Coffee Talk 01.13.19

Wow, you guys sure do come out of the woodwork for a room reveal post! I’m totally overwhelmed by all of the comments yesterday.

I tried to get all the questions answered, but I didn’t have time to reply to the rest. Besides, all of my thank yous would have gotten pretty redundant, but please know I read each and every one, and I appreciate all of your support!

Our weekend so far has involved a lot of cleaning out and organizing. I think I mentioned in my email on Friday that I was going to be working on our basement storage area.

My friend Darla of Heartwork Organizing came over on Friday with one of her team members, and the three us worked non-stop for about 4 hours and turned our disaster of a storage area into a work of art! A very functional, organized work of art, that is!

You can see her post all about it on her blog. She used the process she created (detailed in her Sort and Succeed book) to whip the space into shape.

I’ve been working with Darla for years because I’m one of those people who a) needs to be forced to set the time aside to tackle a big organizing project and b) doesn’t intuitively know how to organize.

If someone shows me a system, I can keep up with it, but I don’t see other options or ways to rearrange things so they are functional and make the most sense. Darla has an uncanny ability to see how things can work best, and she also works with her clients to figure out how they operate and then come up with a system that makes sense for them.

She has also worked with me in this house on my kitchen and laundry room, and my laundry room reveal is coming soon!

At some point, I might also share my version of our basement organizing project, but I have so many other rooms I am excited to show you, I’ll let you read her post for the professional organizer’s version.

Also, if you want to know how her mind works and her process for organizing every space she works on, grab a copy of her book. Even though she’s worked with me on many projects over the years, I found the book interesting to read, and it helps me as I tackle small areas on my own from time to time. There’s a Kindle version and a paperback version.

Darla and I worked on the area in the basement that houses everything that belongs to the kids and me and the household decor, luggage, mentos, etc. What we did not tackle is my husband’s area because he wasn’t here, and we don’t know what most of his stuff is. We did consolidate it a bit, and set up a table for him to use to go through his things at his leisure. We also left all of the trash, recycling, and donations in the middle of the room to be taken out.

Darla would have helped me bring it all up and put it in my car (in fact, for an additional charge, she will even take it all to the respective destinations) but I knew Paul was planning to spend Saturday working on getting rid of stuff, so we just left it for him.

So yesterday, Paul and David got all the trash/recycling/donations out of the house, and Paul worked on organizing his area. He made great headway, and while it doesn’t look like Darla’s beautifully color-coordinated and labeled masterpiece, he did get his stuff organized so he can find what he needs when he needs it, and he was able to clear out a large portion of the garage (another gathering ground for things we don’t need or don’t know what to do with.)

While he worked on that, I took down the artificial tree and got the living room put back together, and then I vacuumed all the main areas of the house. It feels so much better now! There is something so satisfying about a freshly vacuumed house, is there not!?! It’s the one household task I don’t really mind all that much. I do have a cleaning person who comes every other week, which is awesome and totally saves my sanity, but of course we need to keep up with things in between her visits.

Anyway! It wasn’t an exciting day, but we sure did get a lot accomplished. I rewarded myself with a glass of Cabernet and a few episodes of Victoria.

By the way, if you’re into the show, there is a companion book to it that explains a lot more than the show, and also helps you know what parts are legit from history and her dairies, and which parts of the story are fictional. It’s very interesting!

Finally, because I can’t write a Coffee Talk without discussing the weather, I should let you know that we woke up to a fresh coating of snow this morning. It’s been so brown and drab around here, I’ve been waiting quite impatiently for some snow to brighten it up, and we finally got some. It’s only about an inch, but I’ll take it! We were all hoping the major snow you all got in Virginia was going to come our way, but I guess we just got a corner of the storm.

2018 was such a weird year for weather, and I was hoping 2019 would be a little more typical, but it’s not looking very promising. Here in the Philly area, we don’t always get a lot of snow, but more often than not we get one or two big storms each winter. I’m afraid they will both come in March this year, but that wouldn’t be totally irregular either. One never knows!

Speaking of March, I’ve been debating whether or not I want to do a spring style series this year. We always do March because that’s when the spring clothes are starting to populate the stores, and a lot of you in the southern states are starting to get spring weather.

Unfortunately, here in Philly, March can be one of the coldest months of the year. Shooting spring looks in 20 degree weather is positively painful. Plus it’s an ugly backdrop. Unless I take a trip and shoot a bunch of looks down south, I’m not sure I want to do the series this year. I would still share some spring clothes, but I wouldn’t be committed to 27 spring outfits if the weather isn’t conducive.

What do you all think? Do you really look forward to these style series? People always suggest I find some indoor spots to shoot, but it’s not that easy. I mean, there’s always my house, but I don’t really want them all to be in the same spot. Of course, you all probably don’t care.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about this since last March because it was so brutal. I’m willing to put my big-girl pants on and do it, and I don’t want to leave Cyndi high and dry, but I wanted to see what you guys think before I decide.

And on that note, I’m going to sign off and get myself ready for church! We didn’t get enough snow to inhibit driving, so everything is on time. Have a great Sunday, and go Eagles!!! 💚🦅💚🦅💚