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outfit details

I don’t know about you, but this month has flown for me. I can’t believe March starts this week! We had a pretty quiet weekend, as I needed time to recuperate and get reorganized after my trip. We stayed in on Friday night and ordered pizza and watched the Sixers game… although I was asleep by halftime. Not that it wasn’t a good game, but I was so tired!

Last night, we went to a nearby bar & grille to grab dinner on our way to see our daughter perform in her indoor drumline competition, so that was fun. We stayed till the end of the show to watch the awards, so that pretty much took up our evening, and today I’m looking forward to church and maybe lunch out afterwards. That’s become our Sunday tradition, although we really miss our friends who used to join us almost every week. They moved out of the area right around the time the pandemic hit.

Speaking of the virus that shall not be named, it’s so good to see things getting back to some semblance of normal around here. Mask mandates were lifted in our school district earlier this week, and we got notice last night that they are no longer required on school buses either.

I always hesitate to bring up this topic because it can be so polarizing, but people like to know how things are going in different areas of the country, and this is a pretty big deal for us. Pennsylvania was one of the first states to close schools and go on lockdown back in March of 2020 — Friday, March 13th, to be exact. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that date.

As hard as it is to believe, it’s been almost two full years since the kids have gone to school without being required to wear masks. I hope and pray we don’t end up with another wave of this thing, but with summer coming, I’m feeling optimistic. At the very last, we should get a good reprieve from it all.

Of course, there’s plenty of other heavy stuff going on in the world right now. I’ve been keeping up with it, but trying not to dwell on things I can’t do anything about. Staying glued to the news cycle is bad for mental health, so I try not to do that. I prefer to read, not watch my news, and I really think that helps not get so emotionally involved. In most cases, all I can really do is pray and give, so I do that and then I try to focus on the here and now in my little corner of the world.

If you’re looking for a place to give to help displaced families in Ukraine, my friend Shelly Wildman knows the woman behind Living With Power and can vouch for the organization. They’re partnering with ministries on the ground to help those fleeing the war, and Lina is sharing videos on her Instagram, if you want to check it out. It’s nice to see where your money is actually going.

If you want other suggestions, Samaritan’s Purse and World Vision are two organizations I often donate to when there is some sort of humanitarian crisis because they are already on the ground in most parts of the world and well-positioned to help those who need it most.

And yes, I realize not everyone reading along wants to support Christian organizations, but those are the ones I’m most familiar with and prefer to support. If you know of an organization you trust who is doing good work, feel free to leave them in the comments. And of course, if you do want to donate to any of these — my suggestions or someone else’s — be sure to research and vet them yourself first.

In other news, my trip to Florida for spring outfit photos was definitely a success. For anyone just tuning in, I flew into the Jacksonville airport last Monday and met up with Sydney at Seeside Creative. I’ve been working with her for about a year on content planning and digital strategy, which has been an amazing boost to my morale as well as my business.

Doing what I do can be very isolating, and I often feel like I’m on an island over here. Having someone to help with planning and strategy has been such a game changer. Sydney lives in Jacksonville, so when I decided to go south to get some outfit pictures, I figured I might as well meet up with her. She was able to guide me on where to stay and give me some photographer recommendations, and we also spent a lot of time together discussing business and getting to know each other better.

Amy, my virtual assistant down in Virginia, almost came with me, but that didn’t work out due to a scheduling conflict, so one of my good friends decided to join me at the last minute. That worked out really well. While I’m fine to be alone, it was really nice to have company. We spent the first day of our trip visiting St. Augustine.

Sydney pretty much gave us a guided tour, which was fantastic. She made us lunch reservations at the Columbia, and she knew where to find parking and took us to St. George Street so we could peruse the shops. We walked over to the fort after lunch and took some pictures. We didn’t buy tickets and go inside, but I would love to take my family back there sometime. They would love that.

outfit details

The next two days were spent more or less working, but we did get some pool time and had some nice dinners. Best of all, we had amazing weather, even by their standards. It was sunny and in the high 70s/low 80s all four days.

Before the pandemic, Cindy Spivey and I met in Nashville a couple of times at about this time of year to shoot outfits and “talk shop” but it was always cold. I have no idea why we didn’t go further south! It was so nice to shoot resort wear and spring looks and actually be warm. I plan to do this every February from now on.

I’m working on a post about everything I wore, so stay tuned for that. And of course, I have a lot of other posts I’m planning with the pictures we took while I was down there. I’m trying to space them out but also not wait so long that things are sold out. And yes, I know that wrap I’m wearing in the St. Augustine pictures is already sold out. I’m so irritated, but what can you do???

With that, I’m off to get read for the day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip south! The perfect spot to style some upcoming spring and summer styles without freezing:) our Province ( I’m in Canada ) is taking away the POV for non essential starting tomorrow and by the 21 of March our mandates will be gone.., of course if anything changes along the way changing things will not be out of the question.. it’s really going to feel different after living a new normal for the last two and half years… but such a nice ray of hope to know that we are finally making headway to life as we once knew it!
    Looking forward to your pics from Florida!

