Wear Now & Later: LOFT Ribbed Open Cardigan

Good morning, friends! Happy Monday! I hope everyone stayed safe over the weekend with all the weather events and the marches going on.

Thanks for all your feedback on my post yesterday regarding hair color and covering grey. There were so many comments that I gave up replying to each one, but I read them all, and I can see that it’s not crazy at all to consider getting my color touched up more often than every 7-8 weeks. I think I’m going to talk to my hairdresser this week about backing it up to a 6-week schedule and see how that goes. I start noticing the grey peeping through around 4 or 5 weeks, but it’s not super noticeable at that point, and it’s mostly in the temples and some on top.

As someone said yesterday, why do we start going grey in the most conspicuous spots!?! So annoying, but then, I have experienced hair loss, and I know how demoralizing that is, so I can’t complain too much about the grey. I’m just glad to have hair.

So today I’m styling a really cute cardigan that’s a great wear now and later piece, and I think you’ll be happy to see bootcut jeans for a change!

Wear Now & Later: LOFT Ribbed Open Cardigan

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen this cardigan. It’s such a great basic, and what I love most is that you can start wearing it now and then continue wearing it into spring on cooler days. It’s the perfect transition piece.

Straight cardigans like this one don’t usually do a lot to flatter your curves, but this one is made in such a way that I find it slimming, and those deep side slits seem to help somehow. I like how it hangs straight down in front and doesn’t require a lot of fussing with it to stay in place.

Wear Now & Later: LOFT Ribbed Open Cardigan

Wear Now & Later: LOFT Ribbed Open Cardigan

Wear Now & Later: LOFT Ribbed Open Cardigan

SALE ALERT >> Tops and sweaters at LOFT are Buy One, Get One 50% Off! No code needed.

Blue is THE hot color this spring, and this shade is flattering on just about everyone. For today’s post, I decided to style this cardigan over a white tee with bootcut jeans and brown ankle boots, but I can see this with white jeans and ballet flats for spring, and it might even look nice over a dress. For size reference, I’m wearing the small in the cardigan.

Wear Now & Later: LOFT Ribbed Open Cardigan

Wear Now & Later: LOFT Ribbed Open Cardigan

These Sam Edelman ankle boots are great for wearing under bootcut jeans because they have a pointy toe, which elongates the leg and help create a visually slimming silhouette. They’re also very comfortable for a 3-inch heel. I really like this woodland brown. Cognac and taupe are having a moment, but this traditional brown is timeless, and it compliments blue so nicely. Bonus, they’re on sale for $89 at 6pm.com! That’s not a bad price for a quality leather boot. They run true to size.

Wear Now & Later: LOFT Ribbed Open Cardigan

Wear Now & Later: LOFT Ribbed Open Cardigan

I’m wearing the perfect white tee (size medium) designed by my friend Carly, over at Thirty Something Fashion, and I carried the saddle brown feed bag that came in my last Trunk Club. Isn’t it the perfect warm neutral against all the cool blue and white tones in the outfit? I like how it coordinates with the boots without being matchy-matchy.

This bag holds more than it looks like it will, and it’s easy to access everything inside. The leather is like butter, and it’s a fun alternative to the tote or satchel that I normally carry.

Finally, I accessorized with silver. I love this layered necklace. I find myself wearing it often with cardigans because it fills the vertical column nicely without overpowering the outfit. I added my favorite silver link bracelet and a smallish pair of triple hoop earrings.

Wear Now & Later: LOFT Ribbed Open Cardigan

Wear Now & Later: LOFT Ribbed Open Cardigan

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cardigan // perfect white tee (similar for less)
baby bootcut jeans (more sizes here)
ankle boots (Woodland Brown) // feed bag
layered necklace // link bracelet // triad hoops
watch // nails: CND Creekside

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22 Responses

  1. I really like the cardigan! I am most comfortable in the boot cut jeans. I had never thought of wearing a long cardigan with a dress I would love for you to style it that way so we could see how it’s done…. Please

  2. You look so dang cute in this outfit Jo-Lynne! The color and style of the cardigan is really nice. I may look for something similar at Target tomorrow. Because I had been coloring my hair in the blonde family, it was pretty easy for me to go natural six years ago. You do have to be ready for it, but it is so liberating and saves so much money. Men look so distinguished when they turn grey or silver, but people don’t seem to think the same thing about women. Our positive attitude helps about being silver or gray!

    It’s another dreary day in GA, but the storms are over.

    Have a blessed day!

      1. Thankfully, we did! There was a tornado that touched down in the county seat, close to our little town, but cities east of us had significant devastation and deaths. It’s really sad!

  3. Such a cute outfit and I love the sweater. Look like it’s only available in XS or L now. Boo, I waited too long! My hair is dark like yours, too, and I am needing a touch-up about every 6 weeks. I’m not quite ready to go completely gray yet. :). It seems such a drastic change from dark brunette to gray, and I’m just not quite there. Ha.

  4. I actually wore my baby boot cuts yesterday. I love them, and yes..it is a break from my skinnies.
    I wanted to comment about your hair..I was on the every 4-6 week color train for years, and I think your hair looks great. However, about 6 months ago, I made up my mind that I was going to let it all grow out, just to see what was really under there. haha. When I made the announcement to my husband I thought he was going to need CPR…(he loved my hair blonde), although that was never my natural color. Well now it is pretty much all silver. I’m over 60, and I truly don’t believe that anyone thinks a woman my age has blonde hair with no grey. I have come to embrace my natural color, and so has my husband. He compliments me on my hair all the time now.

  5. Ok, I noticed you made no comment on your jeans. So I will. LOL. They make for a polished and balanced look. They could have been a smidgeon shorter or smaller but the look is great! I love my skinnies for running errands and being out and about; but boot cut or baby bells with a heel look very put together for a lunch, casual dinner or church. My daughter is a little top heavy so these jeans don’t make her look out of proportion
    You look fantastic in this outfit!! Love the curls!

    1. LOL, you’re funny. I didn’t even realize I didn’t mention the jeans. They are getting too big, and I really wish they would get my size in so I could replace them. They’re a great cut. 🙂

  6. Your hair looks great to me–I have also struggled with hair loss-would you mind sharing any treatments that you used or other suggestions that you feel have worked ?

  7. Great look, JoLynn. I think these cardis with the side slits do hug the body a little better than other boxier types. Very pretty blue and I love the brown boots and bag with it. I’ll be styling my boot cut jeans in a future post, so we must be on the same wave length. Love your style, pretty Lady! – Amy


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