Family Room Reveal

It was so much fun sharing my home office reveal with you last week, and your enthusiastic responses made me that much more excited to share the rest of my rooms. In fact, I’m forcing myself to spread them out a little bit more than I really want to, haha! My plan is to share one a week.

In case you’re just tuning in, we moved over the summer, so this house is still fairly new to us. I shared my home office reveal last weekend, and today I’m sharing my family room with you!

The family room is actually where our decorating project began.

I’ve been asked what my decorating style is, and I’m not sure I really know, ha! As with fashion, I have a hard time defining my style, but I know what I like and don’t like. I suppose if I had to put a definition on it, I’d say my decorating style is mostly traditional with some transitional or modern elements.

Traditional decor can feel stuffy, so I try to avoid that by introducing in a few more modern pieces in each area. I tend to lean formal, but I still want my home to feel comfortable. I guess I don’t like to put myself in a box!

This is where working with a designer is really helpful. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been working with Magda of ReImagine Interiors throughout this whole process, and she did a great job figuring out my style and giving design direction when I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted.

Here’s how the family room looked when we got started.

Family Room Before

We started our decorating project in the family room for several reasons. For one thing, we were planning to have the interior of the house painted before we moved in, and I wanted to replace my old family room couch so we didn’t have to move it. There was only a 2-week overlap between closing on this house and the last one, so we needed to choose paint colors and a new couch right away.

As far as the paint is concerned, the stone fireplace in the family room and the granite in the kitchen are both “bossy” elements in that area of the house, so it was important to pick a color that would complement both of those surfaces.

You can see what I mean by bossy… both are large focal points with busy patterns and a variety of colors going on.

In the pictures above, you can see that the family room and kitchen were painted a golden yellow when we got this house. It’s not that I mind that color so much, but I decorated in the tuscan trend when we moved into my former house, and I was tired of it. I wanted to go a different direction here.

I envisioned something light and airy with cool neutrals and maybe some bright or bold accent colors. And rather than painting the main rooms different but coordinating colors, as I did in my old house, I wanted to find one versatile neutral that I could carry throughout this house — something that would work with any other colors I might introduce and allow me to change up my decor from time to time.

Magda came over the day we closed on the house with several paint colors to choose from, and we held them next to the fireplace to see how they would relate. I learned that neutrals will look different depending on what else is in the room with them, so it’s always important to pick a color in the room where you will actually use it. She had ordered large swatches so we could really see how the colors would look against the stone, and in other areas of the house as well.

We ended up choosing Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray, and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. It’s what I would call a “greige” — a warm grey or cool beige.

That day we also chose materials for the family room curtains and kitchen valence.

Family Room Progress

Choosing a color for the couch was a bigger decision, and I chewed on that one for a few weeks. Every couch I’ve ever had, I’ve gotten sick of it before it wore out. Since a couch is a fairly large expense, I wanted to choose something I would love for a long time.

Home decorating is not my passion, so I wasn’t up on “the latest” when we started this project, and I started reading home blogs to bring myself up to date. You guys gave me several great suggestions that I’ve referred to time and time again. One of those is Maria Killam‘s blog.

Somewhere along the way, I read her advice to always purchase a couch in your favorite color and you’ll never get tired of it. Of course, that begs the question, what is your favorite color? 

I didn’t have an immediate response to that question, but as I thought it over, I realized that one color I never really tire of is blue. I started out decorating with blue when I got married 23 years ago, and while I didn’t have much of it in my last house, it was a primary color in the decor in our first 3 homes.

I decided that a navy couch would be the perfect solution because it goes with so many colors that it’s almost a neutral, and it’s different look from the white and grey couches that are so popular right now. It’s really hard to buy a new couch and not get swayed by current trends because that is almost all that’s out there.

We ordered my navy couch through one of Magda’s distributers, and I was able to select the exact fabric. I also chose a style that is a bit of a departure for me — it’s more of a modern style than the rolled arms and rounded back that I typically go for.

Here’s the room with the new couch and the freshly painted walls.

The next big addition to the room was the custom curtains. We chose matte black hardware to coordinate with the matte black door hardware throughout the house, and it also coordinates with the new kitchen light fixtures (see below.)

Here you can see the room as it was coming along. The coffee table, end tables, leather chair, and ladder bookcase were all from our old house.

