Instagram Roundup 01.21.17

Hello, friends. Another Saturday, another Instagram Roundup!

It’s a dreary one here. I was hoping to shoot an outfit or two, but it’s not looking very promising. The joys of winter!

So this is what I actually wore over the past week or so, with some blog teasers thrown in there. It’s been fairly cold here lately, and I’m wearing a lot of the same jeans and sweatshirts/sweaters over and over. Who’s ready for spring!?! I know I am! To be honest, I’m in a bit of a blue funk, but I’m trying to stay positive.

Instagram Roundup 01.21.17

I wore this first outfit to lunch with some other bloggers last week. We were invited by Bonefish Grille to try out their lunch menu, and they really spoiled us. We sampled a ton of their appetizers and entrees, and also two kinds of wine and one of their dessert cocktails. (Don’t worry, they were small pours! Ha!)

I wanted to be dressed up but not over the top, so I wore my plum leather jacket over a black v-neck modal top and grey coated denim pants. Everything is old, so I don’t have exact links except for this Stella & Dot necklace. Because the outfit is so dark, I wanted some bling to draw the eye up towards my face. In addition to that, I layered on a few silver bracelets, and I wore simple studs for earrings.

similar jacket // similar shirt // similar pants // similar booties // similar bag // layered necklace

This look is coming to the blog next week. The open front cardigan is a great transition piece. I can see wearing it in the spring with my favorite white jeans and wedge sandals, but I wore it with bootcut jeans and booties for this chilly winter day.

ribbed open cardigan (50% off!) // perfect white tee c/o Thirty Something Fashion // bootcut jeans // necklace // link bracelet // watch

Sale Alert >> LOFT is having a 50% off sale this weekend! Code: NOEXCUSES.

I wore this next outfit to dinner with Paul last Friday night. We were going to a small, cozy restaurant that is run out of the chef’s 300-year-old home in a tiny village nearby. I knew I didn’t need to dress to the nines, but I like to look a little extra special when we go out, so I pulled on a black sweater with the jeans I’d been wearing all day, and I added black suede pumps for fun. I figure you can never go wrong with black and denim, and I like the juxtaposition of distressed jeans with pumps.

I also wore my new Stella & Dot Tala Chandeliers & Necklace along with a big stack of Alex and Ani bangles. Finally, to add some color, I grabbed this pink bag. It’s old, but you can still find it on ebay. I don’t think it’s sold anywhere else, but if you find it, let us know. It’s such a great color and the perfect mid-size bag for going out or daily use.

scoop neck sweater // AG Raw Hem Legging ankle Jeans (similar for less) // similar pumps or these // Tory Burch Raspberry Britten Small Slouchy Tote // bracelets c/o Alex and Ani // Stella & Dot Tala Chandeliers & Necklace

Beauty Tip >> I had some questions about my eye makeup. I used my Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette, and I applied 3 shades of blue — a lighter one on the lid, a middle tone on the crease, and a dark one in the corners. I’m also wearing a heavy black gel liner and several coats of mascara.

I wanted to love this next outfit, but something is off. I think I should have worn my black suede wedge booties instead of this grey pair. The black booties would bookend the outfit and echo the black from the vest. Also, the vest and sweater are a little too close in length. I also know that a crewneck sweater is not ideal for me, but I was trying to use the long pendant to create a vertical line and draw the eye in and down to my waist. Overall the outfit is okay, but I don’t love it.

pink sweater // black down vest // skinny jeans (similar for less) // taupe booties // similar grey satchel // gold initial pendant

This next photo is what I wore to church last weekend. I wanted to wear my new Fritan Booties, so I pretty much styled this outfit around them. Since my boots were grey, I decided to wear black jeans for contrast, and because I didn’t want to wear blue jeans to church — not that I never do, but I try not to. Then I wanted some color on top, so I went for this tried and true lilac v-neck sweater from Banana Republic. I wish it hadn’t sold out. It’s so good. Then to bring in the black and grey from the shoes and booties, I added this leopard scarf.

similar sweater // black jeans (similar for less) // booties // similar scarf or here // black satchel // sunnies – gold frames/light pink gradient lenses // link bracelet

This was a casual day hanging out at home a couple of weeks ago, and then I wore this again one day this week with my grey ballet flats. My t-shirt says Cafe sil vous plait. I love it.

pink chenille cardigan // Cafe t-shirt // distressed black jeans (similar for less) // Adidas Superstars

I posted this outfit to the blog earlier this week. Get all outfit details HERE.

This was another casual day at home. I forgot I had this grey cashmere hoodie. Somehow it got buried under a stack of sweaters. It’s an oldie, but goodie. I found a similar one on Amazon.

similar hoodie // perfect white tee // similar skinnies (similar for less) // grey ballet flats (similar for less) // pendant

In case you missed it, I posted a rare skirt outfit this week. This look was on the blog on Thursday. Get full details HERE.

