Winter Try On Haul + A Few Sale Items Not To Miss!

Happy Friday, friends! I’ve got a new try-on haul for you today, and as usual, I’m putting it together here at the last minute.

I save up pictures all week long, but I can never seem to get the post compiled and written until the eleventh hour. All that to say, pardon the typos, and if I miss any details, feel free to ask in the comments.

For size reference, I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds-ish, and I usually take a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, and size 8 shoe.

Craft Hydro Waterproof Jacket

jacket (M) // turtleneck (S) // tights (S) // sneakers (9)

I was discussing my search for a winter running jacket with my trainer (I see her for strength training, but she also happens to be a serious runner) and she pointed me towards something more like this one. (Craft is a well-respected brand among runners and athletes.)

My first impression was that it seems way too thin for cold weather, but she explained that it’s more about what you wear under it and how you layer.

It’s thin, but it blocks wind and traps body heat in, and it has important features that are easy to overlook if you don’t know about them — such as the ventilation at the armpits and back. It also has a way to roll up the hood if you don’t want it flapping around.

I really like the fit, and when I took it for a test drive… or um, test run, rather, I was surprised at how warm I was in 35 degree weather with a strong wind and just this turtleneck underneath. She recommends wearing a short-sleeve shirt or tank under that on extremely cold days, for an extra layer, so I’ll try that when it gets down into the 20s again.

For anyone needing recommendations for winter running or other outdoor activities, I also highly recommend the turtleneck and polartec tights I’m wearing here.

These tights are so warm that I actually get overheated sometimes. From now on, I’m saving them for when the temps dip down into the 20s, or for when I’ll be walking and not working up such a sweat.

I found this jacket at Running Warehouse, and then I discovered that it’s at Nordstrom as well! I wish I’d known so I could have earned points with the Nordy Club.

Brooks Fusion Hybrid Jacket

jacket (M) // turtleneck (S) // tights (S) // sneakers (9)

I also ordered this Brooks jacket to try. It has similar features, but I didn’t like it as well.

It’s shorter through the body, and the sleeves are too short for me to use the thumbholes. The reviews also indicate that it runs rather short overall.

It is on sale, though, and it also comes in red. If you’re petite, you may like it.

Both are pricey, especially the Craft, but these are the kinds of items you have for at least 10 years, and the cost per wear averages out over time.

LOFT Shoulder Button Sweater

sweater (S) // jeans (28) // mules (8.5)

I placed an order from LOFT, and I did live try-ons on my IG Story last Sunday — they’re saved to my Try-Ons highlight, if you want to check them out.

This sweater is really soft and comfortable, and I like the length and the design of the stripes and buttons on the shoulder.

It’s very cute, but it does look a little fall-ish to me. I think it would look better on someone with a warmer skintone.

This sweater runs true to size; I have the small. It’s also on sale for $35 today.

Unfortunately, these jeans sold out, and I actually kind of liked them. They’re comfortable and flattering, and the dark grey/off-black is a nice modern wash.

The whiskering looks a little rough, but otherwise, they’re a solid choice for the price. Maybe they’ll restock…

LOFT Flecked Tunic Sweater

sweater (S) // jeans (28) // mules (8.5)

I also really like this sweater, although it’s not really a tunic. It’s soft and stretchy and comfortable, and the flecked knit is pretty.

It’s a bit longer in the back than the front, with an on-trend split hem. The seaming details are nice, and I appreciate that it does not have a drop shoulder!

This sweater is TTS and currently on sale for $35. I kept it!

These jeans have also sold out, and that’s no great loss. They were terrible.

LOFT Cupid Boatneck Sweater

sweater (S) // jeans (28) // mules (8.5)

This is me, awkwardly trying to take a picture with my other hand so you can see the heart detail on this sweater.

If you like a little bit of whimsy in your sweaters, this one is really cute for Valentine’s Day. My biggest complaint is the arms are a funny length — not quite long enough to be full-length, but definitely not 3/4-length either.

And these jeans… oooh, boy. In an attempt not to feature skinny jeans with every look, I picked up these to try.

