Coffee Talk 06.19.22

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Good morning, and happy Father’s Day! We’ve had a really nice weekend over here. My dad and my niece are both in town, so we have a full house. I took most of Friday off, and we spent it out back by the pool. It was hot outside, but not humid, so pretty much the perfect pool day.

Dad and I ran out to the grocery store for dinner fixin’s that night, and on our way home, I got a text from Paul that our electricity was out. I guess there was an accident nearby that took out a power line, because there was no inclement weather. Fortunately, I was planning steak and asparagus, which could be cooked outside on the grill. And our grill actually has a single gas burner on the side, so we were also able to boil potatoes and make mashed potatoes.

By the time we sat down to eat, the power was back on, thank goodness! It would have been a warm night without air conditioning. Of course, we would have made the best of it. I have a picture I took when I got home of the girls in the basement, using their smartphones as flashlights, working on a puzzle. That cracks me up.

My daughter made homemade cinnamon rolls for a late breakfast yesterday morning, and then my dad and I drove out to Lancaster and did a tour of Wheatland, the James Buchanan House. It was really fascinating. I actually enjoyed learning about his niece, who he raised, as much as I did about him.

It’s been really nice spending some one-on-one time with my dad. (My mom isn’t with him this trip because she had other commitments.) A few of you mentioned not having your fathers with you anymore, and I really do treasure this time.

Today will be busy. We have church this morning and a graduation party to attend this afternoon, plus my son is leaving this afternoon to start his 4-week stint as a camp counselor. Every year he says it will be his last, but he always seems to find his way back there. It’s a great experience for him, so I’m glad he can still make it work.

This will be his 5th (and hopefully final) year of college. With Covid disruptions and a few changes of his minor along the way, he’s going to need an extra year to finish up. Our older daughter will be going back to Massachusetts this fall for her sophomore year of college, and our youngest will be a junior in high school, for anyone wondering how that all shakes down!

In the meantime, they’re all enjoying the lazy days of summer and looking forward to our beach vacation next week. Sadly, our son will miss out on that, but he can go with us to Maine at the end of July. I made sure to plan that trip after his camp commitment is over.

Well, I better get a move on here if I’m going to be ready for church in time. Bathrooms are at a premium with one under construction and a few extra people in the house.

Before I let you go, I just discovered a really sweet Victoria Emerson sale on select summer styles. This is even better than my 50% off discount code, which is 50JoLynne — good for 50% off full price styles.

The Hanlan’s Point boho cuff that I featured recently is 57% off, as is the Vigo that I wear a lot. And the Cairo and the Tuscan, which are both old favorites that have been in her lineup for years, are also 57% off. I hope they aren’t discontinuing those, but I have a feeling that might be the case.

Have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday, and a very happy Father’s Day!

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4 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 06.19.22

  1. Love hearing about your family. I’m so glad you were able to spend some quality time, alone with your dad. How fun.

  2. It sounds like y’all have had an enjoyable weekend. I bet your kids are enjoying the break from studying and attending classes. I hope it won’t be miserably hot at the beach for y’all. Our dear friends have been on the FL panhandle fishing for a few days, and they’ve said that the feel like temp has been in the triple digits with very high humidity. Have a blessed day!

  3. So happy you get to spend time with your dad. My dad passed away 17 years ago and I still struggle, especially on Father’s Day, and my husband is just so understanding 🙂

    Enjoy your dad and Happy Father’s Day to your dad and hubby!

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