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April Favorites 2018

Today I’m sharing my April Favorites — these are some new finds and old favorites that I’m particularly loving right now.

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April Favorites 2018

one // I talked yesterday in my packing  post about this travel hairdryer. It’s on sale right now, by the way — $99 with code APRILCOMPACT. This dryer is regularly $150, so this is a nice discount. I have the full size one, and finally invested in this travel size one a year or so ago because the full size takes up considerable room in my suitcase. The travel size works just as well, and definitely takes up less space and weighs less than its full size counterpart.

I’m aware that most hotels provide hairdryers, but I’ve been spoiled by the T3 quality. The last time I tried to pack light and use someone else’s hairdryer, it took twice as long to dry my hair. Plus I’ve been in hotels before when the hairdryer didn’t work and I was in a rush to get to an event, so now I always bring my own.

two // My favorite nail color for summer is this CND Studio White. It’s a nice soft white, not Wite-Out white, but still crisp and clean and so pretty for summertime. I have the Shellac because I get mine done at the salon, but I’m linking to the Vinylux version because it’s one you can do at home.

three // I know I’ve talked ad nauseam about this top, but I love it.  It’s just so soft and cozy, and I love how the arms are super long — although that bothers some people, so keep that in mind if you order.

I brought it to Florida, planning to wear it with jean shorts on a cool morning, but I ended up in workout clothes every morning and never wore it. I know I’ll continue to get a lot of wear out of it, though, with chilly temperatures still lingering here in Philly and then my Maine and beach vacations this summer. For size reference, I have the small.

four // This packable raffia tote was by far the best purchase I made for my Florida trip. I was packing on the Tuesday before my trip and realized I didn’t have a beach bag that would fit easily in my suitcase, so I went online and found this and paid $9 for 2-day shipping so I could have it for our trip on Friday. (I never do that!!!)

This bag is super roomy inside and even stretches to fit more if you need to stuff it with beach towels or anything like that, but it flattens out and packs down easily into your suitcase. You can also fold it easily if you need to fit it into a smaller space. I just folded mine in half and laid it flat on top of all my clothes on one side of my suitcase.

The straps are comfortable on your shoulders, and it’s also full lined inside and has two pockets — one open one that I would slide my phone into, and a zipper one where I put my smaller wallet with my room key, I.D., and a few bucks inside. Plus it’s just pretty! I got a few comments on it at the resort. It’s got a little sparkle in the raffia that adds interest. I’ll be using this all summer for the pool and beach.

five // I wear denim jackets 3 seasons of the year, but I probably wear them most in the springtime so I’ve enjoyed dusting mine off again. This one is my favorite. It has such a flattering cut, and it’s really nice quality.

I have it in white and the dark denim, and I’m tempted to get it in the indigo wash as well. These come in regular and petite sizes, and I wear the medium.

six // I love an espadrille for springtime, and I got in my head I wanted a black pair this year. I went to Nordstrom one day last month, specifically looking for them, and they didn’t have much so I ended up ordering a designer pair. Would you believe, the next week I noticed these Sam Edelman leather espadrilles popping up everywhere!!!

I love a Sam Edelman shoe — he always manages to find the perfect blend of style and quality and comfort. Since I already have a similar style in black, I’m tempted to order these in the gold. I had a pair of gold espadrilles a few years ago and wore them a lot. In fact, I wish I’d never gotten rid of them. I can’t even remember why I did.

seven // This travel case is my new best friend. I purchased it after I saw it featured on another blog, and it worked out beautifully for my trip to Florida. I love how everything stands up inside, all nice and organized. I was able to fit all my makeup, my skincare products and makeup removers, shower gel, sunless tanner, and my 2 hair styling products inside — and best of all, everything was accessible and easy to locate.

eight // These beaded slides are a fun addition to my neutral shoe collection, and they’re quite comfortable although I did develop a blister on one toe where the edge of the shoe rubbed. They felt tight at first but loosened up quickly. I think they’re probably better for those of us with thinner/flatter feet. They run true to size and also come in some solid colors of the multi-colored beaded style isn’t for you.

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28 thoughts on “April Favorites 2018

  1. I’m so glad you had a great trip with friends. Those are always so fun.

    It’s funny how every year about this time I start hankering for a straw bag! And I love the one you have here. And it’s great that you can pack it so easily. Definitely checking it out…and that makeup bag. I’m traveling home today, and I sure do wish I was packing it instead of the three mini bags I have!

