Spring 2017 Color Crush: Niagara Blue

Green may be the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year, but if my email inbox is any indication, blue is having a major moment this spring. It seems like every retailer I subscribe to has a spring collection featuring shades of blue.

I did some internet sleuthing to see if I could come up with an explanation, and I found Pantone’s top 10 colors for spring, which includes several shades of blue. Topping their list is this gorgeous blue they call Niagara. It resembles washed denim, so you know I’m in hog heaven! I figured this deserved a dedicated blog post.

I did my best to find products as close to Pantone’s shade of Niagara Blue as possible, but I’m including some other shades of blue as well. In addition to Niagara, Pantone cites a bold Lapis Blue and a cool aqua they call Island Paradise in their top 10 color trends for 2017, so I figured I could take a little liberty with the shades I picked.

Here’s what I came up with.

Crushing on Niagara Blue

Spring 2017 Color Trends to Watch: Niagara Blue

1. J.Crew Suede Pom Pom Sandals // 2. CND Denim Patch // 3. Stella & Dot Iris Tassel Earrings // 4. Sam Edelman Ballet Flats // 5. Tory Burch Gemini Link Crossbody // 6. BR Stripe Square Scarf // 7. Tory Burch Denim Espadrille Wedge // 8. Tory Burch Hinge Cuff // 9. WHBM Denim Blouse

Somehow this post got really shoe-heavy. I am totally crushing on those Tory Burch Denim Espadrilles. They are high on my spring shopping list right now, even though I fear I wouldn’t wear them enough to justify the price tag. I can totally see them with white jeans or shorts, or even a white dress. Of course they’d go with colors other than white, but I’m such a fan of blue and white, and knowing my Plain Jane ways, I expect that’s what I’d pair them with most often.

That denim blouse from White House Black Market is also begging to be paired with white jeans, don’t you agree?

Denim dresses are also trending this spring. I love this off-the-shoulder number, although I’m not young enough or cute enough to pull it off, ha! This embroidered bell sleeve shift dress has possibilities, though, and I also wouldn’t mind trying on this lace-up denim dress.

denim dress for spring

The Sam Edelman Felicia Flats have been reintroduced this spring in a slew of new colors. My favorite is the dusty blue leather pictured above.

All the ladies at my nail salon have been dying over the new CND Denim Patch. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s only a matter of time. I’m still on a Creekside kick, but I think it’s time to try the bolder Denim Patch. If you’re not brave enough to try it on your hands, definitely give it a try for your pedicure. I love blue polish on my toes, especially in spring and summer.

Neck scarves are going to be huge this spring, and Banana Republic’s Stripe Square Scarf is absolute perfection. Wouldn’t it be lovely with a yellow top??? Incidentally, Primrose Yellow is #2 on Pantone’s top 10 colors for spring.

I just ordered those Stella & Dot tassel earrings along with the coordinating beaded cuff, and I can’t wait for a chance to wear them. Wouldn’t they be adorable with those pom pom sandals?

J.Crew pom pom sandals

And finally, my favorite topic… handbags! The Gemini Link Crossbody would be a huge splurge, but I just love the easy, slouchy silhouette, and it’s such a great everyday size. While the blue is trendy and fun, I have to admit, it’s the French Grey that is calling to me, but then I’m a sucker for anything in Tory’s French Grey.

For a bag that’s still a splurge but not quite as hard on the wallet, I absolutely love this Coach Saddle Bag in the dark denim. The leather on the inside is so luxurious, and to be honest, I think you’re getting more bang for your buck from this Coach bag than with the Tory. I feel like Tory’s getting a little full of herself with her prices these days.

COACH 1941 17 Leather Saddle Bag

Also take a look at this Vince Camuto saddle crossbody for $103, and this Merona tote in navy is on sale for just $23 at Target. There are some gorgeous options at all price points. I think a handbag is the best and easiest way to incorporate a trendy color into your wardrobe because you can carry it often, and it’s easy to find something to suit just about any budget.

Now we just need some spring weather to go along with all of this spring style inspiration!

What do you think about Niagara Blue? Are you a fan?

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37 Responses

  1. I read once that blue is the most popular favorite color of people, so it makes sense that retailers would focus on this color!! And it’s my mom’s (the 70’s model on my blog) absolute favorite color –even in her home decorating!!
    I just bought a denim dress at the end of last year and I was wondering what came over me—maybe I’ll actually like it??

  2. I love your comment about Tory getting a bit full of herself with her prices……I so totally agree!! While she does have cute things, some of those prices are just crazy! Too many other luxury brands (Coach, Dooney, Kate Spade) that are more reasonable. Loved this post…love the blue!

  3. Omg, can I have all of them????? I saw a lace up denim dress at Old Navy yesterday. I didn’t have time to try it on. Might go back and check it out though after reading your post. I don’t comment every day, but I love your blog and all of your posts. Great inspiration 🙂

    1. I saw that dress at Old Navy too! I paused and looked at it for a while but didn’t have time to stop and try it on. This definitely may require a return visit!

