Shop with Me {Nordstrom Dressing Room Selfies}

Good Monday morning! I hope everyone had a good weekend. I spent Saturday afternoon at the mall with a friend. We mostly hung out at Nordstrom, and I tried on some tops and sweaters from their sale rack. I decided to take pictures so I can share what I found with you.

This is a great time in the current season to buy ahead for next year because so much winter merchandise is on sale, but you still have a month or so to wear it before you have to pack it away.

Nordstrom Dressing Room Selfies

I wasn’t intending to buy anything, but somehow I ended up leaving with three sweaters… oops! I’m such a sucker for a cozy sweater, and I’ve been wanting a few new winter items to style for the blog before we switch gears and head into spring fashion.

In the interest of full disclosure, and because I know people often wonder, I do not get a discount at Nordstrom, nor do they send me “free stuff.” I do, however, have an affiliate partnership with them as well as many other brands through a company called rewardStyle, which means I make a small commission on purchases made through my links. That’s one of the main ways I make money blogging. I also partner with brands for sponsored posts, and I have an ad network that brings in additional income. For more information on how that all works, you can see this post.

Everything I’m sharing today are things I picked out on my own when I was shopping with a friend. I figure if I like them, you might like them too. Just consider me your virtual personal shopper!

Okay, so let’s get started!

I was immediately drawn to this v-neck sweater, but I wish I’d known that it also comes in a pretty champagne color. I probably would have chosen that instead, for variety’s sake. I have a lot of grey already, but I really like the chunky knit and the shape of the v-neckline with the raglan sleeves an the side slits. It’s got a relaxed fit, but it still has a nice shape, so it came home with me. I actually wore it to church yesterday with white jeans and that blush scarf I mentioned in my January favorites.

also wearing: AG legging jeans, Tory Burch travel flatspave necklace, beaded hoop earrings

This cold shoulder bell sleeve top is marked down to $35. It reminds me of the cold shoulder top I styled in this post so I thought some of y’all might want to know about it, but I didn’t care for the fit. It’s too long on me and kind of shapeless. For size reference, this is a small.

This pointelle yoke sweater is a size too big (it’s a medium), but I wanted to try it anyway just to see how it would fit and so I could show it to you. I think the pointelle knit detail at the top is really pretty, and this blush pink is trending right now. If it were a small, I think I’d like it. It’s currently 40% off, bringing it down to $53, and it’s by Vince Camuto — a brand I really like for their quality and cute styling. It also comes in petite.

I just can’t seem to stay away from chunky grey sweaters. This one came home with me too. (Insert monkey emoticon with hands over eyes.) I’m still debating if I want to keep it or not. It’s only 15% off, so not on as good of a sale as the rest of the tops I found, but I really like the collarless neckline and raglan detail. I feel like it’s rare to find a chunky sweater that is still somewhat flattering. Maybe it’s the shorter length — it’s 25 inches long, and 24-25 inches is my sweet spot for shirt length. (Yay for shorter lengths coming back in style!)

How can you NOT love this graphic sweatshirt??? It is sooooo soft too. I wanted to bring it home with me, but it fits very snug. This is a small, and I think I’d want a medium. This would be adorable on the weekends with jeans or plank pants and adidas superstars.

This is the popular Halogen cashmere v-neck sweater I’ve linked to a lot throughout the season. I have this in the camel in the crewneck. I really like this v-neckline. It’s deep without being too revealing, and this purple color is gorgeous. The only reason it didn’t come home with me is that I have a similar sweater in a similar color that I rarely wear. I really like the fit of this, though, with the side slits. It’s very slimming, and this is a great price for cashmere. These sweaters do pill, but I recently purchased a sweater stone, and it works great. For size reference, I’m wearing a small.

Finally, I thought this bright pink tunic was so pretty. I love all the details in the knit. It has a flattering neckline, and it’s cute from the side, but straight-on, it hangs kind of funny at the bottom, so I left it in the store, but overall it’s very flattering, and it would be great for wearing with legging jeans or leggings. It’s also 40% off and by Vince Camuto.

