What I Wore + Teen Bedroom Reveal and $100 OFF an Allswell Mattress!

Greetings, friends! How is everyone doing today? I had fun reading your comments on yesterday’s post. I agree with those who think the yellow pants really aren’t very fall, at least not the way I styled them. Still, I think it’s a cute outfit for spring if I had the right size pants. I also agree they’re not the most flattering on me, but I like to show you guys some options — even if they’re not the best for me, they might work for some of you.

Before I show you what I wore this week, I’m excited to share a little teen bedroom reveal.

My 15-year-old had been wanting a queen bed for her new room, but we told her it wasn’t in the budget at the moment. Then lo and behold, I got an email offering me an Allswell mattress to review! She was beyond excited when we told her she could have it. Of course, that meant she needed a new bed and new bedding, so she basically got to redecorate her space.

nightstands // lamps // headboard // mattress c/o // quilt // curtains // curtain rods // bookcase

She’s an old soul, this one. She loves all things vintage, and she wanted a room that was, in her words, “vintagey.” She fell in love with the shabby chic collection at Target, so we got her quilt and curtains there.

It’s still a work in progress… I need to get her a dust ruffle, and we want to hang some things on the wall behind her bed. Also, those lamps are too small for her nightstands… I didn’t really measure them. We just liked the look, and when they arrived, we were surprised at how small they are.

Eventually I’ll get her a dresser for the wall on the left, and then we can put the lamps on that and get larger ones for her nightstands, but this is a great start, and she is loving the bigger bed. It’s especially nice for when she has sleepovers, which is often. So thank you, Allswell!

We’ve been really pleased with her new mattress. It came in the mail, so that is super easy. No delivery window and all that nonsense to deal with. I will tell you, it had a smell to it when we opened it up, but once it aired out for a few days, it’s been fine. It’s made of memory foam, so it’s incredibly comfortable. I’ve tested it out, and I approve! In fact, now Paul and I want to get one to replace ours, ha!

They have two mattress options — the Luxe Classic Memory Foam, which we chose, and the Luxe Classic Firmer Hybrid, which combines memory foam with coils for a medium-firm feel.

Also, Allswell gave me a discount code to share with you, in case anyone is in the market for a new mattress. You can save $100 on any Allswell purchase over $495 with code SAVE100 through 9/30. That expires next Sunday, so if this is something you want to take advantage of, be sure to order this week!

In other house-related news, I had some requests to show you my new foyer rug. I tried to get some pictures this morning, but it’s dreary outside (raining again… shocker!!!) so the lighting isn’t great, but I turned on the lights and tried to brighten them up a bit in Photoshop.

As you can see, I need some decorative touches in the corners by the doors, or maybe just something on the left.

To give you some perspective, here’s how it looks next to the dining room. I’m eager to get the dining room more decorated — I need a centerpiece for the table, and I want to do more with that buffet behind it, and I’ll probably move the buffet to the shorter wall on the right.

I don’t have a link for the rug because I got it through my designer, but my foyer light and dining room light are both from Wayfair. Oh, my dining room rug is from Wayfair too!

We also replaced the upstairs hallway lights with these.

And we replaced the hallway light fixture by powder room downstairs and the one by the French doors in the back of the foyer with these, although I’m kind of wishing we’d done this one to coordinate better with the lights upstairs. Oh, well. They all work well together.

I think that’s about it for the house updates, although I did put some fall touches around yesterday, so that’s fun, and the painters are coming back tomorrow (weather permitting…) to paint our front door and shutters. We’re going to go with a nice classic black — or Sherwin Williams Black Fox, to be exact.

I’m still waiting on the upholstered ottoman for the family room, and I need to get some more pillows for the couch. I’m also waiting for light fixtures for the kitchen. Those have been ordered, yay!

So yeah, it’s all coming together. We’re having company next weekend, and I’m hoping it will look more finished than when they were here in August.

Yesterday was a fun day. We went to my son’s college football game, and saw him perform in the marching band. They are amazing. WCU is known for its music program, and their band is outstanding. Somehow I left without getting any decent pictures, ooops! We didn’t even get to see our son to speak to him, but we were somehow able to pick him out from the other drummers in the band.

Then it felt like going back in time to attend my daughter’s middle school band performance at a local Cavalcade last night, but that was fun as well. She loved it, and I’m so happy she’s finding her tribe quickly and easily during what can be a tumultuous time for so many kids. She’s the one playing mallets in the front.

I also wanted to share some of my outfits from the past week or two, since I haven’t done a What I Wore post lately.

I wore this yesterday to all of our marching band activities, and I love it. Not only is this tee adorable, it’s also lightweight comfortable. For size reference, I have the medium. Then I just wore my trusty AG jeans and Converse Shoreline kicks.

To speed this up, I’ll just link to my ShopStyle Looks for the rest of these…

We went out to dinner with friends on Friday night, and I wore this dressed-up casual outfit. Just throwing on booties and a necklace with a casual sweater and jeans takes it from carpool line to date night, ha! Get the details HERE.