We also picked an area rug for under my kitchen table, and I decided to bring the navy from the couch into the kitchen via the rug.

Here’s a quick before-and-after of the kitchen. I’m planning a kitchen makeover for Phase Two of our redecorating project, so I’ll save a dedicated post for that, but I did add the rug and swap out the light fixtures for some that are more modern and in keeping with the decor throughout the rest of the house.



The upholstered ottoman was the next piece we added to the family room. You may remember that I wasn’t sure about it at first. It’s a long room, so Magda felt it needed a large ottoman, and I could appreciate that, but I felt like it looked out of scale with the couch, which has a rather low profile. She promised that it would all makes sense when we got the rest of the furniture and accessories in place.

I added a large wicker tray to the ottoman, hoping that would help break it up a bit, and it definitely helped. You can also see that we added some throw pillows to the couch and lanterns by the fireplace.

Originally we weren’t planning to replace the wall to wall carpet in the family room, but after we lived here for a while, it looked even more grungy than it had seemed at first, so we decided to go ahead and replace it with hardwoods and an area rug before Christmas.

Around the same time, we also added two new occasional chairs and a pair of lamps, and I swapped out the seasonal throw pillows for more of a year-round print after the holidays.

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ve probably seen parts of this progress already, but I’m finally ready to share the finished results! There are a few more things I’d like to do, but all are fairly minor and I’m not sure when we’ll get to them, so I decided to go ahead with this post.

Family Room After

Like I said for my office, the wide angle lens Alison used to shoot these rooms makes them appear even bigger than they really are, but I love how she captured the colors and the natural light in the room. It was a sunny day when we took these pictures, so everything looks especially bright.

Now that the ottoman is in place, with the area rug underneath and a tray on top, I really like it.

Ultimately it was the addition of the area rug that really anchored the space and tied everything together, so I’m so glad we decided to go ahead and do the floors before the holidays!

The leather chair is from Pottery Barn, and the color is Signature maple. I also got the lanterns beside the fireplace and the faux mohair throw on the couch at Pottery Barn.

The French-inspired terra cotta urns and eucalyptus stems came from Ballards, as well as the ottoman tray.

My throw pillows are from T.J.Maxx and Home Goods, as well as most of the accessories on the ottoman tray, so I don’t have links for those.

We didn’t get good close-ups of the lamps and the two new occasional chairs, but those all came from ReImagine Interiors so I don’t have links. Each piece added some much needed texture to the room, and the metal grommets on the chairs are a nice detail.

It’s hard to look at these pictures and not nit-pick the minor changes I still want to make. I’d love to replace the ceiling fan with something more modern and probably a more subtle light, if any light at all. We really don’t need it because we have recessed lighting as well as table lamps.

I’m hoping to find an end table to replace the glass one that coordinates with the other wood in the room, and I’d like to get that picture hung over the mantle instead of propped.

In fact, I have a really pretty mirror to swap out when winter is over, and I personally prefer that to the winter print, but this was a compromise for my dear husband who hardly makes any requests when it comes to home decor but loves that painting that we bought early on in our marriage. And it really is very fitting for wintertime, I just want to get it hung and then add a few accessories on the mantle.

Finally, both Paul and I would love to have a built-in bookcase installed on the TV wall, but that is definitely part of Phase Three!

All in all, I’m delighted with how this room turned out. It feels both spacious and cozy, the colors and textures enhance the light and airy feel, and it really sets the tone for the rest of the house. I can’t wait to share more with you over the next few weeks!

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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  1. Beautiful!  Thank you for including pics looking in from the dining area.  We have an open floor plan and it is difficult to find ideas online showing the transitional space from room to room.  What are the dimensions of the living room?  

  2. Love it! It coordinates without being matchy and has light and airy feel. I’m interested to see what you settle on for the light/fan. Keep the room makeovers coming please!

  3. It turned out beautiful!  I can’t believe how the colors of the fireplace stone changed with the paint color. Stunning!!

  4. Beautiful and comfortable family room!  This is definitely a room I’d love to spend a lot of time relaxing and with family. Your colors are perfect! Your occasional chairs are exactly what I’m looking for right now. I love seeing a peek inside your home!

  5. We just started a kitchen remodel last week…which is expanding into dining, living, hallway, mudroom areas. Funny how it spreads;) I love your colors and window coverings–many ideas I may have to steal! You have made a beautiful home for your family!

