Nordstrom Fashion Finds | January 2022

Happy Monday, friends! I rounded up a bunch of items I’m loving from Nordstrom right now. Some of these are things I have, and others caught my eye on the website and I wanted to share. I’ll probably be ordering or trying most of them before all is said and done.

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January Nordstrom Finds

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  1. Back at the beginning of Covid in 2020, I had a tooth that became infected and needed a root canal. It was challenging just getting someone to see me. Once I had the root canal the temporary fell out which led to a nightmare of recurring infections and rounds of antibiotics (7). Of course if I had a fever from the infection, they wouldn’t see me because I was a Covid risk. It all ended in needing an extraction and implant. Moral of the story, do not mess around with temporary fillings that fall out. Hope you get it all resolved soon.

    1. Ugh, that sounds DREADFUL. I was just thinking that I can’t get Covid until I get this taken care of… and then it occurred to me, what would I have done if this happened back at the beginning when everything was closed??? I really hope this is resolved quickly.

  2. Have you seen any cashmere or cashmere-blend pullover hoodies like the Nordstrom Signature hoodie you have featured here…but at a lower price point? I do have a zip-up cashmere hoodie but I’m wishing I’d bought a pullover version.

  3. This looks like a good selection of items. Let us know what you think of the Nordstrom cardigan and the new brand of jeans. I have purchased a few of the Nordstrom brand items, and have been impressed with the quality. I bought my husband a couple of pairs of their casual pants during the Anniversary sale and he wears them all the time. I think the cardigan will be of good quality too. I can understand why you wouldn’t want to wear the Barefoot Dreams cardigan around people other than your family—I don’t either.
    I hope you get your dental issues taken care of. It sounds very painful. My husband has a hernia that really needs to be fixed, but it is outpatient at our hospital, and they are not doing elective surgery. The surgeon said if he develops a stabbing pain, to get to the ER quickly and they would fix it as an emergency surgery. I sure hope this latest wave of the virus is over pretty quickly this time. I had to wait to have my breast reconstruction surgery in 2020 for several months due to COVID. I hope it won’t affect your dental work.

    1. That is crazy. I wouldn’t want to be in the position of waiting for emergency surgery, when they already know what needs to be done. Surely it’s better for him to operate when he’s not in a crisis. I hope he can get it taken care of before it reaches that point. I was able to get an appt with the endodontist tomorrow, so I’m hanging tight until then.

  4. Prayers for you to get some real relief with the bad tooth, and for safe travels for Paul & Caroline! I know it makes your heart happy to see her enjoying living away at college. I am going to check out a couple of things on your Nordstrom list.

  5. Great finds. When you say you updated your jean jacket, that doesn’t mean the one you’ve always worn is outdated does it? I finally got it last Spring and look forward to wearing it again soon. What is the difference between the two for reference. I just love the jean jacket with the Vouri terra-cotta color performance jogger you recommended. As for the black cardigan. I sure liked the heavier one you bought and decided to return. I thought it really looked good on your and would be warm. I just watched the video on this one here and even though it like weight, she said its warm with the merino wool in it. I bought the cami when you first recommended it in the ivory but decided to exchange and get one similar that didn’t have the v in the back. I guess the older I get, the less skin I like showing. Seems like more and more sun damage is showing up. I wish when we were young, we knew more about the damaging affects and I would have been better about protecting it…..like in middle/High school. Thanks Jo-Lynne for all you do. I look forward to your blog and soooo happy that Caroline is so happy at college, as I know as a mom it helps the heart to know they are settling in and happy and made friends. Prayers this morning for Paul and her and their travels. Prayers for you and your tooth too. I sure hope they get you in. INSIST!!!! Have a blessed day

  6. PS Signs of it being the nerve are sensitivity to Hot, cold and pressure. You can do all these test at home and let them know and they will also take an x-ray and test themselves.

  7. Hi Jo-Lynne.
    So sorry to hear about your tooth. Check out Blodgett Dental Care on Instagram. I’ve had to do some research lately and his information has been very helpful. Lots of info on crowns, root canals, infection, etc.
    I hope it might help you too!

  8. My dentist always suggests taking Advil after dental work (in fact he sends you home with a small packet). Ibruprophin is an anti inflammatory medicine and really good at pain management along with reducing swelling and inflammation. Unless there’s some reason you can’t take Advil I’d try it!

  9. Thanks for the great post! Funny story…I bought those pink pj’s and when I tried them on, my husband said “well those aren’t sexy at all.” 🤣 Sexy hadn’t been what I was really going for but with a comment like that…took ‘‘em back fast.

    Thanks for the reminder about the Kut denim jacket. I desperately need a new one!

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