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Good morning, friends! It’s another foggy, dreary morning here in PA. I’m starting to just expect it. It makes me want to cozy up by the fireplace with a bottomless mug of hot coffee and read all day, but we have other plans… church, of course, and maybe lunch out with friends.

I’m also debating a run. I’m due for one, and I don’t think it’s raining hard enough to give me an adequate excuse to skip it, but I might pretend that it is. Ha! It just looks so unwelcoming out there, and I’m so cozy and warm here by my space heater in my fleece robe and shearling slippers.

Well, it’s been quite a week for our country, hasn’t it? I prefer to steer clear of discussions of politics and other controversial topics here on the blog, unless, of course, the controversy relates to matters of fashion. Wanna discuss this dreadful printed leggings trend or the return of shoulder pads? Bring it on! LOL!

It will be interesting to see how things unfold over the next few weeks and months, but no matter who is in power, this world is not our home, and my hope is in Jesus and Him alone. As long as I keep that perspective, I don’t get too stressed out over the goings-on out there.

Speaking of which, I’ve been really enjoying the latest series on the Gospel of John from She Reads Truth. Every morning I get up, pull on my robe, brush my teeth, and go downstairs to make a cup of coffee and catch up on the latest reading. I’m subscribed so they come to me in my email inbox, which really helped me at first when I was trying to get into this routine. I would forget and head for my computer, and when I saw the email, I remembered to stop and have my morning devotions.

I’ve been using their daily readings for well over a year, now, and I like some of their series better than others, but this one is definitely one of my all time favorites. For one thing, I like how we are reading through an entire book of the Bible. I’m not a fan of taking passages out of context, and this way, we definitely keep it all in perspective.

Some of the devotional writers are better than others, but I usually find a nugget of wisdom to take away from their thoughts on the passage. If nothing else, it’s an opportunity to start my day with time in the Word and prayer, and that’s a discipline I could never quite seem to establish until I started using this.

I had to look at my calendar to see what I have on the agenda this week. It’s fairly open, which always makes me happy. I do have two appointments — one is for a haircut and color, and the other is to enroll in TSA Precheck. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages, and I’m traveling three times over the next three months, so I decided it’s time to go ahead and get it taken care of.

As for my hair, I’ve been letting it get longer, and I like it, but it is sooo thin, I feel like I should probably take off some length. The main reason I’m going in is for my color, though. With dark hair, the grey shows up so quickly. I’ve got a standing appointment every eight weeks, but I think I might need to back it up to six or seven. Ladies with dark hair, how often do you touch up your roots???

I know a lot of women are starting to go natural and own the grey, and it looks amazing on so many of you, but I am in no way ready for that. I love having dark hair, and it’s always been part of my identity in a way, so I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and go in more often.

I’ve tried some of the touchup products, and they’re okay, but I’m lazy and I’d rather just have it taken care of for me at the salon. Plus, I love my hairdresser, so it’s more time to hang out with her! (Gotta keep that glass half-full, ya know!)

Have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. You’re lucky if you can go 8 weeks, I’m up to every 5 weeks, and that’s pushing it! I haven’t found a root coverup that really works either, and as soon as I see gray I want it gone!

  2. I go every 5 weeks for cut and color. My hair is very fine/thin and getting thinner with age so the color (and body perm) makes it look thicker and for that reason I would be hesitant to stop coloring it but I admire women with beautiful gray/white hair-I would not be one of them.

    Thank you for writing an uplifting blog.

    God bless.

  3. I feel like 2 week after i do my roots i see gray again. I think I do my roots every 6 weeks. I love my dark short hair i not ready to be gray yet. Have a blessed Sunday!

  4. Thank you for your thoughts on She Reads Truth–I’d like to give that a try, for the same reasons you mentioned. As for the hair color, I’m here to say that you have a loooong way to go before you should consider letting it go naturally gray! I too, used to go in every 8 weeks…then 7…6…5…well, you get it! Now, right at 4 weeks, it is a scary sight, if the wind blows it so that my roots show! But the consensus in my house (and per my hairdresser, who has always said that she will tell me when it’s time) is that I CANNOT stop coloring until my children’s weddings are behind me, and grandchildren are on the horizon! We all had a big laugh when my daughter made that statement, and my husband “high-fived” her! BTW, my mother went gray at a very young age, and I don’t even remember her with dark hair, so I guess I understand what they are saying, and I do want look as young as I can (within reason!).

