Who’s ready to talk 2019 spring fashion trends??? I’m in full-on winter mode here and spring isn’t even a twinkle in my eye, but I always post a Spring Fashion Forecast in January, and it’s always one of my most popular posts.

I had some requests during my Facebook Live yesterday to talk about what’s ahead for spring, so I did some research and this is what I came up with!

I'm excited to share my 2019 Spring Fashion Forecast! This is what's in and what's out for spring 2019!

Don’t worry, there will be plenty more winter outfits, but for today let’s look ahead to what we might be wearing this spring.

One thing I’ve learned from writing this post so early in the season is it’s hard to find a lot of good shopping links to wearable options because the stores aren’t stocking many spring styles yet. This year was harder than ever, and most of the pictures below do not represent how these trends will play out in the mainstream brands. I’ll be curious to see how some of these styles translate to the masses when our favorite retailers start rolling out their spring lines.

First, let’s discuss color trends for spring.

The 2019 Pantone Color of the Year is Living Coral, but I didn’t see a lot of that in the trend reports I read. In fact, I found color trends to be all over the place this season. You’ll see what I mean… let’s get this party started!


(All images are clickable.)

#1. Earth Tones

Instead, I read that earth tones are back in a big way, and we’re talking head-to-toe earth tones. “An inescapable sea of beige is coming this season,” Elizabeth von der Goltz, Global Buying Director at Net-a-Porter tells Elle magazine. She talks about mixing shades of earth tones in various textures within one look. The best picture I could find is the one above, but I can see how this could be done in a classy way as well.

#2. Neons and Pastels

Conversely, neons and pastels are also expected to be big. Golden yellow is back again, I saw lots of bright pink and red. But also pastels, and I think we’re seeing that already in the softer, feminine shades of pink and lavender that are out right now. I also see some baby blue emerging for springtime.

#3. Tie-Dye

Tie-dye and hippie-inspired styles are making a comeback as well as loud scarf prints and new takes on the boho trend. A stark contrast to the head-to-toe earth tones, graphic punchy prints are also going to be big as well as mixing floral patterns.

#4. Feathers

And not just in accessories either. You’ll see feathers adorning all sorts of clothing items, but also on handbags and jewelry.

#5. Biker Shorts

No joke… and we thought leggings were bad! Most articles I read mentioned biker shorts, and they’re showing them with everything from blazers to casual t-shirts and most often in layered looks. I’ll be curious to see how that one plays out, but I do see this possibly bringing Bermuda shorts back into vogue, as they have a similar silhouette.

#6. Suiting

Relaxed suits in bold colors as well as the head to toe earth tones are all over the place for spring. This one definitely does not work for my lifestyle, so I don’t see it becoming a big thing here in the suburbs.

#7. Crochet

Almost every article I read mentioned crochet and craft-inspired styles in minimalist silhouettes. I’m seeing this on clothing — particularly tops and dresses — as well as accessories and handbags. This is defnitely one of the more wearable trends this season.

#8. Sporty Sandals

These were big last year, and I guess they’re still going strong. I’m not a big fan of this look — this sandal is about as sporty as I get.

#9. Acid Wash Jeans

Say it ain’t so! This is one of those been there, done that trends for me. I love denim, but I’m not sure I can go back to acid wash. I predict this one won’t be around for long.

#10. Utility Jumpsuit

Surplus-inspired designs are all over the spring trend reports, and the utility jumpsuit was mentioned specifically. I had a hard time finding much online. I’ll be curious to see how this trend translates in the mainstream. I can see it possibly being cute… not necessarily a jumpsuit, but perhaps a surplus-inspired blazer or fitted jacket to replace the long, boxy utility jacket of years past?

#11. Statement Jewelry

According to Harpers Bazaar, statement jewelry ruled the spring 2019 runways: “Dainty necklaces and classic hoops have been ruling the accessory scene for quite some time now. But according to the Spring 2019 runways, it’s time to get ready for the return of maximalist jewelry. From statement necklaces making a comeback to dripping rhinestone details, reimagined chokers, larger-than-life earrings, and even the return of bangles, more is more seems to be the jewelry theme of next season.”

