Coffee Talk 06.28.20

Greetings! I was up with the birds this morning, how about you?

(That’s one of my mom’s favorite expressions. She probably got it from her mom. Isn’t it funny how those things come back to you?!?)

I keep waking up earlier and earlier, I guess because the sun keeps coming up earlier and earlier. Once the sunlight is streaming through my bedroom windows, I’m pretty much done. I can’t sleep any longer.

It doesn’t even feel early, it’s been so bright lately. And then I get downstairs, start making my coffee, and look at the clock… and it’s like 5:15. Ooops!

That’s good though. It just gives me more time to get stuff done.

We’ve been enjoying going Green this weekend, here in southeastern PA. (That’s how our governor is doing our phases of reopening — Red, Yellow, Green. 🚦)

So far, I’ve had my microblading touchup appointment and a mani/pedi, and we’re hosting a small gathering (outside) this evening as a farewell to our very good friends who are moving out of state in a few weeks.

I’m very aware of what is going on in other states, and I know how quickly we can turn all of our hard work around. I’m trying to be very careful and take all precautions, but we were on lockdown longer than pretty much anywhere else in the country, so I’m definitely going to enjoy this newfound freedom while I can.

Let’s see… what else?

I had some tests done this week, as we’re still trying to diagnose where my hip pain is coming from. (I always call it hip pain, but honestly, it’s under my bum. Is there a nice word for that area?)

I never heard it called your bum until I went to college in New England. Does anyone else say that?

Anyway, we’ll go with it for now.

I got the x-ray results back, but not the MRI. There appears to be some trace retrolisthesis going on, which I had to google. I guess it’s when one of your vertebrae has slipped backward.

My PT looked at the results and said it looks mild, but it definitely can explain my symptoms, and it appears she was right when she said the labral hip tear may not be what is causing my pain.

She’s been working on my back for weeks, and I would say there is some mild improvement in my symptoms, but they’re still there. I’m still only walking a mile or two at a time, and running is pretty much out of the question.

I have been working out with my trainer again, which makes me nervous, but I have to do something. I can’t become an invalid at age 47.

Oh, speaking of 47… I was included in a roundup of over-50 Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram this week.  😂

I don’t know whether to be flattered to be included, or insulted that someone assumed I’m over 50. LOL!!!

No, seriously, if the dear soul is reading this, rest assured, I’m going with the former. I’m flattered, and pleased to be included in the company of such lovely ladies.

ANYWHO. The other test I had was bloodwork to see about my hypothyroid situation. I’ve been on a small dose of Armour Thyroid for the past couple of months because my TSH levels were elevated.

(They always are, and I’ve been on and off meds for years. I don’t have any symptoms that I can pinpoint, and honestly, when I go on the meds is when my hair starts thinning, so I would rather not be on it at all. But my doctor thinks the thyroid condition may be related to some other unpleasant issues I’ve been having, so I’m back on it again.)

If my numbers are still too high, she will increase my dosage. I was hoping IF would help with the thyroid, but there was no change as of early March.

Yes, I’m still intermittent fasting. In fact, I just got Gin’s newest book — Fast, Feast, Repeat.

It is much better organized than her first book, Delay Don’t Deny, which I always hesitate to recommend because I found it a little disjointed.

Now I know that it was self-published, and she wrote it fairly quickly, having no idea it would become so popular. It was a lot of her personal story, whereas her newer book is intended to be more of a resource.

Plus, there has been a lot of science to come out about IF since then, so Fast, Feast, Repeat has more of that as well. I highly recommend it if you’ve been curious about IF, or if you’ve tried it and felt like it didn’t work for you. Or even if you’re doing IF and want more knowledge about it.

I also highly recommend Dr. Fung’s The Obesity Code. (You don’t have to be obese to benefit from the information in the book.)

It’s very enlightening as to why we gain weight, and why most diets only work for a time. If you’ve ever been frustrated by the yo-yo of weight loss/gain/loss/gain, you need to read this book. That’s my PSA for the day.