Sweatshirts are having a moment in my life right now. I’m loving the distressed jeans/sweatshirt/fashion sneaker combo for casual days at home.

destructed raw hem skinnies (similar for less) // black knit jacket (wearing a tank top underneath, tucked into my jeans) // Converse Shoreline (size down)

This next outfit was on the blog last week. Get full outfit details HERE.

Like I said, sweatshirts are having a moment. My red Nike zip-up hoodie is old, but there are some new colors out now that I’ll link below.

vintage front zip hoodie here (on sale) and here // raw hem ankle legging jeans // white tank (old) // Converse Shoreline (size down)

Finally, this is the top-down selfie I took of yesterday’s blog outfit when we were on our way out to shoot. Full details are HERE.

I came home and changed into blue jeans and ballet flats to work from home for the rest of the day. That’s pretty much how I roll. I don’t always wear the looks I shoot, or I might wear them another time when I have somewhere to go. I don’t usually sit around my house all day in 3-inch heels, even if they are casual booties, haha! I’d totally put that outfit on to go to church or meet a friend for lunch, though.

Equipment Cashmere V-Neck // raw hem ankle legging jeans // grey ballet flats (similar for less) // monogram necklace: 3XL // bracelets c/o Alex and Ani

Well, I guess that’s a wrap. Who has fun plans for today? I don’t have much going on, but the kids each have their own agendas so I’ll probably be alternating my duty as chauffeur with catching up on mundane tasks around the house. I’m living the dream, I tell ya! Ha!

No, seriously, I’m grateful for the glory of the ordinary. There’s something to be said for that, ya know?

There are some really nice sales going on this weekend, so I’ll list them below. Have a great Saturday!

Weekend Sales

ANN TAYLOR // 40% off full price styles with code SHOP40; lots of great spring styles!!!

BANANA REPUBLIC // Up to 40% off; no code needed. Priced as marked.

LOFT // 50% off everything with code NOEXCUSES.

MACY’S // Extra 25% off with code PRIV.

NORDSTROM // Tons on sale; priced as marked.

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26 Responses

  1. I love your statement “glory for the ordinary”. It feels good to have that sometime, meaning no big upheavals in our lives. It never lasts, which makes the ordinary so much more special! I really enjoy the Instagram roundup, as I get to see everything in one big picture! Lovin the cardigans, but I’m still doing the “no spend January” thing. It’s getting easier, as I delete every retailer email before I open it & get tempted! Shopping my closet has been working out just fine, using some of your posts as a guide. You’re so right about this weather, as here in the Pocono elevation, we don’t get tons of sun to start with, but this fog & mist has been a drag. Thankfully the grandkids keep us upbeat! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Oh, the weather in the Poconos is so depressing! LOL! It seems like even in the summertime, it’s hazy half the time.

      You are right, the ordinary seasons of life with no big upheavals never last forever, and I’ve had some pretty stressful seasons, so I’m really enjoying the lull. 🙂

  2. I have the winter blues as well… Thanks for your post it brightens my day. I love cardigans! I have been wondering about eye shadow myself I don’t know what is approiate for over 55

    1. Conventional wisdom states that we should lighten up on our makeup as we age, but I’m not ready for that just yet. 🙂 I keep hoping I’m not aging myself wearing dark eye makeup, but I feel like it suits my coloring. I think the best thing to do is to find a cosmetic counter with a woman who has makeup that you feel looks nice, and then ask her to give you a tutorial. You don’t have to buy everything, you can just pick one or two new products, but it’s the best way I’ve found to update my look and stay current. That or spend some time on YouTube, but search for makeup for women over 40 (or 50.)

  3. Love the lilac sweater outfit with the leopard print scarf! I’ve always been a fan of lilac and purples! And the color looks great on you! Also, love the smokey eye makeup – would not have guessed it was shades of blue! What urban decay eye palette is it? Any chance you could shoot a quick video on how you applied and post? Thanks for sharing some brighter outfits on this dreary Saturday!

    1. Hey Cindy, I linked it. It’s the Smoky palette. I love it. I have a few others, but it’s the only one I really use anymore. It also lasts forever. I have had mine for a year, and it’s practically like new.

  4. I haven’t been on top of my social media lately, so it was nice to see some posts I missed. I LOVE that chenille cardigan..It was so tempting when you alerted us about the restock last week, but like so many, I’m *trying* not to buy anything. I’ve had great restraint thus far…we’ll see how long I can hold out, ha!