Honestly, they aren’t terrible, but I just don’t love them.

They’re on sale for $35, so if you like this style, grab them b/c that’s a really good price. Needless to say, I returned mine.

AG Mari High Waist Ankle Slim Straight Leg Jeans

jeans (28) // turtleneck // pumps

Okay, so these are the straight leg jeans some of us have been discussing in other posts. I tried these on last year, and I kind of liked them but didn’t purchase them at the time.

I finally decided to order them, even though it pains me to pay full price.

Word on the street is, full-length jeans are going to be trending this spring and to that, I say, hallelujah!!!

I don’t think the straight crop and straight ankle styles will necessarily go away, but I would love to see full-length straight jeans as a stylish option. Right now, I daresay they look a tad dated.

These jeans have a 29″ inseam with a 13″ leg opening and a 10″ front rise, for those who keep track of these details. They have a slim fit through the thighs, and then are cut straight from knee to hem.

I’ve decided that for me personally, the only way I can wear the straight leg trend and feel good in them is if they are cut slim through the thighs.

That’s why skinny and bootcut styles work well for me. I have wide hips and thin legs, so if jeans hang straight from my hips, I look so much wider than I really am.

I realize the baggier fit through the thighs and the “mom jeans” are what are super trendy right now, but I’ve come to the conclusion after trying many pairs that they will never be a good look on me.

I know we all have different body types and different features we are trying to highlight and camouflage, and what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for you, but I share all this so you can analyze your own body type and figure out what trends to embrace and which ones to pass on.

These jeans aren’t exactly full-length on me — they’re on the longer side of ankle-length, and that makes them tricky to style, but I still kind of like it. I feel like the slightly shorter length keeps them looking modern… but I know some of you will say they look like high waters. To each, her own!

They seem to work well with the leopard pumps, but I don’t like them as much with my Everlane loafer mules.

I’m not sure how I feel about them with these sneakers… I liked them with my white Vejas in the dressing room last year (see above), but I’m not loving them quite as much with these Sorel Out N About sneakers, for some reason.

What I do like is how these Sorels bring in the black and camel from the vest and sweater, but I feel like I could use an extra half-inch in the inseam of the jeans with these shoes.

I am planning to do a full review of these Sorel sneakers, by the way, but I will have to save that for next week. I’m running out of time here.

I think my favorite shoe pairing with the AG Mari is a heeled boot. I like them quite a bit with these Steve Madden booties.

And also with the Marc Fisher Yale Chelsea boots.

Fit and fabric-wise, these jeans are very soft and comfortable. They’re made of 91% cotton, 8% polyester, and 1% polyurethane. I find the 10″ rise very comfortable, and I like how it is neither super high-rise trendy, nor super low-rise dated.

There’s a lot of fading and whiskering, which some may not like, but it’s done well. I also think it adds interest and keeps them casual, which helps to off-set the more traditional straight-leg styling.

I may decide in two months I hate them, I dunno, but for now, I decided to keep them. At least it gives me a slightly different silhouette to play around with.

Vintage Havana Grande Slip-On Sneaker

sneakers (size up half) // leggings (S) // sweatshirt (S)

I’ve been trying out some styles of the Golden Goose, and I still haven’t committed to any yet. I always get requests for styles that are similar without the high price tag, and I think Vintage Havana does a really good job at providing a similar vibe at a more affordable price point.

I ordered these from DSW, but I had to send them back because they were too small. I have re-ordered in the 8.5, so I recommend sizing up half if ordering.

These are decently comfortable, but they don’t have the padding and support of the Sorels, nor do they have the artistry of the P448 and Golden Goose, but they’re still a solid choice for a stylish fashion sneaker.

Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers

So, I actually wrote this section last week, and then I didn’t include it because these are more of a personal purchase than a blog purchase, and the price is definitely UP THERE. But I’ve had some questions about them, and I know some of you are interested, so here goes.

I am aware that the price is ridonkulous, which is why, when I’ve tried them in the past, I always returned them. I just couldn’t stomach it. Plus, I like my P448s a lot, and they’re a similar vibe.

