Things I Never Thought I’d Hear Myself Say

"NO!  Do NOT put Play-Doh up your nose!"

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  1. LOL – now you see why I banned all play-doh in my house! We had E in the ER this winter for an eraser up her nose – a christmas tree eraser no less.

  2. My son stuck a piece of Nerf up his nose. We couldn’t get it out so we ended up having to go to the doctor. Yea, that was a fun trip. The nurse was laughing because they saw another child that morning that had a raisin up her nose and after the raisin was removed, the child cried because they wouldn’t let her eat it! Ewww! Well, that grossed out my kids so much, they still won’t eat raisins!

  3. You wanna know the end of this story? The mama then sees hot pink playdough coming out of the child’s nose. Not knowing what it is, she then looks up the nose and sees the playdough. Not being able to get all the playdough out, she then takes the toddler to the ER, where it is then up to the doctors to get all of said hot pink playdough out of the child’s nose. Don’t ask me how I know, because, in fact, I wasn’t the mother in this case. I was the toddler.


  4. My favorite “file this in things I’d never thought I’d say” is still “Jenna, do not put the potato in Maw-Maw’s shoe.”

    (We were peeling potatoes for thanksgiving dinner one year, and my niece decided that storing them in my mom’s house slipper was an excellent idea.)

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