Fall Fashion Inspo: Blanket Scarf + OTK Boots

Good morning, friends! Today I’m styling a blanket scarf and over the knee boots. I’ve been meaning to style over the knee boots for a while. I’m not sure why I’m just getting around to it. I mean, let’s face it. It’s not exactly OTK boot weather in these here parts just yet, but I do try to think ahead when I style outfits for these seasonal series.

I'm styling a blanket scarf and over the knee boots for a fun fall look!

These boots are from last year, but the brand is Dolce Vita and this pair is very similar. I really like this brand of shoes. They have a luxurious look and feel to them, and they’re so so comfortable. I purchased mine on sale last winter, so if you wait, they’ll probably go on sale again.

They have this interior zipper that allows them to slide on and off very easily, and they don’t fall down like some OTK boots do. If you prefer a flatter heel for your OTK boots, they have that style too.

I'm styling a blanket scarf and over the knee boots for a fun fall look!

On top, I went with a white tee and a blanket scarf — super simple. I just ordered this oversized square scarf from Asos, and I love it. It’s a very popular print I’ve seen it all over the web, but I love the combination of colors so I decided to be a sheep and get one too.

I'm styling a blanket scarf and over the knee boots for a fun fall look!

True confessions: I cut my scarf in half! It is soooo big and bulky, and I KNOW that is the point, but last year I heard several people say they cut their scarves and liked them so much better. I didn’t have the guts to do it then, but last week when I went to style this outfit, I was so annoyed with all the fabric that I grabbed my sewing scissors and started snipping. I just folded it diagonally and cut along the fold, from one corner to the other. It was super easy, and now it’s so much less fabric to deal with. It’s still warm, but it looks cuter (I think) and it’s much easier to manage.

I'm styling a blanket scarf and over the knee boots for a fun fall look!

Now, let’s discuss this bag. It’s part of the new Stella & Dot Covet collection of fine jewelry and leather accessories. As a S&D Stylist, I always try a few things from every new line so I can be informed (tough job, right? ha!) so I decided to order one of these new bags. I chose this burgundy suede bucket bag because I always try to have a bag this color in my fall/winter wardrobe, and I retired my last one because it was a little too small for everyday use.

fall outfit inspo: blanket scarf and over the knee boots

This is the perfect size for me. I don’t need a huge bag, but I do want one that’s big enough for my wallet, sunglasses, cosmetic case, inhaler, and a few tissues. This is perfect for that. Oh, and it has a large inside pocket big enough for holding my iPhone 7 Plus. The suede seems to be good quality, and it has some lovely details. I like how it has a covered magnetic closure so you don’t have to use the tassel flap and snap that to make it secure. I’m lazy, plus I hate to futz with opening and closing my bag when I’m making a purchase and checking out at the cash register. That’s why I almost never buy a bag with a zipper. See? Lazy!

Dolce Vita Over the Knee Boots

My t-shirt is from last year, but they’re carrying it again this year. It’s only $18, and it has a nice scoop neckline — not that you can see it here. It is long, and it has a shirttail hem, which is not my favorite, but it works well with scarves, and it’s great for layering under long cardigans. Plus, you know, $18.

By the way, if you need tips on how to tie a blanket scarf, I did a tutorial last year that has 3 ways to tie a blanket scarf, and it does address the way I’m wearing mine here. I actually wish I’d pulled mine up tighter around my neck. It turned out kind of drapey, and the point is to keep your neck warm, after all.

I asked on Snapchat — or maybe it was my Instagram Story — if people actually wear blanket scarves like this or if it’s just a Pinterest phenomenon. Ha! Lots of people said they do, but only when they’re going to an event where they will be outside in the cold for a period of time.

how to wear a blanket scarf for fall

I’m wearing my Hudson Krista Crop Skinnies with this outfit because I don’t like extra bulk inside the boots around my ankles. I also think OTK boots look best with jeans that fit snugly in the thighs, and these jeans are a Super Skinny style. These are similar, but I got mine for $98 last fall on a Nordstrom sale, so I would definitely recommend waiting for a sale or Denim Days event because those are priiiiicey! I think the released hem is making them even more $$ than the ones I’m wearing, which do not have a released hem.

Also, they’re super low rise — 7 1/2 inches, so you have to be okay with that. I like a lower rise with a front tuck because it seems to give my body a better overall proportion, but I prefer a higher rise when I’m going to let my shirt hang out becasue it creates a smoother midsection. There are so many factors to consider, aren’t there!?! Generally, a higher rise is more universally flattering because it helps hold everything in and smooth things out.

styling a blanket scarf and over the knee boots for a fun fall look

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white tee ($18!) // square scarf // similar jeans (less expensive but still pricey here; even less expensive here) // similar boots // suede bucket bag // glasses

I hope you’re having a good weekend so far! My husband and I finally got our dinner date last night, and it was fantastic. I had octopus and an amazing mushroom soup, and then for dinner I had some kind of fish I’d never heard of (lol) but it was delicious. We skipped dessert and headed over to the high school to catch my son’s band performance. They performed after the football game, so the timing worked out perfectly.

If you’re wondering why I’m wearing glasses in this post, I had a minor kerfuffle with my contacts so I had to get new ones, and I just can’t get used to my new prescription. They tried to put me in monovision lenses (I think I mentioned it earlier this week — or maybe it was in my daily email) and they’re just not working for me. These glasses have progressive lenses, and I do fine with them, but I really am not liking the contacts for correcting both near and far sighted. Do I have to switch to glasses full-time, or should I try again with the contacts? I hear some people have to try a few prescriptions before they get something they can live with.

By the way, yesterday afternoon I posted a “bonus post” with my top picks from the Tory Burch Fall Sale. The really cool part is, Nordstrom is price matching AND they are running Triple Points right now, so if you see something you love at TB that is also stocked at Nordstrom, you can get it at Nordstrom and get your Triple Points. Sweet, yes??? I’m trying to be good and not buy anything new. I’m pretty well set with shoes and handbags at the moment, but let me know if you splurge on something fun!!!

Anyway, I hope y’all have a great rest of the weekend!!!

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