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Last week I posted a roundup of flat sandals for spring and summer, and I mentioned that I was looking for a pair of colored sandals to add to my wardrobe. I ordered a couple of pairs when I was putting that post together, both by Sam Edelman. I love this brand for good style at a moderate price point.

I chose the Greta in Black Tumbled Leather and the Gigi in Pop Fuschia. (I found myself wearing my black sandals a ton last year, so I wanted to update those as well as add a color to my closet.)

pink-gigi-sandals-with-pink-stitch-fix-blouse-and emma-skinnies-3

The Gigi is a popular style that has been around for a while. It comes highly recommended, and I can see why. The minimalist style is easy to wear, and they are quite comfortable for a flat sandal.

There is some light cushioning in the footbed, and the ankle strap allows you to adjust them to your foot, so you aren’t gripping with your toes when you walk (which is bad for you, by the way!) I spent two years babying my feet due to plantar fasciitis, and while that issue is in remission at the moment, I still try to be somewhat sensible when choosing footwear.

pink-gigi-sandals-with-pink-stitch-fix-blouse-and emma-skinnies-4

I love the variegated texture and the bold color choices. I chose Pop Fuchsia because I wear a lot of pink, and I knew they would coordinate with a few pieces in my closet, as well as make a great pop of color against neutral outfits.

pink-gigi-sandals-with-pink-stitch-fix-blouse-and emma-skinnies-7

This blouse came in my last Stitch Fix. It was $44, which is a good price for a versatile blouse. For this outfit, I dressed it down with mid-wash blue jeans and sandals, but I can also wear it with trousers and heels for a dressier look.

I love the color, and the shirttail hem is flattering. It also has a pretty pleated detail on the back.

These are my DL1961 Emma skinnies. They’re a legging jean, so they are supposed to fit snugly. They also feel like a legging. They’re my go-to jeans when comfort is of prime importance. I cuffed them twice for a more casual, cropped look. I tend to wear them this way in the summer months and leave them long in the wintertime.

I accessorized with gold. These bracelets are all Stella & Dot. The Breezeback Enamel Bangle is new for spring, and I love how it layers with the edgy Renegade Cluster Bracelet and delicate Cage Cuff. (I’m an independent stylist for Stella & Dot, so if you ever need help with an order, let me know.)

It’s hard to see my necklace, but it is also new from Stella & Dot, and it is reversible. The other side is gold with turquoise. Best of all, it’s only $39.

I love this dressed up casual look for spring and summer!

pink blouse via Stitch Fix // DL1961 Emma legging jeans // Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals
Breezeback Enamel Bangle, Renegade Cluster Bracelet, Cage Cuff,
Breezeback Enamel Necklace, and Bungalow Hoops via my Stella & Dot boutique
D Yurman Curb Link Ring // Kate Spade Gramercy Grand Bracelet Watch
similar Tory Burch clutch

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49 Responses

  1. I love the fuchsia color on you! The blouse is so pretty, and fresh looking. The sandals and accessories are perfect! One of my favorite outfits!!

  2. I agree, this is a great color on you, I love it! I found myself searching for bright pink shoes recently. I looked at sandals first, but ended up with flats. Of course, after two weeks I ended up sending them back (and have regretted it ever since, lol)! I love the Gigi sandals, I have a leopard pair and wouldn’t mind having several different colors in them. Very comfortable.

  3. I absolutely love this look! Definitely going to shop my closet and incorporate this combo into my own summer rotation. I must tell you that I’ve been on the fence about taking the plunge and investing in a pair of those Emma skinnies, but you’ve styled them in so many different ways I think they’ll be worth it. So, I’m off to order a pair {cringe}, Just wondering if they run true-to-size…

    1. I find them to be true to size. I almost always wear a 29 in premium denim, and especially in DL1961 and they fit perfectly. I’ve had a few pairs – I had a red pair and a green pair a few years ago that I’ve since passed on. 🙂 Of course, the awesome thing is, with Nordstrom, returns are free, so if the size you order doesn’t work, you can easily return them and order the alternate size. If I’m ever in doubt, I order one of each and return the one I don’t want. 🙂

  4. ❤️ This outfit on you! The coloring is perfect on you and it’s just right for the weather we are having! I just told myself to stop spending and hoping I can stick to it.

  5. I love that blouse on you! I think it’s the perfect mix of dressy and not fussy. The color is great as well.

  6. This outfit looks so cute on you! What is the name of the blouse and do you mind me asking what size it is? Does it run true to size? I have not ordered from Stitch Fix before and is it possible to request that particular top?

    1. Hey Lori, it’s a subscription box service, so they send you 5 pieces and you just pay for what you keep. I’m not sure if you can request a top you’ve seen on someone else or not, but they do give you a place to put a link to a Pinterest board of styles you like, so I know a lot of people pin outfits they like or items they’d like to receive to their Stitch Fix boards. Hope that helps!