  5. I like your hair getting longer- it looks good. I think there are many ladies who do look beautiful with their gray hair. But I agree with you that you should keep your dark hair. You look too young to have gray hair. I don’t color my hair, but for some reason even in my 50’s my natural color is still very light blond. Everyone thinks I color my hair lol. It does save me a lot of time and money not to have to color it.

  6. Your dark hair is beautiful Jo-Lynne! I’m naturally blonde but the gray has been creeping upon me as well. I think blondes can get away with the graying factor better than darker haired gals but still, it’s an ongoing issue. I get highlights and that helps hide a lot of the graying. Have you considered adding some highlights to your hair?
    Have a blessed Lord’s Day!

  7. I’m with you on the grey! I’m not ready to go natural. I also was going every eight weeks and just in the past 6 months I realized it really starts to bother me around week 6. I just went in for my touch up and trim yesterday at week 7. I try to remember the proverbs verse “white hair is a crown of glory and is seen most among the godly” but I’m not ready to show my crown 😉
    Love your blog and your style. Have a great day!

  8. Oh Jolynne! Thank you, thank you, thank you for restraining from bringing politics into your blog! That’s one of the reasons I enjoy reading it every day!

  9. I’m also a brunette who turned 50. I have my hair colored every 6 weeks and you can really see the gray by then. Luckily I’m very tall so most people can’t see it! I started having high and low lights put in and I am really loving it. Nothing too drastic as I like my dark color. Your dark color is perfect on you and really brings out your eyes!

    I also would like to do a devotional everyday. I need to find something like that too. Have a great week.

  10. I know how you feel about the grey Jo-Lynne!
    I follow this group on FB called Going Grey Gracefully—even if you’re not ready for it yet, it’s very inspiring to see how the grey looks on others!!
    I know, I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of chemicals that my body is exposed to both in my food, and in my beauty products. Not that we’ll ever be 100% natural everything, but every little bit helps—I hope!!

  11. I’m 57 and my hairdresser asked me in December if I plan on “letting my hair go natural “. I have curly red hair and I assumed she was talking about the curl, which she knows I like, so I was a bit confused. So she clarified, “no, the grey, it’s taking over your crown.” Ha! So I’ve gotten my hair colored twice now. She said about 5-6 weeks and the grey would start showing through again. I did a semi permanent color that’s just like my old color a few years ago. My red hair had really been fading/greying and I’m thrilled with my new “old” color.

    And thank God, Jesus is on the thrown!

    1. Michelle, I am also a fellow red head and about your age and going gray around my face and part. I had always heard that red heads do not gray! Right!???? Do you do the semi permanent color yourself? Or hairdresser? My hairdresser said if my gray grows back quickly, that means my hair is growing fast and that means I am healthy! I will go with that!!
      Love Jesus!
      Paula K.

      1. Paula, my hubby is a redhead and his has lightened up a lot, but not really grey. Just a lighter red. Lucky him and you!

  12. Jo-Lynne, I love that you do a devotional everyday, Ive had one on my phone called First Five, meaning it pops up on my phone everyday and it is a quick 5 minute devotional, which for me since I work is great!
    As for hair, I agree, I’m 57 and have mine colored every 8 weeks, about 3 weeks in I have to use like a root touchup around my face hairline but I’m lucky I have thick hair so the other root places don’t show as much but my hair is very short as you know from Fashion over 40 posts. Don’t think I will ever let my hair go natural, just can’t do it, many look stunning with gray hair I think some friends look much, much older with theirs natural and Im not ready for that, lol!

  13. I have dark thin hair like you too. I have decided to keep my hair length right around the top of my shoulders. Any longer, it seems like it looks too thin. As for color. UGH! If I could afford it, I would go in for root touch up every two weeks, but instead, I go every 4 weeks. Sometimes 3 weeks if I have something going on that I have to go to that people will see me! (Like a work function with my husband’s office or something) Otherwise, I use a powder root touchup that works fairly well. It took a long time for me to find a salon that had a color line that could cover my gray/white completely. Sometimes the brand wouldn’t cover completely and I felt like a had stripes on top of my head. It took about 5 years of trying different salons that had different color lines to find one that actually covers white hair with such a dark color. As I get grayer and grayer I really am bothered by the fact that I have to go and sit for so long to get my roots done (it’s so time-consuming!) but the alternative of having white hair is something I am not ready for. Looks good on guys, but not as good on most women! I don’t have the courage or the style to pull off white hair!

