Straight Leg Jeans + Rust Cardigan for Fall

Greetings, and welcome back to 25 Days of Fall Fashion! Straighter denim silhouettes are trending this fall, so I’ve been trying them out. I’m still not sold on the look just yet, but sometimes it takes a while for the eye to adjust to new styles.

I tried these jeans on about 40 different ways last week in a try-on haul, and I’m still not sure I’ve nailed the look, but you all can tell me what you think.

I really like the wash on these jeans, and the vented hem is a fun detail. For size reference, I’m wearing the 29 regular. I thought I liked them better in the short version, for more of a crop straight leg look as shown on the website, but I thought the regular length would work better with this long cardigan so that’s the pair I chose for today’s outfit.

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This sweater is the Leith ribbed cocoon cardigan from the #NSale, and happily it’s still fully stocked! I love this sweater so much that I bought it in two colors, and I NEVER do that! (I also have the tan heather.) It’s really soft and cozy, and the fit is nice, but you will want to size down. I’m wearing the XS.

These leopard loafers are a new addition to my fall wardrobe. You probably know by now that animal prints are hotter than ever this fall season, and I’m not mad about it. Adding a leopard print has a way of elevating even the plainest t-shirt and jeans to a chic and stylish outfit.

The loafer silhouette is another trend right now — it seems to be edging out the ballet flat in popularity, and I like the more tailored look.

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These are by Steve Madden, and they’re a good value for the price point. They don’t have any padding or support, but they’re quite comfortable in spite of that, and they don’t pinch my toes as some pointy toe flats do.

Also, these shoes are part of the BOGO 50% off offer going on right now at Lord & Taylor. You can mix and match with other women’s shoes that are also marked BOGO 50% off, so I rounded up some good ones that I think are worth considering.

This white scoop neck tee is from Boden. I ordered it after I saw it on another style blog. I’m always looking for a good basic white tee, and this one checks off a lot of boxes. For one thing, no boob pocket. YAY!

It’s also a nice hip length, and it has a fairly straight hem. (I’m not a fan of curved hemlines; I don’t think they’re very flattering, and they always look awkward front-tucked.)

The material is a little bit stiff and thicker than I prefer, but on the plus side, it isn’t see-through at all.

This tee comes in a lot of colors, but the white is selling out. For size reference, I’m wearing a medium and it just fits so I recommend sizing up if in between.

Also, please imagine this look with a long necklace… I forgot to bring one to the photo shoot, but I definitely feel like I need a scarf or necklace to add a focal point and to break up the expanse of white tee.

I’m curious to hear what you all think about this look. Frankly, I would prefer it with skinny jeans, but I’m trying to take one for the team and experiment with different styles of denim.

Perhaps ankle boots would work better with these particular pants, but I really wanted the pop of leopard, and I’m not quite there yet with the leopard booties… do any of you have them? What do you think they would look like with this outfit?

rust cardigan // white tee // straight leg jeans // leopard loafers // earrings (option)

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Be sure to visit Cyndi to see the fall outfit she’s styling today!

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  1. I personally like this look on you, but then I’m partial to straight leg jeans and actually never made the switch to skinnies (I don’t have the right body shape for skinny jeans, no matter how many I try on). This is a cute fall look, in my opinion!

    1. I have realized that I do not have the right figure for skinny jeans either so I am happy to see a straight leg jean look.

  2. JoLynne—this is nice but I do like the skinnies on you.  I remember you styling baby bell jeans in the past and I liked them on you.  They didn’t seem too wide and a different silhouette but I thought that was great looking on you.  Would that style still be trending and if so can you link to them?  

  3. I really like this look on you. That paticular pair (ripped) may not be my favorite but overall I think you look great!  Exactly they type of outfit I’m wearing this Fall. Love the tee shirt too. 

  4. I really like the look of these jeans.  I was never into the skinny jeans as I have issues with things too tight on my legs, so I am so happy straight leg styles are becoming more popular.  I think these jeans look good on you; better than the model.  Seeing them on you makes me want to buy some, but on the model they look blah.  Also, I don’t usually like anything with a hint of loud (I know – again personal issues), but the leopard print is kind of a natural fun that I would definitely try.
    Just a note:  I really appreciate what you do here.  It’s nice to see what clothes look like in real life, not just on a model in an all white room.

