Black & White Spring Outfit in Arizona

Hello, friends! Welcome back to 26 Days of Spring Fashion, my style collab with Cyndi Spivey where we each style a new spring outfit every day (except Sundays) during the month of March!

Today I’m sharing an outfit I wore in Scottsdale when I was there for a conference a couple weeks ago.

Ironically, they were having an unusual cold spell while I was there, and it was about 45 degrees the day we shot these pictures. And then to top it off, it had been raining off and on all day, but thankfully the sun decided to peek its beautiful face through the clouds just before our scheduled photo shoot. We were so relieved!

I do have some bad news for you, though. This blouse is almost sold out. I’m sharing the outfit anyway because you can pretty much recreate this look with any black blouse, and I have a strict policy never to waste a photo shoot. Haha!

So let’s discuss this look! I love a black and white outfit in the springtime… okay, who am I kidding? I like black and white anytime.

You can take any black blouse or black sweater, or even a black t-shirt, and put it with white jeans and it suddenly looks fresh.

Here are some other options for black tops that make nice transition pieces, if you’re in the market for something:

But the best thing about a black and white outfit is the footwear choices are practically limitless.

Add a pair of shoes in a fun color as I did here and here, wear black shoes and add a pop of color with your handbag as I did here, or go with a neutral shoe to extend the line of the leg and keep the attention up top.

OR add a pair of shoes in a black and white print to pull the black and white outfit together!

These cheetah print flats are so fun, and they’re also remarkably comfortable! I love the gold ring detail.

As for the rest of the outfit, I wore a few delicate gold necklaces with my double hoop earrings and carried a black clutch.

This bag is on major sale right now, by the way. It’s reduced to $90, down from $225, which is pretty amazing! It’s a gorgeous leather bag, and you can have it initialed for an extra $15. Mine was gifted to me a few years back at a conference I attended, and it’s become a great closet basic I turn to again and again.

I also added a blingy bracelet when I swapped out the flats for pumps.

Daily Outfits:

ruffle blouse // white jeans (budget option) // cheetah print flats // similar pumps (budget option) // foldover clutch (c/o) // star necklace // pendant // earrings // bracelet

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the spring outfit she’s styling today!

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photos: Jacqueline Hanna Photography

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25 thoughts on “Black & White Spring Outfit in Arizona

  1. Very pretty! Do you think ballet flats are going to be on trend enough this year to make the investment into a good pair? If so, what would be your suggestion?

    1. I think ballet flats are a classic and always worth the investment. I always recommend the Sam Edelman Felicia flats I styled yesterday for a good marriage of quality and price point. And they’re so so so comfortable. Plus, on sale at Shopbop:

      The Tory Burch Minnie travel flats are a little splurgy, but also very comfortable once they’re broken in, and they look very refined. Some colors are on sale at Shopbop:

      I’ve been debating adding the Goan Sand to my closet. Unfortunately the don’t usually go on sale, and they’re excluded from this one.

      These are really classy too:

      Also Naturalizer makes a really comfy shoe, and these are $69:

      Born is another good leather option under $100 –

      I hope that helps!

  2. Jo-Lynne, This is such a pretty outfit and you look so nice in it!  Now I’m excited to pair a black top I have with my white jeans, wear my nude ballet flats, and carry my hot pink handbag that I just ordered from DSW.  You are so right about our age – it is just a number.  So, that cake sounds absolutely yummy!  Larry is not a chocolate lover like I am or I would bake it sometime.  Of course, I could make it for one of our neighborhood bonfires.  I hope the party is a success tonight!  Enjoy the day!

  3. Since I’m trying to keep my wardrobe down to the essentials what’s your feeling about doing black and white with leopard flats instead of cheetah ones?

  4. I love everything about this outfit. As simple as black and white can be, all the pieces speak for themselves. I love how the shoes elevate the outfit to make it more sophisticated. Plus everything fits you perfectly and are so flattering on you. Of course, it is almost a $500 dollar outfit but I do owe some white jeans and just need to get the top and shoes 😉 
    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your hubbys bday party. 

