Casual Outdoor Dining Outfit for Fall

As the weather gets colder, dressing for outdoor dining and social events can be tricky, so I put together a casual outdoor dining outfit with a few different layering options for outside gatherings this fall.

Casual Outdoor Dining Outfit for Fall with Puffer Vest and Leopard Scarf

Like any good layered look, I started with a few wardrobe basics — a pullover sweater in a neutral shade of camel, skinny jeans in a classic mid-indigo wash, and walkable taupe ankle boots.

This outfit on its own is perfectly fine, and it’s the type of look I often wear on a typical day.

I'm showing how to put together a casual outdoor dining outfit with a few different layering options for casual outside gatherings this fall. 

On the one hand, this sweater is very simple, but it has several pretty details that give it a more elevated appearance — like the chunky rib trim at the neck, cuffs, and hem and the flared bell sleeves.

The sleeves aren’t dramatic enough to get in your way when doing household tasks, but they add a subtle element of interest to an otherwise simple sweater.

This sweater is made of a soft cotton/poly blend, which is perfect for those who can’t do wool, and it’s also machine washable.

casual outdoor dining outfit for fall starting with a simple camel sweater

One more thing to note — this sweater has a shorter body length, designed to wear with mid-rise and high-rise pant styles. (It’s 23″ long for the regular and 21 1/2″ for the petite sizes.)

It comes in a variety of colors, and I’m wearing the camel. It definitely photographed lighter than it really is, but it’s also not as dark as pictured on the website.

This sweater runs true to size, and it’s currently 50% off right now! The discount appears in cart.

casual outdoor dining outfit for fall starting with a simple camel sweater

My jeans are the AG Farrah ankle skinnies in a mid-indigo wash that’s highly versatile and easy to dress up or down. AG jeans never disappoint, and I actually have a few pairs of the Farrah in different washes because they flatter like no other. Also, the black wash doesn’t fade.

I always recommend buying premium denim when it goes on sale, and right now Bloomingdales is running a Friends & Family Sale, where you can get 25% off most of their denim.

For a similar pair under $100 check out these Madewell Roadtripper skinny jeans.

I'm showing how to put together a casual outdoor dining outfit with a few different layering options for casual outside gatherings this fall. 

I wore taupe suede ankle boots to keep the outfit sleek and neutral. These boots have a 3 1/2″ stacked block heel that is stable and very walkable, and they bring a subtle Western flair to the look.

The elastic goring makes them easy to slide on and off, but there’s also a back zip if you need it. I recommend sizing up a half size if ordering these boots; I needed the 8 1/2.

Even though these booties have a lower shaft than some, I still need to cuff my jeans so they don’t fall into the top of the boots and look sloppy.

For a sleeker look, you could turn the jeans under so you don’t see the inside. Either works, but I usually just do a traditional cuff like this. I don’t mind the contrast of the underside of the jeans because the booties are a light color as well.

casual outdoor dining outfit for fall starting with a simple camel sweater and jeans

I usually wear this sweater without a necklace because I like the simplicity and don’t want to detract from the subtle details in the knit, but I did add a long pendant this time.

For a few years there, it seems like we wore long pendants with everything, and I got kind of tired of them. It’s still a classic look, though, and I like to wear one occasionally. I just try to mix it up and wear other styles as well, and I often go without a necklace at all, depending on the venue and the look I’m going for.

This one was a surprise Christmas gift from Paul a few years back and it’s more of an investment piece, but any long pendant would work.

I love this mixed metal circle pendant on Amazon for $35. It’s more casual than mine, but it would look great with this outfit.

casual outdoor dining outfit for fall starting with a simple camel sweater

When I want a layer for extra warmth that isn’t bulky, I often go for a quilted vest. It always amazes me how much additional warmth you can get from a piece that doesn’t have sleeves.

Mine is an old J.Crew Excursion Vest, which they no longer make, but here is this year’s style. I actually prefer this one at J.Crew Factory, and it’s a lot more affordable than the one at J.Crew.

Amazon Essentials also makes one for $30, and Talbots has a thinner one that comes in some really pretty colors. Unfortunately the black is low inventory.

casual outdoor dining outfit for fall with a puffer vest

When you add the vest, you not only get the benefit of extra warmth, you also get the added interest of a completer piece.

There are lots of options here — a leopard print vest would be really cute with this, or you could introduce a color like burgundy or forest green.

I went with a basic black, because I wanted to add my leopard scarf.

casual outdoor dining outfit for fall with a puffer vest

I like to bring a thick scarf along when I’m dining outside in the cooler temperatures because I can wrap it around myself if I get really chilly, or I can easily remove it if I don’t need it.

Notice, I also carried a tote. That gives me a safe place to ditch some of my layers if I get too warm.

I got this leopard wool blend scarf at J.Crew a few years back — I stalked it till it went on sale. It’s thick and soft and luxurious, and I love it.

They’ve brought it back each year until now, and I’m still watching for it to make another return, but until then I found a leopard cashmere scarf at Bloomingdale’s. They also have this one, and both are 25% off right now.

Finally, when dining outside, always be sure to bring your favorite sunnies. Not only do they provide sun protection, they’re a stylish accessory to complete your look.

Casual Outdoor Dining Outfit for Fall with Puffer Vest and Leopard Scarf

I hope this post shows how easy it is to build a layered look for outdoor activities this fall from a simple starter piece like this pullover.

Of course, there are lots of other possibilities. I could glam up the look with a faux fur jacket and knee boots, or I could throw a puffer coat on top and swap out the fashion boots for UGGs if it was a super chilly day. A leather jacket would create an edgier vibe, and would also be really chic with the leopard scarf.