  5. I have a pair of AG straight leg jeans. I wear them with the ugg drivers that I know you like. Sometimes you want a break from the skinnies!

        1. I have a pair of the cigarette leg AGs and a pair of the AG Harper Slim Straight. And, yes, those are the Uggs I have. I have two pair! A black and a mushroom colored pair. They are so comfortable. 

    1. I’m adding in  here so I’ll see when you reply about the AG straight.  I have the cigarette straight and really like them, but always want to hear different ideas!

  6. Good morning! Yes, it’s going to be in 90’s again today, so we can’t wear our cozy cardigans yet, but I’m trying to get as much wear out of my summer clothes and I can this week! I like the straight leg jeans, but I feel they need to be shorter to wear with your flats. OR, this pair would look better with booties. Glad you can make a quick trip to Maine to visit family. I’m sure it is beautiful up there this time of year.

  7. I like the look! I had a pair of jeans cut like this that I loved! I liked them with loafers (which i also love) and tennis shoes. I was sad to see the style go. Of course, I’m a child of the 80s. 😬 I do really like skinny jeans, but I think this is a good look too if styled correctly…as you’ve done. 🙌🏻 I do feel like they aren’t as “dressy.” I’ll be interested to see when style them with a bootie or heel. I never used to wear jeans that way…and still have trouble doing it. I like how looks, but then put it on myself and feel a bit awkward. Have a great day! 

  8. I almost never comment but I love this look! I love the straight jeans, although I might like the ankle length a little better…the white tee, rust cardigan, leopard loafers, long necklace or scarf…I’d wear this every day! Perfect fall outfit if the weather in Alabama would be cool enough to wear it.

  9. I also like the look, but have to admit that I’m also partial to skinny jeans. Love the ripped detail. I’m curious how you feel about this white tee compared with the Madewell. I’m also not a fan of the boob pocket, but otherwise feel like the Madewell is perfect. Thanks! And I also bought the Leith in two colors… Grey and tan, and I’m even debating the pink. Now you have me considering the rust, even though I tend to stick with cooler colors. 😄😄

  10. This outfit is nicely put together, the colors, the shoes. I like the hem on the jeans. The overall look, because of the style of the jeans, is very comfortable and casual. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! 😊 I also prefer the more stylish skinny jeans look. I think the look would have been much sharper with skinny jeans. My opinion! 

    1. Yeah, you know, you make a good point. These jeans are meant to be casual and I sort of did a dressier thing with the cardigan and leopard loafers… I think that’s where I missed the mark. That, and as I said to others, having some structure on top might help too.

  11. I absolutely love this outfit. I think you totally nailed it. It would probably be cute with ankle booties but I love it with the animal print flats. 

  12. I remember years ago all I wore was straight… like who would’ve thought I’d even try on skinnies let alone like them… well I fell in love with them.. fit and all… I don’t think I’ve bought straight since but have tried a pair here and there and still kept an old pair I had ages ago… I like how you’ve styled these.. but maybe a wedge or bootie because of the length of the jean may have helped you feel more comfortable plus your necklace or scarf… Love those loafers though🤗 finally having some overcast skies this morning but no fear hot and sunny by this afternoon so I better get busy getting some cleaning in before that.. our son starts back to university tomorrow.( but commutes from home) .. so this week is like your last week… our daughter graduated last spring from university so she’s now in the work force so September is a little different around here. She’s staying home with us until she’s married next spring… yes lots of changes for her and us.. I love having them home for now though…😉 the time passes quickly .

    1. That’s nice that you get them back home for a bit. I know most parents are ready to kick their kids out, but I sort of hope mine end up back here for a time. I know I’ll miss them terribly when they’re all gone, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it… like anything else!

  13. Ahhh, I loved reading about your son this morning. I hope I will have the same attitude when my daughter sets off. Thankfully not for many years, but I am already thinking about it. My daughter and her friend are about to set out to the Chesapeake Hyatt you wrote about a few times. Her school starts late this year due to a PGA tournament right by her school so we are taking a bonus vacation. Your posts helped me settle on a good spot for a localish trip. Thank You!!!!