But recently, I keep seeing the Golden Goose on more and more people, and I just really like the shape and style. I couldn’t stop thinking about them, so one day I fell down the rabbit hole, looking at the different designs, and well… Long story short, I ordered 2 pairs to try. *insert monkey covering his eyes emoji*

On the one hand, I feel like if I’m going to spend this much on sneakers, they need to be neutral and super versatile — basically go with everything. So I ordered this pair with silver and gold accents.

But then, just before I clicked through to make the purchase, I had another thought: If I’m going to spend this much, maybe they ought to be really fun and kind of ridiculous. So I threw this pink and gray pair in as well, with the intention of returning one.

For review purposes, you should know that Golden Goose sneakers are handmade in Italy of high quality leather inside and out. No two are truly identical.

Yes, they’re intentionally distressed, but some are more distressed than others.

They actually make your feet look smaller than they really are, not bigger, as so many sneakers tend to do — which is a huge plus, in my opinion!

My biggest issue is that they run kind of narrow in the toe box, and I have very squared-off toes. The left one fits fine in the size 38, but in the right one, my big toe is definitely pushing against the end of the shoe.

I kept thinking they might stretch out and be okay, but at this price, I want to be sure before wearing them off the carpet.

After trying them on approximately 158 times, I decided I needed to see how they fit if I size up, so I ordered this pair from Nordstrom in the size 39.

I don’t necessarily love the color combo, but I was having a hard time finding anything in my size that I liked, and I wanted to order from a store with an easy return policy, since I am more or less just trying these on for size.

At first, they seemed too big, but when I laced them tighter and tied off the ends, they do stay on my feet just fine. The right big toe is still pretty darn near the end of the shoe, and the left foot doesn’t feel overly loose, so 39 may be my size.

At the end of the day, I’m still undecided.

While I find myself wearing sneakers more and more, I do think I would get a good cost per wear out of these… eventually! It’s still a shocking sum of money to pay for sneakers, and I can’t seem to commit.

Any-who! Let’s move on to a few items I’ve found that are on a really good sale right now…

Cece Tie Sleeve Cotton Blend Sweater

sweater (S) // jeans // sandals

This is that pretty sweater I styled for the holidays in the raspberry color. It’s 40% off this kelly green, and 60% off in the black and red. This sweater is really nice for church, work, date night, etc. It also makes a nice Zoom top for work or virtual happy hour because it’s such a pretty color with a flattering neckline.

I can’t help but think the green is perfect for March and St. Paddy’s Day, although of course you can wear it anytime. The red would also be really pretty for Valentine’s. It’s true to size; I have the Plumeria in a small.

Waffle Knit Cowl Neck Sweater (add’l 30% off)

sweater (S) // similar blue jeans // GG sneakers // grey jeans // P448 sneakers (restocked!!)

I shared this sweater before, but it was not on sale. It’s currently marked down to $42, and then an additional 30% off when you add to cart. It’s true to size; I have the mauve in a small.

Halogen Drape Collar Faux Leather Jacket (40% off)

jacket (S) // sweater (S) // jeans // earrings // necklace // sunnies

I shared this faux leather jacket a while back, and it just went 40% off! It’s really nice for faux leather, and I love this taupe color for a change. It is true to size; I have the small.

Also, the Halogen v-neck cashmere sweater is 50% off and still in stock in a lot of colors and sizes.

I’m sure there are more, but that’s all I have time for today!

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links, it helps support my business (at no additional cost to you) so thank you!

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58 thoughts on “Winter Try On Haul + A Few Sale Items Not To Miss!

  1. Good morning…thanks for the great post today. I loved the camel & black vest combo the most, but ended up ordering the faux leather jacket & will wear a black tee & jeans most likely for that look. 

    Old Navy had tie dye sweatshirts as well & I have their bright pink combo – a big saving cost wise from the one here. I also had sticker shock when I looked at the sneaker prices….I most likely will stick to my Sketchers or Vionic’s. Lol. 

