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You guys, it’s SPRINGTIME! FINALLY! I really think this is it. It’s here to stay. The weather forecast looks amazing, and I’m just soaking up the sunshine.

Last night we went to a local musical production of The Little Mermaid. I was impressed with the quality of the singing and acting. It’s great to know that we have this theater venue in our backyard. I love going into Philly for theater, but the drive is a beast, and it was so nice not to have to deal with traffic and all that jazz. The kids loved it too. My daughter and her friend even got a picture at the end with Ariel and Prince Eric.

the little mermaid

We had a bit of excitement before the show — a vole (like a really small mouse) crawled under our seat and died. NO LIE!!!! It was barely moving when the show started, and by Intermission, it was dead. We sat through the whole first half of the show with our feet on the chairs in front of us, lest the thing would crawl over our feet.

The guy beside me was unfazed. We showed it to him, and he nonchalantly swept it up onto his program and carried it out.


I snapchatted it. LOL!!! It was soooo icky.

Anyway, besides that, we had a great time. LOL!

Okay, so on to the Instagram Roundup.

I wore this outfit to the 2nd day of rewardStyle the Conference last weekend.

black and white

dolman sleeve top (25% OFF!!!) // white jeans // wedge sandals (less expensive option)
similar laptop bag (got mine 70% off) // initial pendant // Lawson Cuff c/o Kendra Scott
lace chandeliers via my Stella & Dot boutique // nails: CND Studio White

This was that night before the white party. It was raining so we took pictures inside.

white lace dress

lace sheath // nude patent ankle strap sandals (ON SALE) // Lawson Cuff c/o Kendra Scott
similar crossbody clutch // lace chandeliers via my Stella & Dot boutique

I wore this outfit to travel home. I was stalking the coffee shop at 6:30 when they opened to get a cup of java before catching my Uber to the airport, and I asked one of the girls working there to take my picture. She was happy to oblige. I guess after a weekend of watching fashion bloggers photographing themselves, she wasn’t surprised by the request, lol.

I splurged on this suitcase when I decided to attend two conferences this spring. I didn’t have anything this large or this nice. I LOVE it. It is so easy to roll, and the inside is really nice. It even comes with a couple of shoe bags and a hanger. Plus, it’s SO pretty. It also comes in white, but I love the black. Unfortunately it weighed in at the airport at 58 lbs! HA!

travel outfit

coral tee // similar jeans // similar jean jacket // similar leopard flats
striped tote (old; this canvas one is cute) // Delsey Chalet 28″ Spinner

This picture is from the first night of the conference, but I posted it on my way home. I miss my girlfriends! We had such a fabulous time together. That’s Kristie, me, Alison, and Cyndi.

fashion bloggers

my outfit details: silk top // white skinnies // suede sandals // similar crossbody clutch
lace chandeliers and cuff bracelet via my Stella & Dot boutique

And then it was back to life . . . back to reality! I wore this to work from home and run errands one day this week. This ivory Tory Burch saddle bag came in my last Trunk Club box. I have racked up quite a few Trunk Club credits, so I decided to keep it even though it’s more than I’d typically spend on a bag. I have to say, I do love it. I’ll be carrying it a TON this summer.

casual mom style

striped top // crop skinnies // nude flats (the comfiest flats EVER) // saddle bag

This thermal hoodie came in my last LeTote. It’s by Splendid, one of my favorite brands at the moment. I have worn it literally every day this week. I love that it’s waffle knit, not a sweater material. I really want to keep it, but I promised myself not to buy anymore clothes from my LeTote boxes. I don’t like that they’re previously worn — not that I’m too good for previously worn clothes, but I think they’re overpriced for that, especially considering I’m paying $49/mo for my membership. (The point of LeTote is not to buy from your totes, but to wear them a few times and return them for something else.) That said, I have nothing like this in my closet at the moment. This week has been quite chilly, so I’ve been glad to have this since I got rid of all my spring cardigans in my last purge.

AND, would you believe, I just discovered that it’s on the Nordstrom website, and it is the same price as the LeTote BUY IT price, so this is a no brainer. The new one, it is! I really should quit LeTote, but I keep finding cute things that I wouldn’t have found myself . . . ah, the dilemma.

casual comfy chic

thermal hoodie // Emma skinnies // Chucks // Bungalow Hoops (NEW from Stella & Dot*)

I styled this outfit around my new Amazon Kuhfs for a future post.

white jeans with amazon kuhfs

dolman sleeve top (25% OFF!!!) // white skinnies // wedge sandals (less expensive version)
Amazon Kuhfs c/o Kuhfs // layered necklace (NEW from Stella & Dot*)

*I am a stylist for Stella & Dot.

Finally, I wore this yesterday. I changed into my leopard flats and threw on that Splendid thermal hoodie to go to the play. I ordered the Gigi Sandals when I was writing my post on flat sandals. I love them. They’re comfy, and the bright fuchsia is so pretty.

black and denim

Gigi Sandals // Emma skinnies // dolman top // assorted Alex & Ani bracelets
Bungalow HoopsBreezeblock pendant necklace (NEW from Stella & Dot!)

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I’m rushing out to a workout appointment, and then we have a busy day ahead. Excited to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday tonight! Have a great Saturday!

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13 thoughts on “Instagram Roundup

  1. I always enjoy your posts and yours is the only one I read completely. Noticing the size of your suitcase and two carry on bags. I too love fashion but haven’t checked luggage for six years now. Having lost luggage while in the Virgin Islands changed my ways. I have learned to capsule and roll my clothes. I even went to Europe for two weeks with a carry on size with a total of two pair of shoes. I takes a few times to get the hang of it but I have never looked back.

  2. We are a little funny when we ask people to take our pictures, eh? Did I tell you that my husband read that “Today, every two minutes, people take as many pictures as taken throughout the 19th century.” But when I do it, I laugh and tell them–it’s part of my job!!
    I’m a little jealous that your springtime is there—as I write, we are having a snowstorm! Pull out the sweaters again!! I can’t believe you got rid of your spring cardigans?? You didn’t like them anymore? I’m all about purging, but OMG…I have to have these anytime I go in the grocery store or restaurant…even in the summer!!
    Love the fuchsia sandals–great way to add color to the summer outfits!!
    Happy Weekend Jo-Lynne!! jodie

  3. The mouse! I would’ve lost it, lol. There’s no critter that makes my skin crawl more, eek. On another note, did I mention how stunning you looked in the white dress? Just beautiful. 🙂

  4. Love all these looks, especially the picture of the 4 of you. A couple things you may need in your life (: – black or gray Converse (I get SO much wear out of both of mine), and a handheld luggage scale (they are like $8 on Amazon). Having one on my last trip saved me the overweight fee by being able to transfer about 5 pounds of stuff from one bag to another before heading to the airport! They are also helpful before you depart so you know to leave yourself about 10 pounds to buy new things…

  5. I would have been the one to scoop up the little vole/mole. I have a heart for all the little creatures, so I would have probably run out to try to save it. 🙂 I have wild squirrels here at my house that will come and take peanuts from my hand. I have found that animals are so much more comforting and loving than most people. Maybe I am just a crazy animal lover, but I am totally okay with that. 🙂

    You looked beautiful though.

    1. LOL, thanks, Gina! I wasn’t about to step on him, but I wasn’t going to pick him up either. It was more the dead part that icked me out than the vole itself. He didn’t worry me when I first saw him, I thought he’d move along his merry way. But then when he died under my chair… Well. ***shudder***

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