  14. Hi Jo-Lynne!  Love this outfit!   And would wear every last bit of it!   The sweater is my absolute favorite fall color!  I am also struggling with the straight vs skinny jeans look.   I like the striaght, but struggle with styling them to look current.   Thanks for doing the “leg” 😉 work for me!
    Oh, seeing your son come and go….. it’s our second year, and I still struggle with the leaving. We all (dad and 4 sisters) miss him being his annoying 😉 brotherly self.   Like you, I treasure those moments when he is happy, enjoying his experience, etc!   I hope your son is loving marching band as much as mine!  Blessings to you mama!   We’re in this together!

  15. Funny because the theme for our ageless style group today was the power of cardigans. And I love how there are so many varieties.
    As for the jeans, it’s hard to see the straight legs again. Because I was trying hard to talk both mom and Nancy out of them for so long…ha ha!! But everything comes back in style, I guess!!

    1. Too funny – well, straight jeans can read frumpy or they can be cool and modern. Like anything else, it depends on how you wear them. I’m not sure I quite got the cool, modern vibe with this outfit. It needs some tweaking… 🙂

  16. I’m with the other readers, I think it’s a great outfit!  It looks great on you. I guess I would try ankle boots just to see what they look like, but I love the leopard loafers. I’m determined to find some for myself this year. 

  17. Awe, your comments about your son in today’s email made me tear up. I can only imagine all the emotions you’re going through as this new chapter begins for all of you. As for the outfit today, I like it (but can totally see it on you w/ your skinny jeans too). That rust color is so pretty,  and I want a cardigan in that shade but I need pockets. Love the touch of leopard too! I bought a pair of Dr. Sholls leopard loafers last fall & they are still a favorite. I’ve seen the leopard booties in stores but I’m not really feeling them for myself (they make me think of Mick Jagur!). 

  18. I’m so used to the skinny jeans that it’s hard for my eye to adjust to the straighter leg. Plus I have about 100 pair of skinny jeans. But I remember a time (probably before yours) when it was so hard to give up my beloved bellbottoms for straight leg jeans. 
    I am having to get used to wearing flats all the time because I broke my leg last summer and it left me with a permanent injury. Since I’m 5’1” and 95 pounds not being able to wear heels is a big adjustment. I have had a pair of leopard booties for two years. It takes a little work to pull them off. I wear them with a subtle rock n roll look and they look good like that. 
    I love your blog and read it faithfully. Since I am a Nordie’s girl many times you wear pieces I own and I like getting your take on how to wear them. Thank you!

    1. Hey Debbie. I too remember giving up my bootcuts for skinnies. In fact, I have one pair of Joe’s bootcuts I’ve never had the heart to part with. They were my first pair of premium denim, and they were sent to me to review for the blog. I should find that post. LOL!!! Anyway, it really is weird how styles change. As I said above, I think I prefer bootcuts and skinnies b/c they hug my thighs and give me more shape. I’m still going to work with the straight styles, though. Maybe I’ll stick with the straight cropped look.

      I’m so sorry to hear about your injury! I am 5’5″ and not being able to wear heels is very frustrating. I can only imagine if I were shorter and really relied on them to give me some extra height.

      I do want to try leopard booties… I think I could pull it off, but like you say, it needs to be a little rock and roll… maybe a fun fall date night look with my black leather jacket.

  19. I totally get how you feel about your son! Our youngest is in the service and we’re visiting he and his wife, leaving today. My heart is full but I’m already a little weapy inside. It takes a full week to “recover”. LOL. Thinking about the little band seeing where he is today is heartwarming. I love the sweater and how you styled it. I know it’ll take getting used to a new jean style if I want to keep fashion forward, but I “love me” my skinnies! LOL
    Great fall post!! ❤️

    1. I think you’re right about the week to recover. I was just getting used to him being gone and being okay with it, and then he came back… lol!!! I hope he’s adjusting okay today. He’s not one to talk about his feelings. I know we’ll get used to it… but this transition period is a little rough.

  20. I think the best cut of jeans depends on body shape and proportion. I would buy the straight and higher-waisted jeans because  I am short with a pear shape. On you I love the skinnies. I am so over ripped jeans! I’ve never bought them but wore plenty growing up because every pair I inherited from my brother was ripped in the knee!