  6. I truly look forward to your post daily. You are down to earth person just like the rest of us following you on your blog and Instagram – which I love! We all struggle at different times in our lives with exercise, our family life, jobs, etc…. I think we are all normal!!! Thank you for showing that side of yourself. You are real – another reason I follow you. Your home is beautiful. I LOVE the color and will keep that in mind as I am thinking of getting rid of our Tuscan colors in living room/kitchen area. I also love the idea of the navy. You can never go wrong with that!!! I agree!!! Thank you for being you!

  7. Looks great and cozy. Love the colors! We moved 3 years ago and the only thing I was NOT allowed to do was paint. Our new house is very neutral (greige) and the old place was an explosion of color! So now I just get to buy lots of throw pillows in different colors and swap them in and out as the seasons change. 🙂 Can hardly wait to see the rest of the house!

  8. The family room is very lovely. I’m so glad that you stayed true to yourself and didn’t go with the trends of all neutral. It’s difficult to find home décor bloggers that offer color in their décor. The paint color did for a fact soften the stone fireplace surround allowing the visual eye to roam around the room instead of stuck on one focal point.

  9. Love the new wood floors in the family room. It really opens up the room and makes it seem bigger. Great job on making a welcoming family space.
    As far as exercise I don’t have a hard time getting motivated but I just cant get my eating/snacking under control. Check out the group exercise classes if your new gym has them. The right class can be a very fun way to exercise and stay motivated.

    1. Yes, snacking is my other nemesis. I’m not a fan of group classes — I’ve tried, but I really love my current running/strength training regimen. It’s just finding that motivation to get started on some days that tends to wax and wane. 🙂

  10. It’s amazing how the new paint color changed the feel of the whole room. I love the stone fireplace which looks like a perfect accent in your room where before, with the golden color walls, it just looked dark and heavy. Love the new room and I agree that the rug really brings it all together nicely.

  11. Jo-Lynne, everything looks beautiful!  You did a fantastic job.  Looks very comfortable and inviting!  Congratulations on doing such a great job!

  12. Your Family Room is absolutely Beautiful! I just knew your decor style would be the same as mine. We even love the same colors! Amazing! Love your Blog! Keep the good stuff coming! ,,,,Linda

  13. It’s beautiful Jo-Lynne!! I love it all! I can see why you’d want a more substantial piece on the wall with the TV, but like you said, can definitely wait! 🙂 
    I understand seasonal moods too… and being motivated to get out in it!! 
    Take care! 

  14. Wow how beautiful your family room turned out. Its amazing what a new coat of paint, hardwood floors and a gorgeous area rug (love the colors) can make. The added touches just flow so nicely. I have a traditional style of decorating as well that I have recently been redoing and updating by changing some colors as well as adding some farmhouse vibe.( our daughter gets married in May so we have a goal set) You can do almost anything with a traditional style and I find its warm and cozy which I like. I really don’t want to feel like I’m in the waiting room at a Doctors office… LOL. I hear you on the weather. We woke up this morning to a beautiful cold sunny -18 degrees Celsius, it literally has not warmed up in weeks and we hear a cold pattern is coming along with some messy blizzard like weather for the weekend. However we are suppose to get a mix of rain and freezing rain. All based on what our temps do…. I had just finished my exercise on the treadmill when your post came in. It’s hard to get outside. I made exercising a part of my life in my early 20’s and will be 51 this month. It really needs to be a part of your lifestyle so you keep at it. I think there’s something for everyone. and its nice to change things up a bit from the regular hum drum sort of speak. Which is what I try to do. Its not always easy to do it, but you sure feel better after you’ve made the effort to do something. Thanks for sharing your home with us again.

    Have a great day.

  15. Y’all have really helped the house to look brighter, while making it yours!  The last picture shows the open floor plan and helped my brain put the set up together.  From where you are sitting, where is your office?  I’m curious if there are floor electrical outlets or if they are on the walls, which means electrical chordes have to be stretched across the floor.  Our home was built in the late 90’s, so all of the outlets are on the walls, which drives me nuts.  I don’t like for the chords to show, but I don’t have much choice.  We have made a lot of changes to our home over the years, so it’s so much fun to go back and look at the pictures.  Keep up your exercise habit!  I wish I had been more active over the years.  Both of us plan on getting back in the habit of using the WiiFit, which I honestly enjoy.  It’s just getting started!  Right now though, I do need to let the antibiotic work to kill the bacterial infection I’ve had since Dec. 17.  Have a great day!