    As a children’s pastor, my weekend begins today. I’m off around 10am to what I hope is my last appointment with the surgeon from my knee replacement surgery I had in July. I’m doing great & assume that’s what he’ll tell me as well. 

    You have a great weekend. 

      1. I got great news…the doctor was sooo pleased & dismissed me as a patient. I have an old navy long sweatshirt that looks almost identical to the pink tie dye in your post today that’s another brand. I love it as I’m cold a lot early mornings & evening & it is certainly really warm. Have a great weekend!

  2. SO GLAD you didn’t purchase the Golden Goose sneakers! I love the pink ones, and I really love any fun pair, but what in the world? $500 for sneakers? I get they are handmade, real leather, from Italy, but that’s really obnoxious. In a world where there is so much unemployment now and people are suffering right here in our own cities, that seems like a splurge nobody needs to make right now. Get real Golden Goose!

  3. I have this weird thing where I do not like white sneakers. The ones you style look cute but I know I would not wear them myself. They are too bright or something.

    The Buckle is my go to store for blue jeans. I love my good fitting jeans! Anyway . . . . I noticed a lot of their new ones are cuffed. That must be coming back.

    1. I know what you mean. I prefer the ones that aren’t such a stark white, and I guess that’s why I don’t mind the distressing on the GG. The Vejas are a nice shade of white. But I also kind of want something with some grey in it. That’s one reason I like my P448s so much.

  4. Good morning! Can you share the gray sweatshirt you’re wearing in the pic with the camo leggings, please? And I absolutely love the outfit with the faux leather jacket! It looks so great on you!

  5. I’ll have to check out the tie-dye sweatshirts at Old Navy. I know Sweaty Betty is great quality, but I just won’t wear it enough to justify that price.
    I found a sweatshirt on Amazon that is a gray tie-dye and love it…also not sure I can justify 2 shirts….
    I’m off to look!

  6. I’m going to pass on Golden Goose. It’s not that I can’t afford them, it’s just that I think the price is outrageous. If it was a timeless purchase, then yes but a passing trend, no. Just my thoughts. 
    I didn’t know full length straight leg were going to trend this year. I just cut a pair yesterday to get the right cropped length but prefer the longer. I just can’t seem to get the look right or maybe one has to train their eye.
     Will you be doing a trend report soon? 

  7. Thank you for deciding to share the GG! I am looking to purchase a pair soon so I like hearing opinions on them. I think I will get a lot of wear out of them and will have them for a long time. How comfortable would you say they are?

  8. Yay for full length jeans! I never really got rid of mine because – well I like them – they are fully in my comfort zone. 😉

    And this probably shows my lack of style sense but I like those jeans with the loafers. Ha ha.

    1. I think I would like them with the mules if they were like a half inch longer… maybe? Such small details, but they do make a difference. I need to look around for a slim straight with a 30″ inseam, I guess.

  9. I really like the straight leg jeans with the tan booties! But also with the mules. I’m just not sure about them with the sneakers.

    I really can’t get on board with the Golden Goose sneaks. I do find the price obnoxious but I also don’t really like any of the knock-offs. Maybe I just need to see them in person? Fortunately, I don’t live in a very fashion-forward area so I don’t feel much need to explore the trend. But if you’re keeping them, I like the pink ones best! 🙂

    Do you mind sharing a link for the gray camo leggings? I’ve had trouble finding any. I did get and keep a pair from Amazon but they aren’t quite what I want so I’m still looking. Thanks!

  10. I love these posts! The CeCe sweater is adorable and I am tempted to order it. IMHO the golden goose sneakers are so unattractive; honestly downright ugly.😬 (I say this knowing that beauty is in the eye of the beholder) I think the draw for people is probably the status of the price they have to pay for them. There are so many other, much cuter tennies out there for a fraction of the price. I have found some really nice Coach and Naturalizer styles that are also very comfortable.