    1. I totally agree that the cut of jeans depends on body shape and proportion. As an hourglass (or short waisted curvy, for those Adore Your Wardrobe graduates) I’m supposed to be able to wear all styles, but my favorites are skinnies and bootcuts. The straight jeans never seem to quite do it for me. I think it’s because I have wide hips and thin legs, so I need jeans that hug the thighs a bit and show my curves. Because straight jeans hang straight from the hips, they make me look boxy. Given all that, I think the only way for straight leg jeans to work for me is to have structure on top, which this outfit doesn’t really have. They probably look better without the cardigan. Interesting to talk it through! 🙂

  21. Good morning! I love this outfit. I personally still love the skinny jeans more but these are okish. 🙂 I am so happy I bought that exact sweater and can’t. wait. to wear it. It’s 90 degrees here in Ohio too. I also bought the red ugg flats but can’t for the life of me figure out what outfit they go with. Maybe you can share ideas for red shoes.
    I understand the fragile emotions. I hugged my son goodbye after his visit home (after being gone one whole week). It was just as hard this time to see him drive off….I hope it gets easier because it’s truly wrecking me. I am thankful I still have 2 kids still home to drive me nuts though. That helps a lot.

  22. Our granddaughter was home from college over the weekend, but actually went back Sunday afternoon.  My gut says that she is now happier on campus than at home, which I’m sure pulls at her parents heartstrings.  Late last week her dad told me that he was really missing her this semester.  Being a dog mom is emotional enough for me, at times.  Your outfit:  I love the color of the sweater and the leopard shoes, and think they help make the outfit a 9.  Adding a long necklace would make it a 10.  Good luck with the photo shoot this afternoon!

    1. Yeah, the funny thing about David is he didn’t seem to be in any rush to get back to school. He hung out here till after dinner, and we practically had to kick him out, lol. That said, he wasn’t sad to go back either, and it was nice to see him happy to see his roommate. I’m sure the transition is a bit confusing for him too, and maybe this was too soon to come home, I dunno, but it seems to have worked out okay. I know a lot of colleges have class on Labor Day, and I was told that’s b/c they don’t want the kids going home that soon in the year. You crack me up, being a dog mom can be emotional for sure! In fact, I dread the day something happens to Savannah. I know we can’t have her forever.

      1. I remember my kids colleges actually having the separate parent talk during orientation and they stressed to not call or come see your kids for awhile, to give them and us time to adjust.  They said most problems is with the parent.  Ha Ha  I didn’t listen.  Who is going to let their kid go off to college and not call or text?  🙂   Not me. 

  23. I really like this look!  But let me add my disclaimer that I’m not nor have I ever been a big fan of skinny jeans.  I do have some but they just don’t look that good on me.  So … I’m a huge fan of straight leg or bootcut jeans.  I really like these on you and the vented hem adds to it.  I think it’s cute with flats and will be even cuter with booties.  I agree about adding a necklace.  

    I hope you have a great day and week.  

    1. Skinny jeans are definitely not for everyone, and straight can be a good option. I think I might prefer a more classic straight leg jean, though, without the frayed hem. I think the frayed hem is better on cropped straight jeans.

  24. I think the jeans look great and love the cardigan, perfect fall color and goes so well with the Leopard shoes! You did well! 🙂

  25. I love the look.  Love the advice and recommendations.  Quick question—- would a light weight jacket give you the same type of look or would that be too heavy?

  26. I actually like these jeans on you. I think the straight leg makes you look very thin. I think even with the distress, these jeans are just a notch up from skinny jeans. For some reason when I wear skinny’s I feel like I’m wearing leggings and therefore, feel underdressed/ super casual even with heels. So I like the straights! And I also really like them with your flats. 

  27. I’m sad because I’m too late to get that white tee. They only have a size M left, and I need a L. I’m always on the lookout for a thicker white tee that doesn’t look like an older lady, and I love the neckline. The fall colors in your sweater and shoes look wonderful. It is gonna take a while to adjust my eyes to the straight jeans, though. I found myself staring at the length and going back and forth between thinking they were too long, too short, or just right depending on how your leg was positioned in each picture–haha! I finally decided they are just about right, and the side slits are definitely super cute. I agree with you about trying them with different shoes to see how different styles balance the look. Cute!

  28. I am in the minority here it seems. I like all the pieces but not with the flat shoes. I think the jeans would look better with a slight heel. And the flats would look better with ankle jeans.
    I,too am feeling a little emotional about the coming and going of my son. Of course he is 31 and you would think I would be used to it by now but NO!! First college then grad school and now a job on the opposite coast. Trying to feel grateful that he is happy and healthy!