  2. Love seeing a glimpse of your Goyard! Do you love it? How does it compare to the LV? I’ve been considering ordering one, and would love to know the details and your thoughts.

    1. I do really like it. It’s not as structured as the LV but I actually like that about it. I got a bag liner for travel and that helps when it’s full. I wanted something bigger than my Neverfull so I got the GM.

  3. Hi! So glad you enjoyed North East Florida. I live there. Did you have the delicious 1905 Salad at the Columbia? Your outfit is so nice!

  4. I’ve listened to Lina Abujamra many times on radio programs, but was not familiar with her new ministry. Thanks for the link.

    I always enjoy your posts, and the helpful (and kind!😊) comments from others in the community. I’m glad I discovered you.

  5. I’m glad to hear you had so much fun and the pictures in this post are so nice. I love the wrap you are wearing. Maybe it will come back in stock. As for mask mandates, I can’t keep up with it all. I try to pay attention for OR. and WA. as I live in OR. but my daughter is an administrator for 4 private schools in WA.(up by Seattle) They seem to change things, but I believe lifting the mandates for masks starts March 21st. I’m sure your daughter Becca is thrilled. I have felt so bad for the kids wearing them all day to school. Anyway, slowly things are changing and I pray for a good Spring/Summer. With my immune system, we’ve been back and forth to church now 3 times since this hit and we just got back 2 weeks ago and then missed last week for a trip to my son’s and now I had planned to go today, but feel like coming down with a cold, so better not go. I have really missed in person services and the people, but we had so many break outs in our church and its small. I’m so thankful for the sermons online and that we can stay somewhat connected. Not the same though. I’ve gone to church my whole life and have never missed so much. I think its okay to mention covid, as many aren’t where others are and still need encouragement and that there is light at the end of the very long tunnel. For those of you are still are struggling, hang on. I read in my book yesterday…..”If we can trust God with our eternal security, why wouldn’t we trust Him with our present circumstances.” He is still in control. Thanks Jo-Lynne for the donation recommendations. I too like to give but am careful where. I like to give to Medical Teams International. They are right on it when it comes to aid. They use to be named Medical Teams Northwest for those who maybe knew it by that name. During times like these, we do have to be careful and need to vet sites we give on. I also like the others you mentioned, but haven’t heard of the one your friend recommended. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks. Blessings for your day and look forward to all the post you have in store for us from you trip.

  6. Thanks for the helpful info on where to,donate. I often get ads on Facebook and want to help but wonder if the money is actually going where they say. Also love Florida I have to go visit soon.

  7. So happy to see you had a wonderful trip! I love quick trips to warm places mid winter! We’ve been to St Augustine several times as my husband used to travel there often for business. We love Ponte Vedra as well. Glad it was warm for you as it can sometimes be on the cooler side in Feb. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures! And yay for lessening restrictions. Living in GA we’ve not worn masks in well over a year. I almost forgot mine when we traveled last week because it’s just not on my radar anymore! So happy things are starting to get back to normal in other places!

  8. I’m so jealous of your mask mandate being lifted for schools. Our power-hungry CA governor still won’t let go; says he’ll “reevaluate” in March. As a teacher I hate the masks! It has seriously affected the crucial connections that are made at a young age. Thank goodness I have a microphone that I pass around while kids are sharing so we can hear each other and I take my mask down when giving a spelling test or reading aloud so they can see my facial expressions. It’s ridiculous and unfair that the kids have been burdened by all this the past two years. At least half of my students forget to bring a mask or lose it through the day….and they’re starting to question it all since the only place they wear a mask now is in school! Okay- rant over. 😬

    You look so beautiful in your trip photos! I actually had that striped wrap in my cart for about a week and couldn’t decide whether to buy it! I’d like to know where to find your white tank…looking for a new one just like that in white and black,

    1. Heather….. it’s ok to rant. I can’t imagine what teachers have gone through. Thank you for what you do. My daughter was a teacher for years and now head of 4 private schools so she deals with it all and is so over it. Not sure when WA. Where she lives lifts for schools. Hang in there. I pray it lifts for you soon.

    2. I truly believe we’ve done far more harm than good by masking kids for this long. As a teacher, I’m sure you’ve seen the effects firsthand, and I can’t imagine how frustrating it is. I hope and pray we are at the end of it. Thanks for all you do.

  9. Hello,
    I loved the swimsuit coverup you modeled while in Florida. I think it was teal/blue. Could you share the link please.
    Thank you for doing a wonderful job!

  10. So glad you got to go to Columbia restaurant. It’s such a beautiful place!!! Your weather looked wonderful as well!!!!

  11. St. Augustine has been a great family destination for years. The beach is also fun, and I recommend the Ghost Walk.

  12. My family loves St Augustine! You should definitely plan a trip for your whole family when you can stay longer. I live in TN, and the weather is crazy this time of year. It was up to 60 for 2 days in a row, but then back down to freezing for several days with strong wind and storms. Florida is definitely a much safer destination if you want warm pretty weather this time of year.

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