And The Day Is Only Half Over!

My day started EARLY.  If you’ve followed my blog for anytime at all, you know that all last spring and summer and fall, I was getting up at the butt crack o’dawn and walking a few miles with a friend.  When it got cold, we sort of fell off the wagon, and although we tried once or twice throughout the coldest months, our walking dates pretty much came to a screeching halt.

Well, I have recovered from my second of two nasty cold viruses, the weather is warming up, and thanks to Daylight Savings, the sun is making its appearance at a reasonable hour in the morning, so we have begun our morning walking again.

Well.  My legs are CRYING out in protest.  It’s amazing how quickly you can get out of shape!  I am thrilled to be getting back into the groove, and I enjoy my early morning routine ALL BY MYSELF, but I will have to once again adjust my body clock to early-to-bed-early-to-rise, which is not my natural body rhythm. 

So after getting my AI recap written, walking, and getting my kids off to school this morning, I met up with my good friend girlymama of fun.crazy.life for coffee and bagel at our new Panera.  Did you hear that!?  WE GOT A PANERA!  Omigosh, I’ve missed Panera since moving to the country.  That french toast bagel with cream cheese was sheer heaven here on earth. 

And you wanna know what else was heaven on earth?  Putting my eyes on that precious bundle of newborn baby bliss, a.k.a. Colin.  I meant to bring my camera and snap a picture, but I’m an airhead.  I didn’t even remember his baby gift.  Which is just fine because now we have an excuse to meet again VERY soon.  Meanwhile I will snatch a picture off girlymama’s blog.  Here.  Feast your eyes on THIS.

He is just as precious as he looks.  He slept the whole time.  In fact, I didn’t even get a chance to hold him because he was so good I didn’t want to disturb him.  But I did spend the entire time girlymama was at the counter ordering breakfast caressing his silky soft baby cheek.  I forgot how soft newborn baby cheeks are.  Sigh.

And girlymama (who really needs to find a new screen name or reveal her real name because, um, girlymama doesn’t exactly apply anymore) is so stinkin’ cute.  She mentioned her newfound muffin top, which at two weeks post partom is still less noticeable than mine at two YEARS post partom.  But she always was just a slip of a thing.  Suffice it to say, she is bouncing right back into shape, in spite of (or perhaps because of) lack of sleep and keeping up three kids ages five and under.

We talked nonstop about matters of blogging, babies, blog designing, Disney, and anything else we could fit into an hour at Panera with three kids in tow.

In other news, I am trying my darndest to break out of my jeans-and-t-shirt uniform, but dangitall, it’s not as easy as it sounds.  There is a reason that my dresser is full of t-shirts and jeans.  They look good on me.  And nothing else does, or so it seems.

Once again, I tried to find something that is NOT a solid t-shirt.  And in the store, I thought it might work.  But here at home I’m not so sure.  Everyone is saying that the "voluminous" look is in right now, but I would like to know on whom, exactly, the voluminous look is flattering?  WHO?  Certainly not me.

I need your opinion.  My husband told me I looked like a child.  Now, this shirt came from JCrew, and I don’t think it looks like a child at all.  But I don’t necessarily think it’s flattering either.  I need you to tell me.  Keep or return?

If I return it, it’s back to a plain black t-shirt with my new khakis (see? not jeans!  Although, now that I look at these pictures, I’m not sure the new khakis are doing me any favors either.  ARGH.  This is why there are five pairs of jeans in my closet and one, now two pairs of slacks).

And please ignore my crappy hair cut.  I am getting it fixed before I leave for Florida.  Which is a perfect segue.

Speaking of Florida, I am not "allowed" to blog about sponsored trips due to
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  1. Ok, time to delurk, I have been reading your blog for months now (found you through byebyepie) and love it. Ok here goes, beware, but you asked for it. You are in great shape! But these clothes do nothing for you. I definetely would return the shirt, and I can’t be sure about the slacks, but they don’t seem to fit right in the crotch area (is that ok to say in a blogcomment). You so deserve clothes that flatter you, not take attention away from you. But ok, I’m Dutch so what do I know about fashion. Feel free to totally ignore me.
    Thanks for your blog, I have spent many a happy hour over at your place!

  2. I think both are cute, but not together. The top is too full and the pants too baggy to wear at the same time… although the shirt would be cute with some fitted dark jeans and a some cute heels. And the pants… well, I’m really thinking they are just too big on you. You’re cute and thin, and the pants are a bit baggy. But, hey, with these fuller shirts, it seems we all have to just be careful which ones we get, or else anyone with anything at all in the chest will look pregnant. I think that particular one is cute on you, though.

  3. I love the first shirt, and the pants are okay, although you may want to consider – GASP – a smaller size! Or a different waist style or something. The black shirt is just okay because it’s plain. You do look terrific though.

  4. I would return the pants. They are definitely not flattering. The top is just so-so. What about some jeans in a different color?