  14. I would love to go 8 weeks between touch ups. I can make it 5 weeks. I use Madison Reed as my go to cover up the last week. I find it long lasting, natural looking and easy to put on.

  15. Truly appreciate this post… and AMEN to trust in the Lord! Thanks for sticking to controversies in fashion…lol… so refreshing!
    Yet another example of why I enjoy your blog more than any others – you’re so relatable and in touch with what your readers want.
    BTW, I do my roots about every 6 weeks – I have very thick hair that grows quickly… my stylist paints on highlights (balayage), which seems to help make the grays less noticeable for some reason. Your hair always looks beautiful!

  16. I have a standing appointment every 5 weeks for color touch up. It’s maddening, but since I am not interested in embracing the gray, it’s really the only option. I use a root touch up product occasionally when needed but I’d rather have a professional do it rather than paint something on my scalp every time I wash my hair….who has time for that? I’ve actually grown my hair longer because I only get trims every other visit to cut down on the cost. There are a lot of things I will cut back on (Starbucks), scrimp on (at-home manicures), or just plain cheap out on (Old Navy sweaters), but my hair isn’t one of them. I guess we all pick our battles and mine is professionally-covered gray.

  17. My hair is as dark as yours. I go every six weeks to my colorist for my roots and in between appointments (every three weeks or so) I use the Clairol Root Touchup at home. I also have the Madison Reed root touchup kit that I use if I notice a stray gray. I am 53 and NOT ready to go natural.

  18. So many of these comments seem like they are from my brain! Just wanted to share as a long dark head, many moons older than you – I get my roots done every 5 weeks. Started at 8 weeks almost 20 years ago…..I’m continually inspired by you, & appreciate you so much!

  19. You are one very very lucky woman who can go 8 weeks!!! My hair dresser has me on the 5 week plan!! I’ve been going to her for over 25 years-helps to have grown up with her husband! She tells me to color my hair every 3-4 weeks as mine is a dark golden brown. I use the over the counter hair coloring that just shampoos out in about 28 washings. It works the best for my hair. Lastly, as my mother tells me dhe came into this world with brown hair, she is going out with brown hair!! She has been coloring her hair since she was 28 and is now 72, so I guess at 53 I keep coloring!! Have a blessed Sunday!

  20. Oh My Country!!! You go every 8 weeks?!? Lucky woman, I stretch it to 4 weeks then I put a box in that buys me another 2.5 weeks. It’s a great lesson for my teenage girls though. My mother once told me when I was in high school and wanting to use Sun-In (yes 80’s rocked) that “not to mess with your hair color because there was going to come a day when YOU HAD too and you wouldn’t like it”. My Momma has always been one smart lady, the first Hispanic female telephone operator for Ma Bell in north west New Mexico, not to brag. So I tell my girls the same thing.

  21. I get my roots done every 5 weeks. I make the appointments two or three times ahead so that I know not to schedule anything else at that time. I’m still in my 30s but have quite a bit of gray. Way too young to let it go! This time, I’m due for a cut. I’m debating whether to get a trim or go for something shoulder length or a bit below. I’ll probably just get a trim. I’m chicken…

  22. Hi Jo-Lynne – I could talk about the grey, too – but I’m going to hit on your comment about the colored leggings. THAAANK YOU!!! Man, I hate those things. My daughter had a party about them, which I didn’t attend, but at a family gathering shortly after, two of my [adult] girls had on gosh-awful outfits. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS! And if you’re a little thick in the thighs those designs go on for days!! haha! (I do wear dark leggings with tunics and boots).
    Anyway, thanks for letting me get THAT out!! Have a wonderful week! I have my root touch up on Friday!