Actually, I have two. The other is fashion-related.

The next Adore Your Wardrobe Course starts on Wednesday, and Kelly has added one final bonus to sweeten the deal. When you enroll for the July session, you get access to her Buying Guides By Body Type.

These guides contain 13 curated outfits, plus three remixes for all four seasons that are specific to body types. It’s a $75 value, and it’s only available to students who sign up for the July session.

I found her courses so helpful for learning how to dress my individual body type. If that’s something you struggle with, I highly recommend them — all of them. (I’ve only done the first two, but I’m sure the third is amazing as well.)

Okay, that’s it for me! I’m off to take a walk before it gets too hot.

I hope you have a spectacular Sunday!

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  1. I had shots in my back and sI joints for a couple years.  My physical therapist is the one that said I had the tear in my hip when I showed her were the pain was.  She knew exactly which doctor at the Cleveland clinic to go see.  The MRI showed the tear and he did two injections which worked for a few months each.  He only will do 2 shots because it masks the pain and doesn’t correct the underlying issue. I had surgery to repair the tear and my back pain went away.  I have not needed a shot in my back for 5 years. Apparently I was adjusting how I moved because of the hip tear which was causing the back issues.  

  2. I have had a problem with my piriformis (spelling?) which gives me pain in my bum. Sometimes it also causes a burning pain in my groin on that side as well. PT helped last summer, and the pain was gone. Then I went and walked twice in one week, only 3 miles each time, but I should have eased into it.. Ouch! I kept thinking it would go away with not walking, stretching… It didn’t. So, this summer I am doing PT again. It is easing after only 2 weeks of PT, so when PT is over in a few weeks, and the pain is gone, I will be very careful about not doing too much too fast. I do what PT tells me, try to get up from work at the computer every hour and walk around. It is definitely getting better. Ice or heat. There is a “knot” for lack of a better word in my bum that she works on.
    Not sure if this is your problem, but just thought I would throw this out.
    I received Gin’s new book, and I will start reading it soon. (My husband has started IF with me; he is a type 2 diabetic, and we think, after just 2 weeks for him, that his blood sugar levels are starting to level out a bit. We hope that eventually his doctor can reduce his medications for diabetes.)
    Have a great day! Arna

    1. Yes, she works on my piriformis a lot. That is what I tweaked on the other hip during one of my PT exercises, lol. This issue is not exactly in that spot, but I am definitely tight there, so we work on that.

  3. I know that you would like to get to the bottom of your medical issues and get everything straightened out.  I feel your desire to get off of the thyroid medicine.  I was put on one after the brain surgery for Cushing’s Disease.  My #’s weren’t bad, but off enough to warrant taking something.  Early last year I decided to take myself off of it and the cholesterol med.  Well, late in the year my #’s changed,, the NP asked why I had stopped taking them, and politely informed me that I had to go back on them and stay on them.  Darn it!  The past two days we’ve had very bad air quality and hazy sky’s due to the Saharan Dust, but today it’s more clear and at 9:40a it’s already 83, so it’s going to be another really hot day.  All next week we have a 50% chance of rain/storms every day.  Welcome to summer!  Have a blessed day!

  4. Hi Jo-Lynne. I want to say thank you for bringing joy into our lives during the last few months. It has been so refreshing to read your posts and Instagram stories each day. Have a great Sunday! Wendy

  5. Happy Sunday – I also got Gin’s latest book, both in paperback and Audible. I mostly listen to her books but I like the paperback for reference. I agree, this book is better organized and choked full of science studies/references. I’ve been “clean fasting” for 5 months now. I am a slow loser, but I didn’t have much to lose. I am more interested in the health benefits that fasting promotes, like autophagy and reversing my insulin resistance. I had my bloodwork done last week – I am waiting on the results. I am hoping I see marked improvements on glucose, insulin, Vitamins B and Vitamins D. Fingers crossed. How long have you been cleaning fasting? I wonder if some of your inflammation will decrease with time? I really hope my allergies improve, but Gin said it took about 2 years before she noticed a difference in that area. I am always tweaking my “window” and currently doing 30:16, which still allows me to eat everyday. Are you still happy with the progress you’re making with IF? Sorry to hear about your physical issues, no bueno 😏. I’ve seen a marked improvement with my inflammation issues. I am a knitter, and my hands sometimes hurt, and lose feeling but since starting IF and clean fasting (I was dirty fating for years after reading Dr. Fung’s book), my hands have improved a LOT! Happy Sunday 😎

