Daily Outfits + What I’m Buying Right Now

I keep asking you guys what you’re buying right now and what you’d like me to feature in my outfit posts this month. I guess it’s only fair that I share what I’m buying right now!

I gave my newsletter subscribers a sneak peek on Sunday, but I wanted to share in a blog post so I can talk more about my reasons behind what I’m shopping for this month.

I’m also sharing some of my daily outfits from the past few weeks, since I haven’t done one of those posts in a while. Let’s just go ahead and start there!

Daily Outfits

You know how this goes — most are mirror selfies, but I am trying to get better about having Paul take a good one with the camera before we go somewhere. Also, for size reference, I’m 5’5″ and somewhere between 135 — 140 on any given day, also short-waisted with a slightly hourglass shape.

This outfit is from right after Christmas… I think I might have shared it before. But I really love this sweater, and it’s selling out so I thought I’d share it again. I’m wearing a small, for reference.

This is me in a rare cardigan outfit. This one is really good, you guys. Soft, cozy, elongating, comes in a slew of pretty colors and neutrals, AND it just went on sale!!!

Well, crap, on sale and almost sold out. I swear, you guys, sometimes I feel like I can’t win. I was so excited to share this one with you. If you wear plus sizes, you’re in luck. It’s still well stocked in those. For size reference, I’m wearing the small. CLICK FOR OUTFIT DETAILS.

This is what I wore to church on Sunday, and you’ll be happy to see I pulled out those Blondo boots I included in my least worn products of 2018.

Also, it looks like they brought the boots back and renamed them, so they’re still available if you like them. They’re waterproof suede, making them perfect for wearing to church on a snowy Sunday. I agree with the reviews; they run small. I bought them in my usual 8, but I could really use an 8 1/2.

Oh and hey, this cocoon coat is on sale again too. It runs big; I have a size 6. CLICK FOR OUTFIT DETAILS.

And this is what I wore to host friends for dinner and watch the Eagles lose on Sunday night. Womp… womp…

These sneakers are the Taos Star sneaker, and they have great arch support for anyone looking for that. CLICK FOR OUTFIT DETAILS.

I wore this one day to go to the mall. This sweater is really cozy, and I love the exposed seams on the shoulders.

Also still loving these boots, and they’re now 60% off! CLICK FOR OUTFIT DETAILS.

FYI, today is the last day to take advantage of the Bloomingdales Ring In The Perks sale for Loyallists. (It’s free to join their Loyallist program and well worth it if you shop there much at all!)

SALE ALERT: Take 25% off at Bloomingdales when you shop with a Bloomingdale’s Credit Card or take 15% off when you shop with your Loyallist ID. Offer valid on a large selection of items labeled “LOYALLIST SAVINGS: DISCOUNT APPLIED IN BAG”. 

I wore this outfit into Philly to see a musical last week. My cozy black donegal cashmere turtleneck is marked down to $63 plus an additional 15 — 25% off for Bloomies Loyallists, my coat is marked down to $93.50 at Lord & Taylor (also available in black), my go-to black AG skinnies are 10% off at Nordstrom, and my Mango bucket bag is 40% off. CLICK FOR OUTFIT DETAILS.

I wore this next look to church two weeks ago. I’m clearly feeling the pinks this month! This sweater is on sale and then further reduced for Bloomies Loyallists. It comes in a ton of colors, and I take a medium.

These OTK boots are 40% off, and they’re really good. I highly recommend them. They also look great in the black and taupe, depending on what you need. CLICK FOR OUTFIT DETAILS.

I did end up keeping this spendy sweater because I had enough Trunk Club credits to cover it. I think the unique hem detail and contrasting color sleeves are really fun, and the quality is amazing. I mean, there is cashmere, and then there’s cashmere… Plus I like the color palette this time of year. I’m getting tired of all the dark colors. CLICK FOR OUTFIT DETAILS.

This is my lazy day outfit of the bunch. I literally wore these jeans 3 days in a row and this sweatshirt 2. I was doing a lot of decluttering and organizing and mostly staying home.

This sweatshirt is spendy, but it’s really cozy and cute on, and I love the extra long sleeves. I’ve been wearing it a ton recently. It also comes in black. In fact, I’m tempted to order the v-neck version. They’re all on sale right now for Bloomies Loyallists. For reference, I’m wearing a small.

I pulled out these bright orange mocs to wear on Saturday. I love the contrast against the cool white and denim. CLICK FOR OUTFIT DETAILS.

I snagged this cozy sweatshirt when it was on sale after Christmas at Social Threads. The only place I can find it now is on Etsy for full price, but it’s really cute on, and also super cozy inside. Wearing the same jeans as above. CLICK FOR OUTFIT DETAILS.

Ooops, there are those jeans again. Seriously, I reach for them 3 or 4 days a week. This time pairing them with this cozy lavender confetti sweater and my favorite loafers.

This sweater finally went on sale! It comes down to $64.99 in the cart and comes in several other colors too. I have the small, and it is wool so it’s a bit scratchy, but nothing I couldn’t get used to. (It says “sold out” in my ShopStyle Look, but it’s not.) CLICK FOR OUTFIT DETAILS.

