An Easy Way To Wear Camo Pants

I had a pair of camo pants a few years ago, and I really enjoyed wearing them but eventually gave them away. At the time, they seemed edgy and fun and a little bit different. I’m sure they were trending, but I wasn’t seeing them everywhere yet.

This year? They are ev-er-y-where. I wasn’t sure I wanted to participate again, so I was sitting this trend out and incorporating camo in other ways (see my new camo jacket in this post!) until I saw these camo utility pants when I was at the mall.

I really like the addition of the cargo pockets, and just the camo pattern itself. Something about the colors and the material in the pants jumped out at me — it’s not too bold, not too muted… just right.

I didn’t want to bother trying them on at the store, so when I got them home, I was thrilled to find the fit is really good. I found them at J.Crew, and they qualify for the spend more, save more sale they have running right now, but sizes are limited. There are more sizes at Nordstrom. For reference, I’m wearing the 29.

This rounded v-neck tee in “beige rainy day” is the perfect color to pull the beige from the pants. Unfortunately that color was discontinued. #boo White would be fine, but I really do like this more subtle color against the camo, so I also found this option at Old Navy.

I wore taupe ankle boots and topped off the outfit with my trusty denim jacket.

These ankle boots are already getting a ton of use this fall, and we just started having fall weather a couple of days ago.

They’re super comfortable, and I love the lower shaft in the front for pairing with ankle-length pants. These camo pants have a 28″ inseam, for reference.

The long coin necklace is my favorite casual necklace, but unfortunately discontinued; and you are probably sick of seeing this grey shoulder bag, but I find myself carrying it more and more lately.

It’s such a great size, it has the perfect structured-but-slouchy silhouette, the leather is gorgeous, and the studded details add the perfect edgy touch to my casual outfits. Bonus, it’s $50 off at Bloomingdale’s right now! I have the Putty, which sold out, but I think the Grey is great for fall and winter.

camo pants (more sizes) // denim jacket (budget option) // beige tee // taupe booties // grey bag // coin necklace (option)

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Be sure to visit Cyndi to see the fall outfit she’s styling today!

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  1. Very cute outfit!!!  I clicked the heart to “favorite” that Rebecca Minkoff bag.  I see in this post that it’s on sale, and I haven’t received an email notification about that.  Just wanted you to be aware.

    1. Yeah, and it isn’t showing up on sale in the shopping widget – so I wonder if somehow that sale didn’t trigger the ShopStyle prices to show it. I think maybe because it’s one of those spend more, save more things… so there isn’t an exact sale price? I am only guessing…

  2. Just say no to camouflage pants. Unless of course, you’re in the military or are a kid under 12 years old. 

    That said… Of course you look good in them. 

  3. It’s amazing how the camo has really taken off in full force!! I have a pair of jeans that I thrifted a couple of years ago, and they get worn SO much!!
    Heck, even my mom who is 80 has some camo!! Now that’s incredible!!

  4. I just purchased 2 pairs of camo pants. TJ Maxx had Sanctuary brand camo pants. I then bought a more casual true camo at Urban outfitters. I wasnt planning on having 2 pairs, but one i can dress up a bit and the other is definitely more casual. Urban outfitters run true to size and Sanctuary maybe a tad bit small. I love the color of yours.

  5. You totally read my mind! I bought a pair of camo skinny jeans from the Loft that are sooooo comfy and was scouring Pinterest yesterday with ways to style them! Was going to message you with a suggestion on how to style when…wahla…here it is! Thank you!

  6. Love the cameo especially with the boots!
    Perfect combo!
    See so many people wearing them….I will hv to 
    Find more reasonable pair…as I am
    Funding very special wedding in two weeks!

  7. Yep, I’m definitely one that loves camo!  And I really like having camo, other than my hunting clothes, to wear.  I am going to look into the ones at Nordstrom since the pair I have from ON are skinny, as well as the tan color ON tee.  Both pieces will be staples in my closet, year round.  I am learning to try pairing various colors with camo.  It is very overcast here today.  We need rain bad!  Oh, I did pin your look to Pinterest.  Have an awesome day!