    1. I was also wondering if it would eventually help my allergies. I probably could benefit from longer fasts, or the ADF approach, but I’m not ready for that yet. I’ve been clean fasting since February, I guess?

  6. I got Gin’s new book on Audible and have listened to it once – will listen again at some point. I agree – although I enjoyed the first one, this one is really good! I’ve been doing IF since early February, and seem stuck at about a 5 loss, but have lost a few inches, clothes fit better and I feel great! So much more energy and clarity, sleeping better, so I’ll take it! I’d like to lose another 10- 15 lbs, but I’m not super worried about it because I feel so much better and love not thinking about food all day! I vary from 16:8 to 20:4, depending on what’s going on. Read The Diabetes Code because my husband has Type II and it really helped me understand that so much better. He’s doing a more modified fast – 16:8, but will not give up his cream and stevia in his coffee. I didn’t think I could, either, but honestly it wasn’t that big a deal and now I enjoy it black. His numbers have improved, although not as much as I think they might if he just made that change. Maybe someday…
    Glad you’re able to get out a bit more. We’ve been opened back up for almost a month but we’re still being pretty cautious. There have been some minor pockets of spikes in cases, but I think that’s somewhat to be expected. Still waiting to see what happens with school in a couple of months.
    Thanks for all you do – you’ve definitely been a bright spot in all the darkness the last few months!

  7. Jo-Lynne, I guarantee you have many over 50 readers.  And, you will gain many more over 50 readers by participating. No one wants to look frumpy and your outfits can be worn by any age group. I’m a jeans and T-shirt wearing 66 y/o baby boomer. 

  8. Yup we’ve always called it the bum or butt or derrière or behind..  I hope things start to work out better for you in the coming days.. We enjoyed having friends in last night for supper first time since January so it was really nice! Enjoy your day… 

  9. I’m guessing you’ve probably heard of every medical thing to do, so I apologize if this is a repeat, but have you tried chiropractic adjustments? I had back surgery 12 years ago and never felt like PT did much for me. I’m very active at 46 and still find that once in awhile I need a little tweak to get me back in alignment.  It usually is in my hips and tends to happen around my time of the month—hormone related 🤷‍♀️. Anyway it eventually moves into my butt just like you described. Once I get a couple of adjustments I’m good to go. I just wonder if something like that might give you some relief.

  10. I sure hope all your health issues resolve themselves soon. Good news they at least may have found the cause of your “bum” pain. I know what it’s like to struggle with issues. Mine is migraines and food allergies. It’s with me ALL the time. You have good days and bad days and I have to trust the Lord in the bad. Our church opened up several weeks ago but it’s small and I just don’t feel comfortable yet going. Hard to social distance in such a small area. Has yours opened yet? With the increased cases in so many states since opening we have to be careful. Still waiting for my dentist to open. Want in before we close back up. I see it coming by Fall. I think govenors will be afraid to close up for Summer for fear of riots Etc. Just difficult situation. Enjoy your walk and I hope to today also. Cloudy here with a little rain but trying to get nice. 

  11. Jolynne – I have been experiencing hip/butt pain for a few months now and need to see a doctor.  Not sure if ours are related, but after much googling, I might have found my problem.  Check out Ischial bursitis.  It’s caused by prolonged sitting on hard surfaces that press against the bones of the bottom or mid-buttocks.  I have pain where the butt meets the thigh, back of thigh, and hip area.   

