My Home Office Reveal

I’m super excited to share my home office makeover/reveal with you today! I feel like I’ve been teasing this post for months.

For anyone just catching up, we moved to a new house last summer. It’s around 15 years old, and while the previous owners had kept it up beautifully, it wasn’t decorated to my style. Like most of us who decorated our homes 10-15 years ago, they had used a lot of warm neutrals in the tuscan style that was so popular at the time. We’ve been there, done that, so we set out to put our own stamp on it and update the decor with lighter colors and cool neutrals. I’ll be sharing all of the rooms we’ve completed over the next few weeks, but today I’m going to start with my home office.

The first time we walked through this house during an Open House last April, we were delighted by all the natural light and the spaciousness of the rooms, and the office is no exception.

My home office in our last house was a nice space, but it was located right off the foyer and had a way of being the catch-all for coats and shoes and papers and things that didn’t have a home. And of course when anyone came in the door, I was sitting right there. It could be quite distracting, although I did love that room and felt fortunate to have my own dedicated office space.

This office, however, is located in a back corner of the house with doors I can close for privacy. It has windows on three of the walls so it gets a lot of sunlight throughout the day, and it’s not in a location that tends to collect clutter. It is truly mine, all mine!

My vision for this room was to make it a functional and pretty space to work with a touch of glam… in other words, an office befitting a fashion blogger!

But let’s start back at the beginning. Here’s what my office looked like when we moved in.

My Home Office: Before

As you can see, it’s a great space, but the paint was brown and kind of dreary, and the carpet had permanent discolorations indentations from the previous owner’s desk.

The first thing we did was have it painted Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray to flow with the rest of the house, and that alone was an improvement. It brightened up the space, at least, but it also made the carpet look even more old and dirty than it did before. Plus we wanted to place my desk differently in the room, leaving nothing to disguise the area of the carpet that was stained, so I went ahead and placed an order for new wall to wall carpet along with the other areas of the house we were having done.

As my vision for the room started to come together, however, I realized it was never going to have the sophisticated look I was going for with wall to wall carpet so I decided at the last minute to change my order to wood floors. I called the flooring store just in time for them to halt the order with only a small restocking fee.

This is the only picture I have of that in-between time, but you can see how the paint brightened up the space, and also that I would need to find something to replace that white ladder bookcase between the windows.

I am so, so, so glad I made that last minute decision to upgrade from carpet to wood floors. This room wouldn’t be the nearly as elegant as it is today with the beige pin dot carpet I had originally selected.

Here’s what the room looked like after the new floors went in. I was super happy with how close they were able to match the wood to the foyer floor.

My office still had a very un-fancy ceiling light fixture that I didn’t care for, and there were no curtains or wall hangings, but this was still a vast improvement.

The next thing I did was order this etagere for the wall between the windows, so I could display all my favorite fashionable things.

The white ladder shelf from the picture above had been the perfect fit for a corner in my old office, but this spot between the windows definitely needed something larger, and I prefer the gold and glass to the white for this space. We also covered up that hole wall with a plain outlet cover.

Over the next few months, we swapped out the functional ceiling light fixture for one that is more glam, styled my etagere, hung curtains, and purchased a chair and a small table for the corner where I sit to do my Facebook Lives.

I’ve been working with Magda at ReImagine Interiors during this whole process, and she helped me pull it all together. I would still be stuck on picking out curtains if I was left to my own devices, but she was able to take my vision and make it a reality.

It took a while for everything we ordered to come in, and then we had to hang everything and get it situated just so, but I’m finally ready to for the big reveal!!!

My Home Office: After

FYI, the wide lens Alison used to shoot these pictures makes the room look even bigger than it really is. I mean, it’s a nice sized room, but it looks massive in these shots!

The ceiling light may be my favorite part of my office, but I didn’t like it when I first saw it. Originally Magda suggested it for the foyer, but I knew Paul wouldn’t care for it, and I wasn’t sure I did either so we chose something else for that space.

Then when I got around to wanting to replace the ceiling light in my office, I remembered this one and just knew it was the perfect thing. I was a little nervous until it came in, wondering if it would be too much for my plain Jane style, but I absolutely love it in here.

When the sunburst mirror behind the desk came in, it was more silver than I realized, so Paul used gold spray paint on it so it works in better with all the gold accents in the room.

Styling the etagere took some trial and error (and ultimately the eye of my designer) but I love how it turned out. I’ve tweaked it here and there as I’ve added new things, but I think it’s all set for a while!

It feels a little show-offy and sometimes that makes me uncomfortable, but these are my favorite designer pieces along with some other little pretties I added to fill in the space. Most of the extra fillers are from Home Goods.

We also added an occasional chair and a small table to the corner where I do my Facebook Lives. It took some work to find an affordable chair that worked in the space, but when I saw this grey cheetah print parsons chair at, I knew it was the one!

I got the little occasional table and my curtains through ReImagine Interiors. I love how the curtains warm up the space without blocking the sunlight, and the table is the perfect little glam addition to the space.

My desk is from our old house, and I bought it off of a friend when she moved out of our neighborhood so I have no idea how old it is. Originally I had planned to replace it with something lighter and more feminine — like this one at Ballard Designs in the antique ivory — but now that everything else is in place, the desk doesn’t bother me so much anymore. I actually think the room is so light that the wood desk helps anchor the space, plus it’s very functional, so it’s staying put for now.

I purchased a few fun gold accessories to dress up the traditional desk… the gold paper organizer holds my receipts and post office receipts. I got it at Home Goods, and the name plate reads: BE THE BOSS. I also added a Kate Spade gold dot pencil cup for my pens and scissors and a pretty gold perforated wastebasket. Trash cans can be glam too!

The white shelf unit is also from my old office. Often the area in front gets stacked with clothing and other items I need to return, so my plan is to get rid of the photo albums and add a few more of those foldable storage cubes so I can put my returns inside until my assistant comes to help me box them up and get them to the post office. In fact, I just ordered the cubes! It will be nice to get that taken care of.

The magazine rack beside the bookcase and the print above are both recent additions to jazz up the space, and I tucked my paper shredder back in that corner, but it really doesn’t do much for the decor. Oh, well, it is an office after all!

The other thing we did, which you may not notice at first glance but helped update the space, is swap out the brassy gold door hardware for matte black doorknobs and hinges. We’ve actually done this throughout the house, and I love it! We ordered a few at a time from Amazon until we got them all done.

My curtain rods are also matte black, but I wish they had larger finials. We had to keep them minimal because of how close they are to the corners.

All in all, I totally love this space. It’s light and airy and modern and pretty, with a touch of glam — exactly what I envisioned. I work full time from home, and there are many days when I’m in here from 5AM to 5PM with barely a break for lunch. I can’t imagine a more lovely place to work!

area rug // ceiling light // cheetah accent chair // gold etagere bookcase // sunburst mirror // gold dot pencil cup // gold paper sorter (Home Goods) // magazine rack // perforated wastebasket // curtains and occasional table via ReImagine Interiors // my desk (old) // fashion print

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