20 Non-Candy Halloween Treats

20 non-candy halloween treats

I posted this last year and it was a big hit so I thought it was a good time to republish.

I’m not totally anti-candy. The stash of Reese’s Pumpkins under my desk is a dead giveaway. But kids get SO much during the holidays that I like to give some no-candy treat options in my Halloween basket as well. Plus candy can be a hazard to kids with severe food allergies, so having some non-edible treats is always a good idea. And if your school is one of those that doesn’t allow sweet treats at class parties anymore, hopefully this post will be a helpful resource for you too!

So here’s a list of non-candy Halloween treats for your trick or treating inspiration!

20 Non-Candy Halloween Treats

  1. Stamps
  2. Glitter glue
  3. Mini play-doh
  4. Miniature bottles of water or all natural juice boxes
  5. Light-up glow sticks
  6. Glow-in-the-dark nail polish
  7. Bubbles
  8. Pretzels (they often have these in Halloween decorated bags)
  9. Jacks
  10. Halloween pencils
  11. Nail art
  12. Mini activity books
  13. Mini boxes of raisins
  14. Temporary tattoos
  15. Yo-yos
  16. Dollar bills
  17. Toothbrushes (okay, that one might get eggs thrown at ya)
  18. Stickers
  19. Mini card decks
  20. Matchbox cars

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  1. Linda at Giggles, Gobbles, and Gulps reminded me about Wendy’s coupons. $1 will get you 10 coupons for free ice cream at Wendy’s. This is great for classroom parties and if you don’t get TOO many trick-or-treaters.

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