Casual Holiday Party Outfit

Okay, guys. I’ll just put it right out there. I’m not feeling the holiday fashion just yet. It still seems so early!

But those festive events will be here before we know it, and there’s nothing better than having the perfect thing already hanging in your closet ready to wear when the time comes to get dressed for a holiday party.

Casual Holiday Party Outfit: Loft Cowl Neck Tunic with black skinny jeans and black suede over-the-knee boots

This green cowl neck tunic is an easy piece to transition from day to night. You can wear it with flats for a work wear or daytime look, or pair it with black jeans (bonus points for leather or velvet) and heels for a great casual holiday party outfit.

Loft Cowl Neck Tunic

This tunic sweater is a nice fine gauge knit, and it comes in 6 really pretty fall colors. It’s true to size, but you can size up for a roomier fit. I have the small, but I might like it better in a medium.

This is a really nice closet staple that is highly versatile, AND it’s 40% off right now! Use code WORKIT at checkout, and opt for Store Pickup to avoid shipping fees.

Casual Holiday Party Outfit: Loft Cowl Neck Tunic with black skinny jeans and black suede over-the-knee boots

I wore black jeans and black suede over the knee boots to dress up the look for a festive but still comfortable and casual holiday party outfit.

My jeans need no introduction. I feel like I’m really over-wearing them during this winter style series, but I feel like just about every outfit I want to put together looks best with black jeans! At least you can see that while they’re pricey, on a cost-per-wear basis, they’re really a good value. I’ve had these for a couple of years, and they still look new. Best of all, they’re 30% off right now at both Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom.

Stuart Weitzman Alljill black suede over the knee boots

My Stuart Weitzman boots were a splurge last year when they went 50% off after the holidays, and this style is no longer available, so I linked to a variety of options in the shopping widget below.

If you’re looking to splurge this season, Bloomingdale’s has a lot of their SW boots on sale. Some are marked down, and others qualify for the $25 off every $100 you spend promo that’s going on right now.

I’ve had this clutch for a while, I actually got it from Trunk Club during last year’s holiday season. I use it a lot throughout the year when we go out to dinner and I want to add a little bling to a casual outfit.

R Minkoff Leo Clutch

I’m not a fan of wearing necklace with a cowl neck top, so I wore these large beaded mixed metal drop earrings for some extra bling. They’re nice and lightweight but really pack a visual punch.

I also wore my silver link bracelet, but this would be a good opportunity to wear something with a little more visual weight. The sleeves on this sweater could be pushed up to showcase a fun bracelet like this cuff or a this wrap bracelet.

Loft Cowl Neck Tunic

This is the type of outfit I’d wear to a holiday open house in someone’s home, friendsgiving, a cookie exchange with girlfriends… things like that. You could even take it a step further with black velvet jeans and pumps, if you want to be a little more dressed-up.

There’s a lot of focus on bling and sparkle for holiday style, and we do get more gussied up for my husband’s office holiday party, but most of our events are get-togethers with friends and venues that call for more casual attire. This outfit is perfect for those types of holiday events.

Casual Holiday Party Outfit: Loft Cowl Neck Tunic with black skinny jeans and black suede over-the-knee boots

cowl neck tunic // black jeans (budget option) // OTK boots (similar here and here) // clutch (also at Amazon) // earrings // bracelet // photo credit: Alison Cornell

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Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the winter outfit she’s styling today!

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  1. haha I am not feeling the Christmas spirit yet, either. I couldn’t believe it when I visited Starbucks just 2 days after Halloween and they had out all their Christmas decorations, holiday drinks, and the baristas were wearing Santa hats!! WHAT? Love this outfit and I really think this Loft tunic sweater is a winner for everyone! It is available in regular, petite, plus and comes in so many colors!

  2. Cute, I like that you went with green & not red. Most of my holiday events are pretty casual, so something like this would be great. 

  3. I’m trying to finish fall projects so I can start our Clark Griswald-ian overdecorating for Christmas.  

    Really loving these Loft sweaters you’ve been featuring…great price point AND comfy style?  I’m all in!  

  4. It’s 63 here and real foggy, so y’all would be able to take some great pictures.  That is a very nice holiday outfit.  Larry can and will do plumbing work, but he hates it.  Today we are finally going to put up the sconce lights in our bedroom, YAY!   There’s a neighborhood bonfire tomorrow night, with some out of town guests coming with a couple of the neighbors, which will be fun.  There could easily be 25-30 people there.  Larry says that even though he resumes chemo tomorrow and will probably be feeling awful, we’re going, at least for a little bit.  It will be in the 40’s, so the fire will feel good.  And I will probably deer hunt at least once.  Have a great weekend!