    One last thing – I wanted to thank you for the information on starting a blog. I have and am learning so much about the “business” end (I’ve always written but not to make any $$). I’m still figuring out affiliate links, and am actually “hiring” my daughter to manage all of the social media. Still in infancy stage. Although I may eventually post an outfit or two, mine is lifestyle/learning geared to women 45-65, empty nesters still active, not ready to retire. Thanks again. Andrea

  23. This hair conversation tickles me because though I’m not a brunette, the silver sparklies are making their way through the others. I laugh because I’m fairly certain my biggest grey patches are at the front corners of my hairline. Why can’t we grey from beneath? 🙂 I have had the discussion with my husband that I have been a fairly low maintenance girl. Hair cut and color about every 10-12 weeks. Well, now we’re down to 8 weeks, and I’d really like to make it 6, but since I am blondeish, I can limp along those extra two weeks, FOR NOW. I’ve told him my stylist and I are keeping me blonde until I have to go in more than every 4 weeks. Then, we have to make another plan. I am recertifying as a speech pathologist, mostly in an effort to help pay our kids’ college tuition bills, but I think there might need to be a line-item for the care and maintenance of ol’ Gretch’s skin, hair, and teeth. LOL

  24. Go for your run! Once you’re outside, it won’t be that bad and you’ll feel better for it afterwards .????
    I don’t dye my hair overall but have highlights that grow out naturally so I can easily go eight weeks between appointments. Your hair always looks wonderful and you’re far too young to go grey.

  25. So funny you mentioned the printed leggings because I just got an invitation to an at-home LuLaRoe party next week. I’m seeing them everywhere and on girls/ladies/women from the age of 12 to 60 around here in So California. I think they’re cute if styled right and of course super comfortable.

  26. I’m 30 and I have a nice streak of grey coming in. Everyone around me keeps covering up theirs. I’m keeping mine. I like it and it’s trendy right now to be silver anyway!

  27. My grey is sporadic and my hair is very similar to yours. Dark brown, fine and thin. I’ve been going every nine weeks but should probably go every 8. I hold out as long as I can. I’ve also been doing tape in extensions for a couple of years bc my hair is so thin. Have you ever considered that? I love them and feel adddicted to them now BC they give me long full hair.
    On another note…Thank you for sharing the devotional. I haven’t tried that one but would like to. Blessings!

  28. I have my roots done every five to six weeks. When my gray start showing up after 3 weeks I use L’Oreal Root Cover Up. It’s a spray, and it’s a lot easier and faster to use than the powder I was using before.

  29. You will LOVE having TSA precheck! Especially in Orlando airport, it’s a game changer! Not having to remove your shoes, laptop, belt. But for me the best feature is the shorter lines. I hate having my purse go thru and find its waiting there alone unattended at the end of the belt. Not with tSA precheck. I’m usually at the end of the belt before my purse! You will find it’s $ well spent.

    1. I mean that as a Christian, my final home is in heaven, and it’s a reminder to not to get too attached to things of this world or disappointed by them. I hope that makes sense.

      1. Absolutely his world is definitely not my eternal home. Love your and Cyndi’s blog! They are my “go to” blogs pretty much every day! Stay blessed! P.s. I cover my grey every 4 weeks! ❤

  30. I’ve just recently subscribed and am enjoying your blog. I can definitely see myself in many of the outfits you share with us. I too have dark hair and am coloring about every 6 weeks. Totally not ready to go gray. Who knows, maybe when my girls are old enough to give me grandchildren, I’ll consider!

    Thank you for sharing the website for daily readings. It is always a better day when I start it off grounded in God’s word.

  31. So sweet to hear your heart and devotion
    To God!
    I love your blog and sometime ago
    God talked to me about having my devotion before computer time!
    I love everyday in his presence by Charles
    As for hair… Eight weeks is perfect!
    My daughter is a hairdresser here in
    Chicago..her salon also uses
    Color wow for roots in between!
    Happy Sunday! Standing on Gods

  32. Every. three. weeks!
    My hair is dark and grows very fast. My gray leans more toward white, so it shows quickly. I usually use a daily touch-up product starting 5-7 days before my color, depending on what I’m doing that day.
    It’s a pain, but I’m not ready to embrace my gray yet. 🙂

  33. I’m trying the root touch up kit from dpHue at Ulta. It’s $30 for a box with two treatments in it. I’ve been using their color touch up gloss also. It’s a great conditioner and has helped me stretch my root touch ups but it washes out too.

  34. I was having my roots done every 4 weeks!!! Eeeek!!! Then I discovered Madison Reed touchup and I can now go every 5 weeks! I could probably go even longer – this stuff has AMAZING coverage and LASTS!!! An added benefit is I use it on my eyebrows and it works better than another other brow product I’ve tried!!

