Coffee Talk 01.22.17

Good morning, friends! It’s another foggy, dreary morning here in PA. I’m starting to just expect it. It makes me want to cozy up by the fireplace with a bottomless mug of hot coffee and read all day, but we have other plans… church, of course, and maybe lunch out with friends.

I’m also debating a run. I’m due for one, and I don’t think it’s raining hard enough to give me an adequate excuse to skip it, but I might pretend that it is. Ha! It just looks so unwelcoming out there, and I’m so cozy and warm here by my space heater in my fleece robe and shearling slippers.

Well, it’s been quite a week for our country, hasn’t it? I prefer to steer clear of discussions of politics and other controversial topics here on the blog, unless, of course, the controversy relates to matters of fashion. Wanna discuss this dreadful printed leggings trend or the return of shoulder pads? Bring it on! LOL!

It will be interesting to see how things unfold over the next few weeks and months, but no matter who is in power, this world is not our home, and my hope is in Jesus and Him alone. As long as I keep that perspective, I don’t get too stressed out over the goings-on out there.

Speaking of which, I’ve been really enjoying the latest series on the Gospel of John from She Reads Truth. Every morning I get up, pull on my robe, brush my teeth, and go downstairs to make a cup of coffee and catch up on the latest reading. I’m subscribed so they come to me in my email inbox, which really helped me at first when I was trying to get into this routine. I would forget and head for my computer, and when I saw the email, I remembered to stop and have my morning devotions.

I’ve been using their daily readings for well over a year, now, and I like some of their series better than others, but this one is definitely one of my all time favorites. For one thing, I like how we are reading through an entire book of the Bible. I’m not a fan of taking passages out of context, and this way, we definitely keep it all in perspective.

Some of the devotional writers are better than others, but I usually find a nugget of wisdom to take away from their thoughts on the passage. If nothing else, it’s an opportunity to start my day with time in the Word and prayer, and that’s a discipline I could never quite seem to establish until I started using this.

I had to look at my calendar to see what I have on the agenda this week. It’s fairly open, which always makes me happy. I do have two appointments — one is for a haircut and color, and the other is to enroll in TSA Precheck. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages, and I’m traveling three times over the next three months, so I decided it’s time to go ahead and get it taken care of.

As for my hair, I’ve been letting it get longer, and I like it, but it is sooo thin, I feel like I should probably take off some length. The main reason I’m going in is for my color, though. With dark hair, the grey shows up so quickly. I’ve got a standing appointment every eight weeks, but I think I might need to back it up to six or seven. Ladies with dark hair, how often do you touch up your roots???

I know a lot of women are starting to go natural and own the grey, and it looks amazing on so many of you, but I am in no way ready for that. I love having dark hair, and it’s always been part of my identity in a way, so I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and go in more often.

I’ve tried some of the touchup products, and they’re okay, but I’m lazy and I’d rather just have it taken care of for me at the salon. Plus, I love my hairdresser, so it’s more time to hang out with her! (Gotta keep that glass half-full, ya know!)

Have a blessed Sunday!