  5. I love this look, it looks really great on you and it is great for many body types. I get frustrated with dressing for holiday parties because I tend to run hot at my age lol. I cannot wear a long sleeve sweater without beads of sweat appearing on my brow, and house parties tend to be on the warm side when lots of people are invited. It’s really a struggle sometimes to find cute clothing that won’t make me hot.

  6. You have introduced me to premium denim, and I can’t thank you enough! I dress up every day for work, and I cannot tell you how much I look forward to “jeans day” on Fridays! The AG’s are so comfortable and flattering, and they are worth every penny! And thanks to you, I buy them on sale! 

  7. Are they the exact same jean at both Bloomingdales and Nordstrom? The description at Bloomingdales says “Black Stretch Sateen” whereas the Nordstrom ones only say AG Legging Ankle? I ordered my two sizes as I am kinda in between and the reviews say they have stretch…are you wearing your normal size?

    1. It’s hard to know exactly how the fabric compares. This is my exact pair: https://amzn.to/2SYtwHb

      This is the Nordstrom pair, and they are price matching — assumably with Bloomingdale’s b/c they’re the same price. They only price match if they’re the same item. https://shopstyle.it/l/UPy1

      Bloomies Fabric: Cotton/modal/polyester/polyurethane

      Nordstrom Fabric: 55% viscose, 25% cotton, 18% polyester, 2% elastane

      Amazon Fabric: 55% Rayon, 25% Cotton, 18% Polyester, 2% Spandex

      From that, it appears the Bloomies pair is slightly different fabric, and I think Nordstrom and Amazon are the same. I also found these on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2DwF0gv

      That fabric is slightly different from the above pairs, but seems more like the “sateen” – 59% Cotton, 31% Modal, 8% Polyester, 2% Polyurethane. I just added them to my next Prime Wardrobe order so I can compare, but I won’t have them in time to report back during this sale.

      I think when it comes to different fabrics, what people like and dislike is a very personal thing. My best advice, if you are considering them, is to just order a pair while on sale, and return if you don’t like them. Shipping and returns are free, so there’s nothing to lose. 🙂 Also, I’d order 2 sizes, as I find the Legging Ankle Styles vary slightly, and I have 28 in some and 29 in others.

  8. Love it ,this is what I will be wearing to most of 
    My casual parties.
    Interesting to see how you left off the necklace for bling 
    In other areas!
    Snowing in Chicago this morning !!
    Get ready ❄️ is coming!

  9. I really like this outfit. Are you able to keep your boots/shoes on when going to a house party? I always struggle with that knowing I will have to take my boots or shoes off when going to a house party and then my outfit doesn’t look as nice without them. It’s snowing here in southern Minnesota so this weekend I’ll be slowly taking my fall decor down and transitioning to winter.

  10. This is right in my wheel house…except for the OTK boots, I finally gave up. Seems there are rarely events to really dress up for these days and so outfits like this are usually perfect for parties and such. Cute and the added bling makes it special. Have a great weekend! XO

  11. This outfit is so flattering on you. I don’t like to order and pay shipping but my store doesn’t have this in stock. Hummmmm. Thinking. Love the sweater. Wish it would get cool here. Still into summery clothes in Savannah.

    1. Yeah, I hate to pay return shipping, so I’m with ya. It’s pretty popular, though, I think most people really like it. It’s also kind of lightweight – good for milder winters.

  12. This is perfect for any casual event. I love these sweaters so much. I have two from last year, and they are easily some of the most comfortable ones I own. I have one in petite for jeans and one in regular so I can wear with leggings if I want. I also love that they’re not bulky and thick so they layer nicely with jackets and vests.

  13. You style this outfit well. Great inspiration!. I find it amusing that whenever I click on a link of a top that looks great on you, it looks so lifeless on the skinny bones model. If I were to go directly to the website I would never have chosen that top but seeing it on you makes me see how great it can be.

  14. Love, love, love that teal color on you. Looks terrific on you!
    It snowed here in Calgary on Monday night but now seems to be melting/freezing as it warms up during day and freezes over at night. Not quite in the festive season either but feel like that’s a December time, not November. We are gearing up for Remembrance Day Nov 11th. Was surprised that so many of my regular Sirius satellite stations are playing Christmas music on their usual top 40 music stations. Whaaaat??

