My Least Used Products of 2018

I did a post on my least used products last year, and it was well-received so I thought I’d do one for this year. Plus it ties in nicely to my always popular Best Buys posts.

To be clear, this is not a “worst purchases” list. These are all things I still like and would recommend, but I just didn’t end up wearing or using them all that much. Either they didn’t work for my personal style, for my lifestyle, or with the rest of my wardrobe; but they weren’t bad purchases, so please don’t feel duped if you bought any of these off of my recommendation. They might work great for you; they just didn’t work for me.

This a helpful exercise because I was drawn to each of these items for one reason or another, and hopefully I can learn from these purchases and make better buying decisions going forward.


#1. Eliza J. Sequined Cap Sleeve Sheath 

I absolutely love this dress, but the event I bought it for ended up being held at a not-so-fancy venue, and it is still hanging in my closet unworn except for this freezing-cold photo shoot back in November. I am hoping I get a chance to wear it sometime, but I also have 2 other un-worn cocktail dresses in my closet waiting for the same opportunity, so only time will tell.

I really should stop buying cocktail dresses until I wear the ones I have, but they sure are fun to shop for!

#2. Trouve Knot Front Tee

This is another piece that I really liked and never wore, but for different reasons. I should have had plenty of opportunities to wear it, but for some reason it just hung in my closet and I’m not sure why. It’s a fun elevated t-shirt, and it was flattering, or so I thought. The one time I put it on for church with black jeans and black wedge sandals, and I ended up taking it off because I felt like the look was more date-night than worship service.

I think it was a little too casual for some settings but too body-con for others, and it never seemed quite right for what I needed. That’s the way it goes sometimes, I guess, but I think the lesson here is to only buy something if you know where you will wear it? If I wasn’t a fashion blogger, I would have saved it for this summer and tried to wear it; but I passed it on because I know I’ll opt to wear pieces I can link to and it will just sit in my closet for another season.

#3. Sam Edelman Kinzey Leopard Booties

These are cute but a little fussy for me, and I can never get excited about wearing them when I’m going out. I always opt for leopard pumps instead. I still have them, so hopefully I’ll get a little more wear out of them before spring comes.

Incidentally, they’re 50% off right now, so if you liked them but the price tag was holding you back, now’s the time to grab them!

#4. Lucky Brand Girlfriend Utility Jacket

I don’t know when I’ll learn, I just don’t wear utility jackets. I can’t say why exactly, but I never reach for them when putting outfits together… unless I’m doing a blog post about one, haha!

It’s one of those wardrobe pieces that I feel like I should have because everyone says so, but I just don’t love them. Maybe because they don’t have much structure? I can’t really say, but it’s probably time to pass this on because it just takes up prime real estate in my closet.

#5. Blondo Nicola Waterproof Knee High Boots

These are gorgeous boots, but I for some reason I don’t reach for them very often. I sort of forget about them, actually. I started out the fall season with all my tall boots stored in boxes in my husband’s closet, and as I’ve worn them, I’ve started leaving them out in my closet where I can see what I have. These never got left out, so I rarely think about them. I need to get them out and make an effort to wear them because they’re great boots.

The wood sole gives them a casual vibe, but the black suede makes them seem dressy, making them harder to style than some of my other boots, but with all the casual outfits I wear, I should definitely be getting more use out of them.

#6. J.Crew Factory Lace T-Shirt

I thought I liked this top, and I was sure I’d find a couple of occasions to wear it during holiday season, but I never did. I ended up wearing the LOFT velvet dot tie back shell for the Christmas brunch I hosted, which is where I thought I’d wear it. And after that, I never found another opportunity.

It’s a cute top, but it’s rather sweet, and I just never felt excited to wear it so I ended up passing it on to my niece when I cleaned out my closet after the holidays. I suppose I could have kept it to wear this spring, but I decided to let it go to someone who will enjoy it.