And this was a super casual day at home and running errands. I think I wore this to the nail salon. I love this tee — it has such a good drape, and it’s affordable. Get the details HERE.

I forget where I went this day, and yikes, that mirror was dirty! I was trying out a new mirror, but I don’t like the mirrored edges so I went back to my other one. Outfit details HERE.

This is what I wore to church last week… details HERE. (Don’t you love my little photo bomber!?!)

And this was another casual day running errands… details HERE. (The shirt is old, from J.Crew earlier this summer, and the shoes are Rothy’s.)

And finally, Lindsey and I met our ShopStyle account manager for lunch in Philly one day last week, which was so fun! Get my outfit details HERE.

And that’s a wrap! I’ve gotta run. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

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31 thoughts on “What I Wore + Teen Bedroom Reveal and $100 OFF an Allswell Mattress!

  1. Quick question…do you have a favorite pair of no-show liners that you wear with your shorelines?  Mine are just not comfie at all and I’m thinking socks would help!  Thanks!

  2. Sounds like y’all have had a really fun weekend!  The tee you wore on Saturday is perfect for you!  The foyer rug is fabulous!  Your 15 yr old daughters bedroom is so pretty.  I know you can’t wait to have your home completely decorated like you want it.  Have a blessed Sunday!

  3. I’m a Stay At Home Mom, and don’t like the frumpy sweats look. I would love to see more put together Athleisure styles! 

  4. I love your dining room fixture! It adds a touch of glam to the room. That and those navy walls. Your dining room must have a moody, elegance at night. 
    Great choice for an entrance rug. It will hide any dirt! 😉 

  5. Truly appreciate you sharing your new home relocation and remodeling journey. I’ve been a subscriber for several years and admire your personal style and How you manage your work/life balance. Thanks so much for sharing your world.

  6. I absolutely LOVE that foyer rug! Great choice! I also really like your light fixture updates. Our home is 15 years old and could use some updates in many areas: lighting, carpet, paint, etc. It’s so fun to watch what you do in your new home for ideas. Now if I could just find a few extra dollars!! 😉

  7. Ok, I am totally freaking out because over the last week your daily emails have been showing up in my Junk Mail and not until late in the day. I know you are super busy and not my personal IT specialist but do you know what I have done wrong to cause this catastrophe ( yes, I am a total drama queen..my husband says my super hero name would be “Overeactor Girl” lol)

  8. Your foyer rug is beautiful! Good call, I’m glad your designer was able to grab it for you.
    Love the little photobomber, what beeed is Savannah? Our Rocco is a Shichon (half Bichon Frise, half Shi Tzu) and he looks just like her! 
    I’m going to take a second look at that sleeveless cowl neck sweater, it looks great on you!

  9. Yay get to see rug …love the navy and how it’s
    All coming together.So fun to walk journey with you.
    I love shabby chic also…her room is so cute!
    I did same thing in my new bedroom too
    Small lamps!
    Oh well will be replaced one day.
    Enjoy this fall weekend!

  10. Thanks for sharing your daughters room and if she’s anything like my daughter, we have remodeled her room at least 5 times in the last 5 years lol….she goes through phases but now I think she’s finally found her design sense at 21 and hopefully will keep the last comforter set for a while. Thank you for also sharing the rug, I looked on Instagram but didn’t see it so I was curious. It’s beautiful, but I do think it would work better in the dinning room with the navy walls. It would pickup all the blue hues in the rug and I like a more neutral color in the foyer so you could whisk them out. But that’s just my two sense. Love your band tshirt too. 

  11. You actually have two photo bombers . Check out mirror with the mirror frame. There looks to be an unintentional photo bomber! LOL 

    Love your rug and hall light fixture.

  12. For a dining room centerpiece, if you enjoy candles you should check out PartyLite – there are some gorgeous hurricanes in our new Fall line that would look amazing in that room. I would be happy to share my direct website link with you but won’t spam you on here – 🙂

  13. Love the entrance rug. It really picks up the navy in your dining room..you’ll have fun pulling colors from that to decorate the foyer area. Really coming together nicely:) love your band Tee so cute. 

    1. I also wondered why you didn’t try the foyer rug in the dining room and the neutral rug in the foyer… to really make the entrance your oyster sort of speak.

  14. The front entrance rug is awesome! Really pops against the navy blue dining room walls. Thanks for sharing your home decorating journey.

    Your marching band season T-shirt is a keeper!! As a football fanatic, it made me smile. High school and college football games have so much passion and spirit with the band, majorettes, cheerleaders , etc….oh yah, and athletes too!!😂

  15. I really like the striped top with the red shoes. I have a hard time with shoes because of my bunion and most shoes don’t come in wide width. I love the rug with the navy in it to go with your dining room It would be so fun to decorate your house. Thanks for sharing.

  16. LOL, if I had a dollar for everyone who has asked me that… I didn’t want to do that — I liked it open, but now that the rug is in place, I think it needs something, so I’m going to have my designer suggest a few options.

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