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Good morning! Happy end-of-January! Okay, I know January doesn’t officially end until Tuesday, but it was fun writing the date on today’s post. I don’t usually mind January, especially if we get a couple of good snowstorms, but it’s been a pretty murky and depressing January here this year. I’m happy to say buh-bye and usher in February. Sometimes February brings us our biggest snowstorm. I’m still hoping!

February also brings Valentine’s Day (any excuse to go out to dinner… and if I get flowers, even better!) and this year it brings me a trip to visit Cyndi! We’re excited to get together and shop and shoot a few looks for our spring style series.

Plus it’s already starting to stay lighter later, and it’s not so dark when my son gets on the 7am schoolbus, so it feels like Spring isn’t too far away. February is always the month that I’m filled with hope, and then March and April roll around, and I remember that Spring up here is just one giant tease that never really comes to fruition until the end of May, and then suddenly it gets hot and Summer is here. (Not that I’m complaining about Summer; I love Summer, but I miss Spring in the south. I’ve been living north of the Mason-Dixon line for the better part of 25 years, but I will never get used to what they call Spring up here.) I guess I’ll just enjoy the feeling of hope while it lasts. Ha!

So yesterday was a fun day. I went out to lunch and shopping with a friend. (Do you see a theme here? My favorite pastimes are evidently dining out and shopping. Ha!) We got home and hung out with a few of our neighbor-friends for the evening, and that was fun. Sometimes spontaneous gatherings are the best kind.

I really need to force myself to get out more. I spend so many days here at home, and I like being here, but the more time spend at home, the more time I want to stay here and hibernate, and the thought of going out somewhere actually starts to stress me out. If I’m not careful, I could easily become a hermit. Isn’t there a label for that?

Today’s plans are pretty minimal. I teach the kindergarten Sunday School class at church this morning, and then I’m planning for a lazy afternoon that may even include a nap. I’ve got a few unread books on my Kindle, and this is looking like the perfect afternoon to start one. I’d also like to find a new show to bing-watch (although I detest that term.) Tell me what I should watch. I’ve watched all of Gilmore Girls, and I recently caught up on the fourth season of Fixer Upper. We watched the first season of The Crown. Any idea when season two comes out? We started watching Victoria, but that’s only one show a week since it’s new. Everyone is talking about This Is Us, but I’m not sure I have the emotional bandwidth for that show. I need something fairly clean because I’m often watching TV with kids around since I’m a grannie and most nights I go to bed before they do. What do you have for me??

Well, this post is pretty short, but duty calls. I need to get my act together so I can get to church on time. I hope you have a blessed Sunday!

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67 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 01.29.17

  1. I am really having a hard time with getting out too you described me to a tee. I mean I do things but if I had my way I prefer to hibernate lol Have you watched Last Man standing on Netflix or Fuller House I enjoyed both of those shows Off to church ????

  2. I don’t watch much TV except for HGTV but I’m loving “This is US!” It’s great and I highly recommend.

  3. I rarely watch tv, but have very much enjoyed This Is Us and it could be watched in front of the kids. I have recently discovered your biog and really enjoy your posts. Thank you for them! They make me think more when I am getting dressed for running around town after work….not that I always have it together, but it does make me feel better when I put a bit more thought into an outfit. I still need to get more organized and let go of things that don’t fit or have seen better days. Working on that now. Have a great day!

  4. I work from home Jo-Lynne and the hermit thing can definitely happen over time. I also find that more and more I enjoy staying in and not going out. Also looking forward to at least one good snow event before winter is over. Hoping it will be a weekend one where my husband and I can be weekend hermits and stay in and enjoy the beauty of it while eating good food and watching movies. Have a blessed Sunday and week!

  5. Somehow, I always have it in my head that March is spring. It’s definitely not in Delaware.We might have a few nice days in April, but May brings the warmer weather. Did you know that the Mason Dixon runs north and south instead of east and west along Delaware’s western border? Today’s trivia!

    At what point do you start buying for the next season? I’m trying to keep lists to have a better idea of what needs to be replaced for the next season and what I’d love to have. You can get great prices off season often. but it’s so much more fun to buy something you can actually wear.

  6. If you like Lauren Graham from The Gilmore Girls you might enjoy her in Parenthood. Great show. I Watched last year.

  7. Definitely homebodies here! I am another who thought “This is Us” was going to be too emotional, but both my husband and I were surprised at how good it is- and there’s often a laugh or two. Be sure to watch the very first episode so you understand the framework of the writing.
    I have the feeling there is more winter on the way!