  8. The Camo pants are cute on you and others!! I don’t like that much attention to my lower half but I did buy a Camo T-shirt. That jacket is also really cute!! Do you and your daughter share clothes?😊

    1. No, she’s a size smaller than I am, although she does take some of my hand-me-downs. They’re usually too big on her, but she doesn’t care. We joke that she has the taste of a 40-year-old woman, and she kind of does. 🙂

  9. Good Morning Jo-Lynne! Love your post on the camos. I recently bought a pair of camo moto leggings (they feel more like jeggings) and I’m struggling on how to style them. Could you do a post on white skinny jeans for fall? Have a blessed day!

  10. I LOVE the camo trend! I bought some from Gap last year recommended by Cyndi …
    I wear them ALL the time. Can’t go wrong !

  11. Yeah love Camo but oddly enough haven’t seen a ton of it here.. I opted for the olive green jacket instead of the Camo as it would go with more but would love to find just a simple Camo t shirt…I guess it’s hit or miss if I find something but I’ve got my radars out lol
    Love how you’ve styled theses pants…
    I do have a pair from  old navy that are ferns I guess in the Camo colors so they’ve been my go to if I’m on the mood… ha

  12. I am so glad you styled camouflage pants! I pulled out a pair from a couple years ago and there’s something about them that doesn’t look quite “now” so it’s awesome that you showcased some that are updated! I love this outfit.

  13. You look so cute.  I think you can pull off the camo.  Its the edgy look you like. I love those booties. Do you find in the rain they are hard?  I live on the NW coast and so we get similar weather to you it sounds like……except now.  Our summer and now Fall have been hot.  I’m looking for leather taupe/tan and grey booties to replace my suede ones.  My dark wash jeans are fading on my suede booties even though I try to roll or wear them short enough.  Great post.  

  14. Cute! I have the Rockstar camo pants from ON and love them. I like them to be a little muted. I had/have a pair that are Cabi, but they have purple in the camo print and I don’t love them. (although now I’m thinking I should give them another try…LOL)

  15. I need these Camo pants!  I am heading out to Fort Jackson today to attend my nephew’s graduation. Those pants would be so cool!  Love them!

  16. Love the ruby moto jacket! Such a nice Christmas gift. All the colors are beautiful! Hope it goes on sale soon. Not a camo pant fan, but do see cute tees, jackets, backpacks and sweatshirts I’d purchase. Have enjoyed your new home journey so much, please continue to share inside and out!

  17. I wore these too often in the military so I don’t see these as a fun fashion option for me! Maybe my girls would like me to get the old uniforms out and get it tailored to fit them! Family members have worn several pieces and combat boots to Halloween parties through the years!

  18. Jo-Lynne, 
    As always you look so cute but I cannot do the Camo pants. Growing up in the Deep South it’s too “ deer stands and turkey hunting” for me. HA! ( not that I would ever shoot an animal!). I am on the lookout for a subdued version of this trend— a muted tee?? Thanks for your continued inspiration and ideas!!

  19. Love this look on you. I have a couple pair of camo pants and another way to wear them would be with a more feminine blouse in an autumn-like color like cranberry. It really looks good together. Give it your front-tuck and your cute booties and you have a keeper!

    1. They would definitely be cute with a feminine blouse. I don’t really have the right thing. I like how Lindsey styled them with a cami and pumps. httpss://themotherchic.com/2018/08/08/how-to-wear-camo-for-date-night/

  20. Thanks for nudging me out of my comfort zone and into camo. I bought the camo completer jacket from Kohl’s you styled (from last week’s post if memory serves me correctly).

    The other readers comments about living in the south and camo being for hunters in deer stands cracked me up 😂. I never thought of that! Each region has its own unique culture. Being a Northerner, camo is a cute trend. Will give the Kohl’s camo jacket a try.

    Love the wine colored moto jacket for your daughter!! Stylish like her Mama!

  21. These are adorable and a fun change from blue or even colored denim. I have to admit, it took me a very long time to warm up to camo for myself because it’s been worn around here my whole life – but only by hunters and such, lol. People wear it year round down here so it just never seemed new or fresh to me, but I’m slowly coming around! I broke down a bought a sweatshirt last year and just recently added a pair of jeans and jacket that I cannot wait to wear. And if the trend dies down, at least I’ll still fit in around here! Haha

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