    1. That’s fair. People definitely seem to love or hate them, but I can honestly say I love the look of the GG. The status thing and overall trendiness (is that a word, lol?) is actually the main thing holding me back. I’ve been looking around today for something else I like as much that isn’t as heavily branded, but nothing quite calls to me the way they do.

      Funny, I realized today that it was two years ago that I wrote my first Sneaker Review post b/c I wanted GG and didn’t want to pay the price, so I set out to find something similar – and that’s when I found the P448s that I still wear a few times a week.

      Maybe I will find something else if I keep looking around. 🙂 Here’s that post, for anyone interested. I should update the links. A lot of those styles are still available. https://jolynneshane.com/fashion-sneaker-review-comparison.html

  11. Wheeee, what a fun post! Thank you for styling your AG Mari jeans! I have about 5 different styles of AG, and right now the Mari is my absolute favorite. I mostly wear with booties right now. I’m 5’7″, and they seem to hit at a perfect spot. The wash and markings are perfection. (don’t hate me, but I bought them at my favorite Consignment shop, for….$45. They still had the tags, so I wonder why the previous owner didn’t just return to the store! I was certainly lucky that day!). I paid triple that for all my other AG’s. Thanks also for the GG reviews. Even though I am not in the market for a pair, it’s still fun to see the styles you chose and how they look.

  12. Thanks for the informative and fun post! I am going to give the straight jeans a try, but I did cringe reading full length straight is coming in – I dont think those look good on me! At least I could sit out the hight waist mom jean because that was a little extreme, but straight is normal. Agh! I like your grey sweatshirt too – will check it out. I wear “athleisure” pretty much every day WFH and find Athleta, Zella, etc last a very long time – years – and have been worth it to me in the long run. Happy Friday!

    1. It seems like just about every style is on trend these days as long as you style them in a modern way. So many women are learning more about dressing their unique bodies and accepting ourselves as we are, and I feel like it’s affecting the fashion industry in a positive way. More options is a good thing! 🙂

  13. I really like the AG Mari Jean on you. Yes, keep. I think all shoes worked and you are right…. you need the tighter thighs to show your figure. The baggy ones haven’t worked and now you can move on. Lol.  I have a pair of straight leg GAP jeans I’ve had and just couldn’t get rid of them when skinnies came in. I bet they’d look just like this. They did back then. The longer length does feel dated still to me but who knows how our eyes will adjust come Spring. I just found the perfect sneaker for me from Naturalizer sending an email and I got them on sale but I think they are full price now. Nordstrom has them too for full price. Full price is $89 and I got mine for $ 62.30 :). They are very comfortable wearing around the house but haven’t had chance to wear out and about yet. They don’t make your feet look big like most sneakers and true to size fit. I believe they also came in narrow and wide width but I got my usual medium width. They have fun taupe swede heel cap on a white sneaker. They are the Naturalizer Morrison Sneaker. 🙂 You should check them out. 

  14. I have a pair of gg sneakers and I absolutely love them. I wear them all the time, and they are very comfortable. I did not have to break them at all. I bought a very simple pair, white suede star and a little black in the back. I do not like the crazy ones. And yes they are not bulky and do not make your feet look big. I wear a 39, regular an 81/2. 

    1. I was looking at some like that. I like the black tab at the back b/c I wear so much black. I’m actually having a hard time finding my size in the more neutrals colors. It’s kind of crazy!

  15. Great try on post!! I must say I too find myself wearing more fashion sneakers these days( so comfortable) .. but as far as the golden goose go they’d have to feel like a slipper made of gold for that price 😂 . Have fun deciding 😉

  16. Have you considered trying GG purestar sneaker? They are not distressed. I’ve got my eye on the white and silver, which has a really pretty silver sparkle at the back of the heel. 

    1. Yeah, I actually like the distressing if it’s not too much. 🙂 And I wanted some gold or silver on them, for some contrast and interest. But those are a great option for those who want a plain white look.