  7. JoLynne- I love this outfit. The top is a gorgeous pop of color and it fits so perfectly on you. I think you’ve sold me on the jean/jeggings. The next time I need to update my pants, I’ll be buying some off your site. Do you have an idea of when they might go on sale? They are a little high for my budget normal price. 😉 (I always forget when the Nordys anniversary sales are…


    1. They do go on sale occasionally! I always buy mine on sale, and when they discontinue a certain wash, you can really score. That’s how I got these for less than $100. I will keep y’all posted. 🙂

  8. Love that pink blouse! I’m wearing a similar color in a long sleeve today that I also got from Stitch Fix! But I’d love to know the brand and style of yours, so I can request in my next Fix. I would love a short sleeve version. And those sandals are adorable. Unfortunately I have wide feet and mine usually hang over the edge of those style, and since they are so thin, my feet touch the ground. Yuck. I’m constantly on the lookout for wider versions that will keep my feet off the ground. Do these feel narrow or more of a regular width?

    1. I’d say they are narrow. 🙁 I have thin, flat feet, so I often have the opposite problem and the straps across the shoes are too big, which is why I love that these are adjustable. 🙂

  9. I think those sandals add so much to any summer look…I mean, I have a pair of black ones also—but “everyone” wears black! That’s probably why I love these fuchsia ones so much—they stand out!
    And that shirt looks fabulous—a great look—very approachable & stylish! jodie

  10. Love the color fuscia on you. The whole outfit is great. I’m not a big fan of sandals like that (for me) because I feel like so much of my ugly foot is exposed. But I can recreate with some bright pink sandals I already have. You’re an inspiration!

  11. Yes I agree with everyone that this outfit is spot on! Fuchsia is your best color. 😉

    Regarding Sunday posts: I think you should go back to taking Sunday’s off and not have to worry about posting. Everyone needs a day off from work, and then you can enjoy your Sunday mornings without stress. I know your loving and supportive readers will agree that you need a day off!

    We’re having a heat wave on the Oregon coast: in the 80’s again today!

  12. This is a great look on you! I’ve been hunting for a great fuschia top ever since you posted the one you got from Trunk Club, which was out of my comfort zone price-wise. This looks like it could be a good option. Do you feel good about the fit, fabric and quality of it? It’s really cute!!

    1. Overall, I love the fit, although it wrinkles funny across my shoulder bones. I think it’s due to the extra fluff I have in the chest area. 😉 The fabric, honestly, is thin and it is super staticky and sticks to me. I had to photoshop out some areas that were unflattering and immodest. I am hoping that when the weather gets more humid, I won’t have that problem b/c I really love the fit. I like that it’s cheaper than the Joie top b/c I will wear this more commonly, whereas the Joie top seems more of a special occasion top, ya know?

  13. This outfit is gorgeous on you. That’s my favorite kind of top these days because it dresses up my jeans…which I love to wear just like you have today. 🙂

  14. Hi!
    I think I goofed somehow and signed up for your email twice, because I’m getting two now. Can you fix this? And I do love getting your emails (have been recommending your blog and the Facebook group to several friends).

      1. That explains it….so I guess I’d better make a choice. I guess I’ll take the weekly since I get so many emails in general. And then if I feel like it’s not enough, I’ll switch. Thanks!

      2. I’ve got Phyllis beat! I get 3 emails! Thought it might have to do with requesting to hear back on posts…. I prefer to get 1 email every day!

  15. WOW!!! one of my very favorite looks!!!! Can you tell us the brand on the shirt?? I would love to see if i can fine it outside of StitchFix!! I also bought the Burt Bees brand of the BB Crean, and LOVE it!!! Love your blog!! So very helpful!!!

  16. Wow! I just love this entire outfit! I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, and I think you’ve convinced me to try premium denim. I have yet to find a pair of skinny jeans that I can’t wait to take off, so I’m thinking premium denim might be worth a shot. Also, I just wanted to say that your hair and makeup are just flawless in these pics! Thanks for another great post.

    1. I can’t wait to hear what you think! I swear, there’s nothing like them. You can get good deals from time to time – the next nordstrom or bloomies anniversary sale or friends & family or denim days… that’s the time to buy. 🙂 I always post about those sales here on the blog. The next one I know of is the Nordstrom anniversary sale July 14-21, but there is bound to be something before that. 🙂

  17. With summer upon us, why not take Sunday off! Everyone needs a little family time and what better time than summer! We only go around once! Enjoy every minute…. Fabulous look today!!

    1. You are right. I don’t really consider Coffee Talk work, but then again, there is a certain amount of pressure involved, and then to get the daily email out on top of that… it’s not necessary. I don’t really condone working on Sundays in theory, and I never intended to let that happen. I will probably be posting more sporadically on Sundays for the summer months, for sure. 🙂

  18. I got the GIgi sandals in a shiny silver and wore them Sunday for my son’s baptism. They are great! Even my hubby said those are great shoes. 🙂

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