  8. These recommendations aren’t for kids, but for you and your hubby, The Night Manager and Goliath, will Billy Bob Thornton. Both are on Amazon Prine Video.

  9. Jo-Lynne, I also suggest Last Man Standing with Tim Allen. It is one that your kids could watch as well, without any concerns. Tim and his wife have three daughters and he works at Outdoor World, and it’s basically about their everyday life. Larry and I both really enjoy the 30 minute sitcom. We are finally having some cooler temps here in South Central GA, which I’m loving, because summers are really HOT & HUMID, with lots of pesky bugs.

    Have a blessed day!

  10. Hi, Jo-Lynne. My current “binge” is Nashville! I have discovered a fondness for country music because of it. Great and hugely talented cast. 4 seasons on Hulu. So, you are a Southern gal? Your name made me wonder. I’m a DE girl who’s been living in NC for the past 5 years. Beautiful state!

  11. Let’s hear it for homebodies and a good snowstorm!!! I also have been wondering about This is Us….I don’t know if I’m up for an emotional ride. I may have to try it. Have a wonderful Sunday Jo-Lynne!

  12. This is Us is amazing — it’s mostly about a family full of love. Best show in years!!! Yes, I totally am a hermit too — good thing I have a job that is social (teacher) because I’d stay in all the time too!

  13. Hermits unite! I work from home also but I get out on the weekends as much as possible. Taking a drive today to the beautiful mountains here in Utah! Also, I have 8 grandkids that keep me busy on the weekends! They are truly a blessing!

    Just try ” This Is Us,” It is an emotional rollercoaster but full of family love!

    Have a wonderful day!

  14. I get out every morning for my workout and then in the afternoon, I usually have something to do outside the home. A totally different story at night though. After dinner, I just want to snuggle in and read a book/watch some tv. Maybe, I burn all my energy off during the day.
    I know it’s winter but I’m craving some spring shopping. Can you do a post on what we might consider buying for the upcoming season.?

  15. Well if you have Netflix gilmore girls a year in the life and fuller house are good Fun to see all the characters all grown up. If you like police shows the blind spot is also a good one. Im hoping to get a nap today too. My daughter has a paper to write so i have to make sure that gets done. Have a blessed and restful Sunday

  16. You will LOVE “This is Us!” Even my hubby watches it with me! And I agree that you’ll need to watch the pilot episode so it all makes sense.

  17. Jo-Lynne, for Netflix shows I recommend the BBC show “Call the Midwife.” Nothing explicit, but women are birthing babies. Also, “Fuller House” is cute. Another good BBC show “Dr. Foster.” Its an adult drama, I think the first season is 5 episodes. I understand that there are another 5 coming soon.
    Happy relaxing!

  18. Just finished binge-watching season 1 of Grace and Frankie. What a great show. Not terribly appropriate for the younger set because of the adult issues and some of the language, but well worth your time. And Jane Fonda looks absolutely fabulous as Grace!

  19. Hi JoLynne, My husband and I loved Sherlock Holmes. It’s very clever and each episode is about an hour, only 3 episodes per season. We had to purchase the first two seasons because they were into season 3 on PBS already. Season 1 and 2 were fantastic!

  20. Recently my daughters and I have been watching “Once Upon A Time” and we LOVE it! I also enjoyed Gilmore Girls, and after this may try The Crown too!

  21. I thoroughly enjoyed “Call the Midwives” also. Right now I’m watching “Parenthood”on Netflix and don’t want it to end. Lauren Graham from “Gilmore Girls ” is one of the main characters. “Mercy Street” is on on PBS on Sunday nights and is about a Civil War hospital. Also check out “Hart ofDixie” about a female recently graduated from Harvard med. school who winds up in a southern small town. Little cheesy at times but heartwarming also. I also can’t wait for “When Calls the Heart” on the hallmark channel to start its new season in Feb..

    Love your blog and am taking the Adore Your Wardrobe class you recommended. Learning lots thank you. I’m quite a bit older than you but still get a lot of things I can use from following your ideas. Keep up the good work.

  22. I recommend “Call the Midwife” on Netflix. Clean, interesting and based on the memoirs of one of the midwives.

  23. Hello Jo-Lynne. I can completely empathize with your tendency to hybernate if you’re not intentional about planning outings. I think the trifecta of working from home, being an introvert (but a friendly and well adjusted one!) and the cold temps of winter is my nemesis too!

    Your other comments are already full of great suggestions for binge watching, but I would definitely concur with Call the Midwives. Also my husband and I enjoy Blue Bloods. A great old movie that is available on Netflix right now is The Inn of the Sixth Happiness with Ingrid Bergman. Oh, and we LOVED Foyle’s War. Give it a couple of episodes. It takes a little while to get into the rhythm of this British show, but it is fascinating and good. Paul might like it too.