  16. Looks lovely!  I’ve been eyeballing that leather chair for quite some time.  It’s comfy isn’t it?  So happy you found a perfect home for you and your family .  Enjoy!

  17. What a beautiful reno!! I love how the area rug, furniture and colours give life to the fireplace and counter tops! The look is modern and fresh and yet very comfortable…just like you wanted! 🙂 Thanks for the tip on how to carry colour to another room. Winter weather and exercise is difficult. Great idea about the treadmill. We are lucky with skiing close by and usually enough snow to snowshoe. I try and bundle up and enjoy otherwise it is a long few months!

  18. Love the family room reveal! So beautiful!

    You are not alone in struggling with motivation to stay active (or lack thereof) especially during the winter months. It is so darn cold, windy and miserable out there. It is easier when it is warm and pleasant outside. Very, very few of us love to exercise. I fall in that boat. What I do love is how I feel afterwards so that is my “carrot” to keep going. Good for you joining the gym (great price!) to help you during the cold weather. It will help getting over the hump of the cold winter months. Sometimes having other people exercising around you can be motivating to (if she/ he can do it, so can I!) I find if I schedule if first thing at 6 a.m., I get it done and over with and feel energized the rest of the day whereas if I leave it after work, I am tired, have other things pop up, etc…. Thanks for sharing your story and struggles and keeping it real! So many other bloggers out there are not like that at all so can’t relate and find it discouraging (is anyone’s life really that perfect?!? C’mon…….)

  19. Very nice! We moved into a new home in May and choosing paint color was the most difficult decision. We were also moving from the Tuscan yellows and I wanted a change but not to the gray and white farmhouse trend. We went with Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray and also a new navy sofa. I also have several traditional oriental rugs with reds and blues that I love. It’s a work in progress so I love watching your decision process and reveals.

  20. The room is lovely! You are incredibly lucky on so many levels. I know you and your husband both work hard, and it is wonderful that you are able to enjoy the benefits of your labors. Looking forward to more reveals:)

  21. Love the colors!  And that fireplace – wow!  It’s all so inviting.  It’s been fun to be involved along the way. Looking forward to seeing more!  And I have the same opinion about exercise….I hate it, but I do it because it keeps me healthy.  Ha  My treadmill is my best friend these days!

  22. Your home is turning out so beautiful! Your blue couch looks exactly like mine! We’ve had ours for 5 years & I have decorated around it, with different colors & you’re right – it does go with so many colors. Blue is my very color, I fought it for years because I tend to wear a lot of blue & I gravitate toward blue when it comes to decorating. Then one day I decided, why fight it?! And blue is relaxing too. Thanks for sharing your lovely home!

  23. Ha! As soon as you mentioned the fireplace & granite as bossy colours I knew you followed Maria Killam. Isn’t she fantastic! 
    Your family room room looks lovely. It’s certainly a room you would want to spend time in. It’s both comfy & cozy but still a room you would want to share with company. 
    Do you need a fan? I have a/c so took mine down and put up a statement chandelier. I was never so happy as when I saw that fan laying on the garage floor. I know they are necessary in some climates and if no air conditioning but they don’t do much for a room, do they? 

  24. Oh my goodness! All I can say, is wow, just WOW!!! 
    There are too many adjectives to use for this room, JoLynne.  But, it’s absolutely breathtaking! I love everything about it! 

  25. LOVE it!!! I have to ask, though, did you do anything to the rock on your fireplace? It looks like it’s been whitewashed in the current pics! I love it! If not, it’s amazing how much a different paint color changes everything in the room!! Beautiful home!

    1. No, but I think the photography kind of blew out the colors in the room – it doesn’t look this light in person. That said, it really does look lighter due to the wall color change. It’s amazing the difference that made.

  26. Your house looks great! Thanks for sharing.. I get the “hate to work out in the cold”. Though, I have to say that after I make myself do it I feel so much better! I always try to hold onto that for the next day.

  27. Did u originally have vertical blinds in the family room that you replaced with horizontal blinds ?  I ask because I have verticals everywhere and I think they might be past their prime. Still trying to figure out my best option for windows 

  28. All I can say is ‘Amazing’! Your Family Room turned out just beautifully and could be in House Beautiful. I would still be in the “dithering” stage trying to select the paint color 🙁  I love how the colors all came together as well as the pieces you chose. I have to say it again: Beautiful!!!!  

