3 Ways to Style Burgundy Jeans: Denim Jacket + Slide Loafers

Welcome back to 26 Days of Fall Fashion! This is also part 3 of my 3 ways to style burgundy jeans post series. (You’ll also see some burgundy jeans outfits from past years if you follow that link.)

Jo-Lynne Shane styling burgundy jeans with a denim jacket and slide loafers

I’ve styled these jeans with a blush open poncho and with a black cowl neck sweater, so for this post I decided to wear them with a denim jacket for something a little different.

I love, love, love this denim jacket. It has such a great shape to it. It hardly ever goes on sale, but it is 30% off right now! FYI, the white one is on sale too. For size reference, I have a medium so it’s TTS or if you’re in between, you may want to size up.

I first tried this outfit with a white tee, and I felt like it was too stark against the darker jacket and jeans so I opted for a black tee. Sometimes I wear this outfit without the jacket because it’s been so warm here lately. Because the colors are dark, it still has a fall look, but it’s comfortable enough for this heat wave.

I love the shape and fit of this tee. I’ve got a white one as well. The black is temporarily out of stock, but she still has white and grey. You can get 10% off with code Jolynne10. These run small so I recommend sizing up one. I have the medium.

My jeans have sold out, but if you’re a NYDJ fan, the Ami skinnies are 30% off at Nordstrom. Their deep currant is a nice shade of burgundy, and they have a bunch of other colors as well. The Kut from the Kloth Donna is a good option too.

SALE ALERT >> Nordstrom is running a Triple Points event PLUS there’s a lot of price matching going on right now, so you can get some nice sale prices plus Triple Points if you’re a Nordstrom Rewards member.

For anyone taking Adore Your Wardrobe, my body type is short-waisted curvy so skinny jeans are part of my recommended pants styles, but I know a lot of people are looking for straight leg or bootcut options. I asked for some recommendations in the AYW alumni group, and I was told about these bootcut jeans at QVC. They come in burgundy, chestnut, and black. Also, NYDJ makes a straight leg jean in burgundy that is 30% off at Nordstrom right now, and JCP has a straight leg pair by St. John’s Bay. I hope that’s helpful!

Jo-Lynne Shane styling burgundy jeans with a denim jacket and slide loafers

While I like the combination of the burgundy jeans with the black top and denim jacket, what excites me most about this outfit is the shoes.

I’ve been wanting some loafer mules, and I’ve tried several styles without much luck. Either they don’t stay on my feet or they cost more than I want to pay, but when I was at the mall earlier this week, I discovered this pair by R Minkoff. The minute I slipped my feet into them, I knew they were exactly what I’ve been looking for.

They are super comfortable inside, and they stay on my feet when I walk. Happy day! Plus I really love the styling. They have the more minimalistic style that I like — not too preppy but not too plain either.

The only drawback is that they’re suede so I can’t wear them in inclement weather, but with the open back I probably wouldn’t anyway. For size reference, they run big. You can size down at least a half size.

Unfortunately availability is limited. They’re carried by a few different retailers, but the best price is at Nordstrom. Plus with their Triple Points event going on, that’s the best place to get them. If they don’t have your size online and you want a pair, call your store and they may be able to find them for you. They’re also at Shopbop, Neimans, and RM.com.

I accessorized with this Lucky Brand layer necklace. I love the layering trend but find it overwhelming to put things together on my own, so I love it when necklaces come already layered like this. You can also take off one or both of the two lower pendants if you want a different look. This necklace does get tangled easily — not when wearing it, but if you lay it down somewhere, so I am diligent about keeping it hung up in my room.

I carried a black satchel with silver hardware so I went with a silver bracelet. My necklace and earrings have both silver and gold, which I love because then I can wear either metal elsewhere in the outfit.

This R Minkoff satchel is from last year, but her unlined whipstitch hobo is a great choice if you’re in the market for a go-to black bag. The similar one from the #NSale is 50% off right now but only available in the moss green. They had the black earlier this week so keep an eye on that. They may get a return.