In their picture, I think the  jewelry still has a delicate look to it… it’s just a lot of delicates put together. It’s definitely not the statement jewelry of 2014. I’ll be curious to see how that one translates.

#12. Statement Bags

Handbag styles this season are structured and polished — a far cry from the slouchy hobos of years past. Mini bucket bags, bold colors, sleek carryalls, and top handle bags are all very big this year. Color-wise, you’re going to see bright colors and also a lot of white and ivory.

Fashion Trends That Are Going Out for 2019

I don’t usually address what’s going out in my spring trends forecast, but I saw a couple of articles that included that information, and I thought you guys would find it interesting.

#1. Off-the-Shoulder Shirts & Dresses // To which I say, hallelujah! I like the look, but it’s just not practical or comfortable, and I’m happy to see that one moving on.

#2. Motorcycle Jackets // Well, boo to the hoo. You know how much I love my moto jackets. I think we still have a few years before they’re really gone, and I plan to wear the dickens out of mine until they look dreadfully dated.

#3. Ruffles & Frills // This one seems a little mixed. Bazaar says IN, Elle says OUT. 🤷🏻‍♀️I’m not a big fan of ruffles and frills, so it doesn’t make much difference to me. I probably won’t be wearing them anyway. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what’s in stores for the verdict.

#4.  Oversized Menswear Silhouette // I still see wide shouldered jackets in several of the trend reports, but I didn’t see as much of the oversized overcoat look going on. I guess I didn’t really get into this trend anyway, so I’m meh on this one as well.

#5. Thigh High Boots and Stilettos // I’m sure this will make a lot of you very happy. Supposedly knee high and midi boots are going to be replacing the OTK boots, although no one wears much of either in the springtime… perhaps that will be more evident come fall. I do love a good stiletto and it never truly goes out of style, but it sounds like more comfortable silhouettes are going to be trending.

#6. Casual Sportswear // Hoodies, sweatpants, track suits, and sneakers are being elevated and dressed up for 2019, but the casual looks sound like they’re going out. I guess this is why we’re seeing more of the Golden Goose and less of the “dad sneakers” that were trending for a while.

#7. High Waisted Jeans // I’m not sure they’re talking about traditional high-rise styles here; I think they’re talking about the exaggerated mom jeans silhouette that is so atrocious, and to that trend, I say good riddance!

#8. Bell Sleeves // No surprise here, this was a trend that I didn’t expect to last. It was never very practical, and it got too popular too fast. I doubt any of you are terribly sad about this one.

#9. Bedazzled Denim // Thank goodness, I ever cared for this one!

Okay, go for it. Tell me what you think. But before you say “I will never…” remember that there will be more wearable versions of most of these trends as the spring lines start to hit the stores. I’ll be curious to see how that pans out!

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86 Responses

  1. Makes me look forward to spring!  But I don’t think I’ll be wearing acid washed jeans (again) any time soon.  LOL  But some of the other trends, I am pretty excited about, and am glad to say good-bye to a few of the ones that are going by the way side.   BTW – looking forward to your fashion sneaker post.  And I am eying a few items from yesterdays post.  May have to place an order soon. 🙂 

  2. I was in White House Black Market yesterday and tried on a cute jacket from their new arrivals collections and it had shoulder pads!! Eeww…the clerk said they are coming back. Please say it isn’t so! Just like acid washed jeans😊

  3. Did a shop with one of my kiddos yesterday.  Ugh…acid wash.  One thing I did see a lot of are the wider leg, sash-belted pants in lots of ankle and cropped lengths.  Even at Lululemon.  Actually loved their version…do you see this becoming a thing?

  4. Well, no feathers for me. Ha. I have all I need for winter since we have very little in Savannah. So I’m waiting til spring to shop. I love earth tones. I’m sure you will find a happy medium for the wild spring fashions Jo-Lynne.

  5. Good bye and good riddance to all those above trends that are leaving.  Simply can’t stand cold shoulder, off the shoulder, ruffles, bell sleeves, overly high waisted jeans, thigh high boots.  You made my day!!!