#7. Vince Camuto Thelmin Booties

These boots are gorgeous, but I’ve never worn them. I KNOW! It’s a shame. They’re difficult to wear with skinnies because they have a tall shaft that is very stiff, and I have to wear socks to protect my calves. They’re perfect with bootcut jeans, but I never feel like wearing bootcuts when I’m going out.

I know this is a controversial thing to say (haha!) but as flattering as bootcut jeans are, I don’t feel like they look as current as skinnies, so when I’m going out on the weekends I always end up in my skinny jeans and a different boot. They’re still in my closet, so I guess I need to make more of an effort to wear them.

This is an example of when you need to style an outfit around the shoe. I tend to start with my tops and then pick out the best pair of pants to pair with it, and then choose shoes last. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut this way, so maybe I’ll try it next time we go out and style an outfit around these boots. Same goes for the leopard booties.

#8. Brahmin Nadia Croc Embossed Leather Satchel

This bag is a conundrum. When I got it, it seemed to go with everything, and now I feel like it goes with nothing. I’m not getting rid of it because I think it’s a nice addition to my handbag collection, but I’m going to have to be more intentional about carrying it. I guess I don’t regret the purchase, but it’s definitely my least used handbag purchase of the year.

#9. Caslon Twill Utility Skirt

I bought this during the #NSale and never wore it. Something about the fit was a little off — it’s too wide or something. I expect a good tailor could have fixed it right up, as I liked the styling and the color and all, but I never bothered. This is partially due to my job and the fact that it sold out, so it didn’t seem worth it to me, since I couldn’t continue to link it.

Looking at it these pictures, though, I’m thinking I should have had it altered because it’s cute, and I could definitely use a utility skirt in my summer wardrobe. Oh, well. Live and learn!

10. WHBM Floral-Print Crochet-Trim Off-the-Shoulder Blouse

I am officially banned from buying off-the-shoulder tops. In last year’s least worn items post, I included two off-the-shoulder tops. They’re cute, and I love the look, but I always feel ridiculous wearing them, and to be honest, they’re a pain. This one is really pretty, though, and I wish I’d forced myself to wear it at least once. I actually think I saved it, so maybe I’ll wear it one time this summer before I donate it, haha!

11. 7 For All Mankind Agave Skinny Jeans

These are great jeans, and I have them in 2 other colors, but unfortunately I bought them a size too small. I had the 29 in my first pair, but they always felt a little big in the waist and I found myself pulling them up, so when I got this color, I went down a size. They were comfortable so I took the tags off and kept them, but because they’re light colored and thin, they seemed to show ev-er-y-thing. I also put on a few pounds after I purchased them, as I tend to do in spring and summer.

All that to say, I rarely wore them because I felt self-conscious. They’re such a good price right now at Off Fifth ($80.99!!!) that I have half a mind to order my size 29. They really are a great color, and I love the released hem. Incidentally, the pink color that I have is also on sale.

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106 thoughts on “My Least Used Products of 2018

  1. Jo-Lynne – This is such a great and oh, so helpful post! I have been preparing myself to purge my closet but have hesitated because “I just might need that” for some unknown occassion?? You have helped me realize that if I don’t wear or love an item, someone else might! Thank you for such an informative post! Enjoy the concert!

    1. Glad it’s helpful! Also, try the “maybe” bin if you’re unsure about letting something go. Then it’s not cluttering your closet, but you can retrieve it if you want it. I go thru that bin a couple times a year, and often I’ve forgotten about it all and didn’t miss any of it, but I do go and retrieve things from time to time.