  29. Wow!!! it’s amazing what the right color on the walls can do to a room! It looks gorgeous with all the furnishings! What color was that if you don’t mind? I think it was Benjamin Moore something? we’re definitely getting rid of these gold walls and stuff now.. I have tons of samples of paint. I was concerned because our furniture is like a brown and our carpet is beige but I think Grey’s would go because of the neutral colors? anyway have a blessed beautiful day my blogger friend!!

  30. What a wonderful makeover! Love the light–the lighter walls and hardwood floors really change the look of the room, emphasizing several positive features that (to me) seemed to be lost competing with the darker walls before. And the rug is incredibly perfect for the space and colors. It’s just gorgeous, Jo-Lynne.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  31. Love your family room. The hardwoods made a huge difference in feel and as a base for everything else. The rug is fabulous as well. I really like all your furniture pieces as well…the room looks so inviting. Enjoy!

  32. Wow!!!! That was a shocker. I can’t believe how much you’ve got done in such a short period of time with all the fashion blog etc.  Where do you get your energy?  You did a great job and love the blue tones.  I have all new family room furniture to replace and I dread it. Its not my thing either.  As for the email introduction, thank you for being soooo real on exercise etc.  Its like I was writing the email.  It always seems like those who talk about exercise are so motivated and consistent and I can’t seem to do that.  I than start to feel bad about myself and give up.  I’ve had to set smaller goals and if it doesn’t happen than move on and try to get it to happen the next day or so.  I too live in the same climate as you on the West Coast and on the dreary, rainy, windy days, I just want to stay inside and I had to push myself out the door this morning to walk.  I don’t run.  🙂  When I say push, I really had to.  Glad I did as the wind is really getting bad now.  However,  I heard you were getting snow and I would love to get some snow before Winter is over, but from the sounds of it we aren’t going to this Winter. We’ve been drier and warmer than usual since last Spring.  My husband who is a fireman is really wanting more rain, as last fire season was really bad.  To help fight the blues, try to get out of the house to meet a friend more, even if only for a few hours. Really helps.  Blessings.  

    1. Haha, Paul has always said I have two speeds: stop and go. I’ve been on go since we decided to buy this house. Finally feeling like I can slow down and enjoy it now. 🙂 But seriously, without professional design direction, I’d still be stuck on paint color.

      We are getting some snow, and I’m excited! But that means I definitely need to find a treadmill to use. 🙂 I want to keep up my newfound momentum.

  33. It is and that is our favorite part. The backyard of our last house opened up to the entire neighborhood – 3 streets formed a U and all of our backyards opened to each other. It was a very spacious, open feeling, but noises carried and it was very NOT private, lol. This backyard was one of the major selling points of this house. This summer, I’ll share some pictures.

  34. What a fabulous room! Love the blue sofa.. I find blue a very comforting color. This room has such peaceful vibe.. from pictures anyway.
    I dont want to freak out, but I didn’t receive this as an email today, not even in my junk mail….wondering if you might know the reason?

  35. Beautiful room! We are considering some changes to our home as well and I love seeing what you’ve done. I have some additional limitations regarding window coverings to either keep and deal with or replace. I’m hoping for replacement! Suggestion as to your ceiling fan, while you’re waiting to decide if you want to keep it, you could paint it white. It would probably kind of disappear into the ceiling that way. We still have ours in our great room as they deal well with heat rising into the tall vault ceilings.

  36. Jo-Lynne – You have done a beautiful job making your house into a home! The family room is so inviting and especially with the navy couch as anchor and then all the other colors to continue the flow! The natural light is amazing! I’m sure you are loving all of your thought and hard work! Your private backyard is a plus! I hear you about exercise! I was involved with group exercise at 6:00 a.m for several years and realized I neither wanted to spend the money or work out in a group! Now I set my own schedule and so far it’s working – sometimes an effort, though! Thank you for sharing! Have a blessed day!

  37. I love all the lightness anchored by subtle color, pattern and texture. It looks so bright and cohesive and really sets off those beautiful views!