  6. Good job on the post but not going out anytime soon for any of these trends! Wouldn’t look on me!! I do wish stores would of had some early spring things out as I’m heading to Az in a couple weeks and I’m struggling to find things here in Minnesota which is still in major winter mode! Below zero temps this weekend!!! Good thing I did find a few items not as many as I would like online. Guesd I planned my winter escape a bit too early!!

    Thanks again for all your hard work-it’s appreciated!


  7. Okay … that biker short picture made me LAUGH!  Biker shorts with a jacket and pumps?  Uh no!  Ha ha ha.  

    Like you said we will see how these all play out – feathers?   Ugh!  I typically stay with more classic safe styles  every year.  I might buy one or two trendy (but very muted) item.  At my age most trends just look ridiculous.  Lol.  

    But I sure hope they don’t stop  making the higher waisted jeans.  Not the super high ones – just those that are at  my waist.  I’ve hated the mud and low rise jeans from the get  go.  🤦‍♀️

    Great post!  

    1. I was shocked that the biker short trend was the ONE I could actually find at mainstream retailers. And I hadn’t noticed it anywhere yet, but when I searched Nordstrom, there they were! And styled with a blazer and pumps. #gofigure

  8. I remember those biker shorts back in my early teens LOL, funny to see them on this list. But I like your idea of bermudas, maybe this will be the year I can start wearing those (they were never a favorite of mine.) The crochet trend will be nice; the utility jump suit … anyone remember Michael Woodard from American Idol last year? He wore “utility like” suits on some of the episodes and social media wasn’t always nice about that. Interesting to see them on this list.
    Love the coral and earth tones! I definitely already have some of those in my closet!

  9. The trends for spring  don’t really excite me this year. Definitely no to fearhers and acid wash jeans. The jumpsuit is cute but too much fuss when usung the loo. I like the coral color and would wear crochet and sport sandals.

  10. I’m with you on the moto jackets!  I’m going to wear mine until they’re so dated that it’s embarassing to be seen in them 

  11. No, you are not the only one feeling low energy and draggy and tired of winter…we were spoiled with unusually mild temps +10C or 50F but now reality of winter has arrived with ice fog, cold temps and slipper roads 😝. Ugh…..

    I laughed about your comment about “don’t get your panties in a knot” about the new spring trends. None of them really excited me. Acid wash jeans brings me back to junior high school days. I am sure you and Cyndi will find beautiful spring trends to inspire us with. Go, go, go to Florida or somewhere warm for a photo shoot/ escape winter/ get a mini break if you can swing it! I encourage all get aways for the sake of staying sane during winter (live in Canada so know winter only too well!)

  12. Enjoyed this post so much. Nice thing about trends – they eventually G-O. I have 1 item with bell sleeves & it drives me nuts.  I own zero cold shoulder. I wear any off shoulder tops up on my shoulders, cuz I am just that way. There will be no loud suits, no acid wash denim and ugh – none of those nasty high waist jeans.  High waist jeans seem to give everyone a chubby tummy, even undernourished models. Each new season brings an adventure in shopping. We don’t need to embrace & buy all the trends but sometimes they make it very, very difficult to shop around them (think cold shoulder). Let’s see what the mainstream lines bring us come Spring. The fun awaits. Thanks again for another great post. 

  13. Well let’s just say nothing surprises me when it comes to fashion. I’m sure things coming in will not be worn by many and things going out we will still see.. I know anything spring like is just unheard of in the stores right now go figure it’s sooo cold. I did some pastels in Marshall’s the other day and thought ok this is what’s coming.. I also know I’m rushing it a bit too😉. I’m glad  I have my treadmill or this body would not be seeing much exercising lol. It’s been in the minus double digits for the last couple weeks. Oh well it’s winter. I think the spring try on sessions in store would be fun or even in your home😊. Have a great day… dress up in something bright and pretend it’s spring:) 

  14. Ha, ha! I posted my spring forecast today, too!! Great minds and all… I’ve definitely got mixed feelings about something of what is coming in and some of what is supposedly going out, but it’s always interesting how time is usually the real test. So fun really to watch how fashion evolves. 😊

  15. Very interesting! As you keep telling us, I will continue to wear the styles that suit my personality and lifestyle, without looking dated. There will always be some trends I love and some that, for me, are disgusting. I can see why researching all of this just about did you in. Enjoy your day!

