Tory Burch Fall Sale Up to 30% OFF

If you’ve hung around here for long, you know of my love and adoration for all things Tory Burch. Okay, not her clothing so much, but her bags and shoes, jewelry and watches . . . yes, please!

So guess how happy I was to wake up this morning to this email from my best friend Tory in my inbox: Fall Event is here — up to 30% off!

WARNING: there are a lot of exclusions, so watch out for those before you get your heart set on something. Sometimes it is only certain colors that are excluded. They say “excluded from fall promo” under the color options on the product pages.

Still, there are a lot of great items to choose from and getting 30% off Tory is pretty much as good as it gets.

Any-WHO, before I share my picks, let me give you some background on her various collections.

Her new McGraw collection is understated and chic. I like that the logo is leather and not a bright metal. Unfortunately most of those bags are excluded from the sale.

The new Chelsea collection is modern yet classic with antique brass details.

The Block T collection is sturdy and minimalistic. I’ve admired several bags from this collection for some time but I’ve yet to bite the bullet and get one.

The Parker collection is clean-lined and chic and the Saffiano leather is durable which makes it great for everyday use, plus the price point is a bit lower on these than on the softer leather bags.

Finally, the Fleming collection is luxurious and sophisticated. I’ve been drooling over several of these but I can’t seem to commit to one. Many of those are excluded from this promo, but the Alexa collection is similar, and they are included plus quite a few are on sale. If they’re on sale, you still get an additional 15-30% off.

Y’all know that I’m huge fan of her Minnie travel flats and Miller sandals, and while most colors are excluded, not all are. The leopard Miller sandals are eligible, and super cute, I might add.

The leopard Minnies are also eligible for the promo, as are the french grey, black with black medallion, and light oak. I put them in my cart just to make sure I’m giving you accurate info, and it seems to be working on all of those. I also really like the Miller wedge.

Watches and sunglasses, unfortunately, are excluded. I will be honest with you and say I’m not sure how they can advertise a sitewide sale with this many exclusions, but it is what it is.

I put my favorites together in an easy shopping widget. Unfortunately I can’t choose the color of the images that are displayed, so some may be excluded from the promo, but if you click through the picture, there will be some colors available that are eligible. Also, the hover price is the full retail price. Use code FALL to get the discount to show in your shopping cart.

Sizes of shoes are going fast, so don’t dilly dally if you want something! Shipping and returns are free.

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3 thoughts on “Tory Burch Fall Sale Up to 30% OFF

  1. My daughter bought an expensive pair of Tory flats that gave her terrible blisters!  She’s tried 3 times to wear them & every time got blisters.  She is so disappointed–because they are super cute on!

    1. Oh no! Are they the Minnie ones? I have two pairs – the grey and the leopard. The grey are great, and the leopard gave me blisters. I took them in to Nordstrom and they did this thing where they softened them up for me. I don’t know exactly, but they’re better now. May be worth a try… or if you don’t have a Nordstrom nearby, any shoe repair shop can probably do it.

    2. If she gets the blisters on her heels have her get some bunion cushions and put them in the shoes.  The will stick to the shoe and give a cushion against her foot and no more blisters.

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