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Work Wear Wednesday: Cap Sleeve Top + Black Pants

Okay, guys, real talk: This is one of those outfits that when I saw the pictures, I was like, YOIKS!!! I can’t post these!!! 

But I have a firm policy never to waste a photo shoot, plus I know you guys like to pick apart my misses as well as laud my hits, so here you go. Have at it!

I feel like every time I try for a work wear look, I miss the mark somehow. I don’t know if it’s that I’m out of practice, or if I just look better in casual clothes, but I feel for you all who have to dress for the office every day. #denimforever

I think the issue with this outfit is the blouse. It just isn’t flattering on me — it’s way too voluminous, and I need structure to highlight my curves. Also, the high neckline isn’t helping matters.

I love the material, though. The subtle floral print is a huge trend this season, and since it’s still quite warm outside, I thought this would make a great transition piece. For size reference, I’m wearing a small.

Anyway, for the sake of making it through this post, let’s discuss the rest of the outfit!

I’ve had these pants for a while — they’re the Ryan slim straight-fit lightweight wool pants from Banana Republic, and they’re a nice year-round wardrobe basic. I prefer a slimmer fit, but these are nice when you want something more conservative. I’m wearing a 6 regular, for reference.

And these shoes are my Sam Edelman Hazel pumps. These are the best pumps, in my opinion. The quality is fantastic, they have a gorgeous silhouette, and they’re actually comfortable to walk in.

I think they’re worth the price, but if you’re looking for a pair that’s more budget-friendly, check out these Nine West pumps, and this Tahari pair is really nice for a lower heel. You could also wear a wedge pump with these pants if you want a little more stability.

To keep it classic, I carried a black bag, and I wore gold double hoop earrings for a little bling.

In looking back through these pictures, I suppose this outfit isn’t horrible, but I definitely can do better. I think the top would be really cute on someone who is smaller on top, and it would probably look better paired with slimmer pants — maybe black skinny jeans.

blouse // pants // shoes (option) // bag // earrings (option)

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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75 thoughts on “Work Wear Wednesday: Cap Sleeve Top + Black Pants

  1. This is my typical work outfit.  Maybe throw a cardigan and that is something I would wear.  Don’t be so hard on yourself!

  2. Great comments today and spot on in my opinion.  Pieces are lovely but not necessarily together. Lacking a pop of colour. I won’t repeat what others have said but found the whole conversation very useful.

  3. You just need to take the top to a tailor. Take on the sides and it will be perfect for you. Other than that this is a pretty outfit.

  4. If I were to wear this top to work, I would pair it with slimmer dress pants. Theory has some slim dress pants that are amazing. A bit pricey but staple pants that I wear to work all winter long. I would also wear a structured blazer with it. Banana Republic has great, classic, structured blazers in tons of colors. I have a hot pink one and a Kelly green one which would both be cute with this. I prefer blazers over cardigans for work as I find cardigans are matronly and frumpy. I tend to wear a jacket of some sort (blazer of chanel-type cropped jacket) most days s I work in an environment which is more professional than casual (men don’t necessarily wear ties but they all wear jackets and dress pants). I find that, as a professional women, I often have to dress up more than the men do. I could write a book about the inequity of professional office dress codes. HA! (When I got out of law school in the mid 2000s, many firms required the women to wear skirt suits and forbade pant suits!)…

    1. Very interesting! I think you dress up more than most of my other readers who ask for work wear. I get the idea their environments are fairly casual. But I usually think of your type of dress code when I think of work wear. I have a hard time with blazers; I never really like them on me.

  5. I think you look great. That being said I think you are feeling that you need more definition to your waist as you have a hour glass figure. I’m so aware of it for myself even though family and friends say I look good I feel I could be better.

  6. I love today’s look but think maybe a smaller size would make you happier – a little too voluminous but many of us like that.  I also loved yesterday’s look – my kind of casual!   You’re right too tough on yourself – you look awesome! 

  7.  When I first saw this post I didn’t see it as a miss, however, once you brought up your points I see what you’re saying. I agree with the other commenters and a third piece,  preferably structured, in a nice fall jewel tone would step it up a notch  and look much more put together. 

  8. The top and pants need to be a bit more fitted for this outfit to work.  I think going a size smaller would definitely help.  Also, the cut of the top seems off which I think is more of the issue than sizing like where the top falls on the shoulder.  If I had to
    make do with these 2 pieces, I would wear a magenta fitted blazer, long necklace, and silver or nude heels.  For someone that prefers a more neutral color scheme this outfit could be paired with a grey, tan, or black blazer and long necklace. As for shoes go with nude or black for the grey and tan blazer and if you go with the black blazer choose a bright colored shoe to give the outfit a pop of color.  

    1. All great advice… funny, I would have never thought to introduce another color since there is yellow in the top, but of course it makes sense to bring in a contrasting color. Love the magenta idea.

  9. I think this outfit is great and looks beautiful on you Jo-Lynne! I have to dress up for work and would totally wear this outfit!! 🙂

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