If You Read the Comments, You Would Know The Answer

For all yall that don’t read every comment (you have nothing better to do, I’m sure), the FBI agents were doing some checking up on a neighbor who is applying for a high security level job or some such nonsense.  I was incredibly helpful with my range of "I dunno" answers.  I’m sure he’s glad he stopped by.

As for the shopping, I did not buy the purse, I hate to disappoint you all with your grand predictions.  You give me too much credit.  It was not anywhere NEAR in the budget but hey, Hubs, PERFECT birthday gift!  Hint!  Hint! 

For those who asked, I saw the purse at Nordstrom.  It’s an Orla Kiely, like the black and white one I posted yesterday under the Fashion Question of the Week.  I really adore her bags.  However.  They are not cheap.  And in no way justifiable when we are trying to reduce spending.

I did, however, justify shoes for the girls.  Lavender was the theme of the day.  C got lavender and white sneakers, and R got the cutest pair of lavender crocs.  R loves crocs.  She LIVES for her crocs.  The ones she has she has been wearing for almost a year, and it’s high time for a new pair.  They are pretty much all she will wear all summer.  And at 50% off, quite a bargain. 

You should have seen her face when I showed her the new crocs.  Her eyes lit up, and she exclaimed, "COCK!" in her little two-year-old voice, and the store clerk about died laughing.  They match her lavender spring jacket perfectly, which sets off her blue eyes, not that you care, but I felt the need to share.  So all afternoon she kept asking for her "new cocks".  So cute.

I am turning in for the night well before my usual midnight bedtime.  I’m zonked.  I will post my AI recap bright and early in the morning.