  5. I think you need pants that are more fitted. Those make you look a little “fluffier” than you are. Also, the top is cute, but I think a belted tunic top would be cuter. And judging by what my latest shopping excursions, those are everywhere. It is hard to find cute shirts that are not solid though. Have you considered button-ups? I have seen several cute blouses for the spring/summer, and they are more versatile anyway. I love talking about clothes. What about skirts? I know you have kids, but if you are out running errands, how likely is it that you will actually need to be on the floor with them? I wear skirts a lot in the summer. The Bullseye has lots of cute ones.

  6. Return! I like the pattern and the shape itself is good but it hits at a bad spot. And you have no bad spots, so why wear something that makes you look like you do?

    I have finally decided that jeans and a tshirt are just what I wear, they’re what I am most comfortable in and that’s that. I’m not going to worry about it any more. I just change up my jewerly, that’s all.

    PS I hated AI last night, what a disappointment!

  7. I think that shirt is super cute! Not teenager-y at all. I agree, you do need to wear it with slim dark jeans or cute little white or stone capris to off-set the bagginess. I’d wear it.

    Hum. Maybe I should get one. That would be perfect for this summer.

  8. I *like* the top! I think it looks cute on you. But it definitely needs some tighter pants. Those khakis are just too big on you! 🙂 I also *like* the black top 😉

    I am a jeans and t’s kinda gal myself, but I do love to get cute tops in the summer time. (Which my dh ALWAYS says makes me look [insert negative word here]! Why are men like that? And why do they think THEIR opinions matter anyhow?! lol)

  9. I forgot to say that baby is a DOLL. And I would have held him all day long if his mommy would have let me. I do tend to be on the baby-hog side, though :-p

  10. I love the floral print on you, it looks great. But I think that the shirt needs to be a bit longer or less full. And the pants look too baggy. Have you tried a jean in like a black wash or even the tiniest hint of shimmer? Then you can still have your jeans, but they don’t have to be ‘blue’ jeans.

    Love your blog!

  11. The black shirt is nice. I think we wear “uniforms” because that’s what looks best on us. I would definitely go for something that is more fitted.

  12. Maybe the top would look better with black or white pants – I think it has possibilities.

    I need to know more about this French Toast bagel. I think a trip to Panera is in order. 🙂

  13. I much prefer the black tee – you look great in v-necks. I also love those flats. Very cute, very chic.

    My advice is to return the patterned shirt and go with more fitted options.

  14. Do not like it. Do not like any of it. (Am I banned yet? LOL).

    You’re WAY TOO CUTE for those pants. They are at LEAST a size too big.

    And both tops are just not for you. They aren’t the right “fit”.

    Might I suggest just one season of https://www.missussmartypants.com/ (it’s just 9.95 for 3 mos and she gives you the EXACT link to buy the clothes she recommends for your body type).

  15. I think that it’s cute, but not the most flattering. It doesn’t make you look fat- I just know that you’re thinner than the shirt makes you look. Does that make sense? I actually bought a couple of shirts like that and save them for – that time of the month- when I don’t feel like sucking anything in. If people think I’m pregnant so be it :).

  16. the black t-shirt – cute. the flowery one – not so much.

    the pants look a little… long?? They look okay, but they look a little off.

  17. I think the top is cute…the colors are awesome. I would definitely wear it! The pants I must agree with other commenters look a bit big. With a flowy top you do need a more fitted bottom. I do like khaki and black though!

  18. LOVE the pattern and the colors and the scoop neckline, but eh….not flattering. I’m about ready to write a “Dear Designer” letter to Ann Taylor Loft, BR and all the other college -aged designers who are surely laughing their little butts off as the “wanna be hip” Mothers like us attempt to try on their poofy shirts, lift our boobs up above the empire waist (which is really not a waist, just a raised chest line).

  19. Like the pattern on the first top, just not on you!
    Like the pants, but not on you either! I agree with everyone else, too baggy.
    Loved the black T. Looks good on you!
    And the shoes…darling.
    A total cutie in whatever you wear!

  20. I like the shirt, the pattern reminds me of your old blog header. I wonder if it would look better with different pants or capris. Maybe a different neckline would compliment a little better.
    You really do look nice in the black t-shirt, why not just go with what you look good in and add accessories? A funky bracelet and great earrings make a black t-shirt look great.

  21. Ok…I like both tops on you….the first patterned shirt is a little baggy and short. It would look better in a longer style. But you should just try to find things in colors and patterns, so I do like it b/c your reaching out and trying something new.

    The pants are a little bit to baggy. Try a lower waised pant and you can even get away with a smaller waist.

    Hope my opinion helps.

  22. Hi Jo-Lynne. Here are my 2 cents. The new blouse is cute, but the shape isn’t as flattering on you as it could be. The black t-shirt looks better. But most importantly, the khakis are the primary problem! You’re wearing ballet flats, which are perfect! But you need a more tapered pant leg. If you can find a tapered-leg pant, then keep the new blouse because they’ll work nicely together.

