting and I was there for approx 2 and a half hrs. If you’re willing to drive to Lancaster I’d
      say it’s worth it. The novacaine injection was the
      easiest I’ve ever had. After it was all done I told
      my dentist this was the least traumatizing dental
      experience in my life! He’s fairly new to me.
      Lancaster Smiles. I’m a big baby at the dentist.

      1. Interesting. I’ll look into it. I need to see this through with my current dentist, but I’m sure I have a lot of dental work on my future, and I have to wonder if there’s a better way.

  22. I’ve just been through a lot of dental work . Teeth pulled, root canal and crowns . The air part is the worst . I want to jump out of the chair !
    I can only get warm with with layers of clothing now . I have slippers that are warmed in the microwave and a furry blanket is all that finally warm me up . Tonight is supposed to be 15 degrees !
    I’m looking for a flat black boot is hats really comfortable if you have any recommendation!

  23. Gosh I’m so sorry about your tooth problems. You mentioned anxiety around the novocaine shot; ask your dentist if they can numb the area first before using the needle. That’s what my dentist does; he puts a little swab of lidocaine on the gums first and then when the shot goes in I don’t feel a thing. Regardless, dental work can be quite an ordeal. Good luck when you go back.
    Covid has hit my whole family and we’re all down. I’m on day 6 and just starting to feel better, but the fatigue and muscle aches are awful. I’m quarantined from work for 14 days so I have another week to recouperate.

    1. My dentist office doesn’t use nitrous either, but they will prescribe an anti-anxiety med for me to take before the appointment. It helps me a lot, and it also makes it easier for them to have me as a patient 🙂

  24. Yikes! Hate dental work w/a passion! A friend who’s dental hygienist told me dentist can prescribe meds like Prozac or Xanax, have to get a ride not drive yourself. I’ve done crowns with & without & next time will ask for some again (I end up weeping thru the appt, feel sorry for the dentist!)

    Also for at-home chills, I like borrowing a sweater from my husband w/wool (over t-shirt), big & warm!

    Thanks Jo-Lynne for the fun & honest posts!

  25. So sorry you are having dental issues. Tooth pain is the worst. I get nitrous oxide for any kind of work except cleanings. I hate shots in my mouth. I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older I don’t have the pain tolerance I used to have and I’ve just accepted that.

  26. I had a post and crown done a few years ago ! I had broken a piece off my front tooth of all teeth! But it had had a root canal done many years prior and apparently the tooth will grow week after a root canal is done! I went in that night and the tooth was built back up to get me through the night! then had the temporary crown while the permanent one was being made! The freezing didn’t bother me at all and the only thing I felt was a sore gum line afterwards which they said would be normal from applying all the pressure putting the crown in! I think the fact that I had no nerve in that tooth made all the difference!
    Hopefully it all gets sorted out for you soon! Nothing worse than tooth pain!
    Safe travels to Becca and Paul and prayers for a negative test!

  27. So sorry to hear about your dental issues.
    It sounds really painful and I hope you get them resolved soon.

    Hope Caroline had a good semester. One of my boys also has a 2 week remote for the start of spring semester but is going to stay home.

    Fingers crossed that it really is just a two weeks delay of face to face classes.

  28. The Barefoot Dreams website has many more styles than Nordstrom site. I live in Chicago and we only heat our home between 65-68 degrees. I purchased B.D. last year and will never go back! I am usually an XS-small and sized up to a medium. It does shrink in the dryer even though it says to tumble dry so I do a quick 5 minutes fluff in the dryer then air dry.

    1. Yeah that’s what I reverted to this morning. I have a different one – not the cocoon – which is bigger and it’s a light leopard print. I do wear it around the house when it’s really cold. Maybe I need to get a solid black one.

  29. I am just curious. Why are you cold in your home? I know your house is fairly new , not old having issues with insulation. I have heard of wearing a lot of clothing indoors in Montana, Dakotas. If it gets below 45 I wear socks (I go barefoot always in the house ). When in the 30’s I always wear a long sleeved garment in the house….it is rare to be in the 20’s but maybe I put on a sweater over a t shirt? What is the difference …we usually have the thermostat between 71-73.

    1. Yeah it’s always interesting to hear where people keep their thermostats.

      We keep ours at 70 during the day. I bumped it up to 71 this morning. I think it’s because my office is really cold. It’s located on the corner of the house and has 4 windows. On cloudy days, it feels really cold and today was really gray and dark. The thermostat is in the dining room, which is in the front of the house and sort of in the middle. So maybe it’s colder in my office than the rest of the 1st floor. I usually keep a space heater by my desk but one of the girls has absconded with it, lol. I’m also just really cold natured.

  30. So sorry about your dental woes, I think this cold damp weather just compounds the pain; you might ask if taking Advil would be ok and alternate it with the Tylenol. I have three crowns and luckily never had any problem with the temporary or permanent; fortunate to have my same dentist since he graduated from dental school, he is so gentle and I cannot feel the injections just maybe a slight sensation. He is located in a little rural area in southeast Virginia and is so sweet; took over his dad’s practice. Wishing you comfort and safe travels for Paul and Caroline.