Okay, so this isn’t a sweater, but I thought this mug was hilarious, so I had to snap it. I’m not very sentimental, so this is the sort of mug I’m likely to buy my husband, as opposed to, say, this one. It’s no longer available on the Nordstrom website, but I found it on Amazon. (Note: it is actually cheaper at Nordstrom, so if you are close to a store, you may prefer to check there.)

I realize I didn’t show you anything but tops, sorry about that! It’s pretty much all I tried on. Well, I did try on a dress (waaaay too tight — they ordered me the next size up since it wasn’t in stock in store) and a pair of shoes for spring (stay tuned!) But for the most part, we were trying on tops on Saturday.

I do have a new Trunk Club delivery to unbox, and it has some jeans in it, as well as some tops, shoes, and handbags, so I’ll be doing an unboxing post soon. If I have time, I’ll share on Snapchat later today as I go through everything, but I’ve got a sick kid at home today (yes, again!) and I’ll probably end up at the doctor’s at some point (I want to rule out bronchitis) so I’m not sure how my day is going to go.

Have a great Monday!

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32 Responses

  1. How fun to come “virtual” shopping with you Jo-Lynne!!
    I had to laugh when you bought 2 grey sweaters because about 5 years back I did the same thing. And my mom (the 70’s model on my blog) still talks about it—like she doesn’t have duplicates in her closet–ha ha!
    I really did like the graphic sweatshirt—it didn’t look that small in those pictures, but I know sometimes I struggle with the line between too big and too small???

  2. How often should I look to see if they have restocked that zella jacket from last Friday on the Nordstrom website! I guess my concern is will they restock the sizes? I usually don’t spend that much for one item especially leasure, but I can really see myself wearing this a lotespecially on trips with the family and at my kids games!

  3. I sure hope you get to the bottom of your son’s illness with some meds to get him back on his feet real soon. I too, am a worrier, even though I don’t have kids. I like the tops you shared with us. I was hoping you took a picture of the stripped one I saw hanging to the side. Looks like y’all had fun on Saturday.

  4. I love these kinds of posts….SO helpful! I tend to get overwhelmed and distracted by all the choices when I’m in department stores so it’s great to see a variety of pieces like this and your fit commentary helps a ton in learning what to look for. Plus I always like your choices! Thanks for taking us shopping with you 🙂

  5. For reference, what size are you wearing in the Sanctuary marled gray v-neck sweater? You referenced that it has a relaxed fit,

  6. We are week two of mono. But he just tested positive on Sat at the ER. Swollen lymph nodes and very high fever. Two more weeks of no school

    1. Hi Amy!!! I saw that on Facebook… in fact, this morning I asked David if he knows anyone with mono. His fever was 101.7 and Advil brought it right down, so I don’t THINK that’s what it is, but it is one reason I was thinking maybe he should see the doc. That and the possibility of bronchitis. I will keep it in mind, for sure. I hope your little guy is feeling better soon! (Haha, I know it isn’t so little, but in my mind, he’s still 2.)

  7. I Love this post and your blog. I enjoy how you have conversations with us one of the reason I subscribed. And I am a sucker for coffee mugs you can never have to many. TJ Maxx also has a good selection of mugs!!

  8. Love your choices! Hope your son is ok, I always did that when my kids were young, bringing to doctor to rule out big stuff. I’m on day 8 of virus with cough, and still not feeling great. Any suggestions on ways to get over faster? Is emergen c effective?

    1. That sounds like what he has. Everyone I talk to says they’ve had it or someone they know has, and it takes a loooooong time to get over it. In my heart of hearts, I think he’s fine and just needs time and rest, but then I always second guess myself and wonder if one day I’ll regret being so laid back about going to the doctor. LOL. I don’t find Emergen-C does much. I chugged it for a couple days before I got sick last December, and I was really sick for a good 10-14 days, and I still feel the residual effects.

      By the way, you are the only regular commenter who keeps getting your comments moderated. I have NO idea why. It is only supposed to moderate first time comments (so I can keep spam comments from getting through – and mean people, haha!) Anyway, I’m sorry that it’s doing that to you. Such a pain.

