Tory Burch Spring Sale: Save Up To 30%!!!

You guys, it’s TIME for the Tory Burch Spring Sale Event!!!

Tory Burch Spring Sale - Up to 30% off!!! Sale ends Monday, 04/23/18 but popular styles sell out fast so don't wait!

I always use this opportunity to snag a bag or a pair of shoes I’ve been eyeing up, and this year there are so many goodies.

Use code SPRING at checkout. There are exclusions, so make sure you pay attention; excluded styles will say “Excluded from SPRING EVENT promo” beneath the color options. Sometimes only certain colors are excluded.

Tory Burch Spring Sale - Up to 30% off!!! Sale ends Monday, 04/23/18 but popular styles sell out fast so don't wait!

Here are my top picks. The hover prices are the full retail price; sale prices will be reflected in your cart after you enter promo code SPRING.

What To Buy at Tory Burch Spring Sale

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18 Responses

  1. I always see these cute bags but when I buy I can’t get everything I need in them. Have to stick with totes for everyday. Great sale.

    1. I hear ya. I’m a tote girl, myself. I still love the small cute ones but I usually get out with one and wish I had something that I left in my tote. I finally bought a smaller wallet I can use in my smaller bags — I hate switching wallet stuff over, but it is nice to have a few bills and a few cards and they’re all contained.

  2. Hi Jo-Lynne
    Love your blog. You showed so many wonderful scarves from Nordstrom during the winter. I bought several! Do you have any recommendations for light weight neutral scarves for this time of year?
    Thank you

  3. Thanks for including the bags under $100 for those of us who don’t like to spend a lot on designer bags. I love that white one from Macy’s! What are your thoughts on a white bag? On trend? Will they be around for a while? I guess at that price if I only use it for one season I won’t feel bad retiring! 

    1. White bags are so on trend! I ordered 2 from the TB sale. #ooops

      I’ve been carrying my ivory one for 2-3 years now so I don’t think it’s just a passing trend. I think you’ll get a few seasons out of it!

  4. The jute sandals are so cute and those denim slides are just calling my name! I love that garden print in the Minnie flats but not sure I could justify the cost per wear. So many great things on sale!

    1. I hemmed and hawed for a bit, but I ordered the Imperial Garnet flats. I was actually looking at them yesterday, but wasn’t sure if they would be versatile enough. I appreciated the links to your outfits in the newsletter! 

  5. Bit the bullet and just ordered a pair of Minnie Flats in French Grey. Hope they are as great as all the reviews!

  6. Great post. I just wish the make-up colored sandals you have weren’t so expensive. I’ve never spent that much on shoes. Its the perfect color though. Thanks so much for addressing my questions on Tues. Live chat even though I watch later from my iPhone since I don’t have Facebook.  Its always fun to see you and feel apart of the chat. 🙂  I think starting today we finally, here in NW Oregon are going to get Spring weather.  It shows 60’s to even a few days of 70 for days. I’m so excited.  Last weekend was so dreary and rainy and it gets to me.  

    1. They’re great shoes, but the price tag is steep. I would just encourage you to consider cost per wear. If you’re the type of person who likes to have a wide variety of shoes and wears them all equally, I wouldn’t recommend these. But if you’re one of those women who would wear these 5 days a week… they’re well worth it. 🙂

      1. Yes you are so right. Do you remember the show What Not To Wear?  I was watching a rerun last night. They talked about price per wear.  Love that show. 🙂 I do like many different shoes but I find come Spring and Summer I grab my nude sandals most. Thanks for replies. Appreciate all your work to answer us. 

  7. I have a question. I know you have mentioned outlet shopping before and I am a big outlet shopper when I visit the USA . Have you ever found the Miller Sandals at the Tory Burch outlet? And if so are they are better priced? Thanks for the cute options…

      1. No worries, Just thought I`d try. I`m headed to Florida next month so may take a quick peek in the store while I`m there. Thanks

  8. We have a TB outlet in the northeast Houston area  and another in San Marcos.  I’ve shopped at both in person, and the quality is the same as at her regular stores.  Some really great prices on clothing and accessories and shoes, yet sometimes, I’ve found they almost match dollar for dollar what you’d pay at the mall.  I think it depends on the items, and how popular they are .. 

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