    1. I don’t care what age your kid is, sending him to the opposite coast would rip my heart to bits. Hang in there, mama! xo

      (And I agree about the shoes and jeans together… I am definitely going to take a picture of this outfit with booties instead.)

  29. I love this look, Jo-Lynne. I love my skinny jeans too and I think this would look great with them, but I really like this straight leg look. The frayed hem makes them even more fun. That sweater is such a pretty shape and color. Great fall look. I am having a hard time even thinking about fall with these 90 plus degree days, but I know it’s coming! – Amy

  30. I love this outfit!  Cardigans are one of my favorite things, and that rust is such a pretty color for Fall. And you almost make me want to buy some leopard flats or loafers, and I’ve never been so inclined!  I love that we can wear all styles of jeans these days.   I wore straight and boot cut jeans for years until a couple of years ago when I tried the skinnies.  Now I have all three in my closet.  Finding shoes to go with all of them is about the only issue!  I really need to wear boots in the winter here because of all the rain, and it’s tough to find a straight leg jean that will sit nicely over the top of a short boot.  I end up mostly wearing my bootcut with them and my skinnies with tall boots.  I feel you sending your son back to college and wanting to keep that memory of him being happy close to your heart.  I do the same thing when my son heads back to his place in Taiwan.  We want them to be happy,  but we miss them so much!

  31. i think i also prefer the crop length in those jeans….why not, we wear sweaters with shorts ? Love the loafers ! Happy Tuesday 

  32. Thank you for working with different jean sillouettes!  I really appreciate it! AND I have leopard Vince Camuto booties from ~5 years ago waiting for the weather to change.  They have a thin heel, so I was debating about whether to pull them out again, but perhaps I’ll do so!  

  33. I love the rust cardigan for fall, and that color looks great on you! I think with a strait leg, you might try a boot. That Camo scarf you linked to would go great with this outfit and some olive shoes/boots.

  34. I really like the cardi, tee, and jeans. I also like the shoes but your right, sometimes it’s fun to mix things up. Btw, you’re having a great hair day!  That really ups the look of the outfit. 

  35. It’s funny how trends go isn’t it?  I remember thinking I could never get on board with skinnies but now they’re all I wear.  I used to wear bootcut all the time in high school so I may give them a try again.  
    I have to agree with you that I’m not crazy about the straight leg trend.  I think it’s because they just look poorly fitted,  as opposed to skinnies and bootcut that are more intentional.  Even the wide leg trouser styles look like they’re supposed to be that way.  I think part of the problem with the straight leg ones is they’re not even fitted in the thigh, let alone the calf.  This makes them look a little baggy and sloppy,  which combined with a medium wash makes them feel dangerously close to mom jeans.  
    Just my two cents but if you don’t feel comfortable in them,  sit this trend out!  (I’ve had to do that with the flowy swing dresses, no matter how hard I try they just look like a potato sack on me!).  After all fashion is supposed to make us feel good about ourselves right??
    If you do decide to keep trying this trend maybe a darker wash would help?

  36. I think this might look better with skinnies but I appreciate that you’re showing something different! I’m 38 and your blog is my go-to, I think the style tips make a lot of sense for any age.

  37. I definitely would like skinnies better with this outfit but I prefer skinnies. I think that I would prefer a baby bootcut over these straight jeans. They look a little baggy in the thighs and I find that bootcuts tend to follow the shape of the leg in the thigh a bit better. I’ve never been a fan of jeans which are looser in the thigh and have never owned boyfriend or girlfriend jeans… Love the shoes though!

  38. I understand stand your Momma’s ❤️! The mixed emotions are difficult, eventually things settle down. Especially when you see your kids doing well as young adults. 
    A very dear older lady gave me this word picture to help me through last year with my sons moving on to college.  (A 30 year old son living in your basement). 
    Kids growing up and moving on is part of life.

    I really like the straight leg jean look on you! I never followed the skinny jean tread. Honestly, skinny jeans don’t look good an me even though I’m not over weight. They accent the hips too much, makes everything off balance. 
    Jean shopping is so complicated!!
    I really want a trouser style jean leg, better over all balance. If anyone knows of a trouser jean, please let me know. 
    Happy sweet September! 