  2. Okay, talk to me about the T3 travel. I always take my own dryer too. I have soooo much hair that those little hotel dryers don’t cut it. I’ve been contemplating the T3, but do you thing the travel could be used at home? I just hate to put so much money in a hair dryer. I’m also really intrigued about it drying your hair faster. What do you think? I love the train case too. Now I’m thinking I need that. HA!

    1. High end hair dryers definitely dry your hair faster and they’re supposed to make your hair smoother and less frizzy and cause less heat damage as well. I bought a Bio Ionic hair dryer ( at the recommendation of my hair dresser many years ago, and I was shocked at the difference between that and the drugstore dryers I’d always used. I loved it and used it until parts started breaking off (I dropped it a few times – I’m a clutz!) and then I ended up going with the T3. Both are excellent.

      As far as using the travel size for everyday – I don’t see why not!

  3. Thanks for these great favorites… two questions. Do you find your Miller sandals comfortable? And is the make up bag too big for a carry on suitcase size? Glad you had a great time. Sounds like it should be a yearly trip.😉

    1. Hey Karen. The Miller sandals are soooo comfortable. They do take some breaking in, but not long.

      I would say the makeup bag would work in a carry-on if you have the kind with only one compartment. Mine has the two sides that fold together, and I think it would be too thick for that. It just barely fits in my 24″ suitcase that is made that way. (I tried packing in that one before moving to the 28″ one.)

      It does take up a lot of room, but I feel that it is a pretty efficient use of space, if you’re one to travel with a lot of makeup and toiletries and you fill it to capacity. I had no problem filling it – I’m sure you’re shocked! Haha!

  4. I’m so glad you got home safe and sound!  I have put the travel makeup bag on my wishlist, as a potential gift for our granddaughter’s June birthday.  Oh how I wish the shoe designers/manufacturers would find a way to put arch support in cute slides, like the ones you have.  Have a blessed day!

    1. Ginger, try Vionics sandals for arch support! I have 3 pairs and am always on the lookout for more! Best deals and selection on QVC, I think!!

      1. Hi Sue!  I have several pair of Vionics as well.  I have been looking for particular styles and haven’t found them in that brand.  Thanks!

  5. Hi Jo-Lynne, I love all your picks! Is the white sweatshirt see-through? Just wondering if a nude bra will be enough or if a cami or tank is needed. Thanks!

  6. Would the Sam Edelman sandals (style similar to the beaded ones above but not beaded) be more comfortable ? I thought you had mentioned you ordered those also a while back.

  7. Glad you made it home safe. Just ordered the denim jacket today. I am putting the makeup case on my to buy list. Did you ever find a dress for graduation? Any suggestions? My daughter is graduating and getting married in the next two months so I am on the look for a couple dresses.

  8. If you get a chance during your Facebook Live I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on the “denim on denim” trend that seems to be cropping up again. I have seen a bit of it on Instagram lately.

  9. Great finds!  I love the white top and straw bag but both a little out of the range of what I’d want to spend. Maybe they’ll go on sale!  That bag is still pretty pricey for a beach bag. I’m pretty cheap for that type of thing though. Still – very cute!!

  10. I bought that hair dryer last year as well, I think during Cyber Monday or something like that. Totally worth it. I prefer using small size hair dryers, and I was trying to find a replacement for my 20 year old travel size hair dryer when I found this one. Worth the price! Love that bag for the beach too.

  11. I have #6 in the gold. I got them during the last triple points event. Love Sam Edelman (thanks to your blog lol!) and he has really stepped up his game recently. I got a pair of blush flats that look similar to the TB Minnie flats from the Lord & Taylor friends & family sale last week. Super comfortable, TTS and couldn’t beat 30% off and Shoprunner!

  12. Question about the blow dryer – how loud is it?  I have only ever used drug store type hair dryers and as I am getting older, I worry about hearing loss!  They are so loud, even the ones marked “quiet.”  

  13. So, can you buy the Shellac nail polish and take it to your salon for them to use with a shellac/gel manicure?

    1. I would think so…but it depends on the salon. Mine won’t let you bring in your own polish, something about not being sure what’s in it or having certain standards…but you can try. I’ve been to other salons that let you bring your own.

  14. I tried that denim jacket during the 3X point sale. It fit awesome and looked great in the waist, unfortunately it was cut too narrow in the upper arm for me. 🙁 I know it’s stretchy, but I don’t like things that feel tight on my arms. The search continues….

  15. How do you like your new Raffia tote compared to the Sole Society Playa tote that you carried last year?

    1. Funny, I just found that tote when I was unpacking summer stuff. I like both. The raffia is easier to pack for travel, otherwise they’re both big and roomy, as well as cute and on trend.

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