Coffee Talk 06.20.21

Greetings and Happy Father’s Day! I hope you all get to enjoy some time celebrating the important men in your life today.

I saw my dad a couple weeks ago, and I’m excited to spend some more time with him in Maine next month. We will be heading up in just a few weeks for a family vacation. My parents have a place on a lake not too far from Acadia National Park, and all of my mom’s siblings also have camps on the same lake, so it will be fun to see all of them as well.

People are always a little confused when I start throwing the term “camp” around. It’s not a campground, and we aren’t going camping. In Maine speak, a camp is basically a house on a lake. It doesn’t matter if it’s a rustic summer cabin or a luxurious year-round vacation home… if it’s on a lake, it’s a camp. It’s quite common to have a camp on a lake if you live in Maine; if you don’t own one, you most likely have a friend or family member who does.

Anyway! I remember when my grandparents purchased the one that my parents own today. I was in college at the time, and it was such a novelty to visit them and get to go to camp. It’s a special place to all of us because it carries so many family memories, and we’re all looking forward to our trip.

As for Paul, he got a smoker for Father’s Day this year. Or, more accurately, Father’s Day was an excuse for him to get the smoker that he was probably going to get anyway, lol. He’s been talking about them and researching for a while, so I finally told him to go for it.

Not that he needs my permission, but the main issue was where it’s going to go. I’m not thrilled about adding another large grill to our outdoor space, but I’m going to go with it because we all love barbecue, and it’s one less thing for me to cook.

Speaking of not having to cook, we went out to dinner the past two nights in a row, which was great, but now I feel like I need a detox. For whatever reason, when we eat out, I tend to eat way too much. It’s like my portion control goes right out the window.

We tried a new Greek restaurant (Avlos, for the locals) on Friday night, and we took R along. C had to work, and D declined to accompany us, but R always enjoys trying new things. We enjoyed it, but it wasn’t quite as good as we were hoping.

Plus, it was a beautiful night, but we couldn’t get a table outside, so we ended up in the back, and it was dark and kind of gloomy. It would be cozy in the winter, but on a nice summer night, I would have preferred to be outside. But anyway! It was fun to try something new, and if we go back on a weekend, I’ll know to call sooner for a reservation.

Then last night, Paul and I met friends for drinks and then went to eat at a new spot — to me, anyway. It’s been around for a while. An old friend of ours owns it, but he wasn’t there, unfortunately. Anyway, the food was AMAZING. It was kind of upscale bar food, and the vibe was super casual and cool. We’ll definitely go back. It’s La Cabre in Berwyn, for any of you locals out there.

So with all that eating out, we’re staying home today. I’ve got some pulled pork I’m going to defrost, and it’s shaping up to be a nice pool day, so we’ll probably spend most of our afternoon being lazy in the backyard. I want to finish my book, and maybe even get a nap.

Well, it’s time for me to get ready for church, so I’ll have to cut this off. I hope you all have a restful and blessed Sunday, and a very happy Father’s Day!

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9 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 06.20.21

  1. Happy Father’s Day to Paul! Oh, you will love owning a smoker! Our group uses a smoker quite often, and it can’t be beat. As one of the guys learned the hard way, it should be cleaned out after each use to keep down the risk of nasty things taking over. We have a pan that we have designated to use in our smoker, so that all of our pans don’t end up coated in smoke. Smoked turkey is fabulous in it! Thanks for explaining about how the word ‘camp’ is used in Maine! You taught this southern girl something. We are still dealing with the tropical depression Claudette, but I’m not complaining one bit because we need the rain and it’s keeping our temps out of the miserable 90’s. Have an awesome day!

  2. Pulled pork sounds like a great idea; thanks for the suggestion. The weather is cooling off a bit here in SoCal and I’m hoping to spend a little time outside today and work in my yard before settling in with a new book.
    Enjoy your day.

  3. Happy Father’s Day to Paul! Thanks for explaining Maine-speak 🙂 Out west, we call homes on a lake a cabin, in Ontario its a cottage, now I know in Maine its a camp. We are so thankful (and so very ready!!) that the last stage of COVD restrictions are lifting on July 1st in Alberta: no restrictions at all then! Yay! Just in time for Canada Day holiday. The rest of Canada is not in the same boat but they are hoping to ease restrictions by September. Paul will love his smoker! Friends use theirs year round. We are keeping an eye on the wild fires out west. It is so hot and dry. Smoke season is around the corner. I love summer but dread the poor air quality that we get from time to time from all the smoke that travels up from California or Washington State wild fires.

  4. Sounds like a perfect fathers day! Did you make the pulled pork yourself and freeze it? Or is it something you bought prepared? You always have best ideas for entertaining.

  5. Have a great day with your hubby.
    So interesting places in Maine on a lake called a cabin. Sounds like great place with family memories. Fun to have something to look forward to. It’s getting hot for us….. NW Oregon. The last rains we had weren’t enough, so concern for wildland fires. My husband is a fire chief so he is on high alert. Last year was terrible. The air quality can get bad. Prayers for a better fire Summer for sure. Enjoy your book and nap. I enjoyed reading all about your dinner our plans etc.

  6. Boston girl here just wanted to let you know that my Grandparents also had a house on a lake here in MA.
    We all just referred to it as “camp”. Maybe it’s a New England thing.

  7. Though I now live in South Carolina, I grew up in Maine, so I am very familiar with the term camp for a place on the lake. Here, everyone refers to their “camp” as a lake house. Growing up, I spent the summers at camp and whenever I return to Maine now, during the summer, we stay at my brother’s camp on the lake. Nothing like a Maine vacation! Hope you will enjoy yours and will return home with lots of great memories. Am enjoying your Coffee Talks and blog. Love your style and fashion suggestions.

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