  39. You look good in anything but I like the skinny jeans better on you. My straight leg jeans are more fitted than those. Like the fray at bottom. That’s very stylish. I might like a shorter sweater with these of a top.

    1. Yep, a shorter sweater and a bit of a heel… I tried them on again with an outfit like that and liked them a lot more! It was too hot today to shoot it, but I’m holding on to it.

  40. I think the jeans look good. I haven’t made the leap from skinny jeans yet. But i am thinking about it! The cardigan is adorable! I like the fall color.I am looking for a cute pair of camouflage pants. Are you going to be styling any for fall? I did see Cyndi wear a pair from the Loft that were cute.

  41. I really like the leopard print loafers with this outfit. Really elevated it.  As for the jeans. I think they look great on you.  You have the body to wear this straight leg.  I’m with you though.  My eye just wants a skinny jean with the longer sweater.  I really think the skinny is heading out and I hate to even say that.  I think if we all keep getting our eye use to the straight, more will wear it and then the skinny will look out of place and outdated.  I hope not….. it seems all legs are in right now, which I really like.  Then we all can pick what is most flattering on us and go with it and not feel outdated. I could so relate to your opening of the blog post.  Everything is hardest on the first to go off to college…..I did it 3 times…….and the coming back and forth that first year will keep messing with your emotions.  What a great memory, as you watched your son heading back to the dorm laughing with his roommate.  That is what you hope for. Doesn’t always happen that way.  College can be tough, so for him to be settling in so good, continue to be thankful and focus on that.  Today does official feel like the start of school and Fall, even though our weather is warm and sunny.  I don’t have anyone going off to school….all out of college and married in their jobs,  but I remember those first mornings getting them all out of the house and then planning my day.  So much of those years was around them and their activities. Enjoy and treasure each day….goes so fast.  Thanks for great Fall series.  Didn’t mean to write a novel. 

    1. Yes, you are right. It doesn’t happen that way with everyone, and I am SO very grateful he made this decision. It would break my heart to send him back if he wasn’t happy there.

  42. I think the straight leg jeans look good and I love the cardigan and loafers with them.  I think, with the sweater on especially, it would look better with a more fitted tee.  The looser tee adds a bit of bulk that you do not really have.  That sweater is a great color for you and so perfectly fall.  I really like this outfit with my small caveat (you did ask for input).   Have a great evening!!

  43. You wear the longer straight style jean well; I just pulled out some of my old straight/boot cut jeans yesterday ( never say never to any passed trend!). I’m assuming your coloring fares best in cool colors so, as a seasonal winter, I consider your unique color choices carefully. I have no eye for colors except pure white and black. Do you consider this rust cardigan a cool color? I’ve never worn it. And, yes, I agree a long pendant would add to this outfit. Too hot for scarves still!

    1. It’s too hot for this cardigan too, lol!!! But yes, the rust is probably NOT a cool color… I know I look best in cool colors, but sometimes I make an exception. Since the tee is white, I think it’s okay. I seem to be able to get away with warm colors as long as they’re saturated. It’s pale, muted warm colors that I don’t care for on me.

  44. Jo-Lynne
    You can wear pretty much any jean style and look cute and on trend. I like all the parts to
    this outfit but I am not a fan of white with rust. Probably just me. Would prefer cream or off white. I think the jeans look very youthful!! Thanks for the inspiration again!! 

  45. I personally think you look wonderful! Theses jeans as well as the boot cut jeans you had in the other day make your legs look loooong! 

  46. I like the outfit; all the pieces fit you nicely and the cardigan color is really pretty. (I bought that sane one in July at the Nsale). The only thing I wonder about is when wearing straight or boot cut jeans I thought a heeled shoe looked better and then with skinny jeans or cropped jeans a flat shoe worked best. Hmmm? 

    Another question about jewelry: have you noticed that necklaces and watches are being downplayed? I’ve noticed in magazines and on other fashion bloggers that more women aren’t wearing watches or long necklaces as much. I’m seeing a lot of big statement earrings or small stud earrings. Is this a trend? 

  47. This outfit is a keeper in my book.  I think thecstraight leg is a good look on you. I’d say it works with loafers but booties would be cute too. I have leopard wedge sandals and loafers but do not like the look of leopard booties. 