  4. I love the off the shoulder dress! I’ve been looking for a long sleeve off the should top to wear with my white jeans. I’m 50 do you think it’s to old to pull it off? ????

    1. I think it depends more on your personality and style aesthetic than age. It also depends on the area of the country where you live and the crowd you run with, ya know? I live in a conservative area, and my friends are pretty conservative, and I feel a little awkward in the off the shoulder tops, although I’ve worn them a couple of times. I prefer to wear them when I’m on vacation somewhere. But that’s me, and I’m sort of self conscious about anything that feels bare. I think if you love it, you should go for it! 🙂

  5. I am so glad you noted that off the shoulder needs to be worn by a certain aged woman. Older women in them just look to be trying really hard. Love, love, love your blog. My favorite mail every day????

  6. OOOHhhh I love the blues! The bell sleeve dress you linked to is fabulous! Not sure my 57 year old self could pull it off but I sure could try! Also, the blues in the crossbody bag are fabulous! You need a short vacation to where I live! It is beautiful here in the Florida Panhandle. Mid 60’s and sunshine. Come on down to beautiful Pensacola! Enjoy the day!

  7. Oh! What a great look forward…a fresh juxtaposition to another grey day!

    Pretty sure I am going to heavily stock my closet with everything bell sleeved. Really loving this style…it seems to draw the eye upward and away from my hips 🙂

    (And since I’m a stone’s throw away from the might Niagara…the color feature is a nice hometown nod.)

    Not sure how, but I just realized must’ve (somehow) accidentally unsubscribed since I stopped getting your dailies….signing back up pronto!

  8. Hey GF, this girl fights the blues all the time, and have found that Vitamin D and my happy light really do help. Love the post, too. 🙂 Blue is so restful, but can also be happy and spirited, too. Bonus: I can wear it. 🙂

    1. That’s so funny, I call mine a happy light, too. I take mega-doses of Vitamin D and 5-HTP (it helps increase my seratonin). Southern girl in northern state *sigh* I want to move back home to Florida, I cry all the time during winter here. Thank God for this blog so I can look at pretty clothes and read encouraging words.

  9. Do people really pay $60.00 for earrings? and $150.00 for a bracelet??
    They are so cute…. but .. really?
    Anyways, thank you for posting!! I can always try to find them at a better price.
    I love your style Jo-Lynn!! Thank you for the ideas 🙂

  10. For the past two years, I’ve been on a navy blue binge. I’m glad to see that blues are going to be popular this year and plan on getting other shades of blue for a change. I love your blog and look forward to reading it every morning!

  11. LOVE the WHBM shift dress – might be worth a trip to the US! 🙂 Also love the earrings – I have longer hair, so I find I look for bolder earrings so they stand out. Love the blue color (any blue) and wear a LOT all year round. My fave is a nice tangerine orange with a dark denim – Oh I can hardly wait for spring!

  12. Btw- I have trouble with the gloomy winter days too and my doctor suggested I get a Lite Book. I use it when I am reading email in the morning. I also try to up my Vitamin D a bit. I’m enjoying your posts- the price points are great!

  13. Oh dear–I wonder if I have been subliminally channeling Pantone! We are in the middle of a whole house remodel, and I swear the color I chose to paint our kitchen is that Niagra blue! It feels current now, but what if I hate it a year from now?! Well, here goes nothing. Go Blue!

      1. 🙂 yes, but a slight off white “coconut” as we have a ranch style home in horse country. Didn’t want it to be too pristine/fussy. It is coming together very well though way too slowly for my impatient nature!

  14. Love these things but the prices are just outrageous!!! I think the Target bag was the only reasonably priced item on your list. Sure would love those Tory espadrilles though! But I will never spend that much on a trendy sandal!

  15. I love blue but rarely wear it because jeans are the center of my wardrobe. I LOVE the WHBM denim top– and the model is wearing it with denim. I haven’t worn denim with denim since the 90’s! (My children are STILL making fun of a family portrait we had done in the early nineties where we’re all wearing chambray shirts.) But the WHBM outfit definitely works. I also love the Stella and Dot tassel earrings. I’ve been looking for a pair and they’re all so huge. I have long hair but earrings almost touching my shoulders just isn’t practical. Can’t wait to see you style them, Jo-Lynne!

  16. Love the color blue and especially that shade! The jacket I wore yesterday was very near that color. I’ve had it for many years, but it’s wool and still in good shape. I’ve never been able to get rid of it because I like the color so much. I’ve always thought blue and green were colors that we don’t tire of easily because there’s so much of those colors in nature.

  17. Jo Lynne,
    I have been following your blog for quite some time now. It just keeps getting better! I love the the content! Keep it coming!!

  18. I think more gals can wear blue over that kind of funky Pantone green. I love me some green but I think that shade is going to a tough one for even us green-lovers.

    Such beautiful pieces you’ve collected and shared.

  19. I’m home sick today and I’m going back and reading your past blogs.
    I absolutely love the products you featured in the blue. I’m going to have to hunt items in that color to wear this Spring and Summer.
    Your daily email is my favorite every day. Keep up the great work and please keep sharing with us. You do a great job!

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