  38. Hey I’m curious why you decided to put curtains on that huge beautiful window behind your couch? Did your designer suggest that? It must be the California girl in me, but with a gorgeous source of light like that with such a pretty design feature I would’ve wanted it all open ☀️🌺🌴. 
    I can tell through your writing that you are really happy with how your remodeling has turned out 😊. It must make you feel so good to have it done and feel comfortable and cozy in it. Thanks for sharing your home with us! 

      1. They look nice! 🥰 Your whole room is great!
        But yeah, I guess I’m the opposite (not a big fan of curtains) we have white plantation shutters everywhere and blackout Roman style shades in my master bedroom). We replaced our kitchen windows last year which face our backyard and I have yet to get window shades because we just love the openness of it (it’s a whole wall of windows basically) and I can open a side window and use it as a pass-through to people outside when we’re entertaining etc.. But we need something for shade because in the spring and summer especially we get such strong sun in the kitchen it can be brutal! But I just can’t decide what to get. I don’t want to block our view of the valley out to the ocean. 
        Anywho, I’m so happy for you and that your house is coming together the way you want it to. I love the light and airy look to it! Bottom line is what makes YOU feel good, stylish and comfortable is what’s most important – I guess that’s similar to fashion right?! 😘 

        1. I almost didn’t do any on the big window, but I definitely wanted them on the side ones, and in the end, we just did them all, but kept them on the outer edges — they go out farther on the wall than the windows so they don’t cover much light. 🙂

  39. Thank you for sharing these photos – your family room looks so inviting, cozy, and bright! Really like how much sunlight this space gets. This wall color is really nice – I think my favorite is the new lights over the island in the kitchen with the shades. I also really like the lanterns. I can’t wait to see the phase 2 and phase 3.

  40. The transformation is amazing! It’s so fresh and bright now. Absolutely love the colors and how it all came together!

  41. I am late reading this but love your pics. The family room is so inviting. Love all you did. The colors are wonderful. I liked the legging post also today. I have two pair from loft that I will wear soon. Have a great weekend.

  42. Beautiful! I so love home renovations and it’s fun to watch you reveal yours! We have been in heavy Reno mode the last year or so with a full kitchen reno, whole house paint job ( interior and exterior) kids bathroom Reno, pool reno and most recently ( and still not finished quite yet) our basement! My Hubs says it might have been easier to move 😂 Can’t wait to see what else you have planned!! ❤️

  43. I love your Family Room! Did you do anything to the stone on the fireplace? It looks lighter than it did in the “before” pictures. We moved into our new home the beginning of May, we had our home built so we choose our wall colors, flooring, etc. It was hard to envision how it would all look, we were also ordering new furniture for a room that wasn’t built yet! It has all come together well but I am still searching for a rug for my great room to help pull it all together. Looking forward to more reveals!

    1. I did not. 🙂 I have had so many questions about that though, especially on Instagram. I think it’s a combination of the new paint color, and the way the pictures were taken on a day with so much sunshine, and then retouched to be even lighter and brighter. I can take a picture on my iPhone and post on my Coffee Talk and compare the before and after pix that way to show you a more realistic comparison.

  44. What a transformation! The room is so cozy looking now. Don’t you just love the how a little change in decorating can change the whole feel. I have that same cute little gold speckled vase in the dark teal color and just love it.

  45. Your family room turned out so great! I really love the rug and how it pulled all the colors together so nicely. The two new chairs look terrific too…great choice!

    Since we live in south Georgia a ceiling fan is a necessity. We also have high ceilings and can lights. Our fan does not have a light fixture because I think they generally look sleeker and less obtrusive in the room that way. But do keep in mind that depending on the positioning of your can lights, using them and the ceiling fan at the same time can produce that annoying strobe effect. Our can lights are far enough out toward the edges of the room that it’s not a problem but my parents have a ceiling fan in their kitchen and you can’t use it and the can lights at the same time without feeling like you’re in a disco. 🙂 I like lamplight better anyway since I find it easier on the eyes than overhead lighting.

  46. Your family room really turned out beautifully. I love the two occasional chairs as the color in them pops.  Great lighting and a really good decision on the floors!  Beautiful and cozy!

  47. Very pretty, like you, all my houses have been earth tones, Browns, beiges…so sick of them….we moved into our house 4 years ago and what did I do? Yes, more of the same…uggghh…wish I had gone with the greys and cool tones….I love your area rug, totally ties in everything..also love the navy couch….well done 😀

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