Best & Worst of the Oscars

I did something last night that I rarely do. I watched the Oscars and the red carpet shows beforehand. I always WANT to do this but I rarely get to. It doesn’t help that I don’t have much support from the fam. It’s not their thing.

But I recorded it on our DVR and was able to skim through the commercials and the boring parts, ahem. Who watched?

One of my favorite parts was that Jimmy Kimmel skit in the pre-show with the people tweeting negative remarks about the stars at the Oscars had me rolling on the floor. Hilarious.

jimmy kimmel skit

And I was so excited that Ellen was hosting. She’s one of my favorite comedians and she didn’t disappoint. There were too many good points to recap but the group selfie and the pizza delivery were both hysterical.

Let’s talk dresses. I can’t post photos from other websites. They are really cracking down on this, as it is copyright infringement, and I have friends being sued for using these photos. So I did what any enterprising blogger would do… and took pictures of my TV screen. Haha! I don’t have everyone, though, b/c I didn’t get this brilliant idea until after I had deleted some of my recordings. I will link to where I’ve pinned the pro photos on Pinterest so you can get a better look if you care.

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Two of my favorite dresses of the night were quite similar — midnight blue strapless gowns worn by Amy Adams and Sandra Bullock. Amy’s might have been more plum, it’s hard to tell. She said it was Gucci Couture. And I loved the interview with Amy. There were two, actually. She’s just too adorable, and I loved that she gave a shout-out to her little girl before she left the red carpet. See it on Pinterest.


Sandra Bullock looked so classic and elegant in Alexander McQueen. Love her color choice, the midnight blue is perfect for her. In fact, I think hers was my favorite look of the night. See it on Pinterest.


And everyone is talking about Lupita Nyong’o in her pale blue, plunge-front Prada gown. I adored it. And her makeup was lovely, very youthful, bright pink lips, I thought she looked exquisite. Evidently I’m allowed to use Instagram photos. This one is from the Instagram account of The Academy. I am so so so happy she won.


I cannot get used to Ann Hathaway in short hair. I respect her commitment to her craft and having it cut off for her part in Les Mis but I really hope she grows it back out or gets extensions. I know the pixi cut is all the thing right now, but not everyone can pull it off.

I loved Kate Hudson’s gown. It’s typical for her with the plunging neckline and flowy skirt, but I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. See it on Pinterest.


I thought Emma Watson looked adorable and age appropriate, which is always refreshing in Hollywood.

emma watson

source: TheAcademy on Instagram

I wasn’t crazy about Julia Roberts’ dress but I loved her interview. She always seems so fun and down to earth.

Jennifer Lawrence is one I was waiting to see, and I liked her strapless red gown with the peplum but I thought it was a bit old for her. You only have so many years to dress fun and youthful. Don’t waste them wearing something you can wear when you’re 40. Trust me. I know! Here it is. What do you think? See it on Pinterest!


Jada Pinkett Smith looked amazing in Versace, and I adore Will Smith. I’ve been a fan since his Fresh Prince days. Men don’t get a lot of attention for their wardrobe selections on the red carpet, but I loved his open-neck shirt with the ascot. Effortlessly cool, and it suits him perfectly.


I thought Meryl Streep looked utterly elegant. I can only hope to age half as well. See her gorgeous gown on Pinterest.

My least favorite look of the night was probably Angelina Jolie. It was way too mother-of-the bride — especially for her. I prefer her in deep colors with form-fitting styles that compliment her statuesque frame.

I like the trends I’m seeing this year. Makeup is minimal — lots of pale lips and smoky eye combos. Gowns are classic and regal. Most were strapless or had plunging necklines. A lot of old Hollywood glamour. I really loved it. Even the ones I didn’t care for so much weren’t hideous.

What say you? Did you watch? Which were your faves?

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  1. My family knows that when it comes to the SAG, Golden Globes and Oscars – they need o pretend that I am invisible from the time the res carpets start until its over, lol! Last night was a really good one – Ellen did great! Loved her selfies! I was extra excited this awards season for “my long time boyfriend” Jared Leto. He swept every award and that made me happy! And what about Liza – that blue streak!! Loved it!

  2. We actually hosted an Oscars party last night and I missed most of the red carpet (our guests were really loud up until the show really started, and we could hush them without feelings being hurt.) I loved Ellen. She made me want to watch the entire show. She’s hilarious and so down to earth and my favorite moment was the selfie they took and retweeted I don’t know how many times on Twitter.

    Sandra Bullock had my favorite look. I loved, loved, loved her dress and her hair was gorgeous (and I just love her – she’s such a likable person.)

  3. I 100% agree about Amy Adams and she gets my vote for best dressed —- and if you’ve not seen American Hustle, it’s a FAB movie and she is amazing in it (so is Jennifer Lawrence)…………….I second your thoughts on Julia Roberts dress, too matronly and Angelina Jolie, no wow factor. And I have to say I am SO OVER the side swept hair.

    I only disagree about Anne Hathaway. I love her hair — and I love that she is not conforming to the “you must have long hair to be beautiful”. She truly has the most amazing facial features and her hair totally showcases her gorgeous face. And the more I see her photographed lately, the more I think the short hair actually suits her personality more than the long hair. Ok, that’s my two cents – lol.

  4. It’s really nice to see someone who agrees with me as far as every dress! LOL. I haven’t watched in a while, but I enjoyed this one this year, because I love Ellen. One thing I noticed, and oddly, it bothered my husband, is that almost everyone who didn’t go for the strapless wore some kind of boob-revealing dress…the kind that needs glue and absolutely cannot have a bra. I feel like I saw the side of EVERYONE’s breasts, even if they couldn’t pull it off. I don’t mind that, but I felt like way too many people were wearing that style. And FWIW, I thought Julia Roberts looked dowdy in that dress. She’s way too young for that, she could have picked much better.

  5. I love that you posted this! I I love watching the red carpet as well (but rarely get to:) My favorite of the night was actually Leslie Mann. She wore a darling yellow dress and actually wasn’t even on the red carpet but at the Vanity Fair viewing party:( I wish I could have seen more of it!

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