  35. I get my hair done every 5 weeks, but I go a much lighter shade than my natural color. Also, if you want a morning devotional that goes through books of the Bible, try the First5 app.

  36. I’ve always liked being a blonde, but I have to say it makes going gray really easy. I’ve got a ton of gray and it comes off as blonde and people can’t even tell. I can go about 4-6 months in between color touch ups. Yay me!!! You do a great job of camouflaging yours…I never see any signs????

  37. I have a standing appointment every 4 weeks. I have auburn/brown hair. I found that (with help from my hairdresser) I had to gradually lighten up with highlights in my hair. The highlights help the gray not to look as bad. It really helps and also my lightened up hair helps me not look as old!

    1. I think I may lighten mine up eventually for a softer look (and also to help hide the grey) but I’m not ready yet. I actually think I probably color it a shade darker than my natural color.

  38. Thank you so much for the devotion resource! I’ve been looking for something to get me into the habit of regular morning devotions. And I wish I could go 8 weeks before getting my grey roots touched up. I can go 5 weeks…6 weeks max but by 6 weeks I’m totally embarrassed about all the grey that is coming in. I found a root concealer spray by Style Edit that is pretty good. I hate having to spray my roots but it’s nice in a pinch when you get close to your salon touch up!

  39. Jo-Lynne, I feel your pain on dark hair and gray roots. Not to be weird, but I think you and I have a similar “look” (shoulder length dark, thin hair, face structure), and I color my hair myself every four weeks. It’s too hard to be away from the house on the weekends for 3 hours for a cut and color. I have no suggestions but wanted to commiserate and hope someone else has a solution for dark hair and stubborn wiry grays that show up so fast.

  40. I used to go every 6 weeks, but now go every 4. Probably 5 would be perfect but I have every other Friday off, so it needs to be an even number! LOL. I find the hair color plumps my hair also, so that is another reason to go more often. Thin hair is yet another joy in my life… Hah!

  41. I have dark hair too & my hair grows fast so I go for a root touch up every three weeks and get a trim every 6. I get highlights too so those need to be refreshed every 3rd visit or so. I wear my hair in a style very similar to yours; maybe just an inch shorter. Sounds like a lot but I guess I’m just used to the routine!

  42. I have dark hair. I found my first gray hair when I was 12, so I knew I was going to gray early like my parents. I am solid gray (it’s a pretty white), but I’m not ready for that, yet. I go to the hair dresser every three weeks.

    As for the printed leggings, I have some with sewing machines on them. I wear them to quilting retreats with my friends.

  43. Love your blog! I am brunette and unfortunately prematurely white!!! But don’t tell anyone! With that said…I have to get a touch up every three weeks. I have thick hair but get a white halo going on. I have found a great product that you spray to give you temporary root coverage. It is great for the part in your hair and anywhere your hair separates and exposes the roots! It is a bit tricky to do around the hairline as the spray is quite strong and thus messy for this area but after working with it a bit, it can be mastered. It helps extend the time between salon colorings and great in a pinch! There are also some crayon like forms of this product and brush on root cover items as well but I find they make hair a bit goopy. The spray is finer and doesn’t weigh down the hair.

      1. I use a powder called “Color WOW” I also have a spray by Rita Hazaan. Of the two, I prefer the powder. Loreal has come out with a spray that is supposed to be a dupe for Rita Hazaan at 1/4 of the price.

  44. We just got Global Entry, which includes TSA pre check, also good for 5 years and just 15 bucks more. You can compare the two programs online. I’m out of town now and will be using my Global Entry at LAX next week for the first time when I fly home.

  45. I get a full color, so that it’s even, every 4-5 weeks depending on schedule – I prefer 4. If you’re going to do it that often, make SURE it’s a good brand of gentle color AND do a conditioning treatment at the color session with the hot dryer. It makes a big difference. And once a week I use a deep conditioner by bed head – it’s awesome and so popular it’s usually sold out – i can send the name or a pic if you want?

    1. Yes, link please! I’m definitely going to move to every 6 weeks and ask my hairdresser about protecting my hair. I’m still not so grey I need to do every 4-5, but it will be nice to freshen it up every 6, I think.