    Adopt the classic style of Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore on the Dick Van Dyke show) or Audrey Hepburn and you’ll look perfect! https://www.imdb.com/media/rm595433472/ch0029413

    ~ Arleen

    P.S. Be sure to wear sunscreen in Florida!

  23. Love the top. You don’t look like a child. But I think to make it work the pants need to be a little less baggy. Not really tight but fitted.

  24. I don’t think the top is flattering on you… it almost looks like it needs more length but then it would look maternity-ish.

    You have such a cute figure, you need close-fitting shirts…

    OK, I am not fashion savvy at all, so maybe I shouldn’t have commented!

  25. I am the last one who should be giving fashion advice but since you asked…

    I like the first top but I think it would look better with tighter pants. And,of course, I love the black t-shirt. But really, how can you go wrong with a black tee!

  26. I have some of the same type of shirts. They’re so cute in the stores and on the size zero models, but not so much on me. But, I can’t help but buy them too. It is awfully cute on you. You can’t go wrong with a black t-shirt.

  27. I am the last person to give out advice on clothes but my daughter seems to listen. The shirt meets you at a really bad place. Also have you considered some fine corded pants. You have a nice shape and even tshirts look good with cords. I love tshirts and jeans and they can be very classy with a pair of low black boots and a silk type scarf just thrown on and then if you get tired of wearing the scarf tie it on your handbag, as I noticed Coach handbags is sporting this new look for spring. I have way to many tshirts. I change at least once a day with kids sliming me with something.

  28. I feel for ya.

    We have similar builds, and the problem is that you can’t GET the shirt longer, unless you also go bigger which you don’t need. And to get a shirt that is big ENOUGH through the bust or not cut down to “there”, it’s too big everywhere else.

    I wish I had the money to start a clothing line. I have zero fashion sense but I know that nothing fits me and even when I have money I can’t find a darn thing I care to wear. And I can’t be the only one.

    And I think you are quite a bit shorter than me, but that is how all my pants fit too – because if they don’t, then I have something between capris and regular pants, and that is just not flattering.

    But, I agree with the other posters. I like the shirt and I think it’s cute! But it isn’t figure flattering and I prefer the black T. If your dh doesn’t like it, I would return it.

    I have no comment about the pants because I seriously do not have a single pair of girls pants in my closet that I have actually worn outside of my house, so I don’t think I’m qualified to have an opinion. 😉

  29. I guess I have to agree with most of the other comments. I’ve seen you in cuter pants. I like the top, but it does hit you at a weird spot. Don’t you just love all these comments about your clothes???? But, personally I think you look adorable in just about anything (and I’m not kissing up. I wish I had your cute figure and could pull off the cute clothes you do). I guess that’s why you’re the fashion consultant to so many of us :o)

  30. I like the first top! It’s cute! I’m the same way, I think nothing looks good on me b/c I’m so used to my normal attire. I’m not good w/fashion or really that into it. I just wear what I wear…

    (wasn’t that a helpful comment?)

  31. The J.Crew top is cute and the kakhis are cute, but not together. Plus knowing J.Crew and their prices, don’t know if the shirt is worth it . . you could probably find something cuter and cheaper.

    BUT where do you find jeans?? Jeans and bathing suits are the two worse things to shop for and I need both – UGH!!!

  32. I like the printed top, but I agree that it hits you at a bad spot. The khakis, I can’t decide. I always like khakis with a black top (never with a red top or I feel like I should be saying “welcome to target!”)

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents!

  33. First I am glad you are getting back out there with the walky-walky. I think (for me) one of the hardest things is getting myself to bed earlier so that I am willing to get up to exercise. It takes a village to make me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

    I DO like the first shirt. I am infatuated with tops like that this Spring. The khakis are fine, but you could pull off a trimmer cut. How about a nice ankle length crop or capri? The solid color Ts are a must have also, you can’t go wrong with those.

  34. I’m not a fan of the voluminous look. Maybe if it was a little longer then the printed shirt could be mistaken as something from the maternity section but the shape is not very flattering on you.

    The colors are perfect though.
    Have you considered a polo shirt as a t-shirt alternative? It is the perfect pairing with khaki pants – the definition of business casual. And Target usually has some cute ones (search Women’s for Merona polo) that are on the long side and can be paired with a camisole an extra splash of color and pulling off the layered look.

  35. I think the print shirt looks good – just not with those pants. And I think you need a darker pair of pants to create more of a line. Did I just say that? Darned Stacey and Clinton!!!

    And I think those khakis are too big on you.

  36. Return it. Soon enough you will have a need to cover that slim little tummy of yours, like when you’re 70! But for now, show it off in a fitting top like the black one which I think compliments your hair color. I am no fan of the new styles. They do not flatter young and thin women.

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