I hope this mini-series on various ways to style burgundy jeans has been helpful and shows you how versatile they can be.

Jo-Lynne Shane styling burgundy jeans with a denim jacket and slide loafers

jacket // tee (option) // similar jeans (straight leg option; bootcut option) // shoes // satchel // necklace (40% off) // earrings (40% off) // sunnies c/o Maui Jim

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the fall outfit she’s styling today.

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45 Responses

  1. What is the calendar date of your last day of 26 Fall of Fashion? I use your outfits for inspiration on what to request from Stitch Fix and I want to make sure I see all the days first before putting in a request.



  2. I just wore my mules on my blog yesterday, but with a dress. I’m not 100% sure I loved them with the dress, but I’m hoping I get used to them. But see…they look great with jeans. I may stick to wearing them with jeans for awhile…..

  3. Hi Jolynne,
    I love this outfit!   It is perfect for fall.   Would you mind saying what size you have in the jacket?   I’ve been eyeing it for a long time!    Thanks.

  4. Hi Jo-Lynne – I love your blog and outfits -it seems most of your outfits are from Nordstrom these days. It’s like the anniversary sale has never ended with endless Nordstrom posts – any chance you can mix it up and do with some other retailer options? I love your style and outfits – I’m just tired of Nordstrom. 🙂

    1. Hi Mere. I hear ya, but I did buy a lot at the sale and a lot of others did too, and they like to see me style those things. Plus Nordstrom is a one stop shop for so many brands and different types of clothing and accessories that they do get a lot of airtime. With that said, yesterday I featured Old Navy, and I also featured Old Navy on Monday. Last week I featured White House Black Market, J.Crew Factory, pants from Gap, and Ecco shoes. Plus I’ve featured a couple of tops from Lucky Brand and one from Loft Outlet in this series. Yesterday I picked up a couple of things at LOFT that you’ll see later this week and next. I was actually thinking I’ve had quite a lot of variety lately. 🙂 It’s definitely something I aim for.

      1. I do love the one stop aspect of Nordstrom. Have you ever partnered with Everlane? They seem to have a lot of nice basics and I am eyeing some of their shoes, including their loafer mules. Reluctant to pull the trigger as their return policy is not as generous as Nordstrom.

        1. No, in fact, I was just introduced to them on another blog I read. She really likes their cami and I’ve been wanting one with a little more coverage. I may order it and see. I didn’t look at their shoes yet.

  5. I’m so happy you finally found your mules!! They have the perfect look for your style. Please let us know when that tshirt comes back in stock in the black. I’m usually not a tshirt gal but the fit is amazing and it looks like it has a nice weight. Also, The Gap has some amazing bootcut cords in all the trending colors. They and are not too thick so have nice feel/weight to them. My burgundy jeans are my favorite fall/winter staple:) Thanks for showing all the options.

  6. I love the burgundy jeans and actually picked a pair up at Belk to buy. But I put them back. I just can’t pull the trigger on them. Not sure if they will still be in style next year and a thousand other excuses I could find. Give me some good reasons! I love the outfit on you and other bloggers but still not sure.

    1. I think colored jeans have been around for a while, so they’re a pretty safe bet. Like I said to Karen, go with a deeper tone that leans more towards a neutral than a bright pair, and I think you’ll be good for a couple of year anyway.

  7. I was just looking at burgundy jeans yesterday and they were not very expensive, but I just couldn’t decide on the color if it was too bold. …. I’m now rethinking getting them after seeing your post. Thanks Jo-Lynne you may have inspired me to take a chance on these ones.
    Have a great day:)

    1. I think the key is to get a deeper shade, not one that is too bright. I used to have red jeans and I retired them, but these seem more modern. And some that I linked to may be even deeper than these.