  2. Great post!  I empathize about buying things that are other people’s must haves…Breton shirts, crisp white blouse, plain white tee, ballet flats…I own them and never wear them.  I would not make a good French girl.  Although I do sport a beret occasionally…

  3. Great post. Love my utility jacket-s. Here’s the funny thing, I wear them like crazy up at the lake where life is lazy but I still like to look put together….with little effort. The ones I keep at home in the Chi-town burbs don’t get much use. Perhaps I should haul them all up north.  I first subscribed to your blog in late summer so I’ve missed some of these. When I first saw the pic of the WHBM off shoulder top I loved it. (It looks FAB on you.) Now I’m thinking I dodged a bullet because I feel silly in off the shoulder tops like I’m trying too hard at 58. Those I have I wear up but that black band of lace looks like it might not work. Not a fan of the utility skirt, it’s a tad bit dowdy. Not crazy about those light jeans.  I stay away from anything that may look naked from 50 ft off. I figure it’s not necessary to scare people. LOL. Love the cocktail dress, you’ll find the perfect occasion. Love your blog, you help me so much & I truly appreciate it. 

  4. I LOVE my utility jackets – I have several (olive green, gray, & a cute coral I bought at old navy last summer) and I wear them a lot. But I’m in So CA and those types of jackets are a cute extra layer when it’s a little chilly out but you don’t need a coat or long sleeves. 😊

  5. This was a cool post and glad to know even Fashion bloggers have a few misses. I think I’m going to start adopting the Marie Kondo question and start asking myself if something gives me “JOY” before I buy it or get rid of it. I also wondered about the Vince Camuto sandal/booties that every blogged styled. Do you still like and wear them? Of course I know its probably a bit too chilly for open toe booties in your area. Anyway, I did buy them but returned them because I felt the 4 inch heel was too steep and the ankle strap was a bit wide around my ankles. But now they are on sale and I’m considering trying them again because I really loved them 🤔

    1. Hey Gloria, I do love them! I kept them, hoping they carry them again this spring so I can wear them and link to them. I found them very comfortable, even with that heel, and stable, and the grey color seems to go with so much. I actually left them in my closet all winter, and I was just looking at them, thinking I wish we had a mild day so I could wear them, haha! Then I saw this sale. The sale does make me fear they won’t be back this spring, tho. 🙁

  6. I feel exactly the same about utility jackets. I had 2 (just got rid of 1) and a vest. I just don’t reach for them either. I prefer a sweater…so much more comfortable. I also feel vindicated knowing the Brahmin bag has been all you thought it would be. I bought it, loaded it, and just knew I wasn’t going to love it, so I took it back. Sometimes I think I’m getting better about being more discriminate, but other times #epicfail. LOL

  7. Totally get it. I purchased that Brahmin purse in black. LOVED IT! Sexiest ever. It sat on display since August. I returned it last week. I had no occasion to wear it. I purchased that Mango bag instead…..wear it every day (almost).

  8. I love this post so much! I bought the hobo style Brahmin in the black from the Anniversary sale and I’ve been carrying all winter! I debated on the lighter color but I’m glad I picked the darker one! I hope you keep it and try in the Spring it’s such a pretty bag! My handbag obsession is similar to yours lol! And I’ve got so many cocktail dresses hanging in my closet too for who knows what! It’s just in case we get a fancy spur of the moment invite right haha! Love your blog! Happy 2019! 

  9. I was laughing at the dress and dressy top! I always seem to want to buy dressier pieces that I never really wear.  It helped when I did the Adore your Wardrobe lifestyle inventory — then I realized I wear mostly business casual clothes so it has helped stop me from buying fancy stuff!  Love your posts! ALL of them!  Thank you!

  10. Love, love, love the red boots, but I can also see the issue with styling them. Maybe straight leg or cropped style jeans? Look forward to seeing what you do with them. 

  11. Love this post!! I have many things in my closet that when I pull them out to wear, I feel like I have a little bubble saying “what was I thinking when I bought this”, LOL.
    Thanks for posing this I’m sure many of us feel the pain!

  12. Ha! I bought the 7 for All Mankind agave jeans BECAUSE of your post, and I love them and wear them all the time. I might have to go check out the pink color now.

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