  5. Great post Jo-Lynne! Like numerous southern states, we’re dealing with tornado watches and the possibility of sever weather all weekend, so we’re staying in. Directv is coming this afternoon to install new boxes for the TV’s, which is the most exciting thing we have going on today. Tomorrow afternoon we’ll be cheering on the Atlanta Falcons in their 2nd round playoff game this season.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I have finally purchased some ballet flats, but now sure how to wear them in the winter. I live in the Midwest where it gets cold and snowy…

    1. yeah, when it gets really cold and snowy, I live in boots, even in the house, b/c I’m cold natured. right now I’m wearing my UGGs. you may need to save the ballet flats for spring, but that’s a great time for them – when it’s too soon for sandals and we’re all getting tired of boots. 🙂

  7. Love the open front knit cardigan. Have we seen that one before?
    I was wondering if you ever wear the same outfit two days in a town?

    1. Honeslty it was all very good, and you know me, I’m picky! I liked the shrimp dishes best, Pad Thai was good, their appetizers were all great. Bang Bang Shrimp is one they’re known for, it’s got a rich sauce, but so yummy. Also they had an interesting Ceviche that had big chunks of meat. The mussels were good. It was fun to taste a lot of dishes.

  8. Love that hoodie! I would love some ballet flats but they offer no support and those of us with high arches and high insteps (and sciatica) can’t get through a day in shoes with no support and a shoe that cuts into the rise of the instep. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions on how to achieve a similar look with a shoe better for the foot?

    1. Judith, a while back, I suffered from a series of foot injuries, so I know what you mean. Unfortunately it is really hard to achieve the same look as a ballet flat and get the proper support. I was soooooo happy when I was given the all clear to wear typical ballet flats again. A supportive shoe is generally clunkier, and clunky is rarely flattering, lol. However, that said, there are some options. I don’t know that ballet flats or the ballet flat look is the most stylish option. When you have finicky feet, conventional wisdom states that you need a bit of a heel – 1/2 inch to an inch, and some arch support, so I wore more booties and wedges when I was babying my feet. I shopped a lot at The Walking Company, and I lived in Vionic sandals in the summertime.

      The Umberto Raffini brand at TWC has some trendier styles for booties: https://bit.ly/2j8qUXc. I have the Kiki and another style with a similar footbed (lower shaft) that appears to be sold out. I also had a pair of Taos flats that were kind of cute. These aren’t bad: https://bit.ly/2jKWX0i

      Vionic has some cute ballet flats, boots, and sandals: https://bit.ly/2iXJAWr

      None are cheap, unfortunately. Oh, for budget-friendly, try Payless. I had some of their Dexflex and Comfort Plus styles that were pretty good. https://bit.ly/2iXRvTu

      I hope that helps!

      1. Thank you, JoLynne. Very helpful. I can do a bootie if well made (drooling over the brown Valencia in your link; hubby says to buy) and when it comes to feet, I allow myself a healthy budget for quality shoes. There’s some great sales there! I guess this spring I’ll try the cute cut-out booties and stick with wedges. You’re the best!

  9. Our weather in the Florida Panhandle is stormy and dreary today. At least it is 70 degrees. Thanks for the recap.

  10. love love love the “sneaker” outfits 🙂 sometimes I feel like I look a mess … but you just showed us how we can still be adorable and “comfy” while cleaning the toilets 🙂 on our “stayin’ at home days” … you always give us GREAT ideas Jo-Lynne —-blessings to you this weekend!!!!

  11. I think your outfit with the pink sweater and black vest was very flattering. Wearing the taupe booties added some contrast, and maybe made it seem a little more casual. Adding black booties or other black footwear perhaps would dress it up a little more.
    *I saw on your posts that you mention sizing down with the Converse Shoreline shoes. I have been coveting some from the Nordstrom site for about a month. I own a pair of black sequined (I practically squealed in the store when saw them!) Converse that are just a half size smaller than my regular size. Would you recommend that amount of sizing down with the Shoreline shoes as well?

  12. I SO totally get the “blue” thing right now. Not sure if it is because I am sick too, but I cannot wait for spring! Loved how you make sweatshirts look good on an everyday basis. I need to look into some of those “dressed” casual looks too!

  13. I have really struggled to find figure flattering sweaters this and last year. Thanks to your tip today I picked up the Banana Republic scoopneck sweater on sale and I love it! Thank you.

  14. I’m the weirdo here who loves winter and grey stormy days!! Guess it’s why I love living on the Oregon coast. I look forward to hunkering down while the winds are blowing and it’s wet ‘n wild outside. We just had a neighborhood Dungeness crabfest tonite and it was AWESOME! Huge winter crab, salad, bread & lots of wine. That’s how we fight the “blues” on the coast.

    On a fashion note, this time of year I always wear boots out the door, but bring a pair of ballet flats to change into when I get to the office. I love my Sam Edelman ballet flats in black, ruby and nude.

  15. A friend posted this Harry Potter quote last week on Facebook. Seems appropriate for fighting the winter blues:
    “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” -Albus Dumbledore
    Have a good week!

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