7 Ways to Wear Moto Jacket

Greetings and happy hump day! I hope you all are having a good week despite the crazy winter weather some of us are having right now. It’s almost comical at this point, isn’t it?

While we continue to muddle through transition season (I feel like I’ve been saying we’re in transition season for years, haha!) I pulled together some different moto jacket outfits to inspire your spring style.

I love a good moto jacket. It's a wardrobe piece that is super versatile and can be worn at least 3 seasons of the year, so I thought I'd share 7 ways to wear a moto jacket throughout the year.

I love a good moto jacket. It’s a flattering wardrobe piece that is super versatile and can be worn at least 3 seasons of the year.

This first look is probably my favorite of all the outfits in this post, but maybe that’s just because it’s the newest and most spring-like. You’ll see another outfit below with this same jacket and jeans, but for this one I wore a blonde moto jacket over a blush tee with jeans and peep-toe booties.

suede moto jacket options // similar tee // jeans  // similar booties // leather satchel options

Throw a moto over any dress to give the overall look an edgy vibe. I like the contradiction of the tough leather over this classic sweater dress, and you can totally do this for warmer weather too — just sub a spring sheath dress for the sweater dress.

similar moto jackets // sweater dresses (sheath dresses) // my favorite tights // OTK boots (similar styles) // similar clutch

This outfit formula can be recreated in a myriad of ways for all three seasons! Moto jacket + sweater, jeans, and booties. So easy but chic and on trend.

suede moto jacket options // black sweaters // jeans (similar for less) // booties (similar for less) // similar crossbody

Here’s another time I used a moto jacket to bring an edgy, modern vibe to a classic look — the tweed pencil skirt and pumps are classic and almost preppy, but the jacket keeps the whole look current.


moto jacket options // similar black top // similar skirts //similar pumps // similar bags

Here’s that blondie moto again with the cami and pumps. Can’t go wrong with this for a date night or drinks with friends!

moto jacket options  // similar cami // jeans (budget option) // similar pumps // similar clutch // similar pendant

I’ve always loved this outfit — the infinity scarf and over the knee boots are definitely wintry, but you can put a moto with colored denim anytime of year.

similar moto jackets // similar top // similar scarf // similar pants // OTK boot options // similar bag

Here’s another example of a moto with colored jeans, but this time it was late summer/early fall so I wore a cami and ballet flats.

similar jackets // similar cami // similar jeans // similar leopard flats // satchel

I hope that gives you some fun style inspo for your moto!

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22 thoughts on “7 Ways to Wear Moto Jacket

  1. With all this changing weather even here in FL, I pulled out my Moto Jacket yesterday to wear over a dress. But of course by lunch i was pulling it off. Thanks for sharing this post

  2. Hi Jo-Lynne! I love your blog and your Facebook Live Q&A’s. Typically, I watch the re-posts since I am not available during your live event. One question I have is what “diva light” do you have and where did you purchase it? You always look like you are glowing!

  3. Great post!  I just bought my first moto jacket. I bought the bigger size so I could zip it up. I feel it is long in the sleeves, etc. Should I get the smaller size with the intent I won’t zip it? I can zip the smaller size it is just “tighter” than the larger one. Thanks, Teri

  4. Thanks for all the different ways to wear a moto jacket.. I can create your last look, but in the fall I will definitely be looking for a nice black one.. Do you usually invest in real leather? Or find faux leather fits the bill.
    Thanks and hope you have a great day😀

    1. I prefer real leather. I did the faux one once, and I always felt sweaty when I wore it. But it depends on how often you’ll wear it and how long you plan to keep it. I’d do faux for a more trendy piece.

  5. Good post!  Especially since. Lot of us are still dealing with winter temps.  My closet is getting crammed as I haven’t removed all my cold weather clothes, but i keep sneaking in some warm weather tops…..sweaters still hanging out there as well.  Love all the different ways youstyled your  jackets.  I may just pull my tan jacket  out & wear it today, as we have an appointment in town & it’s cold outside!  Thanks for all you do to keep us gals looking sharp!  

  6. This question has nothing to do with today’s post. Lol. But….I love a straw bag for summer. My 23 year old points out no one in her age bracket does.  Any thoughts as to why …..

  7. This is probably one of my favorite posts you’ve done. I especially like the all black look on you.  I really wanted one of these jackets but let in sit in my cart too long, not able to pull the trigger, now it’s sold out. 🙁

  8. Enjoyed your FB live even though I didn’t get to watch it until last night. Thanks for the links on the shape wear and I didn’t realize this was something I needed. Lol  I like the Moto jackets just have a hard time finding one in petite for the right price point. Welcome back and glad you enjoyed your trip. Always good to get away with your girlfriends! 

  9. How about with palazzo pants? I picked up a nice pair for an over night long flight, but am having a hard time coming up with what to wear with them? 

      1. Thanks Jolynne. I should of added that I have a fitted top picked out. I’m struggling with what to wear over the top? To tie the outfit together. 

  10. You look great in all of the outfits!  You definitely get your money’s worth out of your Motto jackets!

  11. Love all those looks!  All 7!  Does this mean I can own 7 jackets??  Whoohoo,  I will let my husband know 😀

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