  48. Love that sweater and the leopard shoes.  I have a pair that I wear a lot!  I feel your pain with your son.  My boy went away to college upstate. (  we live on Long Island NY).  Came home for a year and then moved to California.  He loves it and says he’s not moving back.  I know we raise them to be independent but my heart is breaking😂

  49. I love this look on you and it is very much the look that I like to wear. I do have trouble with flat loafers though. They slip on my heel often and with no support, my feet hurt in them. But everything else I love to wear. I totally understand your feelings about your son. My son recently graduated from college and as excited and so happy for him to come home, I was equally sad when he drove off. He isn’t one to call very often either and is pretty quiet in nature. But he did tell me when he was in college that wouldn’t I rather him not call cause he was happy and adjusted than be calling me daily upset and not fitting in and wanting to move back home. So after that, I tried to take his words to heart and be glad he loved school and just enjoy him when I could get him to come home or call. Their independence is what we raised them for after all as hard as it is on us mamas!

    1. Yes, so true, but also a very good point. I never expected him to call home much or text me unless I ask a direct question. It’s just how he is — but yeah, as long as that means he is happy, I am ok with it! It definitely gives us more to talk about when he comes home. 🙂

  50. Two questions…
    Does anyone else have problems now scrolling through the ‘similar’ items, like the shoes on today’s post? In the last week or so I cannot scroll through as it opens the website no matter what I do.
    Also, do you think straight Jean’s require shorter tops? I’ve always thought that but I’m also no fashion expert!

    1. Hey Jacalyn, that’s a pain about the scrolling. Are you on mobile or a computer? I have no problem on my iPhone, I just swipe to scroll.

      As far as the straight jeans/shorter tops — I think straight CROPPED jeans need a shorter top, to balance out the proportion of a shorter bottom, but I don’t know that the full length ones do, but a shorter top will probably help emphasize the waist, which gives more shape, and the straight jeans don’t have as much shape, so maybe that helps the overall look? It’s definitely something to experiment with.

  51. You look good in everything Jo-Lynne. I think I do prefer the skinny jeans and the boot cut however. It may be as you said an adjustment for the eye to get used to the straight leg again. I wore them years ago but now just not loving them as much. I am going to give the cardigan a shot. Thanks for the tip on the downsizing and what size worked for you as I think we are around the same size normally.

  52. I love this outfit! And I think the straight leg jeans are fine.  It’s just a matter of letting your eye adjust.  This curvy girl never did jump on the skinny jean bandwagon, so those jeans are what I’m accustomed to. 

  53. Adding my two cents, because I enjoy reading everyone else’s take (and yours) on this outfit.  It looks fine, but you look better in skinnies.  To my eye, these look like they are too big on you.  I’m sure you’ll tell me they’re the right size, but that’s how it looks to me.  If you want to wear straight jeans, I think you’d look better in a cropped version, with either flats or sandals (having some contrast with your smaller ankles), and a maybe a more fitted top. I like them better without the cardigan (though I love that cardigan), because it makes the overall outfit less baggy looking (I’d like the contrast of the baggy cardigan and more fitted pants).  That all being said, I admit that I like skinnies on me, and I’m sure that influences how I see them on you (although it’s silly, because our body types are different).  I love the cropped straight jeans, and even some of the cropped wider legged jeans, but I feel like they look best with a very fitted top, and as I get older, I’m not sure that’s always the best look.  I haven’t given up on them though…. 🙂

    1. I know what you mean about looking too big. They fit in the waist, though. That is my issue with this style pants. I have wide hips and narrower thighs, so they look too big even when they fit in the waist/hips. Thus why I like skinnies. 🙂 And yes, the cropped straight shows the ankles, good point, and I agree that straight pants need a fitted top — there was a day when I could pull that off, but not right now. I’m thinking of doing Faster Way To Fat Loss… maybe then I can wear more fitted tops again. Ha!

  54. I love this outfit! I don’t think you need to change anything. It’s a cute, easy going, casual outfit. LOVE the flat, leopard loafers with it, too. A long necklace would complete it and be perfect. ;0)

  55. I’m loving this post and everyone’s comments.  I have switched from skinny to straight jeans so this post was helpful.  One issue I have found is how to determine whether to wear ankle length vs full length straight leg jeans with sneakers.  I kind of feel the full length look frumpy?

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