  8. You are the best! I seriously jumped out of my chair when I saw you posted some recommendations for burgundy boot cut jeans. ☺

  9. Great mini series!  I suspect I’m not the only one that can’t have a large selection of, say colored jeans, in my closet, so getting ideas on different ways to style them is extremely helpful.  Now, if only I could think of a suggestion for another mini series.
    The heat has definitely returned here, as well.  I don’t like it, but I can’t change it, so I am just staying inside as much as possible.
    Be blessed!

  10. Hi Jo-Lynne! Thank you for featuring three different ways to style the burgundy denim! While I don’t have a pair of burgundy denim, I picked up a pair of burgundy skinny chino pants last year at Loft and am inspired to wear them in the ways you have posted! I also picked up a pair of spruce green skinny legging jeans from Loft last week and saved your recent post where you pictured them paired with different kind of tops!! These posts that show how items can be worn in multiple ways really speak to me because I have a habit of purchasing something and then not being able to mix and match it with things that are already in my closet.

    I appreciate the variety of items you have shown recently from different stores! I love in Ohio and although I won’t complain about the sun on my face, it has been in the 80’s again this week – just when I was ready to bust out my fall fashion!!

    1. Yes, burgundy pants would work in all these outfits as well. 🙂 I know what you mean about the heat and fall fashion. I just keep trying to remind myself how miserable I always am when it is cold in May, and I figure I have to take it when I can get it.

  11. Great post Jo Lynne! Is your jean jacket Kut from the Kloth in “gratitude”? When I clicked on the link, the gratitude color looks much darker than yours. I like both colors but was just curious if it’s the actual same one.

    I’m in the Denver airport headed back to Jax today from my work trip to Seattle. It rained almost the whole time but I still had a super fun time seeing the city. It was my first time in the NW. Looking forward to seeing my family though…have a great, blessed day!

  12. Love your outfit today.  I bought that moss green Rebecca Minkoff bag at 50% off. Love the color and gold stud styling on the strap. What are your thoughts on the stitching on the one side?  You can see a large stitched U like shape on the outside and I know it is due to the unlined pocket on the inside.  Not sure I like that (and know it was intentional) and think for the money I spent it shouldn’t look this way. Maybe I’m a little OCD and should get past it because I love the style and color. Just wondering what you thoughts??

    1. Funny, I kind of liked the detail. 🙂 When we shot an outfit where I was carrying it, I couldn’t decide if that should be the side facing out or in. LOL! I went to the site and saw they show it more as the back of the bag, so now I try to show it that way in pictures, but I don’t pay much attention to it when I’m using it. I also assuming it is the best way for them to put a pocket an an unlined hobo, and I appreciate having that pocket on the interior. I know with totes, they sometimes attach one to the top of the bag and let it hang on the inside, but I liked how they finished this one, but it’s totally a preference issue. If it bothers you, you won’t want to carry it, so you may as well send it back.

  13. Love love love the outfit!  You always look like a million bucks!   I appreciate all your hard work and how good you are about replying to a large majority of our posts! Thank you for that!

  14. I love this outfit as it is so simple but looks wonderful. How do you get the cuffs on the jean jacket to stay put? I’m always playing with or fixing the cuffs when I wear my jean jacket.

    1. I don’t know, they seem to stay pretty well. I wore it on Sunday to church and I only had to fix them a couple of times. There are other ways to work them but I haven’t tried it. If you google how to cuff denim jacket sleeves you will find like 50 different methods and all look chicer than mine, ha!

  15. I love the combination of navy and burgundy. Your black tee, mules and bag are the perfect accompaniment! I know what you mean about it being warm. Today in Ohio it was in the upper 80’s or maybe it reached 90. And it is so humid. I feel like I am living down south. Ha, ha. But I won’t complain (too much)either, because it will get colder! Have a great weekend. – Amy

  16. Thank you so much for this series!! I have had burgundy jeans for years, but rarely wear them as I never know what looks good with them. Now I have some great outfit ideas and those jeans will get lots of wear this year!

    Thanks again!

  17. Great outfit!   Thanks for the recommendation of that nice necklace.   I just bought one on line after seeing how good it looks on you.   I really like it.  

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