  16. I agree I have the winter blues and these spring trends are not for me. I will stick to what I know looks best for my body type and the colors that compliment my skin tone for a put together look. You do a great job! Thanks for the heads up !

  17. Your so funny…I will not get my panties in wad over any
    Spring trends! So many bigger things to focus on…..but
    I do love seeing what’s ahead!
    Thanks for the info will not go for jumpsuits,
    Acid wash jeans or mega necklaces.
    Crochet and feathers maybe….

    1. LOL, I had to throw that in there b/c every year a few people get all in a tizzy over the trend forecast. It’s just a list of possible trends… and trends are just that. They’re meant to be fun, and we should always feel free to pass on the ones that don’t work for us. 🙂

  18. Such an interesting post! Feathers immediately got my attention. I can’t wait to see how that trend materializes in clothes and accessories that I can wear,because I definitely want to try that trend out. I am also excited about statement bags, and anything with a hippie inspired vibe, like the tye dye trend, just to change things up a bit.
    Thanks for doing all the research. This was such a great read!

  19. I could get on the suit trend, as I work full time, but I can tell you the biker short “work” look was like wwhhaaaatttt????? LOL! Love earth tones and olive, so those are a go for me as is the crochet, of which I have a couple of sweaters already (yay back in style). Interested to see how this all plays out in a few months. Middle of winter here in Calgary, Canada so no spring for me till April (or maybe June, you never know!). Thanks for putting this together, it was pretty interesting.

  20. Looking forward to the spring series. I have lots of gift cards from Christmas I am ready to spend!  I don’t know how far into Florida you are going but I live in the panhandle and it’s been pretty cold here the last few weeks! 
    Some of the new trends will be interesting to see but I am not a bike shorts fan and any type a jumpsuit is just too hard to wear! You are basically naked every time you need to potty!😳

  21. Thanks for the heads up on 2019 Fashion.  I’m not fond of the acid wash jeans, as you said been there done that.  The statement bags and necklaces i would love to see again.  In fact, since I shop at Chico’s, I don’t think they’ve really ever gone out, lol!

  22. Oh boy, I did get a kick out of the biker shorts with the blazer and heels. Oh my!  It did take me back to the early 90’s when  my daughter wore her biker shorts with the cute little baby doll tops in Kindergarten/first grade!  I do kind of like the idea of the crochet details.  As for the trends going out, I might be in the minority, but I have several cute short sleeve or 3/4 sleeve Spring/Summer tops from last year with the smaller bell or ruffle sleeves and I will be wearing them this year.  Like you and the moto jackets…I’ll wear the heck out of them until they go out completely. Ha ha  This was a great post!  And that would be fun for you to get away to Florida to get some sun and shoot some outfits.  Enjoy that sunshine for the rest of us!  😊

    1. Yes, and remember, these are all sweeping generalizations. A lot of it depends on where you live and how quickly people adopt new trends. I don’t think bell sleeves are passé by any means. I just bought that Theory sweater with bell sleeves, and I plan to rock it for several years!

      1. I was disappointed when I saw that bell sleeves are going out. I just bought two spring tops with slight bell sleeves last night. They’re too cute to return! 

        1. I wouldn’t worry about it. These are predictions about what will be readily available in stores. It doesn’t mean we’re all supposed to throw out anything in our closets on the list. 😉 It also depends on where you live and how fast people adopt and reject trends. I just bought that Theory sweater will bell sleeves, and I’ll be wearing it for several years.

  23. I’ve been seeing the biker shorts all over Instagram and in magazines. Some famous person wears them and they become all the rage. Please leave them to the serious cyclist! 
    Feathers are a no. Too boudoir! Even tacky! 
    I almost bought a structured purse yesterday in white with a blue & red stripe. I think I’ll go back for it now that I see your trend forecast.
    The Utility look I like a lot! But, not a jumpsuit. 
    Good bye to chunky sneakers! Hello pretty ones! 

