Hello from the Friendly Skies! #CoffeeTalk

This in-flight Wifi is my new best friend. HOW did I never use this before?

I really should be finalizing a few posts that I have planned over the next few days, but it’s more fun to chat with you.

So this Costa Rica trip is a work-cation of sorts. It’s a retreat for serious bloggers who want to learn and collaborate, and I cannot WAIT to see what comes of it all. That’s if I get there. For some reason, my best laid plans always seem to get thwarted somehow.

Because I was leaving so early (6am flight) and arriving back so late (midnight) I decided to hire a car service to drive me to and from the airport this time. It’s about an hour away so having my husband chauffer me wasn’t practical.

So we were waiting around, all dressed and ready to go at 4 AM — for once, I was almost entirely packed the night before and didn’t find myself scrambling this morning — and the car was late. This is odd, my husband often uses this car service for his work-related travel, and they’re always quite punctual. I already felt like we were tight on time with the car picking me up only 2 hours before my flight time so we started to get nervous. I re-checked my confirmation email only to discover they were planning to pick me up at 4:15 PM.


Whaaaat!? HOW does this stuff always happen to me? I didn’t even make this reservation; my husband did. He knew my flight was at the crack of dawn, but evidently he didn’t make that clear to the dispatch person.

So we both jumped in the car and he drove me down. Thank goodness the kids are old enough to be there alone for a short time. (My neighbor knew they were there, just in case. Thank God for good neighbors who are early risers, lol!!)

Everything went smoothly at the airport, with the exception of the small snafu that involved my credit card being declined when I tried to buy a People StyleWatch (don’t judge.) So I called and let them know that yes, I am traveling AGAIN and no one has stolen my card. There I am!

air travel outfit

I am now in the air, on my way to Atlanta! Next stop, Costa Rica!

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