  9. I was a worrier with my kids and would take them to the Doctor as needed (per my thinking). My boys are grown and married now, One thing I remember about my Mother is she was always positive we would get well. I don’t know how frightened she really was but she kept it to herself. There was prayer involved as well. She was a great prayer warrior. I would try to emulate her positive attitude , even when “shaking in my boots. ” I enjoyed the shopping trip to Nordstrom. Best wishes for Doctor visit.

  10. I have to admit I loved the way the graphic sweatshirt fit you. You look so slim in that style.
    On another note hopefully I didn’t miss a post with the information already 🙂 I can tell you have gotten slimmer 🙂 I would love to know how you did it. I need some motivation 🙂 Thank you for all the cute clothes and styling ideas you post

    1. Hey Teresa, thank you!! In looking at these pictures, I’m thinking of ordering the graphic sweatshirt in a medium and returning the chunky grey one with the collarless neckline. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement! I don’t usually like a tight crewneck like that, but it sort of works in a way, and it was sooo soft. 🙂 I talked about renewed commitment to clean eating and my weight loss a little bit in this post: https://jolynneshane.com/end-of-year-qa-part-2.html

  11. I’m hoping you’re right and winter things we buy now only need to be worn for another month, but I’m guessing it may be more like two still. I’m not sold on the second grey sweater. It looks boxy to me. I’d keep the v-neck and return the other one. Love the sweatshirt!

  12. YOU ARE “SO” NOT ALONE WHEN IT COMES TO WORRYING ABOUT YOUR KIDDOS 🙂 ..I’m sending a quick prayer up for him ( and you, too 🙂 )

  13. Jo Lynne , I hope you son gets to feeling better and I hope it is not more than a virus . I love all the tops , can’t wait to see the dress and shoes . Thanks for taking us shopping with you. Lol!!!!

  14. Hi Jo-Lynne, looks like you’re creating quite a stir???? I enjoyed shopping with you, and agree now is the time to stock up on a few sweaters & some ????. Today, both my boys are home with flu, I believe? I’m feeling yucky myself ???? I hope your family gets back to ???? %! Luv & prayers, Marti????

  15. Thanks for shopping with us. That was a good idea. As for worrying about your son, I had 3 children and did the same thing. I didn’t want to take any chances. I had a daughter who got mono twice. As for this sickness stuff going around, I live in Oregon and its soooo bad around here. Everyone is sick and sick for along time. Its going into bronchitis and pneumonia, so keep an eye on him. I enjoy your blog and how you are so real and share your life with us. I’ve been following since last Spring. Looking forward to your Spring fashions to come.

  16. Hi JoLynne – I have been following your blog and get daily e-mails on a regular, however, the last e-mail that I received from you was Jan 31st. Has something changed? I tried to sign up again, and got an error message saying….the sign up form isn’t around anymore, please let the list owners know so they can fix it.

    I hate the thought of not receiving your e-mails anymore 🙁

    1. Hi Lina, I switched everyone over to a new email service, and that was almost a month ago. You are in that list. I’m not sure why you haven’t received an email today. Jan 31 was yesterday. 🙂 Has it been longer than that? Did you check your spam?

  17. Hi there! I loved your sweaters!! Also love your blog. I have a question about sweaters…today I wore a sweater that had a metallic thread thru it. I caught sight of myself in a mirror and thought the sweater looked matronly…I love the sweater color but thought maybe this one is out of style…I’ve had it several years and I don’t see the metallic thread much anymore…maybe it’s just tired! 🙂 Just thought I would get your opinion!! You have helped my wardrobe so much since I found you last winter!! Just love reading your blog each morning! Many thanks and hope all are feeling better at your house…Savannah included!!

    1. Hey Abbe, I’d have to see it to be sure. You’re right, I’m not seeing the metallic thread much but that doesn’t mean it’s out of style. That said, I generally recommend going with your gut on matters such as this. 🙂

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