      1. When I was younger, I had few dental problems but as I have gotten older of course my teeth are not what they used to be and I tend to want to put off dealing with any problems too; makes a difference. Better days ahead! By the way, I have an UGG robe which seems heavy but when wearing it feels so wonderfully warm, don’t know if UGG has more in the sweater line for daytime, might be worth a try.

  31. Hello
    Happy New year… just had comment,
    Your crowns shouldn’t be that painful!
    Please get second opinion.
    Yes hv virus but surviving ..
    Thanks for all the fashion updates
    Helps as I wait my isolation period.

  32. I had to have 2 crowns in 2020 and another one in 2021. The 3rd one has shifted from me grinding my teeth at night and now all kinds of food gets between that tooth and another one. The dentist said well if it doesn’t get any better we can take it off and put another one and make it longer so the food won’t get stuck. I just sat there and thought yeah easy for you to say plus our insurance only pays half price. Ugh!!

  33. Yikes dental work is a nightmare sometimes. Sending all good thoughts your way.

    I lucked into an amazing dentist (a family friend of my husband), and after he repaired every filling, and problem in my mouth I have been religious about my appointments. I too was anxious about the Novocain, and with this man I don’t even feel it. I don’t know what he does, but it is amazing. Also have recently had 2 crowns replaced in an appointment lasting 2 hours 30 minutes of time was waiting for the crown to cure. It’s crazy easy. They use a quick fire kiln and make it while you wait. I Greatly suggest it. My dentist does the whole thing from start to finish. Just wanted to give you the info on the dentistry. I find it is always helpful to hear from someone who has experienced the process to help decide. I have experienced both so hope it helps a bit.
    Hey, you have helped with my fashion decisions hope this will help you.

  34. Oh my goodness bless your heart!! Dental issues and pain are the worst! I’ve had 3 children with no drugs or medical interventions, but when the root of my tooth died, I cried around the clock from the pain. I had a few extremely traumatic experiences at the dentist as a child, and now I get a pre-med before I have any dental work done. I take a Valium an hour before my appointment, the give me a blanket to cover up with once I’m settled in the chair, and the assistants help tuck it in tight around me so it’s kind of like a hug. Then I get sunglasses to block the big light, and I listen to music on my AirPods to drown out the noise around me. It’s not ideal, but this works well for me. I just have to have someone bring me to the appointment and back home after. I’ve had many teeth pulled (baby and permanent teeth, to make room for braces), wisdom teeth cut out, and I even had surgery in the hospital to have my lower jaw broken, reset, and wired shut for 8 weeks to correct a severe overbite. You’d think my dental anxiety would have disappeared but…no. My dentist, in addition to the pre-med and the blanket, sunglasses, and music, uses a topical numbing ointment on my cheeks/gums before the numbing shots. And the way he is able to “hide” the needle so that I never see it, is so helpful as well. I will be praying for y’all. That you are able to get pain relief and a way to reduce (eliminate) your anxiety. For your husband and daughter’s travel. And for everyone to stay healthy. 3/5 of my family have had covid and everyone was affected differently. Oh! I love my Barefoot Dreams cardigan, so my vote is for that one! Lol! My husband got me a BD scarf last year and I love it, too! Blessings!

  35. Does your dentist have nitrous oxide? If so I highly recommend asking for it prior to the novacaine shot. My dentist charges $35 for it but it’s more than worth it. I don’t have dental work done without it anymore. I’ve got multiple crowns and have had several root canals as well. I promise it relieves the anxiety. Also using earphones to listen to music during dental work is also helpful. My dentist also has TVs, G-rated movies, and headphones for patient use during procedures too. It makes the whole experience so much more bearable for sure.

  36. As I get older and my teeth more sensitive … I’m thinking sedation dentistry might be a good idea 😊
    Crowns are the worst … right along with gum grafting 😬
    I’m sorry for your mouth pain .

  37. Hang in there! So sorry for your dental issues. Makes me cringe to think of that pain. Hope its over for you soon! 💜

  38. Hi Jo-Lynne, so sorry about your tooth pain. I am glad you are going back in. As another poster mentioned, it could be the nerve dying, meaning an a root canal would be in order. (I’m a dental hygienist, so I’ve seen this happen more times than I’d like.) You are not a baby, one of the first questions we ask when we suspect a dying nerve, is if the pain disturbs your sleep at night! Mouth pain is no joke, it ruins your life until it is resolved.
    I pray you get an answer and relief tomorrow, please keep us posted.
    Oh, and the Blondo Dagger Boots….best pair of shoes I have purchased in years! Thank you for the recommendation, I absolutely love them!

  39. I am so sorry to hear about your dental problems.
    What you are looking for is a “CEREC” System
    Hit google. But it stand
    A for chair side economical restoration of esthetic restoration.
    It’s 3 hours… there is a small camera on a wand that takes pictures of the tooth without a filling. It sends the measurements to a microwave that chisels a chiclet size hunk of ceramic to fit. There should have been a
    Numbing gel before the Novocain needle.. You should never be in pain like that…. Please find another dentist…. A little soreness the day after where the needle went in is normal. An aspirin Tylenol or Advil would ease that.

    1. Thanks, Deirdre. Yeah, Tylenol did help, but I have never had that much pain inside my mouth. I am seeing an endodontist today, and it looks like he does CBCT Imaging – is that similar?

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