  17. I’ve been looking forward to your thoughts on the GG sneakers. I’m so tempted, but the price! And yes, I have a couple of pairs of P448, which I love, and even though I bought both on sale, that’s still a pretty ridiculous price for sneakers. I love the distressing though, especially on the GG. Totally in my wheelhouse. If I decide to splurge at some point, I’m sure I would go with something more neutral, but I love the pink. 🙂

    W/ regards to the AG Mari jeans, I love mine. Of course now that my eye has adjusted to the crop straight (even though I still prefer skinny jeans), it figures that the trend would be back to full length. I think I like the Mari because they are slimmer fitting, but I think they’re more flattering than some other cropped straight jeans that I’ve tried.

  18. Those AG Mari jeans look really great on you! The leg is balanced from top to bottom. I liked them with every shoe you tried them with. They are not too masculine, not too baggy, not too short, not too long – just right. All the other straight cut just didn’t look right. They had a 90’s vibe and need Doc Martens or hiking boots and a flannel. LOL.

  19. I am thinking that the tights might be a good option for me instead of thermal underwear, to wear under other pants for the bonfires.  My lower anatomy gets so dang cold and it takes all night under the electric blanket to get it warmed back up.  I hope skinny jeans do stay current!  Like you, I don’t like jeans that are baggy under my backside.  Regular length straight legged jeans are tricky for me to style. In hope that you have had a great day!

  20. I am very interested in seeing more about the Sorel sneaker. I cannot find a black athleisure type of sneaker that I like and that fits me well. I really like the look of these. Now I am interested in the feel, in your opinion. I know all feet are different. 

    I have had the AG Mari on my wishlist since you first showed them. I was hopeful that they would go on sale at some point. But both you and Kay look great in them, and I was afraid they would sell out. I went ahead and ordered them when you showed them the other day. You didn’t say what size you ordered or real fit info, but I just ordered up one size from my normal jeans size. This does concern me, because the last AG jeans I ordered, I did that, and they were tight in the waist and I returned them. I really hope they fit, but I have never paid that much for denim before. If they don’t fit, a part of me will be relieved to send them back, lol. 

  21. Hi Jolene, I love your try-on hauls.  The Loft speckled sweater is really cute, but I have trouble with their sizing.  I know you said you got a small, is it just right or a little big?  I find their sizing to run large.  Thanks, Deb 

  22. I’ve been waiting to see if you would review GG sneakers! I absolutely love them and have been wanting a pair but just can’t decide which style (or size would work – so I appreciate your review!). We were supposed to spend July in Italy so I was going to look for them there. That’s what has been holding me back. Who knows when we will be able to travel there so I may just bite the bullet and buy them here.

  23. I have been on the hunt for a distressed fashion sneaker as well. I love the look of the P448’s and at Nordstrom Rack prices I could see myself getting a pair. I did stumble across Steven New York Rubie on Zappos, same concept as the P448’s so I ordered two pair and fell in love! Both fit great and are very comfortable even for my picky feet (I struggle with plantar fasciitis). I kept the Rubie white gold and have worn them a lot and get a lot of compliments. They were $90, and some styles are on sale for less. 

  24. Thanks for the fun post. I am a HUGE fan of fashion sneakers and my go-to for comfort, fit, and a giant selection of colors are old-school Pumas. I have a few pairs of the Vikky style, and they are great. The Carina style also has that fashion sneaker vibe but is still a fully functional (comfortable) sneaker. On Amazon both of these run between $35 and $60, depending on style/color.

  25. I am really not into the distressed look on the sneakers. When mine start looking like that I get rid of them. I wouldn’t pay a lot of money to have my sneakers look dirty.

  26. I just got a pair of GG for my birthday! I figure if I’m going to spend $$ on a luxury brand it makes more sense than a bag or jewelry (for me) as I tend to be pretty simple about those and I’ll wear sneakers a lot! I haven’t worn them out yet as it’s so cold still but I’ve tried them on & think they go with everything. Like you, I don’t love that they scream $ and trend but I do love the elevated look of them, 

      1. I got the All Star, in a pretty simple color way – grey & navy, classic, goes with everything in my wardrobe. I have read that some people have a break in period with them, but for me so far they seem pretty comfy! 

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