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SPANX best opaque tights

A reader writes in:

Hi Jo-Lynne

I love your site and your thoughts. Just wondering …what are your favorites for the best black opaque tights that are VERY opaque to go with black suede pumps this season?

Funny, I was just talking to someone about that over the weekend. And I have an answer for this one!

Spanx Tight End Shaping Tights

Of course, there is a story here. When don’t I have a story??

A few years ago, I was in Banana Republic, trying on dresses, and a really cute sales associate was helping me. She had on a sweater dress and these super opaque tights that looked great. I asked her about them, expecting her to tell me she sold them in the store, but no. They were Spanx tights. Then she started going on about how fabulous they are and how it’s all she wears.

So I bought a pair.


Then I bought another. And another. I think I own 3 pairs in 3 different colors.

They even have reversible ones. I have these Spanx Tight-End Reversible Tights that are charcoal on one side and black on the other. BRILLIANT!

Not only are they thick and perfectly opaque, they hold you in and control all the wiggles and jiggles. I always wear these with my dresses in the wintertime. They’re tights plus shapewear all rolled into one!

Do you have opaque tights you love? Share in the comments!

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11 thoughts on “Best Opaque Tights #FashionFriday

  1. Love the idea of reversible tights if I’m going to spend a lot may as well pay a couple dollars more and essentially have 2 pair.

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