  12. Mystery pain is no fun 🙁
    My mother was recently diagnosed with bursitis and she described her pain exactly like yours. Same place. Ouch! 
    Enjoy this beautiful Sunday! 

  13. Good morning. Love your blog. I am interested in the adore your wardrobe class and considering it. I’m curious on what shape you are? (If you don’t mind saying) Thank you. 

  14. I’m glad you got the opportunity for some pampering yesterday. We all need a break from reality.
    Talk to your PT about ischial tuberosity pain syndrome or ischial tuberosity bursitis. Ask them to check for hip flexor tightness and gluteus medius weakness/ imbalance. Hope that helps. Have a blessed Sunday.

  15. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    Hope you get answers on your pain soon. I’m from Mass and we’ve always called that area a “bum”, haha. 
    Thanks for the info on Gin Stephens newest book. I just ordered it. I read Delay Don’t Deny and Dr. Fung’s book and was fascinated by the information in those. I’ll  be interested to read what’s new on IF. I’ve been doing it since January and am happy with the results. Hope you have a good day!

  16. I’m sorry this has been a challenging health and wellness year for you. I too suffer from hypothyroidism and saw an Endocrinologist when I was first diagnosed in my 40’s and was told that once you have it, meds are required for the rest of your life. It was a very hard pill for me to swallow but over the years when I tried to get off the meds I would feel extremely exhausted and all my symptoms came right back. So pls try to work with the best doctor and keep in check. The good news is, with the proper diet and regular exercise you can stay on a lower dose to manage it. When I lost 20 pounds a few years ago, my Levothyroxine was reduced so it does help. 

    1. That’s great that they could reduce your meds. I know it’s supposedly a life-long thing, but I’ve always been asymptomatic as far as I can tell, and one doc told me that I didn’t need it because I went on it and didn’t notice any changes in how I felt. But I know that’s not typical doctor advice.

      My TSH has gotten higher over time, and this new doc is adamant that I’m on meds. I was hoping IF would fix it, but if it keeps me on a low dose of meds, that’s good too.

      There are so many people with thyroid issues these days, I feel like it has to be lifestyle related to some extent, but I’m too lazy right now to delve into it. Maybe once I get my hip pain fixed.

  17. Can I ask why you take armour thyroid instead of synthroid?  My son has hypothyroidism. He has been on synthroid since age 2. He has never shown symptoms and was never offered any other medication options.  I was told he will have to be on the meds for the rest of his life. 

  18. Hi
    I’m interested in fasting. Do you find yourself really hungry in the morning? Or your energy level down? I need to learn more about this. If I haven’t eaten by 10 am, I start to feel tired and hypoglycemic. Thank you

  19. Yup…Boston Girl here…I know all about “bums”.
    English “Mum”, and Irish Dad.
    So we also wear “jumpers” (sweaters), and “wee” not (pee).
    Much of my language oddities have disappeared (except after a phone call to my parents).
    But I do admit to raising my kids using “bum” and a few others. I mean, “bum” sounds better than the alternatives.

  20. Is there a possibility that your hip pain might be sciatic nerve pain? I had an injury where the scar tissue from a tear was irritating the nerve and caused a lot of hip pain, making it really hard to walk. Nerve flossing exercises helped immensely. Good luck, I hope you and your PT find an answer soon!

    1. I don’t know… she does have me doing an exercise for sciatic pain. Right now, they really don’t know. I have a labral hip tear and this retrolisthesis but I’m not sure if anyone can tell if either is actually the cause of the pain I’m having. PT seems to help a little bit, but it isn’t fixing it by any means.

  21. I was interested in IF but was told not to do it as I have hypothyroidism as well and it was not good for hormones.  (The fasting causes your metabolism to slow way down which is not helpful for those with low thyroid levels). It appears you’ve been successful regardless but I’m just curious if you have any information regarding this.  

    1. Hi Margaret. That’s a fallacy. IF doesn’t make your metabolism slow down, and it often helps those with hypothyroidism lower their medication. I highly recommend the books I mentioned, if you want to know more about it. 🙂

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