  24. We are still in the middle of winter here in New Hampshire. I am still loving it and my winter clothes. (Perhaps that has to do with some of the pieces I bought in December, based on a lot of your styling, and cannot wait to wear for work.) I am not ready for spring fashions yet, and I am usually slow to adopt new “trends” 🙂

  25. Well, I just can’t really get excited about any of the trending stuff at this point. Maybe the colors will be okay, I suppose. But the feathers? Maybe a pair of earrings…even that is doubtful for me. Acid wash jeans? No, I pretty much rejected those the first time around. And the bike shorts nearly made me spit out my coffee! The only one of the “un-trending” things that I’m still attached to is the casual sportswear. I’m happy to see the rest of them going out of style. Isn’t it odd though that sporty sandals seem to be trending but the corresponding clothing is going out?

    1. Yeah, the article that mentioned that said the sporty trend is going to be more refined, not that it’s totally going away. But I hear ya, the two do seem to contradict one another. I complied this list from a variety of articles so they may not have been in the same one. At the end of the day, these are all predictions. No one really knows what’s going to take off in the mainstream.

  26. Hi! Crochet is a fav hobby of mine…including modern garments….happy to see the trend …love that top…where is the image from? (I’d like to make it!)

  27. All I can say re: the biker shorts is – OhBOY. And talk about boo to the hoo – I have the WHBM floral w/crochet off the shoulder top you said you probably won’t wear again (although I think it looks SO pretty on you). I’m going to continue to wear it! I love that top! It looks pretty with black jeans and white jeans – and can be worn on the shoulder or off. I’m not listening to what’s “in” or “out” on this one! ;0) Thanks for the post.

  28. No coral for me.  Those warm tones do bad things for me.  I do love the reds I am starting to see. I am losing weight and one of my Moto jackets is just way to big. I was thinking of replacing it. Maybe I better hold off! Or rush out quick LOL!  Thanks for getting us started thinking of spring trends. It is -26C (-15F) today here so it is fun to cozy up and dream. 

    1. Coral can be cool… I need cool colors and I’ve always loved coral, especially in springtime. You do have to be careful with it though, and make sure to choose cool corals. And of course if you don’t like it, sit it out. Even though it’s the Pantone color of the year, I didn’t see it listed in the color trends in any of the articles I read, so you may not see much of it in the stores, after all.

  29. I’m hoping to see light blue, greens, and lavender this spring and summer.

    One look I’d like to see retired is the high-low hemline. It doesn’t flatter my figure.

    I’ve never outgrown a love for tie-dye (although maybe I should have lol). A single color tie-dye, like blue on white, might be the best choice at my age.

  30. Oh no! I just ordered my first moto jacket this morning. By the time it gets here it may already be out of style! I guess I need to get on board with the trends sooner, although none of these spring trends really appeal to me.

    1. LOL! Too funny. I do think it is a classic wardrobe piece, and one that has also been very trendy in recent years. I am guessing that while it won’t be a “hot trend” it will still be classic… I hope! I also think it probably depends on how extreme the moto details are. My favorite ones have more subtle details and are good quality leather or suede, so I dont’ expect I’ll need to pack them away or anything. 🙂 I actually like it when classics that I have claimed to be a signature piece become less popular – it makes my style more mine, ya know?

  31. You did such a nice job putting this together. You always “make it nice!” From the pictures of acid washed jeans, pant suits, and bike shorts, it looks like I will have an abundance of my clothing budget left over. 🤣🤣. It’s a little 90’s comeback. 🤦‍♀️ 

  32. OMG I got these exact Gucci slides for Christmas and I said Hell No to my sister lol! We are close so she wasn’t offended. I think I’m on trend for 2019 but I refuse to wear biker shorts, neon anything, tie dye, feathers or acid wash. I wouldn’t mind a cute statement bag but history have shown me that I will get over it in 2 months. When did I become so difficult?


  33. No way to the bike short trend!   Can’t se it happening mainstream.  As for acid wash, I agree, been there done that!   Feathers?   Hummm…..  we all want to look current but a lot of the “ trends” are for the youngsters.

  34. Good grief the 90’s have made a comeback. I don’t know if I can do a lot of those trends. My daughter actually said she wanted some biker shorts the other day and I almost fell out. I don’t know how I feel about the coral color yet I’ll have to let that one sink in a little. Thanks for the heads up on these trends….you are no doubt my go to for all trends! 