  46. I’ll add my 2 bit on color. I go every 4-5 weeks like many of you. I also use “Joan Rivers Great Hair Day” almost daily. It is a powder. Comes with a brush. Covers my gray beautifully without transferring or brushing out. The best part ~ my hair is quite thin & I also use it on my part to just cover the skin tone. You will be amazed at what a difference this makes on thin dark hair!! It instantly looks thicker.
    My stylist now recommends it to all her clients with thinning or graying hair.
    One note, I make sure to not use it before a coloring. the color does not take as well at the roots where you want the color!! We figured that one out the hard way.
    I have also used a powder from Ulta that is similar (cannot recall the name, but a powder & brush set), but I prefer the Joan Rivers.

  47. As time goes on I think we all need to go in sooner for that hair color! I’m now up to a trim and do semi permanent color every 4 weeks. I have brown hair and so does my 86year young mother, who by the way gets her hair colored every 4 weeks too!
    Smart move on TSA precheck! It is well worth $!

  48. I’m definitely in the minority on the hair coloring subject. I was coloring my dark brown hair every 2 weeks for several years because I would get a white skunk stripe. I’m curious as to when you and/or your readers think the appropriate age is to go gray? I’m 48 and started the 8-month process at age 47. The first few months were the hardest, but I have gotten COUNTLESS compliments on my white/silver/gray hair. I rarely ever got comments when my hair was brown. The time, money, and stress of coloring was no longer worth it to me. I have never once wished I was still coloring. It’s so liberating to go on vacation and not worry about my roots; or attend my sons’ swim meets and baseball games and worry about the wind revealing my roots. I’m curious to know why ladies are afraid to let their hair go natural? Is it the fear of the unknown (not knowing what their real color is)? Fear of not being accepted? Fear of …? Many husbands (of friends, acquaintances, and strangers) have approached me and told me they wish their wives would stop coloring. They tell me they don’t like their spouse’s hair “looking fake”. If only more women would realize that!

    1. I certainly don’t think there is an appropriate age to go grey. It’s definitely a personal decision, and I know some women who look fabulous with grey hair in their 40s, 50s, 60s… it’s up to each woman when/if she wants to embrace the grey. I think the women commenting are each sharing their personal story and the way they feel about their own hair, not all women. I asked how often they color, so the women who color chimed in. I am sure many others reading along are embracing their grey. I don’t have any fears of going grey. I just like my dark hair. It’s that simple. 🙂

  49. Wow, so many of us w the dark hair issues! I color my hair every 6 weeks, but do it myself. I use the color wow powder in between, it just takes off some of the “shimmer’ of the gray popping through;-) It can buy me a few more days, but then I am over it. I like your hair longer, I think it looks great and you look younger! I see the shorter look on some of the pics I have on pinterest and this length is fabulous on you! Yeah, I am going to try and lighten up a bit so I can color less frequently/the gray won’t stand out SO much!

    1. Thanks! I’ve always preferred my hair a bit longer, about this length. I hated that I had to cut it when it got so thin. I hope I can keep it this time. 🙂 If I take it up some, it won’t be more than an inch, and I’ll let it grown in again. I wish it were thick enough for some layers, but I think I better leave well enough alone, lol!

  50. I’m glad I read this post and through all the comments. I’ve now got some good ideas for products to cover grey between colorings. I’m 45 and have had noticeable grey since about 25. I’m not particularly upset by it, but people always tell me my face looks much too young to have grey hair-I’m often literally mistaken for twenty-something when the roots aren’t showing. Some folks actually act like I’m deliberately lying to them when I tell them my age. I find young people are the least rude about it-they generally just pay a compliment and move on.

    I go every six weeks and if there’s something important, a party, etc I go after five. After week three I usually start parting my hair in different ways to hide the incoming grey growth. I have highlights, which I think adds needed dimension. There are so many different hair colors these days, I’m not sure why anyone would be concerned with how ‘real’ someone’s hair is. Even folks without grey issues will often change their color a few times a year.

  51. As usual, I’m running behind on my reading. ???? Although my natural color is pretty dark, I started going gray in my late 20’s. I’m sure it’s probably all gray by now! Since my hair grows really fast, I have a standing appointment every four weeks but I could really go at three. ???????? I have had it lightened before with highlights and I think I’m going to have to do it again and stick with it! Although I’m not quite ready to embrace the gray, I often think of the money I could save if I would cut out the hair and nail appointments. Lol

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