Best of Beauty 2014: Products I Can’t Live Without

We’re nearing the end of the year, and I have had the opportunity to try a lot of new beauty products this year. Many of them get shoved to the back of my vanity, but there are a few that are front and center — products that I love and adore and cannot live without. I decided to make a Best of Beauty Award for the products that I think are worthy of mention. If you have not tried one of these, run, don’t walk. RUN and buy it right now. You will NOT regret it.

5 Must-Have Beauty Products of 2014

2014 Best of Beauty: 5 Beauty Products You Need Right Now

1. Benefit They’re Real! Mascara: This one had to be #1. I have always had long eyelashes, but I have never received the amount of comments and compliments as I have since I started using this mascara. I will confess, I actually layer this over my favorite Lancome mascara, so in a way I feel like I’m cheating. It is still wonderful on its own, but the two together are simply amazing. When I run out of Lancome, I don’t know if I’ll replace it or just go with the Benefit mascara 100% but right now, I’m really loving the results of layering them.

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Best of Beauty 2014: Benefit They're Real! Mascara

2. Champagne Eye Shadow Pencil by Sumita Beauty: This came in a GLOSSYBOX and it is my go-to eye shadow for a casual daytime look. I love how you can easily control how dark it is by how much you apply, and it blends in easily with a fingertip. I’m so bummed that it seems to be no longer for sale. I just found one on eBay, and I snatched it right up. If they don’t start producing it again, I will be on the lookout for something similar to replace it.

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Best of Beauty 2014: Sumita EyeShadow Pencil

3. Supergoop CC Cream: I ordered this at the recommendation of DeAnn, one of my faithful blog readers who has become a friend. Yes, that happens! Crazy, right? I love my job. This stuff is life changing. It’s basically an all-in-one product that allows you to simplify your beauty/makeup routine in the morning, and IT REALLY WORKS.

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Best of Beauty 2014: SuperGoop CC Cream

4. Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream: This is one I haven’t written about yet. When I attended a press event for CVS Pharmacy last fall, they sent us home with a huge box of products. I tried a few things, gave some away, and then saved others.

For some reason, I didn’t try the Aveeno products until just recently. I’ve run out of many of my moisturizers, so I grabbed a couple tubes of Aveeno Eczema Therapy moisturizers and put them in my vanity where I keep the products I’m actively using. I’ve actually been using several of them interchangeably. Some are for babies and some are just regular. Earlier in the season, I was starting to get the tell-tale signs of the Winter Itch that I detest so passionately.

Well, ever since I started slathering myself with these Aveeno Eczema products, I haven’t been itchy AT ALL. I really loved the Coconut Oil Spray I reviewed in the summertime, but for winter, it turns out I need something stronger. This stuff is AMAZING. I was afraid I was going to find it was full of chemicals and parabens and crap, but I plugged it into the Skin Deep Database and they get a 2 rating, so I was thrilled.

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

5. Bumble & Bumble Color Minded Shampoo & Conditioner: I often have people asking me for more posts about hair products. Funny thing. For me, while my hair is a huge part of my overall get-ready routine, I don’t often think to post about it. Maybe because I don’t try new products all that often, or because I don’t do much with my hair other than blow it dry or put it in a ponytail. Or maybe because I don’t really enjoy dealing with my hair; it’s just a necessary part of the whole routine. But I have been using this collection of hair products for a long time, and any time I deviate and try something else, I feel like my hair is really flat or oily. This stuff ain’t cheap, but it works for me and my thin, color-treated, thinning dark brown hair. I also love their Grooming Creme.

My Bumble and Bumble Hair Routine

Got a favorite beauty product I should know about!?? Dish in the comments!