Coffee Talk 01.29.17

Good morning! Happy end-of-January! Okay, I know January doesn’t officially end until Tuesday, but it was fun writing the date on today’s post. I don’t usually mind January, especially if we get a couple of good snowstorms, but it’s been a pretty murky and depressing January here this year. I’m happy to say buh-bye and usher in February. Sometimes February brings us our biggest snowstorm. I’m still hoping!

February also brings Valentine’s Day (any excuse to go out to dinner… and if I get flowers, even better!) and this year it brings me a trip to visit Cyndi! We’re excited to get together and shop and shoot a few looks for our spring style series.

Plus it’s already starting to stay lighter later, and it’s not so dark when my son gets on the 7am schoolbus, so it feels like Spring isn’t too far away. February is always the month that I’m filled with hope, and then March and April roll around, and I remember that Spring up here is just one giant tease that never really comes to fruition until the end of May, and then suddenly it gets hot and Summer is here. (Not that I’m complaining about Summer; I love Summer, but I miss Spring in the south. I’ve been living north of the Mason-Dixon line for the better part of 25 years, but I will never get used to what they call Spring up here.) I guess I’ll just enjoy the feeling of hope while it lasts. Ha!

So yesterday was a fun day. I went out to lunch and shopping with a friend. (Do you see a theme here? My favorite pastimes are evidently dining out and shopping. Ha!) We got home and hung out with a few of our neighbor-friends for the evening, and that was fun. Sometimes spontaneous gatherings are the best kind.

I really need to force myself to get out more. I spend so many days here at home, and I like being here, but the more time spend at home, the more time I want to stay here and hibernate, and the thought of going out somewhere actually starts to stress me out. If I’m not careful, I could easily become a hermit. Isn’t there a label for that?

Today’s plans are pretty minimal. I teach the kindergarten Sunday School class at church this morning, and then I’m planning for a lazy afternoon that may even include a nap. I’ve got a few unread books on my Kindle, and this is looking like the perfect afternoon to start one. I’d also like to find a new show to bing-watch (although I detest that term.) Tell me what I should watch. I’ve watched all of Gilmore Girls, and I recently caught up on the fourth season of Fixer Upper. We watched the first season of The Crown. Any idea when season two comes out? We started watching Victoria, but that’s only one show a week since it’s new. Everyone is talking about This Is Us, but I’m not sure I have the emotional bandwidth for that show. I need something fairly clean because I’m often watching TV with kids around since I’m a grannie and most nights I go to bed before they do. What do you have for me??

Well, this post is pretty short, but duty calls. I need to get my act together so I can get to church on time. I hope you have a blessed Sunday!