    1. Yeah, I really can’t get on board with Christmas till after Thanksgiving. But the world of fashion is always a few months ahead, and I feel the pressure!!! The radio stations with their Christmas music on already drives me nuts.😜

  15. I love this look. We celebrate Christmas with the extended families on both sides Thanksgiving weekend so the Grandparents can drive down to FL for the winter so I love that you are posting these early! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  16. Love the color of the sweater…. seems like everything is more casual these days and this fits the bill. I like that you are giving these fashion ideas early as things will be flying off the shelves. Looking forward to some Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day outfits… bought Christmas PJ’s last year and I had fun wearing them( super cute for pics by the tree Christmas Eve) and can’t wait for December to wear them again… Will you be styling any?

    Have a great weekend

  17. Black jeans are my fav, too. So go ahead and show them styled often. 😉 
    Most of our parties are house parties, as well. I rarely dress up now! Like you, 
    I like to put a little more effort into my outfit at Christmastime. The most bling I have are earrings. 

  18. Still not sweater weather here yet. We had another dry, hot 84 degree day with Santa Ana winds. On the plus side it makes it easy to get dressed for work each morning. Downside is the air is so dry and my skin feels like a lizard. 😦 would love a little humidity! 

    I know most of your readers seem to be in colder climates but would you consider styling some winter outfits for warmer winters? I went on the Nordstrom website last night to look for something new- anything- but gave up after about 5 minutes as nothing hit me as irresistible. Since you know the new merchandise so well I’d love to know if you’ve found any cute new tops or dresses or skirts for winter that would be good in milder temps. 

    1. Did you see my try on sesh yesterday? It’s hard for me to even think about dressing for a mild winter. I’m not even sure how I would do that, I’ve lived on the east coast my whole life. 🙂 What do you do? Lots of layers?

      1. Yes, I saw your short sleeved tops for holiday parties- really cute ideas. I guess I’m looking for something new to wear to work or out to lunch or dinner that is more reflective of fall/winter but not super warm either. Our night and early morning temps have lowered now (I woke up at 2:00 last night freezing as we still sleep with the windows cracked open and I sleep in summer pjs, but I had to get up and go put on my PJ Salvage long pajamas and long sleeved top – it was in the 50s!) This morning when I got up at 8:00 it was in the high 50s, but now at 11:00 am it’s 70 degrees with a high of 77 predicted. Yesterday, my husband and I were out running errands, and I was in jeans and a very thin 3/4 length sleeve sweater and TB sandals and I was actually a little chilly. My husband of course laughed at me since it was 75 degrees out 🙂 Many people were in spring-like tops, I saw a lot of shorts, and jeans with short sleeves tees.

        In the cooler temps here, we usually dress more like you guys would in the fall I guess. LOFT is a good place to find thinner sweaters and I am a huge fan of cardigan sweaters, blazers and jackets for layering, but not feeling too warm. I have a ton of thin jackets (Caslon at Nordstrom has many different casual style jackets).

        I follow a couple So CA fashion bloggers who dress super cute and beautifully, but much of the items they feature are designer and my budget doesn’t allow for a $400 Tory Burch dress. 😀 They will sometimes wear items from Ann Taylor, J Crew, or Banana Republic which are definitely in my price range.

        I love the midi length skirts that are popular now as they can be worn with sweaters and booties for our mild CA winters. “The Mother Chic” blogger who I know you are friends with featured a really cute pleated midi skirt a few weeks ago from J Crew that I bought in pink and have paired it with a chambray denim shirt one time and another time with a gray tee and a denim jacket ; it’s perfect!

      2. I live in the Southwest. We get cold weather (eventually) but winters are short. I rely on long sleeve tees and tops, lightweight sweaters, and thinner sweatshirts. I have warm coats for outside (“packable down” is good enough), and it’s generally warm inside. Heavy, bulky, or woolen sweaters tend to be a poor investment for me.

        Aside from the weather, lighter weight fabrics and styles look better on a petite figure (like mine). Heavy, bulky styles can look overwhelming. So I guess I’m dressing for my figure as well as the weather.

        I love the outfit you’ve shown here. I could wear this. And it looks beautiful on you. I have some new, weathered black jeans and I was wondering what colors to wear with them. This lovely green sweater is perfect!

  19. I broke down and got this sweater today because it looks so cute on you! Actually I got this green one and the crumb colored one, they’re that good. These are totally my my style.

    1. Oh and I’m planning to wear these with the new LOFT leopard vest you showcased! Oh yah!

      It’s funny how some years are really good at LOFT and some years aren’t but they nailed it this year, so many great pieces.

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