Caroline’s Cookin’ Show

My 6-year-old daughter loves to “cook,” and I’m a control freak.  It’s not exactly a winning combination.  So when my mom asked what she could get C for Christmas, I suggested the Easy Bake Oven.

I made this suggestion with a bit of hesitation because I tend to be one of those moms who figures it’s easier to do the real thing than to buy contrived toys that mimic the real thing but generally don’t perform very well.  And then if that’s not enough, they take up extra living space when they’re not in use.  It just seems like a waste.  But I had a feeling that C would really love the Easy Bake Oven if she discovered it, and I had no other brilliant inspiration for a gift.  So on Christmas morning, an Easy Bake Oven sat unwrapped under the tree from “Santa” even though my daughter informed me in her most condescending tone that she KNOWS that the gifts come from us and not from Santa “because reindeer can’t fly.  That’s just silly.”

Alrighty then.

When I explained to her that the Easy Bake Oven is her very own oven and assured her that she can “do the cookin’ ” all by herself, she was delighted and asked us approximately 78 times a day when she could use her new oven.  Finally last week we managed to get the proper light bulb, and I set up her oven and set out all the supplies to make the little cake that comes in the starter kit.  The cake is approximately the size of a large cookie, but she was thrilled because I let her do everything herself.  I almost broke out in hives watching and not interfering, but I was determined to let her do her own thing.  The cake that emerged from the Easy Bake Oven looked about like you would expect something to look that had just been cooked by a 100-watt lightbulb, but she enjoyed it nonetheless.

The next day, she had barely hopped out of bed when she was asking to make cookies in her oven.  So I took a deep breath and contemplated a Xanax (just kidding, Mom!!) and then remembered my New Years Resolution to say yes more AND to smile more, so I pasted a stiff smile on my face and chirped cheerfully, “Sure!”

So after breakfast was cleaned up, we set out to make the cookies that come with the kit, and just as we were starting to lay out our supplies, C was struck by a sudden inspiration.  “Let’s make a cookin’ show!”  So that is exactly what she did.  You will notice that she has watched me make several vlogs when you see how she starts out her “cookin’ show.”  And you can thank my husband for his editing skilz.  Without them, you’d be watching 5 minutes of footage instead of 2.

And without further ado, I give you, Caroline’s Cookin’ Show!

Caroline’s Cookies from Jo-Lynne on Vimeo.

Is she the next Rachel Ray or what!?