Lessons I’ve Learned Today

1. When you go to make Rice Krispies Treats, and you have the butter and marshmallows all nice and melty from the microwave, and you go to open your box of Rice Krispies, and someone has been eating them for breakfast, leaving only four cups in the bottom of the box, when you need six cups for the recipe, you may substitute Cheerios for the remaining two cups.  It is not ideal, but it works in a pinch.

2. If a guy flashing an FBI badge shows up unexpectedly on your front doorstep and asks for ten minutes of your time, and you step out on the porch and close the door, he may look at you a little strangely, as if he expected to be invited inside.  Don’t ask him if this is a joke and if Oprah’s crew is waiting around the corner, ready to pounce when you invite an unexpected stranger into your home.  He might not find it as amusing as you do.

3. When your husband tells you that the bank account is getting slim and you need to curb your spending for the remainder of the month, do not take your children to the mall as a means of getting out of the house.  Try the park next time.  There are no Stride Rite stores with tantalizing "buy one, get one 50% off" sales or cute bags like this one tempting you to impulse shop.

(I caved to one impulse, but not the other.  Can you guess which is which?)

4. And also.  When at the mall, with no specific agenda, you may find yourself wandering into stores you have never considered before.  And you may find pretty, inexpensive baubles such as this. Which really, at $3.80, is practically free.  And who can argue with free?

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  1. What, yall don’t have FBI agents showing up at your door on a normal day?


    The guy across the street is applying for a job with a high level of security, and they are doing a check on him. Or so he said… he could have been casing my house for a future break-in, I suppose.

  2. Hmmm, probably the shoes. I can usually justify stuff for the kids when the budget is tight.

    Which one is it? And where do I find such a cute purse? Love it.

    Um yeah, FBI agent? Hello, story please.

  3. Very entertaining and pertinent lessons learned!

    BTW: I wouldn’t have been able to resist the purse or the baubles either.

  4. Cheerio treats – hmmmm don’t think that would have done here. But hey – did my son eat any with your son today or did he turn his nose up? Probably not – since he LOVES food.
    And love the purse and the baubles – I wouldn’t be able to resist either.

  5. We must have the story on the FBI guy. And did you really ask him if there was an Oprah crew around the corner? Bwwaahhh. Totally awesome if you did.

  6. I don’t know whether to ask if you bought the purse or how is Oprah, but the more burning question is-did you offer him a rice krispies treat? There’s never a dull moment is there?

  7. Oh thanks for all the tips of the day. I really needed to know all of this! I suppose you weren’t standing at the door with the bracelets on and the purse on your shoulder when the FBI agent knocked on your door were you? Too bad if you weren’t cause you would have really looked nice on the Oprah show!

  8. I have actually had FBI agents show up at my door before. Looking for a renter/neighbor who was indeed a “dangerous criminal”.. Scary huh? The next renters were not much better, as we had narcotics all over the hill several times to let us know that our house was next to a meth lab that could “blow any minute”.

    I was never so glad as when my brother FINALLY moved into his house. Nice neighbors are so hard to come by these days! LOL

    I am thinking you got the purse… It is DAHHLING!

  9. I really really love that purse. A lot. Like a serious lot. Need it. Must have it. I hope you bought it. Although I suspect you probably went for the shoes for the kids. Easier to explain to the hubs.

  10. I was once interviews by the FBI for a “boyfriend” I had in middle school! He was apparently applying for some high level job that they needed to go back to find out what he was like in middle school!

    good idea with the cheerios!

    reduce spending – I’m feelin’ ya, sister.

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