  5. Love black & white. I’m getting out white pants next week. Hope they still fit. 🙁 too many sweets lately. Always a celebration. And I cant resist. Happy birthday to your hubby. 50 is a great decade.

  6. I was surprised at difference in your son’s appearance in the time he’s been at college. He looks so much more mature. It’s wonderful, and a little sad, to watch our son’s grow into manhood. 
    Happy Birthday to Mr. S! Secret parties are hard to keep quiet. 🤫 
    I love black & white together. It has a crispness about it. 
    Enjoy Disney World! That will be a fun break for you & the girls. Just think of wearing shorts & tees! Soaking up that sun. Ahhhhh

    1. I am SO ready!

      Yes, he HAS changed a lot. Also was looking a little scruffy last night. I want to try to get a pix of us all tonight, when we’re all gussied up. 🙂

  7. I love black and white.. that outfit looks so slimming on you and the background… well it speaks for itself:) we have just had a week of frigid temperatures now we are expecting not one but two snow storms back to back🤦‍♀️winter in like a lamb and apparently going out like a lion 🦁. I knew we had it too good. I’m so longing for spring ordering things and hoping to be able to wear it soon. Let’s hope..Happy  Birthday to your hubby.  I just turned 51 in January and I can honestly say I feel more together then I think I did in my 40’s.

  8. I finally found some white jeans this week!  Looking forward to recreating this cute black and white outfit when our weather gets a bit warmer.  Happy birthday to your husband!  And how fun to have a trip to a warm climate to look forward to!

  9. Great outfit! Black and white is always a favorite and I love everything about this one. I think I may need some cheetah shoes. My leopard ones need replacing.

  10. Keep checking the Orlando weather…..right now it’s showing a high of 64 on Wednesday.  We Floridians want those temps to last as long as possible!

  11. I love this outfit on you. So pretty!  Happy Birthday to your husband. I turn 51 on Monday and it did feel strange turning the big 5 0 because when I was younger I remember thinking 50 was old. Have a wonderful time in Florida.

  12. You look absolutely beautiful, JoLynne. I love that blouse on you and the flats are soooo cute and stylish! I just followed your link to order them, so I’d love to see you style them again in other ways.

    The blouse didn’t look so good on me though. (I think I told you that I had bought after seeing you styling it on Instagram, but I had to return because it was too short in the torso and arms and the front draped weirdly on me.) Oh well…..I like the black button-down blouse you linked from Ann Taylor (I have one similar but a girl can’t have too many black blouses, right?) 🙂

  13. So elegant and classic look…..
    Love the black and white!
    Also like how real your family is in the pic!
    Pretty soon your son will be living on his own as mine is…..
    Enjoy all these family times jobs and obligations get in the
    way now!
    Looking forward to seeing your trip next week we can dream about
    Warm weather!

  14. Busy weekend for you!  My husband always requests that same cake for his birthday. 🙂
    The black & white looks so crisp and classy.  And that blouse fits you beautifully.  I am looking forward to all the spring outfits!

  15. Love the black and white! My SO hates hates hates white pants. I wear them when I visit my sister in CA. That top is adorable. Wish my size wasn’t gone yet…………What breed is your dog? He looks exactly like my Cotonese!……….Have a wonderful time. Enjoy the warmth.

  16. Haahaa! I just turned 50 on Feb 23rd and had my party this past weekend. Tell your husband Happy Birthday! 🙂 We had a Hawaiian themed party at a local bar #H50 (Hawaii 5-0). I had a blast,(everyone wore Hawaiian shirts) and while everyone couldn’t make it, it was great to spend time with thoseI hadn’t seen in a while. I think age is just a number and am looking forward to 2 years from now when my youngest turns 18 the day before my husband turns 50. That will be a crazy week! 🙂

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