I’ve also invested in Cuddl Duds for myself and my daughters, so we can add a thin layer under our outfits to keep us extra toasty when the weather really turns cold.

casual outdoor dining outfit for fall starting with a simple camel sweater

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photos: Alison Cornell

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25 thoughts on “Casual Outdoor Dining Outfit for Fall

  1. Love this outfit and the tips for dressing for outdoor dining. As for the necklace, I think you could make this accessory look much more modern by wearing at the length shown in the link you provided. I’ve seen you doing what I was before I noticed that there’s another option, either sticking with “ at the neckline”  pieces, or often forgoing a long necklace because it looked dated. Then I realized that there is a “ new long” ….rather then several inches below the bra line,  the more current look is just to the top of it!  I have noticed this shorter version of a long necklace everywhere lately and going to this length really freshens things up. 

    1. Yes, I like that length a lot too. While I love that this necklace is adjustable, I always get annoyed when the strings are really long in the back. I guess it would be okay if they were on the outside of the sweater. I’ll have to try it.

  2. Ha! I think families across america are saying, “What Now?” Do we bite the bullet and eat inside? Will we be warm enough tonight if we eat outside?

    1. LOL! Well, true confessions. We already eat inside quite a bit. If the weather is iffy, or it’s busy outside, we will dine in. It’s a personal decision we each have to make given our own situation, but I’m ready to get on with life. 😬

      1. Yes……hard decision.  We ate inside the 1st time Sat. and I was nervous the whole time. We had planned to eat outside with my son, as he was visiting us and heading home, but when we got there the wind was coming up and raining on and off and not many tables under cover.  So, we either did that or left. I was too hungry and so we ate inside. They had barriers….glass…… between each booth, but still if the particles are in the air, just didn’t feel comfortable. I wore my mask the whole time unless I was eating.  My husband and son took it off and didn’t put it back on until we left. My son doesn’t seem concerned at all and I know him and his wife do eat out often. It really is hard to know what to do.  My husband(and my son) work in health care and get the number of cases reported each day and so I get the scoop to often.  Thanks for the outfit to help us dress warm to be able to dine outside. You look soooo cute.  By the way……I did purge my infinity scarves.  LOL  I had soooo many.  I like the idea of the cuddle duds, but I don’t think I could fit the bottoms under my jeans and be comfortable.  Enjoy your week.  

      2. 🤣 when Lauren and I are going out for a “girls” outing we totally eat inside, but we’ve still been eating outside when my husband joins us… and our son has basically disowned us and never want to go out with us

  3. I love this outfit and I especially love how you tell how to build it. Thanks for the tip of wearing Cuddl Duds as I have never heard of them and I am always cold. Have a wonderful week, Jo-Lynne!

  4. Happy Monday!
    Nice easy but smart looking outfit.
    Looking for input on another subject. Do you iron your clothes or use a clothes steamer? I vaguely remember you saying you use a steamer. What kind do you have stand up or portable?  name brand? And do you like it over an iron?
    Thanks for input. 

  5. I LOVE this entire outfit and it suits you to a tee. Gorgeous. I looked on Bloomingdale’s and the jeans you have on didn’t come up so I will wait for a sale on the yours. I would like to ask Paul if he would be so kind to give my darling hubby some hints on gift giving. That necklace and other jewelry you have mentioned from him are right on. We have been dining in for a long time now but if given a choice we are patio people anyway and always prefer to eat outside. In south Texas, we can do that about 6 times a year haha!

    1. Ha! Well, he really does try to pay attention, but he also knows that David Yurman is always a safe bet. 🙂 Sometimes I pick out what I want and tell him about it, but this one he did all on his own.

  6. Great post! Super helpful with all of the additional links and ideas. I would have loved to see the other options pictured (puffer and uggs; fur and boots; leather jacket). We are still outdoor only in my area and it is hard to be comfortably dressed and prepared for anything! Thank you 🙂

  7. I really like this outfit and appreciate you showing how to add layers to change it up and stay warm.  If I needed to add a sweater to my closet, this is one I would add.  And the scenery caught my eye for being really neat.  I bet when you are out taking pictures with Alison some people think you are a famous woman.  Enjoy the rest of your day!

  8. Hi Jolynne!
    I have been wanting a J.Crew vest for a while now and will likely pick up the J.Crew vest shown here
    Are you wearing your normal size small?
    Thank you 

    1. JCrew has quite a few camel sweaters right now. I’m really wanting a Jenni Kayne too but not sure I want to spend the money for one right now. 

        1. I’ll let you know if I ever pull the trigger. I heard about them in your FB group, I think, and have had my eye on one since last spring. 

    2. There are so many out there, but this one is unique in the sleeves, and also the material. Do you have a problem with wool/cashmere? If not, I like these:

      https://shopstyle.it/l/bniTN – I have this Halogen one, it is verrrrry soft. Usually goes on sale so maybe wait and see on that.

      This one is a v-neck: https://shopstyle.it/l/bniUf

      Everlane makes a nice one: https://shopstyle.it/l/bniTW

      This ribbed mock neck is pretty: https://shopstyle.it/l/bniUE

      I love this, but maybe too dressy: https://shopstyle.it/l/bniWa

      J.Crew does a basic crew: https://shopstyle.it/l/bniU6

      And this turtleneck in their supersoft yarn would be lovely: https://shopstyle.it/l/bniVb

      Or this mockneck has nice details, I have this in teal, very flattering: https://shopstyle.it/l/bniWE

      And Talbots has this, different style, but pretty: https://shopstyle.it/l/bniXa

  9. Great post Jolynne! We’ve been dining indoors for a while now and living it Maine it’s now our only option. However this outfit formula is perfect for afternoon soccer games! I’m bummed the camel is sold out in my size but I just scooped up the sweater in red. It’ll be perfect for December. 

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