Not all superheroes wear a cape.

As women, we all have a lot on our plates. I think it’s built into our genetic makeup to take on more than we can handle. Some of us deal with the pressure better than others, but I for one have learned that in order to preserve my sanity I have to limit my commitments. I can only do so much before I shut down. It’s the way I’m wired, and the sooner I realized that and started planning accordingly, the better off I was.

That’s okay. It’s who I am.

But I’m sure we all know some women who seem to do it all and then some. Some women seem to have more on their plate than the rest of us and still have energy to spare.

Don’t get me wrong. I know that no one does it all. But some seem to do more than their fair share. Sometimes it’s because they take it on themselves because they thrive under pressure, and some are simply dealt a hand of cards that they have no choice but to play, but either way these women rarely get recognized for all that they do.

That’s why I was excited when Hallmark asked me to choose someone in my life who is a superhero to me and celebrate that person.

I’m the first to admit I’m a terrible friend. I’m the friend who doesn’t call for days and I will probably forget your birthday. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I’m just preoccupied with what’s right in front of me. Fortunately I have a group of really amazing friends who are always there to pull me out of my hole and make me remember what really matters.


One of these ladies in particular never run out of energy. With four kids all involved in multiple extra-curricular activities, a full-time job and a husband who works crazy hours has been deployed three times, she still finds a way to volunteer her time and resources to causes she believes in and to take care of her friends.

She’s always thinking of others, doing thoughtful things for us, checking in on how we’re doing and offering to help in a myriad of ways. She doesn’t seem to forget anything (unlike myself — as you know I’m famous for being either late, tardy, early or all three.) She cooks from scratch. She keeps her kids everywhere they’re supposed to be, cheers them on and still finds time to stop in for a glass of wine.

But what really caused me to choose her to single out for this post is that she suffers from debilitating migraines and still somehow manages to accomplish everything that I listed above with grace and humor.

She’s truly an encouragement and inspiration. She doesn’t complain, and neither does she bother to tell everyone everything she’s doing. She just does it. Hallmark truly does have a card for every occasion. I went through my stash to find one that is perfect for my superhero friend. I easily decided on this one.


I hope she loves it. It’s always a tad awkward to give a heartfelt card to a friend after blogging about it. I hope my friends know that while while a blogging campaign may have inspired the gesture, I mean every word from the bottom of my heart.

As I already confessed, I’m not a very thoughtful person by nature. And when I think of nice things to do, I often screw up the followthrough. Many of us probably feel this way. It’s so easy to let busyness get in the way of being an encouragement to others so I’m thankful for opportunities like these to give me the push I need.

Take the time this week to let a friend know how much they mean to you. Jot a note, make a phone call, or meet a friend for coffee. Who knows, it might be just the thing she needs to hear today.

Thanks to Hallmark for sponsoring this post and for helping friends stay in touch. 

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  1. I am making a conscious effort to be more thoughtful and kind to my friends and family – by doing things so they know I care about them and truly appreciate them. I’m kind of embarrassed by how much I truly have to TRY – it doesn’t come naturally, I guess. These cards are perfect!

  2. There is nothing more special to me than when I receive a card with a hand written note ~ I am always challenging myself to be better about doing this for my family and friends ~ sending them makes me even more happy than receiving them =)

  3. Ok – you made me cry! Thank you for the card – it was perfect yesterday. I was a bit down and your card and now this blog post have made me smile. I appreciate the kind words and I’ll continue to do what I do without a cape. Unless of course you think I should get one to wear during happy hours! xoxo

  4. I loved this blog post ! I am glad to know that I am not alone in forgetting important occasions. I love to send random Hallmark cards to friends to make up for it ! Thank you Jo-Lynne for all you do and Kim Rock on !!

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