  35. Looking at all of these ‘new trends’, I feel like I stepped back in time! I am old enough to say ‘been there, done that’ and except for the neutral shades and acid washed denim, chances are good this gal won’t be revisiting the rest of the ‘new trends’. Although, I will not say ‘never’ to those trends coming back in style. I might see something done in such a way that is appealing (for me) that doesn’t make me feel like I saved it from 30 or 40 years ago. As for the trends ‘going out’, I too, will be continuing to wear my moto-style jackets, along with my over the knee boots. (I don’t own any thigh high boots or 4 inch heels, so that won’t be a problem.) Thank you for the Spring Trends report, …now I won’t feel so bad donating my several bell sleeved tops, taking up space in my closet. (Not good tops to wear going out to dinner! The sleeves like to drag through your food, if you’re not real careful.)

  36. Well, I guess I will be horribly out of fashion this spring because I like NONE of the things on the list. Okay, maybe statement necklaces and bags. That’s it.

  37. I love these emails. Always fun to read the predictions and then see nods to each of these somehow out in real life. This morning on GMA Robin Roberts had a bright pink and red dress. It looked like a Tori Burch pattern but I don’t know for sure that it was and Ginger had on a neon yellow shirt with her black skirt. This falls right in line with what you were saying about the bright colors. Their stylists are on it!

  38. Very interesting and fun read! I actually love earth tones so the colors and textures of that first outfit, except for maybe the wide leg cropped pants, appeal to me. I also like some boho styles. Other than that I don’t see a lot that appeals to me but who knows? Maybe in a few months I’ll be wearing bike shorts with a nice blazer to school! Ha! Not! 😄😄

  39. Well thanks for the 2019 spring looks…I giggled at the biker shorts and feather ideas.  Honestly we need more designers who design for normal, working women. On those items going out…casual sportswear shocked me.  We are a nation of people who like to be comfortable.  Sorry…my hoodies and sweat pants are staying for just running around for sure.  

    Thanks for sharing…good luck in deciding your traveling schedule.  

  40. I applaud your extensive research, Jo-Lynne. I got several giggles from some of the predicted trends AND got the “old” feeling at acid-washed jeans. I am finally at that “age” where my teenage years will come back to haunt me, ha!

    I hope to see coral make it’s way into stores as it’s one of my favorite colors!

  41. Acid wash was so huge in the 90’s, I wonder how it will play out in 2019.  it will be interesting to see how it comes back at Loft, for example! 

  42. Well, I guess I am the only person around who likes the cold shoulder tops!! I’m not sure what that says about me… 🤔
    Can’t wait to see how the predictions pan out!

    1. I liked them! 🙂 I had a few. I feel like they were a short-lived trend, but I think you should keep wearing them if you like them. Again, there are no hard and fast rules. This is just how trends are going and what we will (and won’t) be seeing on the retail shelves.

  43. I saw a both a college age girl and a middle age women rock utility suits at our local antique flea market this last weekend. I was impressed by how wearable and normal they both looked. I’ll keep my eye out for oNE to try now.

  44. Well, I’m not super imaginative, so I’m having a hard time picturing how some of those will translate to common street clothes. I will say I’ve laughed at some of the predictions before and ended up wearing them, so I guess I’ll just withhold judgement until I see them all, lol. I’m definitely not sad about most of the trends that are predicted to fade out. Except the moto jacket, of course! That actually inspired me to wear mine yesterday because I don’t wear it nearly enough! 😜

  45. I think the utility jumpsuit is fun. My 25-year-old daughter has one and it’s adorable on her. I’ve been trying them on randomly for a year but, like the dressier jumpsuit, they’re tricky to fit correctly when you have an hourglass shape. I finally found one from Gap! And it was on sale for $42 so not a big investment. I see myself wearing it with sneakers, but I’ve been looking around on the internet, and it might be cute with ankle boots. What a fun post!

  46. It looks like this spring will be a throw back from the 80’s and 90’s. I’m cool with that. The 80’s had the best clothes, hair, music, and movies.

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