We’re really going back a few weeks now, but I’ll share this because this sweater is still fully stocked and also like 60% off. It’s Theory, so very high quality, and I think it’s such an elegant piece. I wore this to go to lunch with my husband — actually I wore my black tortoiseshell print heel booties that day, but anyway. You get the idea! CLICK FOR OUTFIT DETAILS.

I wore this to host a NYE party. This sweater is still available in black and vanilla, and it’s reduced to $34.99. It has some shimmer to it, so I’m thinking it will be a nice piece for our Valentine’s Day dinner… also with the pink shoes! CLICK FOR OUTFIT DETAILS.

And I wore this to go to the mall with a friend a few weeks ago. This scarf came from Trunk Club, and I thought it was really cute. It’s currently 15 — 25% off for Bloomies Loyallists. CLICK FOR OUTFIT DETAILS.

Um, those jeans… again… I wore this to go somewhere but I can’t remember where. I think I was running errands. This vest is still fully stocked at Lord & Taylor, and it comes down to $45.39 with code VIP. I love, love, love it! CLICK FOR OUTFIT DETAILS.

I wore this to go to dinner with girlfriends a couple weeks back. I shared this outfit in my 5 ways to wear post, so you may have seen it. It’s definitely one of my all-time favorite winter looks. CLICK FOR OUTFIT DETAILS.

I’ve shown this before too, but it is one of my outfits from this month so I’ll include it. This sweater is one of my favorites and was on sale for a while, but it’s back to full price at the moment. CLICK FOR OUTFIT DETAILS.

Finally, I wore this yesterday. I picked up these leggings at LOFT before Christmas and finally got around to wearing them. I really like the subtle check pattern for pairing with all black. Sizes are pretty depleted, but they’re marked down to $25.

Also, this flare sleeve tunic comes down to $39 in cart. The black is almost gone, but it’s also really pretty in the putty and the grey. CLICK FOR OUTFIT DETAILS.

What I’m Buying Right Now

Well, that took longer than expected! I didn’t know I’d documented so many outfits. I feel like I’ve been living in those AG skinnies and sweatshirts.

As for what I’ve been buying this year, I’m working on a sneakers review post so I’ve been ordering fashion sneakers galore. This was inspired by my own desire to update my fashion sneakers and probably my penchant for sweatshirts and skinny jeans this time of year.

I’m also planning a trip to Disney World in March, and I know I’m going to want new sneakers for that. I’m getting tired of my Converse, my leather slip-ons aren’t practical for lots of walking, and I’ve given most of my other sneakers to my 13-y/o daughter. She loves to take my hand-me-downs.

Here are some of the ones I’m sampling. I’ll save my commentary for my sneaker review post, coming soon!

Also, I saw these Greats kicks at Kendi Everyday, and I thought they looked like a good contender for my new go-to fashion sneaker. They came in, but they’re too small so I’m awaiting the next size up.

This is a great time of year to shop sales on coats. In fact, I ordered a new camel coat because I had a huge epiphany about why I don’t wear mine very much. Every time I wear it and look at it in pictures, something looks off, and I couldn’t pinpoint what until I wore it last week and took this picture:

It’s got some major yellow going on, does it not!?! Never has it been quite that apparent until I put it over an all-black outfit, and all of the sudden I knew why it’s always bothered me when I look at it in pictures.

Now I can’t un-see it, so I ordered this Calvin Klein single-breasted wool blend coat when I found it on a deep discount at Bloomingdale’s. It’s hard to tell the true color online, but I’m hoping it will have cooler undertones and look better on me.

I also decided to try the leather jacket I keep linking to, so I ordered it in the burgundy since I already have a black one I love.

This is an example of a wardrobe item I wear so often that I feel justified getting something similar in another color. If I don’t end up loving it, I can at least show you how it fits for those who are still considering. It’s a great price!

I rounded up some other sale coats for your shopping inspiration:

I’ve also ordered some sweaters (shocker!!!) I do love a good sweater!

I’m a sucker for an ivory sweater, especially as we head into spring. Both of these are from Bloomingdale’s and are great wear now-and-later pieces. They’re also both included in the Loyallist sale.

I saw the ivory boatneck sweater on Fashion Jackson (I absolutely adore her classic style) and I thought it looked like a great transition piece at a nice price. It’s cotton and acrylic, so it will be lighter than my winter sweaters.

The chenille cable knit v-neck is selling out, but I ordered the medium in hopes that it will fit. I think that neckline will be so flattering, but I’m hoping it’s not too long on me.

The colorblock sweater is marked down to $24.88 at Ann Taylor! I love a colorblock sweater, and the way this one is done seems flattering — with the darkest color in the midsection to make it appear smaller.

I didn’t actually order the pearlized shoulder pullover because I have something similar from last year, but I am recommending it if you need classic sweaters to wear with skirts. It comes down to $24.88 at checkout. I find Ann Taylor to run very true to size, and for reference, I’m always a small in their sweaters.

Okay, that’s a wrap! I’ve gotta run. I’m meeting a friend for breakfast… a rare treat! Have a great Tuesday!

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