  24. Speechless and American House wife started this year, you don’t necessarily have to watch them in order to get the jist of it very funny and clean shows! You should be able to find on demand or on hulu.

  25. I am older than you but by 4pm I get in the nesting mood. Love going out during the day but like being home at night. But I have grandchildren who play ball etc so do make myself do it. Sometimes we have to make ourselves do stuff. Easier in summer. I do like This is Us but not sure I would want young children watching it. Tell us some good books.

  26. Wow!! The description of yourself sounded like me. I too can tend to be a hermit if I stay home too much and then its harder to go out. Thanks for sharing so real in your blog. I’ve been following yours and Cyndi’s since last Spring and enjoy them both so much. I bet you two will have a great time together when you meet up. I am ready for the Spring fashions to come.

  27. I have been watching Call the Midwife. It’s set in east London and is based on true events though I am certain much of it is dramatized. But it’s been interesting to see how things were. We have it so easy!

  28. Jo-Lynn me and my husband have been doing a catch up of this is us…we love! Also, love Scandal ,if you haven’t been watching it, it is a great show lots of twist and turns. If you like something a little different Downton Abbey was a great series.

  29. I would be perfectly happy to stay home and I live in “Sunny California”. We are in the Central CA. Our weather can be gloomy but we have been blessed with sun part of the day. This AM I walked around the back yard, felt good and helped wake me up.

  30. You actually threw me when you said Grannie. Watching HGTV, Beachfront Bargain, and trying to avoid the news right now.

  31. I just binge watched When Calls the Heart on Netflix and really liked it. It has two seasons and now I’m waiting for the 3rd to hurry up and get on there. Very family friendly. Based on books by Janet Oke

  32. I am excited because in addition to getting great fashion tips and recipes, I now have several ideas for shows to watch, thanks to your blog. Having been in an outside sales position for 12 years and now working from home, I, too, have to fight the hermit tendency, especially when it’s cold. Creative fashion ideas from you & Cyndi and a few sassy outfits are helping me ward off the “blahs”. Thanks! Have a great week!

  33. You might want to try Poldark. Season 1 is free on Amazon Prime. You can buy Season 2 and they are filming Season 3 now. I rarely watch TV but this was/is great! Evidently it was supposed to have replaced Downton Abbey on PBS. It’s set in Cornwall, England in the late 1700’s. I have really enjoyed it. BEAUTIFUL music and scenery. The main character is Dreamy! LOL! I’m hooked.

  34. My son (who’s almost 9) and I have really been enjoying Drop Dead Diva on Netflix. It’s about a model who dies and ends up in a lawyer’s body. I love being a hermit!

    Have a great week everyone 🙂

  35. I do like watching This Is Us. Like others have said full of family love but does deal with adult situations that some may not find suitable so I don’t know that I would call it family friendly. I also really like Timeless and Designated Survivor.

  36. I like:
    PBS – Call The Midwife, The Durrells in Corfu, Poldark, Victoria
    Sitcoms – The Big Bang Theory, Life in Pieces, Last Man Standing, American Housewife, Mike & Molly (reruns)
    Dramas – This Is Us, Good Behavior (very adult)
    TV Land – Teachers, Younger
    USA – Playing House (I hear another season is coming)
    Bravo – Girlfriends Guide To Divorce
    HGTV – used to have a nice variety of design shows, now Fixer Upper is the only HGTV hour worth watching

  37. I also like to keep my shows clean. Murder She Wrote on Netflix is a great series. It was filmed in the mid-eighties and the 90’s but it is fun to watch if you like murder mysteries. Our Spring season here in Utah sounds a lot like yours!! Thanks for the post.

  38. I recently binge-watched Heartland. It’s definitely very different than any other show I’ve ever watched in terms of storyline and setting….basically a girl who is a horse-whisperer on a ranch in Alberta, Canada. It’s a little like a never-ending Hallmark movie, but much less cheesy. It’s VERY family friendly and while there is plenty of romance on the show, there’s no sex at all (though it’s very subtly implied). I think teen girls would love it. I watched the first six seasons on Hulu, but I think they are on Prime, too. Then I had to pay for the UP faith and family subscription on Prime to watch seasons 7 & 8, and now I wait until some internet tv provider has season 9 available. Season 10 is currently on tv. Check it out…you’ll be hooked!

  39. I love your Coffe Talks! Just wondering, in what format did you watch season four of Fixer Upper? HGTV App? Netflix? It’s my running companion show! Thanks!

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